Best 10 pharmaceutical companies in Romania

There are many wonderful pharmaceutical companies in Romania of world recognition. These pharma companies contribute to every sector of Romania directly or indirectly.

The pharmaceutical companies in Romania play major roles in the impressive growth of the pharma industry in Romania and also focus more on the research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of these pharmaceutical products.

Knowing the right company to work for and collaborate with for research purposes is worthwhile and to every researcher, a conducive working environment is one of the essential factors that yield productivity.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Romania

Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry in Romania is prosperous, with average revenue of 8.3 billion lei annually.

The value chain in the pharmaceutical industry has increased significantly in the last decade in all segments, contributing over 1% to the GDP of 2010.

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The manufacture, distribution, and regulation of pharmaceutical products are controlled by the National Agency for medicine and medical devices.

Terapia S.A had been recorded as the largest Romanian drug maker and it competes with other world pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

List of best pharmaceutical companies in Romania

Below is the list of the best pharmaceutical companies in Romania;

Terapia S.A.


Address: Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 9-9A, Clădirea 20, etaj 5-6, Sector 2, Bucureşti 020 335, România

Tel: +40 (372) 179 600
Fax: +40 (372) 179 631


Address: Str. Fabricii nr. 124, Cluj-Napoca 400632, România

Tel: +40 (264) 501 500
Fax: +40 (264) 415 097

Website: visit


Address: Strada Gorunului Nr. 3-5, Otopeni 075100, Romania
Phone+40 31 710 2383

Fiterman Pharma

AddressȘoseaua Păcurari 127, Iași 700544, Romania
Phone+40 232 252 800
Pharmacovigilance (contact for adverse reaction reporting):
Phone: +40 752 226776

TIS Farmaceutic

AddressȘoseaua Industriilor 16, București 032895, Romania
Phone+40 21 256 3088
Website: click here

Sandoz Romania

AddressStrada Livezeni 4, Târgu Mureș 018953, Romania
Phone+40 265 208 123
website: visit

Fildas Trading

Address: Soseaua Chitilei No. 60-62, Sector 1, Bucharest

Telephone: 08008 345 327

E-mail: [email protected]


Address: Șoseaua Alexandriei 145 A, Bragadiru 077025, Romania
Phone+40 21 369 3202
  •  +4 (021) 369 32 03
  •  +4 (021) 369 32 06
website: visit


Address: Strada Valea Lupului nr. 1, Iași 707410, Romania

Phone: +40 232 209 000

Magistra c&c

AddressBulevardul Aurel Vlaicu 82-84, Constanța 900007, Romania

Website: click here

Rompharm company SRL

AddressStrada Eroilor 1A, Otopeni 075100, Romania


Phone: +40 21 350.46.40 / 300.77.80 / 300.77.81/+40 747.494.948

Fax: +40 21.350.46.41

E-mail[email protected]

Export Department

Phone: +40 747.494.947

Email[email protected]

Import / Acquisitions Department

Phone: +40 757.571.517

Description of top pharmaceutical companies in Romania

Below are the essential things you ought to know about these pharmaceutical companies sited in Romania;

Terapia S.A.

This is one of the pharmaceutical companies in Romania founded in 1921. Terapia Ranbaxy produces a wide range of medicines and drugs, mostly from the field of cardiovascular, antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering, beta-blockers, and pain relief medicine.

pharmaceutical companies in Romania

The company produces high quality, affordable drugs, deeply appreciated by health professionals and patients in over 150 countries around the world;

Terapia S.A promotes excellence through innovation, building on a team of approximately 2,000 scientists and investing 7% of its annual turnover in research and development.

Address: Strada Fabricii 124, Cluj-Napoca 400000, Romania


Biotechnol is a Romanian pharmaceutical company that with over 27 years of existence. The main activity of the company is the production of original drugs and pharmaceutical active ingredients, from both animal and plant origin.

The enterprise relies on a nationally accredited research infrastructure, in related areas such as biotechnology, cellular/molecular biology, dermato-cosmetics, and the food industry.

In the past 10 years, Biotehnos participated yearly in the National Research Program of Romania through projects won in the field-related competitions. Additionally, by putting forward research projects, innovation, and technology transfer, Biotehnos accessed and contributed at the same time to the International and European Funding Programs.

Address: Strada Gorunului Nr. 3-5, Otopeni 075100, Romania

Fiterman Pharma

Fiterman pharma was founded in 1995 and since its foundation had based its operation on perseverance, passion, and dedication.

pharmaceutical companies in Romania

This company values innovation and research, based on a team consisting of specialists in pharmacy, medicine, biochemistry, and biomedical engineering. Together, they created, developed, and manufactured over 100 products that cover 15 therapeutical areas.

Address: Șoseaua Păcurari 127, Iași 700544, Romania

TIS Farmaceutic

TIS Farmaceutic was founded in 1997. The company profile consists of developing, manufacturing, and marketing pharmaceutical products, food supplements, and cosmetics.

Employing modern production and quality control technologies, Tis Farmaceutic acquired the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification for two production flows (liquid and semisolid forms) in 2004. The manufacturing and quality management conforms to the European legislation and regulations.

One of the main development directions is the range of products for respiratory diseases treatment.

Their expectorant syrups, containing herbal extracts, are sold on the Romanian pharmaceutical market since 2000, being, continuously, developed and improved to meet the current regulations, regarding the efficacy and safety of herbal medicines.

Address: Șoseaua Industriilor 16, București 032895, Romania

Sandoz Romania

Sandoz is a world leader in generic and biosimilar drugs and that are discovering new ways to improve and prolong people’s lives and initiate new approaches to help people around the world obtain high-quality medicines.

They have a long history of innovation to increase access to high-quality medicines, accessible to millions of patients around the world.

Sandoz is led by a diverse team with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry of generic drugs.

Address: Strada Livezeni 4, Târgu Mureș 018953, Romania

Fildas Trading

This is a private pharmaceutical company in Romania established in 1991 by Mrs. Anca Vlad.

Fildas Trading is the top of largest importers and distributors of nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, dermatological cosmetics, and technical-medical products in Romania. The primary aim of Fildas is to better the distribution system of pharmaceuticals in pharmacies, hospitals, and other types of clients.

Address: 2, Banat Str. 70000. Pitesti, Romania


Laropharm was founded in 2001, with a harmonious development in the fields of research, production, and distribution.

With a current portfolio of over 90 products (prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs – OCTs and dietary supplements), top-level research laboratories, modern production lines, and a strong team of medical and healthcare representatives; Laropharm is one of the main domestic competitors on the Romanian pharmaceutical market.

The company’s investments are focused on improving and expanding its product portfolio, with the main objective of consumer satisfaction and sustaining a healthy life.

Address: Șoseaua Alexandriei 145 A, Bragadiru 077025, Romania


Antibiotice is a public pharmaceutical company in Romania founded in 1955 and has over 1,400 employees.

pharmaceutical companies in Romania

In 2019, they had a revenue of 81.6 million EUR. Antibiotice produces 150 medicines for human use from 12 therapeutic areas, veterinary medicines, and active substances (Nystatin). Its products are exported to various countries of the world.

Address: Strada Valea Lupului nr. 1, Iași 707410, Romania

Magistra c&c

This pharma company was founded in 1993 as a micro-production laboratory, Magistra C&C is currently one of the main domestic producers of generic medicines for human use.

After 22 years of Magistra C&C establishment, it presents itself as a solid pharmaceutical company, with a harmonious development focused on research, production, and distribution.

In May 2008, the new headquarters of Magistra C&C was inaugurated, which includes all the company’s activities.

With this investment exceeding 7 million euros, the company’s production capacity has increased to 700 million tablets / film-coated tablets and 50 million suppositories and eggs per year.

Magistra C&C considers that the quality system must be implemented in the daily work of the company. The products made by Magistra C&C are the result of the work carried out by the team of the research-development department within the company.

Using modern technologies, our company obtains new products, which offer solutions for efficient and safe treatment, following the current needs of the patients.

Address: Bulevardul Aurel Vlaicu 82-84, Constanța 900007, Romania

Rompharm company SRL

This was founded in 2004 with the first GMP-approved facility consisting of two production lines: one for sterile solutions/suspensions (eye drops) and the second for non-sterile solutions/suspensions (oral drops, nasal drops/spray, topic solution/spray).

pharmaceutical companies in romania

The production capacity of these two lines allows the release of 30 million units per year. Because of increasing market demands, Rompharm Company had purchased high technology equipment achieving a production capacity of 64 million units yearly.

In 2012 Rompharm Company gladly announces the commissioning of its new state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing prefilled syringes and solutions for perfusion.

The range of products released by Rompharm Company is directed on the real and potential capacity of the market, on the level and prospects of demands.

Rompharm Company is working to increase the range of products, to expand the sales to the EU market in cooperation with strategic partners, as a consequence of political and economical processes in Romania.

Address: Strada Eroilor 1A, Otopeni 075100, Romania

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Romania

The pharmaceutical companies in Romania are worthwhile and their impact on the economic development of Romania can never be overestimated.

All the companies comply with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the production and distribution of medicines.

It is also essential to note that the pharma companies on this list are in no order of ranking. Also, most are open to collaboration.


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