40 pharmaceutical companies in Alabama

Today, the essentials about pharmaceutical companies in Alabama are unraveled. Alabama is home to over 200 pharmaceutical companies, with an estimated annual economic impact of $7.3 billion and a track record of groundbreaking discoveries.

Southern Research, based in Birmingham, has discovered seven FDA-approved drugs used in cancer treatment, as well as significant advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, polio, and mosquito-borne viruses.

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville is a pioneer in human genome research, collecting genomic data for thousands of academic, clinical, and commercial clients across the country.

The fact that organizations are magnets for National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding underscores Alabama’s bioscience sector’s track record of innovation. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) received $325 million in NIH funding in Fiscal 2020 alone, an increase of $38 million from the previous year.

Aside from cutting-edge research and technology, one of the pharmaceutical sector’s most notable achievements is the high level of employment it has generated.

Nearly 18,000 Alabamians work in pharmaceutical jobs, with an average annual salary of more than $67,000. UAB’s economic engine is responsible for an estimated 53,000 jobs — nearly 10% of the total in the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area.

Pharmaceutical companies in Alabama are expanding across the state. Oxford Pharmaceuticals established a $29 million manufacturing facility in Birmingham, and Evonik established an advanced biomaterials manufacturing facility with R&D capabilities.

SiO2 Materials Science invested $163 million in Auburn to increase the production of its patented vials for the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine program.

Huntsville’s Cummings Research Park (CRP), the country’s second-largest research and technology park, is at the center of a lot of activity.

With nearly 30,000 employees and a mix of Fortune 500 companies and homegrown innovators, CRP contributes to the success of many high-tech enterprises, U.S. defense and aerospace agencies, and higher education institutions.

The Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance

Drug discovery in academia, research institutes, and small pharmaceutical companies will become an increasingly important source of new therapeutics in the future, as pharmaceutical companies look for druggable, promising targets as well as promising compounds to in-license.

Although the exact numbers vary depending on how a drug’s origin is defined, it has been estimated that universities and pharmaceutical companies in Alabama already account for roughly a quarter of all new drugs and roughly half of all scientifically innovative drugs approved by the FDA, particularly those that address unmet medical needs.

It is well-documented that the pharmaceutical industry’s productivity has been declining, for which several explanations have been offered, including rising costs, institutional environments that are not conducive to creativity and innovation, shareholder pressures that are incompatible with the long-term view required in drug discovery and development, and a shift from research and development to marketing, with a historical, albeit shifting, focus.

Pharmaceutical companies in Alabama are hesitant to invest due to the high-risk nature of the basic research required to support innovative drug discovery, but academia is a natural fit for these types of investigations, making collaborations between academia and industry a logical proposition. However, due to a variety of factors, these collaborations are not always straightforward.

There is, for example, a mismatch between what the pharmaceutical industry and academia consider a validated target and a promising lead compound.

For example, in the academic world, the publication of a new protein target and its role in disease in a high-impact journal would be considered a great achievement, whereas, in the pharmaceutical industry, it would be considered merely a good start, with the ultimate validation being the existence of an effective, well-tolerated drug that manipulates its target in humans.

Furthermore, academic investigators are unlikely to have access to the knowledge and resources required to bridge the gap between an intriguing laboratory finding and a novel lead compound for disease treatment, allowing (pre-)clinical proof of concept to be achieved.

These factors, combined with the increased emphasis on translational science at the National Institutes of Health, prompted an increasing number of academic institutions to establish drug discovery programs, utilizing a variety of funding sources, infrastructure, and operational procedures.

The idea behind most, if not all, of these programs, is to ‘de-risk’ the basic findings of the academic researcher and grow a chemical compound to a stage in the discovery and advancement pipeline that is mature enough to attract pharmaceutical partners’ interest and investment.

The Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance (ADDA) is a collaborative effort between the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and the Southern Research Institute (SR), both of which are located in Birmingham, Alabama.

SR is a non-profit organization that conducts basic and applied research in the areas of presymptomatic drug discovery, vaccine development, and drug development, in addition to becoming an academic drug development program.

Pharmaceutical companies in Alabama

Here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies in Alabama.

  • Albumin Bioscience

Website: Click here

Address: 895 Martin Road, SW, Suite C

Huntsville, Alabama 35824

Phone: +1 (866) 257-0499

E-mail: [email protected]

  • Aligon Pharmaceutical Inc

Website: Click here


Address: 1860 Highway 95 Helena, AL 35080

  • A.P.I. Solutions, Inc.

Address: 25309 Friendship Rd Daphne, AL, 36526-6278 United States

Phone: (251) 380-7620

Revenue: $1.15 million

Year Started: 2009

  • Avanti Polar Lipids, LLC

Address: 700 Industrial Park Dr. Alabaster, AL, 35007-9105 United States

Phone: (205) 663-2494

Website: Click here

Revenue: $55.43 million

Year Started: 1969

  • Bama-Bio Tech Corporation

Address: 435 12TH St SW Vernon, AL, 35592-5143 United States

Phone: (281) 777-8621

Website: Click here

Revenue: $510,675

Year Started: 2019

  • BioCryst Pharmaceutical

Address: 2100 Riverchase Center Building 200, Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35244

Phone: (205) 444-4600

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (205) 444-4640

  • Bridge Therapeutics, Inc.

Address: 217 Country Club Park Pmb 325 Mountain Brk, AL, 35213-4237 United States Phone: (877) 223-6949

Revenue: $766,238

Year Started: 2016

  • Cebert Pharmaceuticals Inc

Website: Click here

Address: 1200 Corporate Dr., Suite 160, Birmingham, Alabama 35242

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (205) 981-0201 or (800) 211-0589

Fax: (205) 981-0279

  • Centurion Labs, LLC

Address: 3100 Bowling Dr. Ste 1 Birmingham, AL, 35242-6588 United States

Phone: (888) 886-2061

Website: Click here

Revenue: $517,849

Year Started: 2007

  • Cnine Biosolutions, Llc.

Address: 1025 23RD St S Ste 302 Birmingham, AL, 35205-2463 United States

Phone: (907) 297-8478

Revenue: $256,755

Year Started: 2013

  • Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc.

Address: 1048 Stanton Rd Ste B Daphne, AL, 36526-4236 United States

Phone: (251) 626-2820

Revenue: $2.66 million

Year Started: 2007

  • Curiteva

Website: Click here

Phone: (877) 928-7483

Fax:  (256) 213-1058

Email: [email protected]

Address: 25127 Will McComb Dr. Tanner, AL 35671

  • Discovery Life Sciences, LLC

Address: 800 Hudson Way NW Ste 1700 Huntsville, AL, 35806-2962 United States

Phone: (866) 838-2798

Revenue: $19.69 million

Year Started: 2004

  • Drug Research & Analysis Corporation

Address: 1758 Park Place, Suite 200 Montgomery, AL 36106

Phone: (334) 265-2700

Email: [email protected]

  • Evonik Industries

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 973 929 8812

Mobile: +1 973 906 4635

Email: [email protected]

Address: 750 Lakeshore Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35211, United States

  • Ferrosafe Holdings, LLC

Address: 459 N Dean Rd Ste B Auburn, AL, 36830-5048 United States

Phone: (334) 742-3033

Website: Click here

Revenue: $719,567

Year Started: 2015

  • Foxland Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Phone: 1-844-700-5011

Email: [email protected]

Address: 800 Watterson Curve, Trussville, AL 35173, United States

  • Gateway Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Address: 3532 Vann Rd Ste 106B Birmingham, AL, 35235-3263 United States

Phone: (205) 508-5500

Revenue: $4.82 million

Year Started: 2013

  • Healthcare & Diagnostic Solutions, Inc.

Address: 29922 County Road 49 Loxley, AL, 36551-2606 United States

Phone: (251) 625-4606

Revenue: $1.69 million

Year Started: 2004

  • Hibbett Patient Care LLC

Address: 500 E Tennessee St Ste 1 Florence, AL, 35630-5720 United States

Phone: (256) 764-4675

Website: Click here

Revenue: $270,205

Year Started: 2010

  • Ionsouth Diagnostic Pharmacy LLC

Address: 146 S Florida St Mobile, AL, 36606-1955 United States

Phone: (251) 479-9757

Website: Click here

Revenue: $255,094

Year Started: 2011

  • Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

Address: 530 Industrial Park Blvd Montgomery, AL, 36117-5543 United States

Phone: (334) 288-1288

Website: Click here

Revenue: $70.13 million

Year Started: 1989

  • Medicaid Agency

Address: 412 S Court St Ste 200 Florence, AL, 35630-5664 United States

Phone: (256) 740-6100

Website: Click here

Revenue: $407,058

Year Started: 2002

  • Nektar Therapeutics Alabama

Address: 1112 Church Street Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-512-9200

Fax: 256-704-7647

Toll-Free: 877-451-NKTR (6587)

  • Novita Solutions, LLC

Address: 459 N Dean Rd Ste B Auburn, AL, 36830-5048 United States

Phone: (334) 742-3033

Website: Click here

Revenue: $719,567

Year Started: 2016

  • Ocean Chem International Corporation

Address: 3600 Pine Forest Ave Montgomery, AL, 36116-5600 United States

Phone: (334) 286-9308

Revenue: $342,113

Year Started: 1994

  • Oxford Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Address: 301 Leaf Lake Pkwy Birmingham, AL, 35211-7208 United States

Phone: (205) 434-9649

Website: Click here

Revenue: $9.26 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Poly pharmaceuticals

Address: 2720 Cullom Blvd. Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763

  • Preventric Diagnostics, LLC

Address: 2120 16TH Ave S Ste 30 Birmingham, AL, 35205-5000 United States

Phone: (205) 208-1400

Revenue: $537,337

Year Started: 2018

  • ReCept Pharmacy

Website: Click here

Address: 1620 W. Northwest Highway, Suite 100 Grapevine, Texas 76051

Phone: 817-572-0009

Fax 817-572-0221

Toll-free phone: 800-274-0009

Toll-free fax: 800-817-0049

Email: [email protected]

  • Sheffield Pharmacy

Address: 500 S Montgomery Ave Ste 108 Sheffield, AL, 35660-3858 United States

Phone: (256) 389-9900

Revenue: $536,004

Year Started: 1949

  • Southern Biotechnology Associates, Inc.

Address: 160 Oxmoor Blvd Ste 100 Birmingham, AL, 35209-5924 United States

Phone: (205) 945-1774

Website: Click here

Revenue: $8.70 million

Year Started: 1982

  • Specialty Pharmacy Corporation

Address: 2104 Alabama Hwy 157 Cullman, AL, 35058 United States

Phone: (256) 734-3146

Website: Click here

Revenue: $2.92 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Spring View Drugs

Address: 4810 Main St Millbrook, AL 36054

Phone: 334-285-6705

Fax: 334-285-2526

Email: [email protected]

  • Tekpak, Inc.

Address: 1410 Washington St Marion, AL, 36756-3424 United States

Phone: (334) 683-6121

Website: Click here

Revenue: $27.48 million

Year Started: 1999

  • Trirx Huntsville Pharmaceutical Services, LLC

Address: 120 Vintage Dr. NE Huntsville, AL, 35811-8216 United States

Phone: (203) 918-1647

Revenue: $50.52 million

Year Started: 2019

  • Verimos Health, Inc

Address: 8919 Highway 119 Ste 106 Alabaster, AL, 35007-5329 United States

Phone: (720) 422-0054

Website: Click here

Revenue: $300,000

Year Started: 2019

  • Vitruvias Therapeutics, Inc.

Address: 778 N Dean Rd Ste 600 Auburn, AL, 36830-4318 United States

Phone: (334) 329-5601

Revenue: $350,356

Year Started: 2013

Incorporated: 2018

  • Wellness Pharmacy

Website: Click here

Address: 3401 Independence Drive Suite 231 Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: (800) 227-2627 or (205) 879-6551

Fax: (800) 369-0302 or (205) 871-2568

  • ZETA Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Website: Click here

Address: 2103B West Ferry Way SW Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 201-930-4934

Fax: 201-930-4936

FAQs about the pharmaceutical companies in Alabama

  • How many pharmaceutical companies are in Alabama?

There are over 200 pharmaceutical companies in Alabama.

  • What are the total pharmaceutical expenditures in Alabama?

The pharmaceutical companies in Alabama have an annual economic impact of $7.3 billion. In 2019, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided $392 million in funding to Alabama organizations.

  • What’s the employment rate of the pharmaceutical industry in Alabama?

In Fiscal 2018, 17,870 people were employed in the pharmaceutical industry, 576 bioscience patents were awarded, $70 million in pharma venture capital commitments were made, and $696 million was spent on academic bioscience research.

  • How many FDA-approved drugs are in Alabama?

Southern Research discovered seven FDA-approved anticancer medications. The Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance has a pipeline of 16 potential drugs. Cummings Research Park is the United States’ second largest research and technology park.

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Alabama

According to the numbers, the pharmaceutical companies in Alabama are thriving. According to a recent University of Alabama study, the industry contributes $7.3 billion to Alabama’s economy each year through the work of 780 companies.

The industry employs 48,000 people directly and indirectly, and the average annual salary for the 17,871 people employed directly by biosciences is $67,664.

Pharma is on the rise in Birmingham, which is home to UAB, Southern Research, and several biotechnology companies such as Evonik Industries, which has announced plans for an expansion of production and a Global Competence Center for Medical Devices at its local facility soon.

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