List of pharmaceutical companies in Algeria

The pharmaceutical companies in Algeria strive to make sure quality pharmaceutical products are affordable.

There are many pharmaceutical companies in Algeria but we will be considering the top-rated of these companies.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Algeria

Access to the Algerian pharma market had been restricted for years most especially for American pharmaceutical companies however, in 2021 a significant step was taken to change the game which granted access to foreign pharmaceutical companies in Algeria.   

The Algerian Government recently established the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry (MOPI) and the National Agency for Pharmaceutical Products (ANPP) to help modernize Algeria’s pharmaceutical industry.

The bold footstep made significant progress in several critical areas identified by industry, including drug pricing procedures, overly burdensome regulations, and a dysfunctional process for establishing and maintaining marketing operations.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Algeria

Below is the list of the top pharmaceutical companies in Algeria everyone ought to know;


Address: MXX8+3JM, Baba Hassen, Algeria

Website: click here


Address: Coopérative El Feth, villa 20A، Bir Mourad Raïs 16000, Algeria

Phone: +213 23 59 81 9

Fax: 00 213 982 401 501 (NEW)

Email: [email protected]

Website: visit

AstraZeneca Al Djazair

Address: Micro Zone d’activité No.20 – Bloc A, Chemin Doudou Mokhtar، Hydra, Algeria

Website: visit


Address: Zone D’Activité « Extension Dar-EL-Beida » 16100 Alger

Tél : +213 (0) 21 75 32 73 / 21 75 32 74

Fax: +213 (0) 21 75 32 14

Website: click here


Address: P53X+M8R, Oued Smar, Algeria

Website: click here

Biopharm Laboratoire Industrie Pharmacetique

Address: ZI, Oued Smar, Algeria

Phone: +213 23 85 10 10

Website: click here

Biopur Biopharm

Address: Zone industrielle Ouled Yaich Blida 16000 Algerie

Phone: 025 43 60 50 / 55

Fax: 025 43 12 57/025 43 88 44

Biotechnica-pharma Globale Algérie

Address: Address: 26 نهج زيغوت يوسف، El Djazair 16000, Algeria

Website: visit

EL KENDI Pharmaceutical Co.

pharmaceutical companies in Algeria

Address: N°19 Zone d’activité el Boustane , commune de Rahmania 16121 Alger – Algerie

Fax: 213 (0)23 07 73 35

 Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Tel: +213-233044030

Website: visit


Address: ZONE INDUSTRIELLE LOT N° 46 BP N° 143, Oran 31000, Algeria

Phone: +213 660 37 53 05

Website: visit


Address: zone industriella EST N5,Boudouaou 35400 Algerie

Tel: +21324842938/+21324843262

GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world’s best research-based Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, stay strong n live longer.

Hikma Pharma Algerie

Address: Hikma Pharma Algeria S.A.R.L Zone d’Activité 15/16 Staoueli Algeria

Phone: +21323209100

Website: visit

Ipsen Pharma Algérie SPA

Address: Lot n°10-11 Boulevard du 11 décembre 1960، El Biar 16003, Algeria

Phone: +213 21 60 64 15

Website: visit

Laboratories merinal

Address: Haouch Saliba, Oued Smar, Algeria

Tel: +213 23 92 04 28

Website: Visit

Lad Pharma

Address: P8F5+MV6, Rouiba, Algeria

Leo Pharma Algerie

Address: QX8G+W5Q, Chéraga, Algeria

Phone: 0779 96 20 38

LMD groupe

Address: El Khroub, Algeria

Phone: +213 31 95 51 79

Website: click here


Address: 02, impasse Mouloud Feraoun, Dar El Beida, Alger، Dar El Beïda 16033, Algeria

Phone: +213 21 50 73 59

MSD Algeria

Address: 09, Lotissement la Madeleine Haut site d’Hydra, 16035 Algiers, Algeria

Tel: +213-23-98-20-00

Website: click here


Address: 69 Zone d´Activité Said Hamdine Bir Mourad Rais DZ-16005  Algeria.

Telephone: +213 21 40 2206. 3.203824

Website: click here

ONYX Industrie Pharmaceutique

Address: Zone d’Activité de, Zérizer 36230, Algeria

Phone: +213 38 39 30 12


Address: Delly Brahim 11 Decembre، Alger, Algeria

Phone: +213 21 36 36 45

Pfizer Saidal Manufacturing

Address: Oued Smar, Algeria

Phone: +213 21 28 54 36

Pharma invest SPA

Address: El Eulma 19001, Algeria

Phone: +213 36 76 12 16

Website: visit


Address: Ouled Fayet, Algeria

Phone: +213 21 38 80 74


Address: Roche Algerie SPA, 39 rue Bousmaha Khaled Ahmed, 16 012 Hydra, Algeria

Website: visit

Phone: 213219881000

Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help multi-thousands of patients globally.

Roche was one of the first companies to bring targeted treatments to patients. With our combined strength in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, we are better equipped than any other company to further drive personalized healthcare.

We are the world’s number 1 in biotech with 17 biopharmaceuticals on the market.

SABB pharma

Address: Coop. IMMO. GRANITEX CITE 1200 LOGTS BT 06 N 02, Bab Ezzouar, Algeria

Phone: +213 23 88 46 59


Address: Micro Zone d’Activité de Hydra Batiment B, Lots 29, 30 et 31 16035 Hydra Algeria

Tel: +213982402020

Website: click here

This is a multinational pharmaceutical company that has one of the biggest sales in Africa, already has two other manufacturing sites in Algeria and Chief Executive Chris Viehbacher described Africa earlier this year as “an extremely interesting market”.

Sarl Isopharm-Algerie

Address: Bp A75 ZI tarf Ouled Rahmoune,، El khroub, Constantine 25100, Algeria

Phone: +213 31 95 44 04

SCI Pharma

Address: Boudemagh Messaoud،, Chéraga, Algeria

Phone: +213 663 93 35 32


Address: BP 147, Hassi Ben Okba, Oran 31295, Algeria

Phone: +213 672 07 01 80

Tabuk pharmaceuticals

Address: 159 Bois Des Cars 2 Dely Brahim, Alger

Tel: +213 23 30 86 35

Blida Site

Address: Rue Benboulaid lotissement 53 N 47 Wilaya de Blida

Tel: +213 25 20 83 99

Website: visit

Takeda Algeria

Address: KBBC, micro zone d’activité haut site d’Hydra, 16035, Hydra, Algeria

Tassili Arab Pharmaceutical Company

Address: Zone Industrielle de Rouiba impasse Voie B.، Rouiba 16012, Algeria

Phone: +213 23 87 36 33

Website: visit


Address: Lotissement des 500 lgts bat N:5، Zeralda ALGER ALGERIE 16284, Algeria

Phone: +213 23 20 52 05

Website: visit


The list of the pharmaceutical companies in Algeria is worth knowing and these companies contribute to the development and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

African regions are among the great users of pharma products and Africa remains the target market for most multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Most of these companies, however, only have their operations in Algeria. Kindly note that the list of the pharmaceutical companies in Algeria is in no order of ranking.

Every company listed has the required licenses for its operations. Through the contact addresses, you can easily access any of these companies.


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