Top 5 Pharmaceutical Companies In Bahrain

The top 5 pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain are among the leading pharma companies in the Persian Gulf.

These companies have contributed to the ease of pharmaceutical products manufacturing, distribution, and research. And also, many have been making earns meet with the aid of these amazing companies.


The Bahrain pharmaceutical companies are regulated by the Department of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) which ensures effective and efficient pharma products are produced and distributed in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Overview of pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

Pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain are engaged in the discovery, manufacturing, and marketing of legal drugs, biologics (viruses, toxins, serums, and analogous products) vaccines, and medical devices such as prosthetics. It is an important component of the healthcare system throughout the world.

These companies are focused primarily on current scientific research and the development of medicines that prevent or treat diseases and disorders.

It is a broad unit that deals with the research, development, and distribution of drugs and medications. They spend ample time inventing new technologies, building facilities, and carrying out a series of tests to ensure that the medications being produced are effective and safe.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

  • Gulf Biotech pharmaceutical company
  • Hamad Town pharmacy Group
  • Wael Pharmacy
  • Yousuf Mahmod Husuin CO.W.L.L.
  •  Lifecare Pharmacy

Gulf Biotech pharmaceutical company 

Address: Plot HD-R 5, Road:1521, Block 115, Hidd, Bahrain

Phone+973 1311 0099

This is one of the pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain with a wide range of obtainable pharmaceutical products ranging from anti-biotic and gastro-intestinal products to skincare, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis products.

pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

The company has values to its name, including perseverance, honesty, patience, trust, fairness, and its unshaken commitment to its patients.

Gulf Biotech also demonstrates deep thinking as well as also finding better ways to serve patients, grow the trust level with the society and grow their business.

By doing so, they can create an environment that inspires and enables other people to join hands in pushing the company to the next level.

Hamad Town pharmacy Group

Address: Al Bakali building, Road: 2830 Block: 428 Seef Area, Rd 2830, Bahrain

Phone+973 1755 0056

Among the amazing pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain is Hamad town pharmacy group which started with just 3 employees but with a large view to expanding.

The pharmaceutical company offers and also supplies a broad range of foreign popular brands being a leading pharmaceutical beauty retail and wholesale company.

This wonderful company has expanded before its establishment in 1986, with a substantial chain of stores in a strategic position to be readily accessible to both customers and other health care institutions.

Wael Pharmacy

Address6H4M+7FJ, Manama, Bahrain
Phone+973 1737 7000
website: visit

Wael is among the leading healthcare organization in Bahrain since 1966, formed by Mr. Abdulrahman Almahmeed an AUB Pharmacy graduate and a prominent figure in the country’s pharmaceutical and medical industry together with his wife, a qualified pediatrician representing a highly variegated portfolio of companies both in pharma and Bio-medical businesses.

They also engage in the importation, warehousing, supply, sales, and marketing of;

  • Nutritional products
  • Laboratory products
  • Medical- healthcare consumer products
  •  Dental products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Surgical and medical disposable products
  •  Dental and lab equipment
  •  Sales and service

Yousuf Mahmod Husuin co.W.L.L

AddressHouse/Building: 103 Road: 322 Area: Manama/Al Suqayya، Manama 322, Bahrain
Phone+973 1727 6176
website: click here

This pharmaceutical company was founded in 1932 by late Mr. Yousuf Mahmod Husuin to help his country folks gain access to high-quality, affordable healthcare up to foreign standards.

Yousuf Mahmod Husuin has become one of Bahrain’s largest and most widely based healthcare pharmaceutical companies by partnering and acquiring agencies and supplying various famous foreign companies.

It is a company that seeks to be the leading provider of high-quality health care solutions and to continuously proffer sustainable excellence by committing to the peak of quality service and also surpassing their customers’ expectations while striving to improve their offerings, maintaining their highest standards through flexibility, accountability, and ethics. Their values include; Ethical, Integrity, Accountability, Agility, and Commitment to excellence.

Address: House/Building: 103 Road: 322 Area: Manama/Al Suqayya, Manama 322, Bahrain

 Lifecare Pharmacy

Phone: +973 1700 9294

website: click here

Lulu Hypermarket E. Riffa

Tel : +973 1776 3480

Fax : +973 1749 1454

Ramli Mall, A’ Ali

Tel: +973 1700 9294

Fax: +973 1764 1294

Lulu Hypermarket Hidd

Tel: +973 1700 9294

Fax: +973 11700 9295

Lulu Hypermarket, Al Khobar, SA

Tel: +966 03-894 5183

Fax: +966 03-894 0811

Lifecare pharmacy is one of the leading chains of pharmacies in Bahrain with the resources and facilities to obtain and stock products in warehouses in the best conditions.

Lifecare Pharmacy is out to work hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals to provide pharmaceutical care to all patients, enhance positive patient results, and commit to the needs and expectations of society. Their visions include;

  • To provide educational excellence
  • Develop professional leadership
  • To meet or surpass customer expectations
  • Advance accessibility of pharmacy services through a new use of personnel and technology
  • To create an exceptional working environment for employees to work together as a team

Address: 4HGF+Q27, Riffa, Bahrain

Advantages of pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

The pharmaceutical zone develops and makes available medicines that aid in the treatment of different ailments such as flu, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer to name but a few, and also help individuals to recover from these ailments and live longer.

Medications are becoming cheaper and more obtainable than before because of a greater contest in the market.

Pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain create employment opportunities for people from different walks of life.

Challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

Rising competition from other pharmaceutical companies – The pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain may experience some backwardness when in competition with others with good financial backup.

Growing customer expectations is one of the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain. Each day, customers expect more from them. It is becoming a common routine for customers to compare what each company brings to the table.

Most times it becomes a huge challenge for some of these companies to meet up to expectations.

Requirements for starting up a pharmaceutical company in Bahrain

Pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain are becoming more thriving because of the advancement of scientific and technological equipment.

Like other businesses, establishing a pharmaceutical company in Bahrain is quite demanding ranging from but not limited to having the necessary licenses, qualifications, location, labor, building brands, and employees.

Also, having the right structure and equipment depends on the nature of the pharmaceutical company.

There are many steps and things to be considered when setting or starting up your own pharmaceutical company.

Like any other establishment, you may need to hire an experienced business consultant who understands fully everything about the establishment of the pharmaceutical company. He or she will be in charge of examining your whole business concept and ascertaining it.

Thoroughly evaluating your business option is another part – you can start by starting a pharmaceutical company with a manufacturing unit, market drugs with your new brand name, and team up with an established drug producer.

Also, it is essential to note that whatever option you choose will depend wholly on your budget size and business goals.

After resolving the issue of what type of pharmaceutical company you want to start, you also need a rundown of how and what your business plan will be.

Knowing who your competitors are is a bonus in boosting your company. Because studying and getting an insight on where and what makes them progress and also learning their modus operandi, you are on right track to becoming even better than them. Study your company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

After the whole process of starting your own company, the best step is to establish your brand, by doing your research and investing more in advertising and marketing, you are a step closer to building a successful pharmaceutical company in Bahrain when clever approaches are taken.

Note that starting up your own pharmaceutical company will take a lot of time, money, and hard work but by taking the right steps and hiring the right people, and using the right equipment, you are surely going on the highway of building a successful pharmaceutical company in Bahrain.

Best pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

  • Gulf Biotech pharmaceutical company
  • Hamad Town Pharmacy Group
  • Wael Pharmacy
  • Yousuf Mahmod Husuin co.W.L.L
  • Lifecare Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical companies’ jobs in Bahrain

There are unlimited job opportunities in Bahrain and having the right skills and qualifications would earn you a fortune to work with some of these pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain.

Below is the list of some of the pharmaceutical company jobs in Bahrain;

  • Medical representative
  • Marketing
  • Pharmacist
  • Senior accountant
  • Inventory manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Senior quality specialist
  • Sample preparation scientist
  • HR personnel
  • Driving

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain

The above list of pharmaceutical companies in Bahrain is worth knowing. Every pharma company on our list has the necessary licenses and qualifications that make them outstanding from other companies.

In the same vein, the impact of these companies can never be neglected. Without pharmaceutical companies, we wouldn’t have treatments remedies, or even cures for common diseases and cancers at our disposal.