Biggest Pharmaceutical companies in Maine 2022

There are more than 220 pharmaceutical companies in Maine alongside other organizations working, with activities ranging from discovery research to commercialization and manufacturing.

Whether you want to start a new business, expand an existing one in a new location, or find a quality vendor to help you with a current development project, Maine has the Pharmaceutical resources you need.


Maine’s Commercial Successes Have Reached a Global Scale

IDEXX Laboratories is a global market leader in animal health diagnostics and information technology solutions, as well as water and milk quality. IDEXX, headquartered in Maine, employs over 4,700 people in over 60 locations around the world.

The company’s largest division assists over 50,000 veterinary practices worldwide in advancing medical care, increasing staff productivity, and increasing practice profitability. T

This is accomplished through an integrated portfolio of pet-side diagnostic tests, point-of-care instruments, reference laboratory services, digital radiography, and practice management solutions provided by IDEXX.

Furthermore, IDEXX is the world leader in microbiology testing technologies for safe water, as well as the leading provider of diagnostic tests and health-monitoring systems for milk safety and production animal health.

Mölnlycke Health Care is a global leader in the production of single-use surgical and wound care products and services for the professional health care sector.

In 2013, the multinational corporation opened its second location in Maine, a USD 47 million manufacturing and converting facility. The facility will manufacture the company’s advanced wound care products Mepilex and Mepilex Border for the first time.

American market, using foam manufactured at its Wiscasset plant, which is only 20 miles away. Company executives have stated that as they expand their presence in the region, they will establish a best-in-class R&D and innovation hub in Maine, where they will be able to combine their global expertise with the skills available locally.

Maine Manufacturing/GVS collaborates with customers to ensure cost-effective and efficient product design, development, and process solutions; services strengthened by the company’s recent merger with GVS S.p.A. of Italy.

FAST®, the most widely used protein array product line developed by Maine Manufacturing/GVS, is recognized as a critical tool for proteomics, biomarker research, and drug discovery.

Fields of Specialization

Maine businesses develop commercially successful pharmaceutical and diagnostic products for the vascular, diabetes, vision, and veterinary industries.

Furthermore, there is a developed and distinct knowledge base in genetics/genomics, as well as success in the diagnostics markets as a result of long-term development in antibodies and related biochemistry/biology fields.

These are emerging clusters, whereas the pharmaceutical industry is well-established in Maine, with roots dating back to the 1970s.

Market accessibility and location

For pharmaceutical companies, Maine is an excellent location for joint ventures, R&D collaborations, expansion, and sales.

Aside from what the state has to offer, it is only about two hours away from the world-renowned universities and medical centers of the Greater Boston Area in Massachusetts.

Eight major universities, including Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University, and Tufts University, offer programs in medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, and other life sciences. Maine’s developed infrastructure and proximity to Boston, combined with its committed workforce and world-class R&D facilities, make the state an excellent location for life sciences.

Maine is the easternmost state in the United States, sharing a border with Canada and providing easy access to Quebec, Boston, New York, Hartford, and Philadelphia. Five major US airline hubs are within a one-hour flight time of Maine airports.

A Skilled and Qualified Workforce

With over 130,000 workers specializing in research, testing, and medical laboratories, Maine has a dedicated, skilled workforce supporting the pharmaceutical industry. The state’s growth in the drugs & pharmaceuticals and medical devices & equipment subsectors is faster than average.

According to the Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Industry Development 2012 report, overall job growth in two of Maine’s largest bioscience subsectors – drugs & pharmaceuticals and medical devices & equipment – has outpaced the national average since 2007.

Pharmaceutical companies in Maine

Here’s a list of some of the top pharmaceutical companies in Maine:

  • Acadia Clinical Research

Address: 792 Stillwater Avenue Bangor, ME, 04401

Phone: (207) 941-9965

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Clinical trials and pharmaceuticals

Founded: 2004

  • Alba-Technic LLC

Address: 529 River Road Arundel, ME 04046

Phone: (207) 467-0934

Products & Services: Shock-absorbing composite material based on nanotechnology

  • ALerCHEK, Inc.

Address: 15 Oak Street, Suite 302 Springvale, ME 04083

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Creating, manufacturing, and distributing immunoassay-based diagnostic test kits and components

Founded: 1986

  • Aristea Translational Medicine Corporation

Address: P.O. Box 442 South Freeport, ME 04078

Phone: (207) 865-4924

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Pharmaceutical research facility

  • Armaid

Address: 658 Pleasant St. Blue Hill, ME 04614

Phone: (800) 488-5505

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Armaid is a device that can help with arm pain, tendonitis, RSI, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, de quervains, forearm pump, and lymphedema.

  • Aroostook Testing & Consulting Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 675 Central Drive Presque Isle, ME 04769

Phone: (207) 762-5771

Products & Services: Air, soil, and water testing areperformed in the research and testing laboratory.

Founded: 1978.

  • Artel Inc.

Address: 25 Bradley Drive Westbrook, ME 04092

Phone: (207) 854-0860

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Biomedical liquid handling equipment manufacturers and calibrators

Founded: 1982

  • Biovation

Address: 55 Industrial Park Rd. Boothbay, ME 04537

Phone: (207) 633-0616

Products & Services: Manufacturer of non-woven fibers containing active ingredients for food packaging and infection control products for wound care.

  • Bushover’s Biologicals, Inc.

Address: 992 Cross Hill Rd. Vassalboro, ME 04989

Phone: (207) 923-3374

Products & Services: A specially made polyclonal antibody production facility specializing in general and specific custom antibodies to meet the specific needs of customers.

Founded: 1984

Incorporate: June of 1991.

  • CAPE Technologies

Address: 120 Thadeus St. South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: (207) 741-2995

Website: Click here

Products & Services: Immunoassay kit is designed for dioxin/furan analysis; spme kits and relevant items to supplement our immunoassay kits; and analytical services.

Founded: 1996

  • Capricorn Products LLC

Address: 12 Rice St. Portland, ME 04103-1412

Phone: (207) 321-0014

Products & Services: Capricorn Products LLC is a major producer and marketer of bulk antibody – based raw materials to manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic, biotechnology, and veterinary diagnostic test kits in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Goat polyclonal antisera for turbidimetric and nephelometric serum protein assays; conventional and innovative calibrators and controls; OEM reagents including paired, ready-to-use kit products produced to customer specifications; and a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal specific antibodies used in immunochemistry and infectious disease testing are among the product lines.

  • Cerahelix

Address: 20 Godfrey Dr. Orono, ME 04473

Phone: (207) 299-3336

Products & Services: Cerahelix uses DNA to create nanoporous ceramic cell membrane for process separation process.

  • Chemogen

Address: PO Box 17574 Portland, ME 04112


Products and Services: Alere’s Clearview® line of rapid tests includes tests that provide quick, accurate results, allowing for quick, informed treatment decisions that can lead to better patient care.

  • Clariant

Address: 17 Foss Rd Lewiston, ME 04240-1303

Phone: (207) 784-0733

Products and Services: Clariant adds vibrant color to plastic resins and other applications.

  • Clear H2O

Address: 117 Preble St. Portland, ME 04101 1

Phone: (888) 493-7645

Website: Click here

Products and Services: ClearH2O® provides barrier-packed hydration, nutrition, enrichment, and medication delivery products that improve research animals’ wellness and survival.

  • Coastside Bio Resources

Phone: (207) 348-9906

Address: 217 Sunset Rd. Deer Isle, ME 04627

Products and services include: Nutraceuticals based on sea cucumbers and all-natural health products for humans and their pets.

  • Consultox Limited

Phone: (207) 563-2300

Address: P.O. Box 1239 Damariscotta, ME 04543

Products and services include: Services include litigation support, product safety, experimental design, CRO identification, and product registration activities, all of which are closely related to the discipline of toxicology.Founded: 1984 by Dr. Richard A. Parent

  • Dahl-Chase Diagnostics

Address: 417 State St. Suite 441 Bangor, ME 04401

Phone: (207) 941-8200

Website: Click here

Products and Services: A cutting-edge pathology laboratory that offers tissue examination, histology, cytology, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics.

  • Dermalogix Partners, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 1510 in Scarborough, Maine 04070

Phone: (800) 753-0047.

Products and services include: Treatments for chronic skin conditions that are applied topically

Date of establishment: 1995

  • East Coast Biologicals Inc.

Phone: (207) 676-7639

Address: P.O. Box 489 North Berwick, ME 03906-0489

Products and services include: Our products are used in immunodiagnostic research and manufacturing, with a focus on drug detection, therapeutic drugs, infectious disease detection, and hormone compounds.

  • EnviroLogix Inc.

Address: 500 Riverside Ind Pkwy Portland, ME 04103-1486

Phone: (207) 797-0300

Website: Click here

Products and Services: Genetic traits, food, and feed safety, and plant-pathogen testing supplies

  • Fluid Imaging Technologies

Phone: (207) 846-6100

Address: 65 Forest Falls Dr. Yarmouth, ME 04096

Products and services include: The company began selling its technology into ‘industrial’ markets in 2004. Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, abrasives, and plastics are among the industries represented.

Each year, the FlowCAM hardware is improved, resulting in industry-leading advancements such as cross-polarized illumination, laser and fluorescence-triggered acquisition, and the use of an optional high precision syringe pump.

  • Global Biotechnologies, Inc.

Address: 54 York St. Ste 1b Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (207) 771-9977

Products and Services: Global Biotechnologies, Inc. is a global leader in professional infection control and health product research, development, and manufacturing.

Global’s product portfolio includes antimicrobial skincare products, hard surface disinfectants, immune system support products, a contaminant removal system for fruits, vegetables, and meats, toxic gas removal products, and pet health products.

Date of establishment: 1993

  • Global Protein Products

Phone: (207) 872-6522

Address: 76 Main St. Ste 3 Waterville, ME 04901

Products and services include: We manufacture and sell ground-breaking zein-based products such as: Patented, edible, all-natural shelf-life extension coatings for fresh-cut vegetables that maintain the vegetables’ pristine quality during cross-country shipment and distribution; protective, non-toxic coatings for agriculture and seed; coatings for the paper industry; and Zein for all applications, including bio-plastics.

Founded: 1996

  • Husson School of Pharmacy

Address: 1 College Circle Bangor, ME 04401

Phone: (207) 941-7000

Products and Services: Higher Learning

ImmuCell Corporation Phone: (207) 878-2770 Address: 56 Evergreen Dr. Portland, ME 04103 Website: Click here

Products and services include: Our product line is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of economically significant bovine diseases.

  • Insightful Products LLC

Phone: (207) 885-0414

Address: 2 Lincoln Ave. Ste 8 Scarborough, ME 04074

Products and services include: Orthotics

  • The Jackson Laboratory

Address: 600 Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine,

Phone: (207) 288-6000.

Products and services include: Mammalian genetics research aimed at improving human health

  • Kagan & Associates

Address: PO Box 249 Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

Products and Services: Product development in diagnostics and life sciences

  • Kennebec River Biosciences

Phone: (207) 737-2637

Address: 41 ME-197 Richmond, ME 04357

Website: Click here

Products and services include: Farms, businesses, government agencies, and scientific research institutions can all benefit from export, diagnostic, and regulatory testing, as well as health services.

Date of establishment: 1996

  • Lohmann Animal Health International

Address: 375 China Road in Winslow, Maine

Phone: (207) 859-8745.

Products and services include: Veterinary diagnostics, vaccines, and vitamins

  • Lonza Rockland, Inc. (Cambrex)

Address: 191 Thomaston St. Rockland, ME 04841

Phone: (207) 594-3400

Products and Services: Manufacturer of cutting-edge products for life scientists to use in molecular biology and cell-based assay markets.

  • Maine Manufacturing, LLC

Phone: (866) 736-1250

Address: 63 Community Dr Sanford, ME 04073 Products and services include: Maine Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer that offers a diverse portfolio of products and services to the life science industry, focusing on specialty plastic, filtration, membrane, and fluid technologies for a wide range of life science applications.

To meet those changing needs, Maine Manufacturing offers research and development, prototyping, low to high volume production, and assembly services.Founded: 2007.

  • Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Address: 81 Research Dr. Scarborough, ME 04074

Phone: (207) 396-8100

Website: Click here

Products and Services: Medical research

  • Maine Medicinals, Inc.

Address: TM 555 Gardiner Road Dresden, ME 04342

Phone: (207) 737-8717

Products and services include: Organic manufacturer and processor of standardized nutraceuticals and herbal supplements.

  • Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc.

Phone: (207) 885-1072

Address: 10 Southgate Rd., Suite 170 Scarborough, ME 04074

Products and services include: Creating and marketing molecular controls for use in genetic disease testing, infectious disease detection, and pharmacogenetics.

Founded: 2000 by the two principals, Joan Gordon MT (ASCP) and Clark Rundell, Ph.D.

  • Mitokine Bioscience, LLC

Address: 13 Captain Bill Rd Hancock, ME 04640

Phone: 207-422-6838

Products and Services: Mitokine is collaborating with another company to develop effective new diabetes treatments.

Founded in 2006

  • Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

Address: PO Box 35 Salisbury Cove, ME 04672

Phone: (207) 288-3605

Products and Services: Biomedical and environmental research

Founded: 1898.

  • Natural Products Research Institute

Address: 825 Atlantic Highway Warren, ME 04864

Phone: (877) 682-9067

Products and Services: Evaluating the safety and efficacy of natural products and learning how to use them for health, wellness, and fitness.

  • Orono Spectral Solutions, Inc.

Address: 689 Odlin Road Bangor, ME 04401

Phone: (866) 269-8007

Products and Services: Creating novel absorbent materials and sampling methods that allow for the detection of chemical/biological agents at trace levels in both air and water.

Incorporated: August, 2004

FAQs about the pharmaceutical companies in Maine

  • How many pharmaceutical companies are in Maine?

There are over 200 pharmaceutical companies in Maine

  • Who are the top players in the pharmaceutical industry in Maine?
  1. Idexx
  2. Maine Manufacturing
  3. Mölnlycke Health Care
  • What’s the employment rate in the pharmaceutical industry in Maine?

With over 130,000 workers specializing in research, testing, and medical laboratories, Maine has a dedicated, skilled workforce supporting the pharmaceutical industry.

  • What’s the agency in charge of controlling pharmaceutical activities in Maine?

Maine board of pharmacy and Maine drug enforcement agency are in charge of controlling pharmaceutical activities in Maine

Concluding thought about the pharmaceutical companies in Maine

Everyone has the right to life-saving medication. Pharmaceutical companies in Maine develop new and innovative treatments, but this does not give them the right to force Mainers to pay exorbitant drug prices.

“An Act To Establish the Maine Prescription Drug Affordability Board,” LD 1499, is an important step toward taming the skyrocketing cost of prescription medication.

Maine has procedures in place to ensure that monopolies such as power companies and health insurers do not charge exorbitant prices for their products, and pharmaceutical manufacturers should be treated similarly.

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