Top 17 pharmaceutical companies in Egypt

The pharmaceutical companies in Egypt are worth knowing and have been striving to manufacture, distribute, and research effective and efficient pharma products.


Egypt from ancient times is known for its creativity and craftsmanship and such is passed down to their health sector.

There are different pharmaceutical companies in Egypt that are of international recognition and work hard in making sure that there is constant manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical products in Egypt.


We will be considering the top 16 pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and their impacts on the country and the world at large.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Egypt

Having an effective and enforceable legal structure for the pharmaceutical industry is very essential in achieving the country’s goals of efficient and effective access to quality pharmaceutical products.

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There are three main authorities affiliated to Ministry of Health in Egypt which are mainly responsible for the regulation of the pharmaceutical sector:



The Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs (“CAPA”) is the regulatory body responsible for registering pharmaceutical products, issuing licenses for the establishment of pharmaceutical entities, and licensing the importation and exportation of pharmaceutical products.


The National Organization for Drug Control and Research (“NODCAR”) is a public organization affiliated with MoH.

It works as a quality control authority responsible for ensuring the quality, safety, and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products, medicines, cosmetics, and insecticides.


All biological products like vaccines and serums are monitored, inspected, and released by the National Organization for Research and Control of Biologicals (“NORCB”).

list of the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt

  • Adwia S.A.E
  • Alexandria co. For pharmaceuticals and chemical industries
  • Amecath medical technologies
  • Amoun pharmaceutical company S.A.E
  • DBK pharmaceutical
  • Glaxosmith Kline S.A.E
  • Eva pharma
  • Hikma Pharma S.A.E
  • Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Minapharm Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Union Pharmaceuticals Company
  • Novartis Pharma SAE
  • Pharaonia Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharco B International S.A.E
  • Pharma Swede
  • SAJA Pharmaceuticals Egypt
  • SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company

Adwia S.A.E

It is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and was founded in 1984 with the vision of bringing sophisticated technologies into the industry.

Adwia started its research in 1984 and proceed into production formulation and drug delivery by 1988. Adwia pharmaceutical company produces, market, deliver a wide range of health products serving most of the disease for all animal species in the Egyptian production market.

Address: Bureau 175, 90 South Road 2nd Sector, 5th Settlement New Cairo, Egypt

Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries

It is one of the most known pharmaceutical companies in Egypt that manufactures, markets, and exports branded generics of human and animal health products in addition to medical appliances.

pharmaceutical companies in Egypt

They also have a huge diversified portfolio of over 185 products, veterinary products, and medical appliances.

Address: Alexandria, Gamila Bohreid Road – Awayed, in front of Al-Awayed Bridge

Phone: (03) 3302228/3315555/3312223

Fax: (03) 3302221

Amecath Medical Technologies

This pharmaceutical company was established in 1991 and has emerged to be the leading global distributor and maker of medical products with a production facility in Egypt and has offices in Singapore and in the U.S.A.

Amecath gives great quality, value catheters spanning across urology. Venous access and dialysis with CE and FDA-approved goods. Amecath is trying their possible best in searching for and developing capabilities to differentiate products to complement the existing product portfolio.

Amecath medical technologies is a known company in Egypt because it has the quality and certificates achieving a strong international presence with export to more than 55 international markets across five continents.

This company employs over 400 qualified and professional laborers with the latest machinery allowing them to produce/manufactures and bring their goods to the house.

Address: Factory and Administration Industrial Area B4 PLOT #119 East 10th of Ramadan City – Egypt

Phone: (+20) 055 4501 321

Fax: (+20) 055 4501 224

 E-Mail: [email protected]

Amoun Pharmaceutical Company S.A.E

This is an amazing company founded in 1998 that manufactures, distributes, and exports a wide range of animal and human health products.

Amoun is considered to be one of the largest companies in the field of producing human and veterinary pharmaceutical products and food supplements, covering most of the Pharmaceutical groups including 144 items which cover more than 264 products of different pharma forms.

Address: 1st industrial zone -block 13015 El Obour city – Cairo – Egypt

 Tel: +2 (02) 4614 0100 (10 lines)

 Fax: +2 (02) 44812500

DBK Pharmaceutical

DKB is one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies in Egypt with the discovery development and commercialization of success (innovation) of medicines that have a meaningful impact on improving the quality of the product.

It was established in November 2004 and is engaged in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Pharmaceutical herbal bands, food supplements, and veterinary products. Our goods are penetrating many emerging markets.

Address: Zone 11 block 12014 Obour city industrial zone Scientific Office: 58, Joseph Tito St. 4th floor, El Nozha El Gdida, Cairo, Egypt

Phone: (+2)02/46651407 – 46651408 – 46651410 – 46651411

E-mail: [email protected]

Glaxosmith Kline S.A.E

This is a member of Glaxo group limited in the UK and it is a research-based pharmaceutical and health care company engaged in the production, packaging sale and distribution of Pharmaceutical products also the company is involved in the manufacturing and distributing of several other licensed products from other companies.

The company’s Pharmaceutical product range includes treatments for asthma, malaria, depression, migraine diabetes, heart failure, a digestive condition, and cancer. Glaxosmith Kline has a 99.66% interest in amount Pharmaceutical Industries.

The aim of this Pharmaceutical company in Egypt is to explore and analyze the perception of physicals toward promotional.

Address: Boomerang Building, No 46, Block (J) first section city center, Fifth district- New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: +20 (2) 2618-5000

Fax: +20 (02) 2618-5001

Eva pharma

EVA Pharma was founded in 1997 and became one of the major multinational pharmaceutical companies and among the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, headquartered in Cairo while operating in more than 40 countries.

It is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt built on the heritage of the second oldest pharmaceutical Egyptian company, Les Laboratories Delta. Recently,

With a 3000-strong workforce producing 350,000 effective and affordable medications every day to cover a portfolio of over 165 pharmaceutical products to meet both local and international demand, EVA Pharma is a very successful multinational pharmaceutical company.

The company is home to cutting-edge facilities that are internationally recognized for innovation and the highest quality standards.

Address: Armanious Group Tower, 9 El Sharekat Street, Opera – Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: (+202) 239 92700

Fax: (+202) 239 92771

P.O. Box: 1002 & 845

Postal code: 11518

Hot line: 19790

Hikma Pharma S.A.E

Hikma pharma was founded over 4 decades ago by Samih Darwazah. Hikma’s purpose has always been to provide high-quality, affordable medicines to the people who need them.

Hikma Pharma S.A.E

Since its establishment, it has been striving to be among the world’s pharmaceutical companies. The most recent addition to the Hikma family was the addition of Roxane Laboratories in Columbus, US which has helped transform their position in the US market and build their non-injectables business in the US.

It currently has over 8,000 employees globally.

Address: 12 El Esraa St. of Lebanon St., Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt

Tel: +2 02 38202995/6/7/8

Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries

Marcyrl was founded in 1998 as a simple private company “Marcyrl Import & Export Company”.   On Jan 17, 2002, and according to Law no. 491 /2002, Marcyrl has received Ministry of Health approval to build the factory under the name of “Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries”. And got its approval from the ministry of health in December 2003.

With strong Research and Development Department and also Quality Control Lab equipment and latest analytical Instruments, and practices GMP, this amazing pharma company stands among the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.

From the beginning, the company was planned to formulate dosage forms of recently generic drugs from local and imported intermediates, applying the latest GMP regulations throughout her operations.

Address: El Obour City, The West Extension, Block 20005 Cairo – EGYPT

Tel: +2 02 44892641 – 43

Fax: +2 02 44892650

Email: [email protected]

Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

This company is among the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company maintains one of the broadest quality-products portfolios within the industry.

Minapharm is adopting an international operation platform for biotechnology and cellular engineering. Novel scientific solutions and technologies contribute to the development of products that were unimaginable for years.

Scientific excellence and expertise in cellular and bioprocess engineering enable their mission to provide not only developed markets, but also emerging markets with significant economic molecules, thus striking the next frontier.

Address: El-Bardissi St., 2T Takseem Asmaa Fahmy St., Heliopolis, Cairo – Egypt.

Phone: (+202) 2414-3170/1/2/3/4/5

Fax: (+202) 2414-3179

Email: [email protected]

Medical Union Pharmaceuticals Company

MUP is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and their watchwords and core values remain; Transparency, Integrity, Teamwork, Credibility, Reliability, Commitment, and Quality.

This outstanding company provides solutions to global pharmaceutical customers, offering a wide range of products & services.

The company’s success is an outcome of extensive research and development in the pharmaceutical space, which enabled it to move up the pharmaceutical value chain for products and services across the globe.

MUP adopts the Total Quality Management (TQM) concept and methodology in all departments and up-to-date Quality Assurance (QA) techniques, not only in all production processes but also in all administrative and supporting departments.

Address: 36 Dr . Mohammad Hassan El-Gamal St., 6th District-Nasr City- Cairo-A.R.E

P.O.Box : 7010 Nasr City

Post No : 11768

Fax: (+20) 22709315

Tel : (+20) 22709324 / 22709316 / 22709535 / 22726169

P.V. Department: (+20) 222712451

E-mail: [email protected]

Novartis Pharma SAE

Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to the evolving needs of patients worldwide.

It is among the world-leading pharma company that has branches in many countries of the world and Egypt is no exemption.

Novartis Pharma has six scientific offices and one facility in Egypt.

Address: 3 El Sawah St. – EL Amiria, Cairo

Tel: +20 2 22861000Call: +20 2 22861000

Fax: +20 2 24505345Call: +20 2 24505345

Pharaonia Pharmaceuticals

This company is also among the leading companies in Egypt and strategically synergizes business methods of empowerment with intuitive systems.

To be among the leaders of the generic pharmaceutical market through providing the best quality products and services for their customers and to be a valued partner for all her stakeholders.

Fairness, integrity, teamwork, performance, and respect remain her core values.

Address of Factory: Industrial Area No.3 – Block 16 – Place No. 1 – Borg Alarab – Alexandria

Address: 4Y – Asmaa Fahmy Division – Golf Land– Building Pharma Plaza – Floor 10- Helioplis – Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: 02 26907394 / 7395 / 7396

Fax: 02 24155961

Email: [email protected]

Pharco B International S.A.E

This company operates under the umbrella of Pharco Corporation. It is a private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2008 and was established as a dedicated unit for the production of Cephalosporin and its derivatives.

Address: New Borg El Arab, 3rd Industrial Zone, West Alexandria, Egypt

Telephone: +20 (3) 459-8810, +20 (3) 459-8820

Email: [email protected]

Pharma Swede

Pharma Swede is a multinational company founded in 1998 and considered as the Market Leader in Egypt and ranked as the biggest Exporter, Number One in the field of Veterinary medicine manufacturing in the year 2009, as well as ranked as the Fifth Exporter among the whole in the field of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (Human and Veterinary).

Address: Egypt – 10th of Ramadan City Industrial Zone B3

Phones For Local: +20224022312 , +201009333311

Phones For Export: +201022455559

Fax: +20224016982

Email: [email protected]

SAJA Pharmaceuticals Egypt

This company is passionately committed to Healthier lives by providing diversified therapeutics of novel generics and innovative technologies.

Her unique portfolio covers areas like urology, cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, Specialty, primary care, and nutraceuticals.

Address: 4934+5M4, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

SEDICO Pharmaceutical Company

SEDICO was established by Dr. Ahmed Abou El Eneinin in 1990 and was among the first pioneer Egyptian company to produce human insulin in 2002.

Their production line expands to reach more than 180 products in 14 drug groups and her products are exported to 30 countries worldwide.

To improve people’s quality of life through providing quality healthcare diverse of products is their mission and to be the most trusted biopharmaceutical in the region, through upgrading the quality of our consumers’ life; by offering high-value products, and community added value, remains their vision.

Address: 1st. industrial zone,6th of October City

P.O. Box 43

Postal code No. :12566

Tel: +202-38200575/78/90

Fax: +202-38200492

Email: [email protected]

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