40 pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

What do you know about the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa? Iowa boasts of miles of land, making it an ideal location for pharmaceutical companies, while medical schools such as the University of Iowa attract some of the country’s best STEM talent.


Pharmaceutical companies in Iowa are all located in this low-key but hardworking region. Microbiologics, Inc., AbbVie, Novartis, Strata Oncology, and Forge Biologics are among the companies working the fertile ground in this region.

McKesson Corporation, a pharmaceutical giant has decided to set up shop in Clear Lake. The $65 million project includes the hiring of 164 workers to operate the 340,000-square-foot warehouse. The California-based company will make a significant investment in Iowa.


Overview of pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

McKesson is headquartered in San Francisco and employs approximately 85,000 people. It was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest companies in the United States. It is ranked #15 on the Fortune 500 list as of 2014.

McKesson is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Iowa. McKesson is a leader in pharmaceutical distribution in the United States and Canada. McKesson Corporation delivers one-third of all pharmaceuticals used in Iowa.

According to the McKesson website, the company has an annual revenue of more than $137.6 billion and specializes in vital medicines, medical supplies, and health care information technology solutions.

Medicare, the federal health-care program for the elderly and disabled, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.


The occasion has sparked a flurry of debate about the program’s future — and more than a few calls for major changes to Part D, Medicare’s prescription drug benefit program.

There are growing calls for the federal government to intervene in drug-pricing negotiations between private insurers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Such a change would be detrimental to Iowa’s seniors, severely limiting their access to critical medications.

Part D was added to Medicare in 2003; previously, Medicare did not cover the majority of prescription drugs.

And it operates differently than a typical government program. Insurance companies design and offer competing coverage plans in each state under Part D. Enrollees can choose the plan that best meets their medical and financial needs.

This level of choice and consumerism was intended to keep costs low while also providing seniors with options. And it was effective.

Despite initial claims that it would break the bank and bankrupt seniors, Medicare Part D turned out to be the rare government program that came in significantly under budget. Part D’s cost to taxpayers was predicted to exceed $122.88 billion in 2012. That year’s actual cost was only $55 billion.

Part D also provides Iowans with access to 30 prescription drug plans. Premiums in the state begin at $15.70.

Despite the variety of affordable options, there is a push in Washington to dismantle the program. Part D is too expensive, according to critics, and the government should intervene in price negotiations with drug manufacturers.

In November 2017, the Iowa State Association of Counties unanimously passed a resolution encouraging member counties to join in the litigation against pharmaceutical companies to hold them accountable for the country’s widespread opioid epidemic.

For downplaying the risks of opioids and aggressively marketing the drugs to treat chronic pain, 47 Iowa counties filed lawsuits against five pharmaceutical companies, their subsidiaries, and three physicians.

Story County is one of 53 unrepresented counties in the settlement, but it was asked to join to reach the maximum settlement value. A full settlement will result from municipalities’ full participation. The state will receive $143 million if all litigants, excluding Story County, participate.

Over the last two decades, the opioid epidemic has claimed the lives of over 500,000 Americans. According to Crueger Dickinson, a law firm representing Iowa counties, increased costs for counties have been linked to the crisis, including law enforcement, autopsies, and emergency medical services.

The University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals

The University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP) is the United States’ largest and most experienced university-affiliated FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility for non-sterile and sterile dosage forms.

UIP is a service division within the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, and it also has a formal pharmaceutical development relationship with faculty called the University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals.

For nearly 40 years, UIP has been developing formulations, manufacturing products, and conducting analytical testing by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). UIP serves a diverse range of clients of all sizes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and has worked with pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

UIP has also worked for the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration. UIP is an FDA-registered facility that complies with 21 CFR parts 11, 210, and 211, is DEA-licensed to handle controlled substances (Schedules I – V) and can handle potent/cytotoxic materials. UIP has manufactured numerous products for use in EU clinical trials and has passed numerous QP audits.

Pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

Here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa:

  • Abbott Laboratories Co.

Address: 2006 S Ankeny Blvd Ankeny, IA, 50023-8995 United States

Phone: (515) 201-3169

Revenue: $258,021

Year Started: 2016

  • Agcertain Boone, LLC

Address: 977 Quartz Ave Boone, IA, 50036-7446 United States

Phone: (515) 212-7200

Website: Click here

Revenue: $1.51 million

Year Started: 2018

  • Arko Laboratories Ltd

Address: 1336 Main St Jewell, IA, 50130-2045 United States

Phone: (515) 827-5491

Website: Click here

Revenue: $5.37 million

Year Started: 1981

Incorporated: 1981

  • Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corp

Address: 408 S Gilbert St Iowa City, IA, 52240-4917 United States

Phone: (319) 341-8000

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation

Address: 800 5TH St NW Fort Dodge, IA, 50501-7425 United States

Phone: (515) 302-2717

  • Cambrex Charles City, Inc.

Address: 1205 11TH St Charles City, IA, 50616-3466 United States

Phone: (641) 257-1000

Website: Click here

Revenue: $118.14 million

Year Started: 1960

Incorporated: 1991

  • Cargill, Incorporated

Address: 1 Cargill Dr. Eddyville, IA, 52553-5000 United States

Phone: (641) 969-7002

  • Concevion International LLC

Address: 5407 Durant St Ames, IA, 50014-8055 United States

Phone: (515) 337-1660

Website: Click here

Revenue: $111,614

Year Started: 2019

  • Continental Manufacturing Chemist, Inc.

Address: 912 S State St Madrid, IA, 50156-1748 United States

Phone: (515) 795-2000

Revenue: $23.51 million

Year Started: 1992

Incorporated: 1994

  • Creodyne, LLC

Address: 3908 Stone Brooke Cir Ames, IA, 50010-4174 United States

Phone: (515) 480-9503

Website: Click here

Revenue: $100,060

Year Started: 2009

  • Entera Health, Inc.

Address: 2425 SE Oak Tree Ct Ankeny, IA, 50021-7102 United States

Phone: (515) 963-7577

Revenue: $9.69 million

Year Started: 2013

  • Entegro, LLC

Address: 1275 7TH Ave NE Sioux Center, IA, 51250-2156 United States

Phone: (712) 722-3955

Revenue: $689,160

Year Started: 2015

  • Genvax Technologies, Inc.

Address: 2503 S Loop Dr. Ames, IA, 50010-8641 United States

Phone: (319) 530-2757

Website: Click here

Revenue: $958,656

Year Started: 2021

  • Glycomyr, Inc.

Address: 3359 Stagecoach Rd Ames, IA, 50010-9305 United States

Phone: (515) 520-1098

Revenue: $147,569

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2008

  • Hall Roberts’ Son, Incorporated

Address: 139 W Greene St Postville, IA, 52162-7773 United States

Phone: (563) 864-7421

Revenue: $9.74 million

Year Started: 1946

Incorporated: 1946

  • Harmon Technological, Inc.

Address: 3746 Johnson Ave Gowrie, IA, 50543-7565 United States

Phone: (515) 879-2780

Revenue: $901,253

Year Started: 1982

Incorporated: 1992

  • Hot Shots Nm, LLC

Address: 2017 E Kimberly Rd Davenport, IA, 52807-2105 United States

Phone: (563) 391-0404

Revenue: $9.96 million

Year Started: 1991

  • Impro Products, Inc.

Address: 3 Allamakee St Waukon, IA, 52172-1741 United States

Phone: (563) 568-2161

Revenue: $1.83 million

Year Started: 1964

Incorporated: 1964

  • Integrated Dna Technologies, Inc.

Address: 1710 Commercial Park Coralville, IA, 52241-2760 United States

Phone: (800) 328-2661

Website: Click here

Revenue: $264.02 million

Year Started: 1987

Incorporated: 1987

  • Krudico, Inc.

Address: 308 E 4TH St Auburn, IA, 51433-7718 United States

Phone: (712) 688-2284

Revenue: $532,910

Year Started: 1965

Incorporated: 1984

  • Liddell Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 201 Apple Blvd Woodbine, IA, 51579-1503 United States

Phone: (712) 647-3295

Revenue: $2.88 million

Year Started: 1988

  • Lloyd, Inc. of Iowa

Address: 604 W Thomas Ave Shenandoah, IA, 51601-1744 United States

Phone: (800) 831-0004

Revenue: $17.48 million

Year Started: 1958

Incorporated: 1959

  • Mg Biologics, Inc

Address: 2366 270TH St Ames, IA, 50014-2616 United States

Phone: (515) 769-2340

Website: Click here

Revenue: $2.69 million

Year Started: 1999

Incorporated: 1999

  • Molecular Biolife International Inc.

Address: 200 W 16TH St Sheldon, IA, 51201-2008 United States

Phone: (712) 449-5625

Revenue: $607,862

Year Started: 2013

  • NanoSpy, Inc.

Address: 536 Farmhouse Ln # 1581 Ames, IA, 50011-1054 United States

Phone: (312) 550-1584

Revenue: $262,969

Year Started: 2017

Incorporated: 2018

  • Oragen Technologies Inc

Address: 4401 71ST St Urbandale, IA, 50322-1837 United States

Phone: (515) 251-5903

Revenue: $325,457

Year Started: 1996

Incorporated: 1996

  • Peaceful Mountain, Inc.

Address: 201 Apple Blvd Woodbine, IA, 51579-1503 United States

Phone: (712) 647-2499

Revenue: $595,802

Year Started: 2010

Incorporated: 2010

  • Pharmbiologic Solutions LLC

Address: 2010 Ashworth Rd West Des Moines, IA, 50265-3311 United States

Phone: (515) 777-2005

Website: Click here

Revenue: $150,000

Year Started: 2005

  • Plasma Solutions, L.L.C.

Address: 1318 160TH St Boone, IA, 50036-7333 United States

Phone: (515) 298-1743

Revenue: $148,266

Year Started: 2013

  • Prescription Manufacturing, LLC

Address: 103 S Broadway St Red Oak, IA, 51566-6116 United States

Phone: (712) 357-1149

Revenue: $4.61 million

Year Started: 2017

  • Proliant Biologicals, LLC

Address: 2425 SE Oak Tree Ct Ankeny, IA, 50021-7102 United States

Phone: (515) 289-5170

Website: Click here

Revenue: $8.99 million

Year Started: 2002

  • Sioux Pharm, Inc.

Address: 121 19TH St SW Sioux Center, IA, 51250-1195 United States

Phone: (712) 722-4699

Revenue: $3.91 million

Year Started: 1998

Incorporated: 1998

  • Sonac USA LLC

Address: 1299 E Maple St Maquoketa, IA, 52060-3205 United States

Phone: (563) 690-1199

Revenue: $4.93 million

Year Started: 2009

  • Spotlight Innovation Inc.

Address: 11147 Aurora Ave Aurora Bus Park Bldg 3 Urbandale, IA, 50322 United States

Phone: (515) 274-9087

Website: Click here

Revenue: $2,226

Year Started: 2006

  • Surmasis Pharmaceutical, LLC

Address: 4020 Gannett Ave Des Moines, IA, 50321-2951 United States

Phone: (515) 244-1212

Revenue: $3.88 million

Year Started: 2013

  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

Address: 1704 Geraldine Dr. Dubuque, IA, 52003-9128 United States

Phone: (563) 583-2414

  • Transboundary Animal Biologics, Inc.

Address: 3515 University Blvd Ames, IA, 50010-8698 United States

Phone: (515) 294-8459

Revenue: $42,454

Year Started: 2007

  • Vetmeasure, Inc.

Address: 2625 N Loop Dr. Ste 2632 Ames, IA, 50010-8926 United States

Phone: (515) 296-4243

Website: Click here

Revenue: $479,702

Year Started: 2016

Incorporated: 2016

  • Vet Pharm, Inc.

Address: 392 15TH St NE Sioux Center, IA, 51250-2113 United States

Phone: (712) 722-3836

Revenue: $7.80 million

Year Started: 1978

Incorporated: 1983

  • Zoetis Inc.

Address: 2000 Rockford Rd Charles City, IA, 50616-9101 United States

Phone: (641) 257-2422

Website: Click here

FAQs about the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

See below for the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa;

  • Which agency regulates the practice of pharmacy in Iowa?

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy regulates the practice of pharmacy.

  • Which agency approves new drugs pf pharmaceutical companies in Iowa?

The FDA must approve new drugs and biologics before they can be sold in interstate commerce. 22 The FDA regulatory processes for drugs and biologics are similar in general but distinct in some ways.

  • What are the top pharmaceutical companies in Iowa?

Here are the top six pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

  1. Integrated DNA Technologies
  2. Bayer
  3. Johnson & Johnson
  4. Sanofi
  5. Novartis
  • What’s the amount spent on new drugs in Iowa?

Pharmaceutical companies in Iowa spend up to $2.6 billion on every new drug.

A final thought about the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa

Each new drug costs pharmaceutical companies in Iowa up to $2.6 billion and takes up to 12 years to develop. Reduced R&D spending would result in fewer innovative drugs in the future. Early intervention with prescription drugs can help to avoid more costly treatment later.

According to one study, Part D has helped reduce hospital visits by nearly 10% over the last decade.

Already, hospital care costs three times as much as pharmaceuticals. With fewer drugs on the market, spending on hospital care is likely to rise even further.

Therefore, for the pharmaceutical companies in Iowa to grow further, new companies need to be established and more drugs developed.

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