Best 10 pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

The pharmaceutical companies in Sweden are among the leading drug companies in Europe and the world at large.

What would life be without the impacts of these pharmaceutical companies and their products? Sweden is among the countries that have outstanding pharma companies.

These companies contribute immensely to the economic development of Sweden and also through their research, many health solutions have been found.

Pharmaceutical companies in Sweden don’t only take part in the research and development of drugs and vaccines; some also specialize in making sure these drugs get to the right hands at an affordable rate and also give effective drug management plans.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

There has been spontaneous growth of these pharmaceutical companies in Sweden, as of 2018, many pharma companies in this nation are ranked by sales.

Also, these companies have over the years created employment opportunities for the general public both local and international. Also, some of these companies like AstraZeneca can be seen as the pharmaceutical companies in Sweden with the largest turnover.

Best pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

Below are the best pharma companies in Sweden based on different criteria;

Annexin Pharmaceuticals

Address: Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB (publ), Drottninggatan 65, 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden.

Email: [email protected]

Registration number: 556960-9539.AstraZeneca

Website: click here


Address: BioInvent International AB Ideon Science Park SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)46-286 85 50

Fax: +46 (0)46-211 08 06

website: visit


Address: Ideon Science Park. SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden.

Phone: +46 46 286 57 30

Fax: +46 46 286 57 39

Email: [email protected]


Orkla Care AB
Address: Box 1336, Svetsarvägen 15 SE- 171 26 Solna, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)8-590 96325

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit

Meda AB

Address: Box 906 Solna, 170 09 Sweden

Number of employees: 5,202 (2014)


Address: Box 1086 SE-141 22 Huddinge

Visit: Lunastigen 5, 2nd floor


Address: P.O. Box 303 751 05 Uppsala Sweden

Email: [email protected]

Phone+46 (0)18 780 88 00

Website: visit here


Address: Drottninggatan 29. Sweden

website: visit here

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

Reg. no. 556038-9321

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +46 8 697 20 00

Address:Tomtebodavägen 23A Stockholm, Sweden

website: click here

Description of the Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Sweden

Below is a better insight into these companies;

Annexin Pharmaceuticals

Annexin Pharmaceuticals is a world-leading biotechnology company in the Annexin A5 field, for the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases, which are currently the most common cause of death worldwide.

pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

The Company also has a comprehensive patent portfolio for the treatment of diseases caused by vascular damage and inflammation. Annexin Pharmaceuticals has established and optimized a cell line for large-scale production of Annexin A5; however, the production process is patent pending.

ANXV has the ability to protect and repair the blood vessels as well as counteract inflammation. ANXV is therefore expected to reduce suffering and hopefully mortality for several patient groups with both rare vascular diseases and major ones, such as heart attack.

This company is one of the amazing pharmaceutical companies in Sweden founded in the year 2014.

Address: Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB (publ), Drottninggatan 65, 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden.


Astra AB was a former international pharmaceutical company formed in 1913 and merged with the British Zeneca Group in 1999 to form AstraZeneca.

pharmaceutical companies in Sweden 2030

Product development was focused on therapeutics for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory disorders and pain control. At the time of the fusion, Astra was the largest Swedish pharmaceutical company. Astra also operated Astra Tech, a medical devices company, and marketed pharmaceuticals outside their primary development area, including anti-infective agents.

They are a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business and their innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. AstraZeneca has since its formation shown great improvement in research, development, and marketing which has given them in most top countries of the world.

Address: Karlebyhusentren, B674 Astraallen Sodertalje, 151 85 Sweden


BioInvent is one of the pharmaceutical companies in Sweden that take part in research, and life science with a focus on the clinical development of antibody drugs for immunotherapy against cancer.

It was founded in 1996 and has been translating cancer antibody biology into innovative immuno-oncology therapies.

Immuno-oncology drugs are one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 21st century, significantly improving cancer survival rates, with the global immuno-oncology market expected to reach $76 billion this year.

BioInvent’s proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides antibody production capacity to feed the Company’s preclinical and clinical pipeline, which is a key advantage for a swift and cost-effective preclinical/clinical development path compared to externally sourced antibody production capacity.

Address: BioInvent International AB. Ideon Science Park. SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden.


Camurus was Founded in 1991, and Its company’s share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker “CAMX”.

It is committed to developing and commercializing innovative and long-acting medicines for the treatment of severe and chronic conditions, including opioid dependence, pain, cancer, and endocrine disorders.

Their development creates value across the pharmaceutical development cycle, from early programs to partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies.

Address: Ideon Science Park. SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden.


Cederroth was founded in 1895 by Christian Cederroth. It is a Swedish pharmaceuticals company that manufactures and markets personal care, healthcare, wound care, household, and first aid products.

Since their formation, they have developed and marketed innovative products and solutions that enable ordinary people to give first aid without special previous training.

Address: Kanalvägen 10A, Box 715, SE 194 27 Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Meda AB

Meda AB was founded in 1995 by Lennart Perlhagen, it is a specialty pharmaceutical company, with over  6,000 employees and has its products in more than 150 countries.

Address: Pipers väg 2 A Box 906. SE-170 09 Solna Sweden


Medivir is a Swedish biotech company founded in 1988. It focuses its research on oncology and particularly on innovative pharmaceuticals that meet substantial unmet medical needs.

pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

They bring together a unique combination of clinical development skills, collaborative culture, and extensive industry experience, with a balanced project portfolio.

Address: Medivir AB Box 1086 SE-141 22 Huddinge Sweden


Orexo is one of the amazing pharmaceutical companies in Sweden founded in 1995.

The company´s first developed product Diabact® UBT, for diagnosing the gastric ulcer bacterium Helicobacter pylori, is approved in its first market. More markets will follow and today Diabact® UBT is commercialized worldwide through different partners and they have over the years diversified in other areas of drug development.

In 2020, the digital portfolio continues to grow with therapy for the treatment of depression, deprexis®, also developed by Orexo´s partner GAIA and with multiple clinical trials showing its efficacy. Orexo owns the US rights for deprexis®.

Address: Orexo AB P.O. Box 303 751 05 Uppsala Sweden


Recipharm is one of the five largest pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing companies in the world, with production facilities in Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, and the UK as well as development sites in Sweden, Israel, and the United States.

pharmaceutical companies in Sweden 2021

AS of April 2014, Recipharm was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

They have about 9,000 employees in their different facilities and also provide pharmaceutical companies around the world with end-to-end development and manufacturing services, including a wide variety of dosage forms.

Address: Drottninggatan 29. Sweden

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum is an international biopharmaceutical company founded in 2010 with over 1500 employees.

It is dedicated to treatments in the areas of hematology, immunology, and specialty care. Within Haematology, they have become a leading company in hemophilia, where they seek to shape new standards, optimize treatment, build evidence, create sustainable access, and provide community support in hemophilia care.

In their Immunology portfolio, with three strongly growing products that each meet high unmet medical needs, represents a new focus that builds on their heritage in rare diseases.

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum has branches in more than 30 countries and its products are distributed in over 70 countries.

Address: omtebodavägen 23A Solna sweden

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Sweden

The pharmaceutical companies in Sweden on our list are worthwhile and they strive vehemently towards the development, research, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

They equally compete with other world pharmaceutical companies in making sure that efficient, affordable, and effective pharma products meet unmet needs.

It is also essential to note that this list is in no order of ranking and every company listed here merits recognition.


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