Best 24 hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

The top hospitals in Lagos Nigeria are worth knowing because of their impact on the metropolitan city in Nigeria.

These hospitals are important elements that function to provide adequate and timely medical care but also track, monitor, and control disease outbreaks in Lagos Nigeria.

The list of hospitals in Lagos Nigeria is an essential one for everybody most especially for people living in this metropolitan state.

Health is a fundamental right that needs to be supported for economic growth and development. This is why Governments all over the world have been under increasing pressure to improve health care services while seeking to employ scarce resources effectively.

This article briefly reviews the state of the hospitals in Lagos Nigeria. And also the health care system and to provide possible recommendations to the worsening state of health care in Lagos and the country at large.

Introduction to the list of hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

In Nigeria, when it comes to matters of health, Lagos is listed among States in the “high end” class because of the high population and variety of general and specialist health facilities on offer.

Statistics from the Healthcare Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency, HEFAMAA, show that hospitals in Lagos Nigeria are as follows, 26 registered General Hospitals and 256 public healthcare centers.

Considering the number of hospitals in Lagos Nigeria, we will be considering over 20 top hospitals scattered in Lagos state Nigeria.

Despite the high number of health facilities, the talk about crowded emergency wards, lack of empathy from health workers, and having to wait endlessly before getting a shared room in hospitals were common complaints.

Those are problems that can be explained from the perspective of Lagos being a victim of its success as in adding to the State’s status as a megacity of more than 23 million people, it daily receives an influx of people across the Federation seeking quality health care services.

Generally, clever approaches have been taken to boost the effectiveness of the hospitals in Lagos Nigeria, and the general health system.

These efforts are geared towards minimizing the current trend of Nigerians traveling abroad in search of medical treatment to drive the concept of medical tourism.

Equally, in the year 2017, over 30 billion was budgeted for the health sectors and hospitals in Lagos Nigeria most especially the government-owned hospitals.

One of the hospitals in Lagos Nigeria had carried out over 2 successful kidney transplants a success that can never be erased in the health sector of Nigeria at large.

The list of top hospitals in Lagos Nigeria in this article is selected from federal, state, and private-owned hospitals.

Top Hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

  • Lagos Island Maternity Hospital 10, Campbell street, beside st Nicholas hospital Lagos Island
  • Amara medicare Plot 76B Eleganza Gardens (opposite VGC), Ajah
  • Isalu Hospitals 349b Odusami Street, off Wemco Rd, Ogba, Ikeja
  • Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Lagos Island
  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos
  • First Consultant Hospital Obalende
  • Creek Hospital Onikan, Lagos Island
  • Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja, Lagos
  • National Orthopaedic Hospital Lagos
  • Lagoon Hospitals Lagos
  • Mercy Stripes Specialist Hospital 30 Philip Taiwo Street Coker Estate Shasha
  • Eko Hospital Ikeja
  • Reddington Hospital Victoria Island
  • Lagos Island General Hospital Odan, Lagos
  • Yaba Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos
  • Flying Doctors Nigeria Lagos, operates in West Africa
  • Mart Life Detox Clinic Maryland, Lagos
  • Gbagada General Hospital Lagos
  • Ikeja General Hospital Ikeja, Lagos
  • Holy Trinity Hospital Ikeja
  • Adefemi Hospital Ikeja
  • Ifako-Ijaiye General Hospital by College Road/Iju-Ishaga Road
  • Isolo General Hospital Oke Afa Road Isolo
  • Ikorodu General Hospital TOS Benson Road Ikorodu

Lagos Island Maternity Hospital         

Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, Campbell Street, Lagos owned by Lagos State Government, is a specialist Hospital that caters to all aspects of Obstetric and Gynaecological problems and is a referral secondary center for many private Hospitals.

As an organ of the Lagos State Government, the hospital is mandated to provide 24 hours uninterrupted maternity and gynecological services to the citizens of Lagos State particularly, and other persons that may so wish to access its services.

LOCATION: 10, Campbell street, beside st Nicholas hospital Lagos Island

CONTACT:  [email protected], 08075593741

Amara medicare

This is one of the renowned hospitals in Lagos Nigeria. They have qualified specialists that are readily available to meet your medical needs.

list of hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

Amara medicare specializes in dental, ophthalmology, and ENT(ear, nose, and throat).

LOCATION: Plot 76B Eleganza Gardens(Opposite VGC), Off Lekki-Epe Expressway

CONTACT: 08150376696, 08150375698 [email protected]

Isalu Hospitals

This hospital is an outstanding one in health care delivery. It was established in the year 2004 and since has been an impressive development in service delivery methods and customers satisfaction.

The hospital idea was conceived to bridge the gap in the healthcare delivery system.

LOCATION: 349b Odusami Street, off Wemco Rd, Ogba, Ikeja

CONTACT: 080262287502

St. Nicholas Hospital

The original St. Nicholas Hospital was a converted dwelling house. It was registered as a private hospital on 29th July 1952.

From its inception, it admitted mainly obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatric cases, thus the name St. Nicholas being the patron Saint of women and children.

Its mission is to serve the health care needs of our community by providing comprehensive care to prevent illness, relieve suffering, restore health and promote well-being during each life stage.

LOCATION: 57 Campbell Street, Lagos Island

CONTACT: +2348035251295, [email protected]

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

This tertiary health institution is one of the hospitals in Lagos Nigeria. The hospital was established in 1962 and is affiliated with the University of Lagos College of Medicine.

One of the main facilities within the Lagos University Teaching Hospital is the ICU unit. Established in September 1963, the unit serves as the first line of care for patients with serious to life-threatening conditions or injuries.

best hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

As of 2015, the ICU unit was staffed by 11 anesthetists and doctors with varying experience levels. In total, there is 23 nursing staff.

It is a 10-bed compact unit. This number has significantly grown since a study conducted between 1963 and 1973 where the teaching hospital had constantly fluctuating and low numbers due to high staff turnover.

LOCATION: Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos

CONTACT: 0807 059 1395

First Consultant Hospital Obalende

First Consultant Hospital (also known as First Consultant Medical Centre) is a private hospital in Lagos.

The hospital came to worldwide attention in 2014 as the hospital where the Ebola virus disease patient Patrick Sawyer was taken after becoming ill on arrival in Lagos. Sawyer later died at the hospital on 24 July.

On 19 August, it was reported that the doctor who treated Sawyer at the hospital, Ameyo Adadevoh, had also died of Ebola disease. Adadevoh was posthumously praised for preventing Sawyer from leaving the hospital at the time of diagnosis, thereby playing a key role in curbing the spread of the virus in Nigeria.

LOCATION: St. Gregory’s College Road in Obalende, a neighborhood of Lagos Island, in Lagos.

Creek Hospital Onikan, Lagos Island

Creek Hospital (formerly Federal Staff Hospital, Lagos, also known as Military Hospital, Lagos) is a hospital in Onikan, Lagos Island.

Creek Hospital was originally a European hospital established in the 1880s to cater to the health of European expatriates in colonial Lagos. Dr. Gray and Atkins were the pioneer staff doctors.

The hospital had a good reputation for medical expertise in Nigeria. The hospital-acquired its current name (Creek Hospital) in 1924, when the colonial government took over from the hospital. In 1925, Dr. Grays’ Creek Hospital was renamed European Hospital.

The hospital was later renamed Military Hospital, Onikan, Lagos in 1947. Creek Hospital’s facility (Federal Staff Hospital) at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos continued operations at Apo Legislative Quarters after federal civil servants moved from Lagos to Abuja.

Creek Hospital was upgraded from a 28–bed health facility to a 150–bed hospital to provide additional medical services to Lagosians.

LOCATION: 18 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos

CONTACT: 0805 100 1711

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja, Lagos

The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja emerged from a modest cottage hospital, which was established 25th of June, 1955 by the old Western Regional Government to provide health care services for the people of Ikeja and its environment.

Also, the cottage hospital later metamorphosed into a full-fledged general hospital, which served as a secondary-level health care facility.

The need for a tertiary health care facility for the training of doctors and other allied health care professionals to provide high-quality clinical services led to its upgrade from a general hospital to a modern, well-equipped center of excellence armed with the state of art equipment teaching hospital. The Lagos State Government formally converted the Ikeja General Hospital to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in July 2001.

LOCATION: 1 – 5, Oba Akinjobi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

CONTACT: +234-909-148-1560,  [email protected]

National Orthopaedic Hospital Lagos

In the list of hospitals in Lagos Nigeria, the institution started as a Military Rehabilitation Camp for prisoners of war returning from the 2nd World War.

After recognition by Colonial Medical Services in 1945, it became a Medical establishment known as Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital. In name, the hospital has undergone a metamorphosis from Igbobi Hospital to royal Orthopaedic Hospital and now National Orthopaedic Hospital.

The hospital, between 1945 and 1977 was at various times under the administration of the Federal Government and Lagos State Government. It has however remained a federal Government health institution since 1977 to date. The hospital can accommodate up to 450 patients.

LOCATION: 120 / 124, Ikorodu Road, Igbobi Lagos, Nigeria

CONTACT: 0705 971 7777, [email protected]

Lagoon Hospitals Lagos

hospitals in lagos nigeria

Lagoon Hospitals has consistently been providing healthcare of international standards to the people of Nigeria.

Established in 1984 by Professor Emmanuel and Professor (Mrs.) Oyin Elebute, and commencing operations in 1986 as a provider of integrated healthcare services, Lagoon Hospitals is currently the largest private healthcare services Group in Nigeria with 6 healthcare facilities.

Lagoon Hospitals is the only Nigerian Hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International, and one of two in Sub-Saharan African to be so accredited.

The Hospital was first accredited in 2011 and re-accredited in 2014 and 2017. This is a guarantee of safe and quality healthcare that meets international standards.

Recently, Lagoon Hospitals received her Certificate of Re-accreditation from JCI.

LOCATION: 97, 101 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, 8 Marine Rd, Apapa, Lagos, 13 Idejo St, Victoria Island, Lagos

CONTACT: 0819 144 2246

Eko Hospital Ikeja

hospitals in lagos nigeria

The Eko Hospital is a private hospital located at Ikeja with an annex in Ikoyi, Central Lagos, Surulere, Lagos State Nigeria. This hospital was established in 1982 to succeed Mercy Specialist Clinic, a clinic that operated in the late 1970s to provide health care services to the entire people of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Eko hospital provides a wide range of health services, including secondary services for its local population, regional as well as national health services. Eko hospital is the first private hospital to be quoted on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Eko hospital has an annex at Ikeja consisting of about 130 beds space with the basic medical equipment for conducting series of a diagnostic tests. The Surulere annex is a 40-bed secondary health care facility.

LOCATION: 31 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Opebi, Lagos

CONTACT: 01 271 6997

Reddington Hospital Victoria Island

The Reddington Healthcare Group is renowned in Nigeria and abroad for medical excellence and attracts world-class Specialist Doctors and Surgeons.

Reddington is a 5-star, one-stop facility providing comprehensive solutions to your healthcare needs. The facility was set up as a tertiary center with multiple specialties, committed to delivering excellent service in the medical field, with all departments supported by the latest technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The Hospital has been thoughtfully planned and equipped to support the highest levels of patient safety, service excellence, and quality clinical care.

LOCATION: 12 Idowu Martins St,V.I, Lagos

CONTACT: [email protected], +234(0)12715344

Lagos Island General Hospital Odan, Lagos

Of many hospitals in Lagos Nigeria, this hospital is one of the several general hospitals of the Lagos State Government.

It was established as a military hospital for the treatment of ill members of the British Armed forces during the colonial era. At the time of its establishment in 1893, it was the first general hospital in Nigeria.

The pioneer staff was nationalities of the British Commonwealth. On 1 October 1960, the hospital was handed over to the Federal Government and on 7 May 1967, it was finally taken over by the Lagos State Government.

LOCATION 1 – 3 Broad St, Odan, Lagos

Yaba Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos

Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba came into existence on October 31, 1907, when the hospital was set up as an asylum under British Colonial rule.

The first batch of 48 inmates was admitted in a disused Nigeria Railway Building in Yaba.

Over the years, the hospital has witnessed four developmental stages. The first stage, (1907-1950) was purely asylum state. The function of the hospital was custodial i.e. keeping the mentally ill away from society.

During this period, there were padded cells, and drugs such as paraldehyde, mist alba, etc were prescribed by the doctors and administered by the asylum attendants. There were no nurses, no beds and beddings, no uniform, and no form of psychiatric treatment.

However, medical doctors from the Ministry of Health paid occasional visits to give minimal treatment. The buildings were dilapidated and the inmates lived in appalling sanitary conditions. It was truly an asylum and its name at that time was the Yaba Lunatic Asylum.

LOCATION: 8 Harvey Road P.M.B 2008 Yaba Lagos Nigeria

CONTACT: 08155170000, 09060001907

Mart Life Detox Clinic Maryland, Lagos

This clinic is based on longstanding academic research, scientific and clinical publications coupled with international collaborations with reputable Viva-Mayr (Mayr modern medicine) of Austria, Piroche company in Italy, the bio-identical Sabre Sciences Laboratory, and Nutrivital Bioenergetics.

We have combined all these modern technologies and customized them for the African environment in order to provide an outstanding, cutting-edge, reliable, and reputable holistic healthcare and medical spa.

LOCATION Yet court, 13 Maryland Cres, Maryland, Lagos

CONTACT [email protected], Office: [email protected]

Gbagada General Hospital Lagos

Gbagada General hospital was founded in 1972 by the then Governor of Lagos State, Lateef Jakande.

It also serves as the annex for Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.

The chief medical director reports that it receives around 800 patients every day.

LOCATION: 1 Hospital Rd, Gbagada, Lagos

CONTACT: 0905 395 3306


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