40 biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nevada

The pharmaceutical companies in Nevada stand out as leading R&D and advanced manufacturing companies in the USA at a time when economic competitiveness at the federal and regional levels is identified to be strongly rooted in the ability to advance tech industries.

Over the years, Nevada has established itself in pharmaceutical innovation. Today, that global leadership is built on a solid foundation of innovative pharmaceutical companies in Nevada that perform and support advanced R&D and maintain a diverse and large-scale supply chain for pharmaceutical development, production, and distribution.

The pharmaceutical companies in Nevada, which are driven by innovation, and its tightly knit supply chain have a large geographic footprint across the state.

Overview of the pharmaceutical companies in Nevada

The following are some of the key findings from this examination of the entire pharmaceutical value chain in Nevada:

  • The pharmaceutical companies in Nevada contribute significantly to national, state, and local economies, employing over 2000 people. This industry also supports approximately 10,000 additional jobs in Nevada due to its diverse supply base and the additional economic impacts resulting from industry and worker spending. In total, pharmaceutical companies in Nevada, directly and indirectly, support more than 10,000 jobs, resulting in significant industry employment.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has a significant economic impact on the Nevada economy. In 2017, the pharmaceutical industry generated over $20 billion in direct output, and the ripple effect of this production throughout the Nevada economy generated an additional $6 billion in output from suppliers and other sectors of the economy. In 2017, the total economic output supported by the biopharmaceutical companies in Nevada was more than $26 billion.
  • In 2017, the average wage and benefit package for a direct pharmaceutical job was $125,800.
  • According to 2017 estimates, the pharmaceutical industry in Nevada is a major employer of workers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) occupations, accounting for 37% of all biopharmaceutical industry jobs.

Science-Driven Complex Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Methodologies

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is the critical link between a medicine’s research and development and its availability to a patient to address an unmet medical need.

The processes involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing are complex and evolving, reflecting its close connection to scientific discovery.

While the overall process of producing a medicine has common elements, pharmaceutical manufacturing is further complicated by the existence of two broad manufacturing platforms that reflect the two broad classes of medicines that exist – one based on chemistry and the other in biology.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing entails many complex steps that necessitate a thorough understanding of scientific and engineering principles, as well as the use of high-tech equipment such as large tanks surrounded by a maze of pipes, pumps, and computer-controlled hardware.

While pharmaceutical manufacturing involves a set of common production steps, a closer look reveals two manufacturing platforms that reflect the different ways medicines are developed.

Small-molecule pharmaceuticals, which are created through chemical synthesis, are one type of medicine. The other type of medicine is large-molecule biologics, which are created using living cells.

Pharmaceutical companies in Nevada

Here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies in Nevada:

  • American Nutritional Corporation, Inc., A Nevada Corporation

Address: 3150 Sunrise Ave Las Vegas, NV, 89101-4832 United States

Phone: (702) 452-5200

Revenue: $3.49 million

Year Started: 1988

Incorporated: 1992

  • Artesyn Biosolutions USA LLC

Address: 1771 South Sutro Ter Carson City, NV, 89706-0364 United States

Phone: (775) 235-5200

Website: Click here

Revenue: $588,671

Year Started: 2017

  • Cellmedics, Inc.

Address: 10530 Discovery Dr Las Vegas, NV, 89135-3050 United States

Phone: (877) 647-4297

Website: Click here

Revenue: $118,569

Year Started: 2011

Incorporated: 1997

  • Deuteria Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Address: 15025 Broili Dr Reno, NV, 89511-9260 United States

Phone: (775) 851-3444

Revenue: $10,672

Year Started: 2008

  • Donjo LLC

Address: 5608 Jelsma Ave Las Vegas, NV, 89141-8683 United States

Phone: (170) 281-2801

Revenue: $70,827

Year Started: 2019

  • Dxdiscovery Incorporated

Address: 1664 N Virginia St Reno, NV, 89557-0001 United States

Phone: (775) 223-6169

Revenue: $1.22 million

Year Started: 2012

  • Enzymebiosystems

Address: 8250 W Charleston Blvd Ste 120 Las Vegas, NV, 89117-9095 United States

Phone: (702) 907-0615

Website: Click here

Year Started: 2009

Incorporated: 2009

  • Fibroplate, Inc

Address: 6280 S Valley View Blvd Ste 104 Las Vegas, NV, 89118-3814 United States

Phone: (714) 914-2350

Revenue: $195,642

Year Started: 2013

Incorporated: 2013

  • Gb Sciences, Inc.

Address: 3550 W Teco Ave Las Vegas, NV, 89118-6876 United States

Phone: (844) 843-2569

Website: Click here

Sales Growth: -9.67%

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2018

  • Glaxosmithkline LLC

Address: 9232 Spruce Mountain Way Las Vegas, NV, 89134-6025 United States

Phone: (702) 234-7890

  • Glykon Technologies Group LLC

Address: 401 Ryland St Ste 200A Reno, NV, 89502-1643 United States

Phone: (206) 795-9306

Revenue: $3.00 million

Year Started: 2003

  • Grove, Inc.

Address: 1710 Whitney Mesa Dr Henderson, NV, 89014-2055 United States

Phone: (701) 353-5425

Website: Click here

Revenue: $24.10 million

Year Started: 2018

Incorporated: 2018

  • Iq Medical Services

Address: 2224 Martinique Ave Henderson, NV, 89044-0314 United States

Phone: (702) 707-3032

Revenue: $106,332

Year Started: 2017

Incorporated: 2017

  • Janone Inc.

Address: 325 E Warm Springs Rd Ste 102 Las Vegas, NV, 89119-4240 United States

Phone: (702) 997-5968

Revenue: $40.02 million

Sales Growth: -3.5%

Year Started: 1976

Incorporated: 2018

  • Kasten, Inc.

Address: 304 Bishop Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06610-3050 United States

Phone: (702) 860-2407

Revenue: $256,598

Year Started: 2017

  • Life Enhancement Products Inc

Address: 4900 Mill St Ste 32 Reno, NV, 89502-2391 United States

Phone: (775) 783-1600

Revenue: $3.60 million

Year Started: 1994

Incorporated: 1994

  • Matsun Nutrition Inc

Address: 783 Cimarron Ct Mesquite, NV, 89027-7512 United States

Phone: (888) 866-5755

Revenue: $7.72 million

Year Started: 1992

  • Medisource

Address: 3975 W Quail Ave Ste 10 Las Vegas, NV, 89118-3002 United States

Phone: (888) 225-0588

Revenue: $197,545

Year Started: 2018

  • Molecular Throughput, Inc.

Address: 5385 Cameron St Ste 7 Las Vegas, NV, 89118-6257 United States

Phone: (858) 431-9548

Revenue: $667,354

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2008

  • Musclepharm Corporation

Address: 3753 Howard Hughes Pkwy Ste 200-849 Las Vegas, NV, 89169-0938 United States

Phone: (800) 292-3909

Revenue: $50.04 million

Sales Growth: -19.11%

Year Started: 2006

Incorporated: 2006

  • Nambu Botanicals, LLC

Address: 9120 Double Diamond Pkwy N270 Reno, NV, 89521-4842 United States

Phone: (702) 751-8871

Revenue: $57,148

Year Started: 2014

  • Nana Solutions LLC

Address: 601 E Charleston Blvd Ste 100 Las Vegas, NV, 89104-1508 United States

Phone: (323) 477-2508

Revenue: $186,671

Year Started: 2016

  • Neutra Corp.

Address: 400 S 4TH St Ste 500 Las Vegas, NV, 89101-6207 United States

Phone: (702) 793-4121

Website: Click here

Revenue: $9,687

Sales Growth: 51.48%

Year Started: 2011

Incorporated: 2015

  • Novaderm Pharma Llc.

Address: 59 Damonte Ranch Pkwy Ste B515 Reno, NV, 89521-1907 United States

Phone: (775) 232-4239

Revenue: $380,140

Year Started: 2015

  • Pacific Pharmaceutical Services LLC

Address: 4850 Joule St Ste A8 Reno, NV, 89502-4150 United States

Phone: (775) 453-6408

Website: Click here

Revenue: $508,818

Year Started: 2009

  • Pacifix Group

Address: 10413 Shadowland Ave Las Vegas, NV, 89144-1347 United States

Phone: (415) 706-2826

Revenue: $137,556

Year Started: 2016

  • Pharmacyte Biotech, Inc.

Address: 3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Ste 500 Las Vegas, NV, 89169-5988 United States

Phone: (917) 595-2850

Website: Click here

Year Started: 1996

Incorporated: 1996

  • Praxsyn Corporation

Address: 61 Spectrum Blvd Las Vegas, NV, 89101-4838 United States

Phone: (949) 777-6112

Revenue: $6.14 million

Sales Growth: 852.97%

Year Started: 2005

Incorporated: 2014

  • Procaps Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 430 Parkson Rd Henderson, NV, 89011-4040 United States

Phone: (702) 564-9000

Website: Click here

Revenue: $106.26 million

Year Started: 1996

Incorporated: 1996

  • Prothera Inc.

Address: 795 Trademark Dr Reno, NV, 89521-5920 United States

Phone: (775) 850-8800

Revenue: $36.57 million

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2001

  • Real Aloe Solutions, Inc.

Address: 7470 Dean Martin Dr Ste 102 Las Vegas, NV, 89139-5944 United States

Phone: (877) 301-8296

Revenue: $1.14 million

Year Started: 2012

  • Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Address: 6320 S Sandhill Rd Ste 10 Las Vegas, NV, 89120-3275 United States

Phone: (702) 433-7154

Revenue: $1.33 million

Year Started: 1995

Incorporated: 1995

  • Sphaera Pharma, Inc.

Address: 1810 E Sahara Ave Ste 787 Las Vegas, NV, 89104-3707 United States

Phone: (610) 405-6465

Website: Click here

Revenue: $62,715

Year Started: 2013

  • Sprayable Energy LLC

Address: 3651 Lindell Rd Ste D1113 Las Vegas, NV, 89103-1254 United States

Phone: (702) 706-4460

Website: Click here

Revenue: $131,267

Year Started: 2013

  • Spring Valley Pharmacy

Address: 2725 S Jones Blvd Ste 101 Las Vegas, NV, 89146-5605 United States

Phone: (702) 248-4119

Revenue: $425,687

Year Started: 2009

  • Terrain Pharmaceuticals LLC

Address: 50 W Liberty St Ste 108 Reno, NV, 89501-1940 United States

Phone: (775) 432-3237

Website: Click here

Revenue: $462,977

Year Started: 2011

  • Thinkbiome LLC

Address: 848 N Rainbow Blvd # 2967 Las Vegas, NV, 89107-1103 United States

Phone: (617) 982-3761

Revenue: $78,083

Year Started: 2017

  • Trifecta

Address: 4900 Mill St Reno, NV, 89502-2390 United States

Phone: (775) 857-1200

Website: Click here

Revenue: $475,615

Year Started: 2010

  • Yew Biopharm

Address: 723 S Casino Center Blvd Las Vegas, NV, 89101-6716 United States

Phone: (702) 487-4683

Website: Click here

Revenue: $270,674

Year Started: 2017

  • Zoetis US LLC

Address: 1170 Trademark Dr Ste 111 Reno, NV, 89521-8949 United States

Phone: (775) 337-5662

Revenue: $5.58 million

Year Started: 2017

FAQs about the  pharmaceutical companies in Nevada

  • Who’s the body in charge of pharmaceutical activities in Nevada?

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS or the Department) is required by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 439B.630 to compile a list of prescription drugs essential for treating diabetes and asthma.

  • What is the average salary in Nevada’s pharmaceutical industry?

The Average Salary in the pharmaceutical industry is $125,800, with typical hourly wage of around $60. In 2015, there were 483 job listings.

  • What’s the employment rate in the pharmaceutical industry in Nevada?

there are over 2,075 people employed in pharmaceutical companies in Nevada, with about 1,532 of them working in Las Vegas.

  • Who are the three top players in the pharmaceutical industry in Las Vegas, Nevada?
  1. Imatrex
  2. Australis Capital
  3. Identification Solutions

A final thought about the pharmaceutical companies in Nevada

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies in Nevada are one of the largest sources of private business funding for research at universities and academic medical centers across the country, with these collaborative efforts frequently focusing on the nation’s most pressing scientific and technological health challenges.

In 2017, industry funding for health science research accounted for 47 percent of all private sector funding to universities, primarily from pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical industry, with its broad geographic footprint and high levels of R&D investment, provides significant economic and wealth generation opportunities for Nevada as a whole, making it a key component of the state’s economic development strategy.

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