List of Pharmaceutical companies in Morocco

Among the giants in drug production in Africa are the pharmaceutical companies in Morocco

The stable political framework characterizing the kingdom and its central localization in the Mediterranean area, connecting sub-Saharan Africa, the middle east, and Europe may support Morocco to achieve a further consolidation of the Pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in the future.

Overview of the pharmaceutical companies in Morocco

Morocco is part of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) which comprises also Algeria, Tunisia Mauritania, and Libya.

An ambitious health insurance program was launched by the Moroccan government, with the objective of covering 90% of the population by 2021.

Both domestic and multinational Pharmaceutical companies are present in the country with manufacturing facilities, and the local government is also supporting and ambitious health.

Morocco’s Pharmaceutical industry ranks second in the continent and is also the second-largest chemical industry of the country, after the phosphates one.

The sector draws about a 400million dirhams in investments every year and more than 9000 direct jobs.

There are three professional associations in the country representing the different industries, ie Moroccan Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (M A P I), (A M I P), Les enterprises du medicament au maroc (L E M M) of multi-international Companies, and the Moroccan Association Generic Medicines (A M M A).

List of Pharmaceutical companies in Morocco

Below is the list of the top-rated Pharmaceutical companies in Morocco you need to know;


Address: sanofi Marco, route de Rabat R P I Ain sebaa 20250 Casablanca maroc

Phone: 212, 5, 22, 66, 90, 00

Email: [email protected]

Sanofi’s activities in Morocco are concerned with the registration, production, distribution, and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on the needs of patients in the main therapeutic areas: Diabetes and Cardiovascular, General Medicine Rare Diseases, Vaccines, and Consumer Health.

This is a global bio Pharmaceutical company focused on human health. It engages in the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of Pharmaceutical drugs principally in the prescription market. It is the world’s largest producer of the latter through its subsidiary Sanofi Pasteur.


Address: Oasis Square, Oasis Road, 20410, Casablanca, Morocco

Phone: +212 (522) 45 32 00/ +212 (522) 30 48 53


Address: Douar Ouled Sidi Abbou, Km 2,5- Tit Mellil Casablanca, Morocco

Phone: +212 (522) 33 13 52 / +212 (522) 33 13 37

Website: visit

Cooper Pharma is a leading pharma company in Morocco, that is working with health professionals to achieve a mission. Cooper pharma produces imports, markets, and promotes a hundred drugs under license from more than 20 international companies.

It is committed to making medicines more available to patients in Africa and the Middle East by implementing ethical and resolute human management.

 Bottu SA

Address: 82, Allée des Casuarinas – B.P. 2583 – Aïn Sebaâ 20580 Casablanca – Marocco

Téléphone : +212 (5) 22 35 53 50 (6 lignes)

Fax: +212 (5) 22 35 64 19

Email: [email protected]

Website: visit

Bottu is an integrated pharmaceutical company. Its mission is to ensure access to essential medicinal drugs to prevent and cure the most common diseases, improving thereby the health and well-being of all.

Strong with the know-how and expertise it has acquired over the years, Bottu is involved in all parts of the medicinal drug value chain.

It develops, manufactures, packages distributes, and promotes several products, either under its own name or other brands.

G S K Marocco

Address: 42/44 Angle Boulevard Rachidi et Hamid El Ghazzali Casablanca Morocco

Phone:  +(212) 52 248 0002

Website: click here

This is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose to help people do more feel better, and live longer.

Their goal is to be one of the world’s best/world’s most innovative, trusted healthcare companies. Our expectations are at the heart of everything we do and help describe our culture so that together we can deliver extraordinary things for our patients and consumers.


Address: Lotissement La Colline 2 Route De Nouasseur, Lot No. 12, Casablanca, Morocco

Phone: +212 5223-49292

Their aim is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. They use innovative science and technology to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues and discover, develop breakthrough treatments, and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible.


Address: Z.I.  ouled Saleh, Gp 5N?13, Grand Casablanca, 20180, Bouskoura Casablanca 20100, morocco.

Telephone: +212 5228-59900

Website: Visit

GALENICA specializes in the development, manufacture, promotion, and sale of generic drugs for the Moroccan market as well as foreign marchées.

By offering quality generic drugs selected in major therapeutic areas Laboratories GALENICA fit perfectly into the current public health requirements ie, therapeutic and effective rationalization of expenditure.

Laboratories Pharmaceutiques iberma

Direction: 05 22 96 46 32/37

Production site: 05 22 96 46 32/37/38

Fax:  05 22 94 02 60

Email: [email protected]

Address: 237, Bd ZERKTOUNI CASABLANCA Morocco

Website: click here


Address: BP 20180 – Z.I. Bouskoura – MOROCCO

Tel 1: (LG)

Tel 2:


Mail: [email protected]

Website: click here

SOTHEMA is a 100% Moroccan pharmaceutical company, specializing in the manufacturing and sale of medicines since 1976. SOTHEMA represents 35 client laboratories ranking among the global R&D leaders.


Address: 18 Boulevard Emile Zola, Casablanca 20300, morocco

Telephone: +2125225 – 43838.

Website: visit

Spimaco Marco

Address: km 4 ancienne route de L’aviation, Tangier 90 000, morocco

Telephone: +2125393 – 18711

Website: visit

Sun pharma morocco

Address: 219, Bd zerktouni, Angle Bd roundani 5éme étage cp 20330 EL, Bd Brahim roundani Casablanca,  morocco

Tel: +212 522 20 49 81 +212 522 20 40 59

Email: [email protected]

They are one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Morocco and currently market 19 brands across the anti-infective, neuro-psychiatry, cardiovascular, urology, and critical care therapeutic areas. We started our manufacturing operations in Casablanca in 2012.

Ranbaxy Morocco is a key supplier of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs to the HIV/AIDS Treatment Programme of the Ministry of Health.

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Morocco

The list of pharmaceutical companies in Morocco is worthwhile because it gives easy access to these wonderful companies devoted to the uplifting of Moroccan’s health and the neighboring nations.

It is also essential to note that these companies are in no order of ranking every one of the firms listed has the operation licenses and is deemed fit in the pharma industry.

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