Best top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

The pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are worth commending despite the opposing forces, they stand firmly in discharging their services of research, development, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The different challenges faced by these pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria include but are not limited to poor marketing and administrative structure, unfavorable government policies, limited funds to finance research of international edge, low capacity utilization, and high cost of inputs.

Despite these raging forces, these pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria work hard in making the price of pharmaceutical products affordable. We wouldn’t have done a good job of compilation if we omit the economic impact of these companies on the economy of the nation Nigeria and West Africa at large.

Introduction on the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

Drug manufacturing started in 1944 in Nigeria by May and Baker, and since then, over 150 pharmaceutical companies both international and domestic have been founded.

These pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria research, develop, and manufacture different drugs for various medical purposes in different sectors of health.

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All aspects of pharmacy practice in Nigeria are regulated by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria Act (1992 No. 91). The Act provides for the registration of pharmaceutical premises in Nigeria before the commencement of a pharmaceutical business.

The Act establishes the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria, as the body with the sole responsibility of registering, monitoring, regulating, and controlling all aspects of pharmaceutical practice in Nigeria.

Top 10 best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

Below is the list of the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria;

  • Juhel Nigeria Limited
  • May & Baker Nigeria Limited
  • Krishat Pharma Industries  Limited
  • New Divine Favour Pharma Industries Limited
  • Rico Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
  • Dana Drugs Limited
  • Evans Medical Plc
  • Phamatex Industries Limited
  • Mopson Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Biopharma Nigeria Limited

Juhel Nigeria Limited

Juhel Nigeria Limited is among the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, founded in 1987.

They manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical products, from oral to intravenous medicines to over 100 Pharmaceutical products.

pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

The pharmaceutical manufacturing division of the company operates in two locations. The Oral Medicine Manufacturing Plant in Emene, Enugu State, and the Parenteral Medicine Manufacturing Plant in Awka, Anambra State.

They are not only one of the largest Pharmaceutical Drug manufacturing companies in Nigeria, they also remain the largest manufacturer of high-quality blow-fill-seal aseptically manufactured intravenous medicines in West Africa.

Address: 35 Nkwubor Road Emene Enugu State Nigeria

May & Baker Nigeria Limited

May & Baker, Nigeria Plc was founded on September 4, 1944, as Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company. It has its origin in England, the United Kingdom wherein in 1834, three chemists founded Grimwade, May & Pickett, a  firm for manufacturing chemicals for pharmaceutical products.

In Nigeria, the company started as May & Baker (West Africa) Limited at 17A Tinubu Street, Lagos in 1944, a trading outpost to serve the West Coast of Africa.

pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria 2022

The company relocated to its present site at Ikeja, Lagos state during the Nigerian civil war. In 1976, it built its factory at Ikeja where it began local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.  That same year it changed from May & Baker (West Africa) Limited to May & Baker Nigeria Limited

In 1979, following the indigenization decree which required that foreign interests in companies operating in Nigeria be of a minor nature, May & Baker, United Kingdom relinquished 60 percent of its equity holding in May & Baker Nigeria to Nigerians while retaining 40 percent.

May & Baker Nigeria Limited became a publicly quoted company following its listing by introduction on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on November 10, 1994, and became May & Baker Nigeria Plc.

Address: 3,5 sapara street lagos Nigeria

Krishat Pharma Industries  Limited

They are among the first soft gelatin products producers in Nigeria with an optimum production capacity of over 50 million capsules/month.

Krishat Pharma Industries Ltd is a pharmaceutical drug manufacturing company in Ibadan, Oyo state headquartered in Lagos.

For about a decade now, the company has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Nigeria and selling and distributing these in over 50 different locations in the West-African region.

Address: 9 Kilometer, Old Lagos Road Podo Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

New Divine Favour Pharma Industries Limited

This is among the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria founded in 2004 to fulfill a need in the marketplace for effective service that could provide in-depth, health products to assist clients through the development of corporate, R&D, manufacturing of branded or generic health product development strategies.

Since its establishment, New Divine Favour Pharmaceuticals Ltd has been successful at creating extra profit opportunities for pharmacists throughout the end markets where they operate.

Their product range includes major branded and generic pharmaceuticals products that are all approved by NAFDAC.

Address: N0.7 New Divine Street Adegbe layout, Akuzor Rd, Nkpor

Rico Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

This pharma company was registered on 15 January 1992. It is a trusted name in the Nigerian drug industry.

Address: 26Nawfia Street, Omagba Layout Phase, Onitsha

Dana Drugs Limited

Dana is a group of companies in Nigeria with a focus on different aspects of life with the philosophy of leading by example. Through their quality products, they strive to hold up that philosophy.

In 2003, this group also ventured into pharmaceuticals to make sure that pharma products are made accessible and affordable.

Address: KM 4, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria

Evans Medical Plc

This is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria founded in 1954 and formerly known as Glaxo Nigeria Plc, the company changed its name to Evans Medical Plc in 1994.

pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria best

Evans Medical Plc is a consumer and pharmaceutical company in Nigeria that manufactures and sells a range of over-the-counter, prescriptive pharmaceutical products and nutraceuticals (health) products. The company produces products for the prevention and/or treatment of malaria, infections, asthma, ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, colds and flu, and erectile dysfunction.

Address: Plot 6, Abimbola Way Isolo, P.M.B. 1120 Apapa Lagos Nigeria

Phamatex Industries Limited

Phamatex Nigeria Limited was incorporated in Nigeria as a private limited company on the 24th day of January 1994.

Since its establishment, the company had improved in several sectors following the devoted workers that learn daily to give you the best pharm product.

The company is engaged in the importation and marketing of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. It is the “exclusive agent” to HOVID Sdn Bhd, a revered company name in the drug manufacturing industry.

Address: Marble House, 1, Crystal Glass Close, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Mopson Pharmaceuticals Limited

Mopson Pharmaceutical Limited develops, produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications. They are makers of both ethical and generic medications.

The company’s products are all registered with the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control (NAFDAC) in compliance with the statutory regulation.

Address: 47, Osolo Way, Ajao Estate, Isolo, P.O. Box 491, Yaba, Lagos

Biopharma Nigeria Limited

Biopharma is a wholly private indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing company incorporated in Nigeria in 2005 for manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical consumables.

pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

They had their pre-production inspection with Nafdac in 2009 after having been duly registered with all relevant government supervisory agencies and organs like NAFDAC and the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN). By 2014, they scaled up production as an established pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

The company has since attracted scholars, institutions, partners, and research facilities.

Address: 10 Palace Rd, Ikorodu

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria

The list of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria is essential for researchers and investors. These companies work to the best of their abilities in making sure that effective and efficient pharmaceutical products are in circulation in Nigeria and West Africa at large.

It is also important to note that the list is in no order of ranking and every company listed has accreditation and the required licenses for operation.


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