Best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai

The kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai are among the top-rated in India, offering world-class care from start to finish.

The kidney is an essential organ for our bodies to function properly. Its purpose is to clean and remove toxins from the blood.

It removes toxic wastes such as ammonia and urea from the body and ensures that these toxins are flushed out. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and stimulate red blood cells by releasing the hormone erythropoietin.

Overview of the Best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai

Kidney malfunction, also known as renal failure, can have serious consequences for the body’s overall functioning.

The renal disease develops when renal failure is chronic, necessitating dialysis or renal transplantation. When a person’s kidney function falls below 20%, he or she requires a kidney transplant.

A Renal Transplantation team includes the following members: a transplant surgeon who will perform the surgery, a nephrologist who will coordinate your appointments and a highly trained nurse.

A pharmacist is a member of the team who looks after your medications and helps you avoid dangerous medication combinations. A dietician monitors your food intake and assists you in developing healthy meal plans.

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Following a kidney transplant, regular blood tests are performed to ensure that your donor’s kidney is functioning normally.

While it may take some time for your body to adjust to a new kidney, patients have reported positive outcomes with gradual improvements in their health and kidney function.

Kidney disease diagnosis

Kidney failure or renal failure can occur due to a variety of factors such as internal kidney damage, toxin consumption, or acute dehydration.

We are proud to say that we are the best hospital in Mumbai for treating kidney failure and have a team of the best kidney transplant specialists in Mumbai to assist you.

While kidney failure appears to be a single dysfunction, it affects multiple body systems. As a result, it is critical to detect renal failure as soon as possible.

Kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai offer services for the early detection and correction of kidney problems. The hospitals assist in managing a variety of health conditions such as:

High Blood Pressure: Rapid blood flow in the kidneys can cause blood vessel constriction, resulting in high blood pressure.

Water retention in the blood may cause your vessels to swell, resulting in high blood pressure. Furthermore, high blood pressure can be caused by renal failure.

Heart disease: Because both the kidneys and the heart deal with blood, any malfunction in one is bound to affect the other. As a result, people with kidney disease are at a higher risk of developing heart disease.

Anemia: When erythropoietin production is impaired, RBCs are not produced in sufficient quantities, resulting in anemia.

All of the aforementioned conditions and developments can be managed if your dietician creates appropriate meal plans and schedules. Your doctor reviews your medications at regular intervals.

What Are Kidney Failure Symptoms?

Various symptoms of renal failure can be observed. Among the generic symptoms are:

  1. Decreased urine output
  2. Limb swelling due to water retention
  3. Difficulty breathing

The following are symptoms of advanced kidney failure:

Vomiting, the appearance of foam in the urine, sleep loss, and weight loss

How is Kidney Failure identified?

The first step toward a diagnosis is a quick conversation with the doctor about family history and the observable symptoms. Among the various tests and procedures performed are:

  1. Blood tests are used to assess kidney function
  2. Urine tests are performed to look for any abnormalities in the urine
  3. Ultrasound can also be used to perform imaging tests
  4. An autopsy can also be used to make a diagnosis

While a kidney transplant may appear to be the solution to all of your renal problems, after-care is also critical.

Dialysis may be required as a precautionary measure in the early stages following the transplant until the donor’s kidney begins fully functioning.

Kidney disease treatment

Mumbai has some of the best kidney transplant specialists for kidney failure treatment. Your condition would dictate whether you received hemodialysis or a kidney transplant.

Haemodialysis is a mechanical process that uses a peritoneal membrane to clean the blood and remove any toxins.

A kidney transplant is a procedure in which a donor donates a kidney, which is then given to a recipient who is suffering from renal failure.

While a person may need dialysis even after the transplant, there is an option to have a pre-emptive or early transplant. It allows you to go about your daily life without the interruption of regular dialysis.

Before going over the various kidney transplant surgery options, it is important to note that people with other complications, such as diabetes, may also be able to undergo kidney transplant surgery.

A careful examination is required to avoid certain risks, but such patients can also receive a kidney transplant.

Best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai

Renal disease is a common but complex medical condition. If the condition worsens, a transplant may be required to replace the damaged organs with healthier ones.

Looking for the best treatment within your financial constraints. Here is a list of the top ten best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai where you can get the best and most affordable care.

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Address: SV Rd, near LIC, LIC Colony, Suresh Colony, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065, India

Phone: +91 22 2626 7500

Number of beds: 350

Founded: 1951

Website: Click here

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital is a tertiary care healthcare provider that was founded in 1950 and dedicated by India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

It is a 350-bed facility with 1500 employees working in 55 specialties under the supervision of highly qualified and accomplished doctors.

The hospital has one of the region’s largest Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) programs and offers advanced cardiac interventions such as Minimal Access Cardiac Bypass Surgery.

Modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities provide the best pre-and post-operative care and also modern operating rooms and an ultramodern intensive care unit.

Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy are performed to ensure minimal pain and quick recovery.

S L Raheja Fortis Hospital

Address: Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 89560 87400

A world-class medical infrastructure supports this leading kidney transplant center. They Implement the most recent treatment for patients with acute and chronic kidney failure.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Address: Rao Saheb, Achutrao Patwardhan Marg, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India

Phone: +91 22 4269 6969

Website: Click here

It has the city’s largest dialysis unit, with 42 dialysis machines that provide all types of dialysis.

The hospital was Mumbai’s first to install a closed loop advanced RO plant. Haemodialysis facilities for children and dialysis facilities for patients in intensive care units (in cases of renal replacement therapies), as well as a comprehensive home dialysis program for patients of all ages and patients with hemodialysis contraindications.

Apollo Hospitals, Mumbai

Address: Plot # 13, Off Uran Road, Parsik Hill Rd, Sector 23, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 22 3350 3350

Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai is a cutting-edge multi-specialty tertiary care hospital that provides comprehensive services under one roof.

The Apollo Group’s 66th hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) and Joint Commission International (JCI). The hospital also offers personalized health screening programs.

 Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

Address: 15, Pedder Rd, IT Colony, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 22 4017 3333

Number of beds: 343

Founded: 1973

The department of Nephrology is one of the hospital’s best specialties, having established the Artificial Kidney Department, the first of its kind in the private sector.

Also, the unit also has an active continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis program, which is a new Indian alternative to hemodialysis. The first renal transplant, performed in 1974, was one of the hospital’s most significant achievements.

Wockhardt Hospital North Mumbai

Address: Police Station, 1877, Dr. Anandrao Nair Marg, Near Agripada, Mumbai Central, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 82911 01001

Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road is a tertiary care, super specialty healthcare facility that was opened in 2014 by the parent company Wockhardt Ltd., India’s 5th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company with a global presence in 20 countries.

350-bed hospital with comprehensive healthcare services in all major specialties, providing exceptional clinical care to a large number of national and international patients.

This hospital combines cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, and internationally trained and reputable clinical experts under one roof.

Global Hospital Mumbai

Address: 35, Dr. Ernest Borges Rd, opp. Shirodkar High School, Parel East, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 22 6767 0101

Global Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, is a world-class multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with 450 beds that provides exceptional outpatient, inpatient, and critical care services.

This hospital is credited with being the first to be recognized by the government for R&D and is the only hospital affiliated with King’s College Hospital in London.

The first in west India to perform combined liver and kidney transplants, dual lobe liver transplants, split liver transplants, and minimal access lung transplants, as well as the first to introduce a two-wheeler ambulance service (GART- Global Accident Rescue Team).

Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

Address: Saifee Hospital, 15/17, Maharshi Karve Rd, opposite Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004, India

Website: Click here

Phone: +91 22 6757 0111

Number of beds: 257

Opened: 1948

Saifee Hospital, which opened in 2005, is ISO and NABL accredited. There was the old Saifee Hospital, which had been in operation since 1948. Construction on a new hospital on existing grounds began in 2001.

The new hospital was dedicated in June 2005 in the presence of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the

New Age Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

Address: 1877, Doctor Anandrao Nair Marg, Mumbai Central East, Mumbai 400011, India

Phone: +91 82911 01001

The Nephrology department has launched a renal replacement therapy program, which includes hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, renal transplant, and other forms of kidney treatment.

The unit includes a full-service dialysis unit, an intensive care unit, and a fully integrated operation with advanced equipment to perform super specialty surgery such as kidney transplants.

To facilitate the recovery of transplant patients, the hospital strictly adheres to all infection control protocols, quality nursing care, and advanced clinical acumen as per international standards.

Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Center, Mumbai

Address: Bombay Hospital, 12, Vitthaldas Thackersey Marg, near Liberty Cinema, New Marine Lines, Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020, India

Phone: +91 22 2206 7676

Website: Click here

Bombay Hospital is a tertiary care hospital that houses all specialties and super specialties under one roof and performs all diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedures.

Shri Rameshwardasji Birla established the hospital to serve humanity and was open to all.

Approximately 60% of surgical procedures are performed for free or at a very low cost.

FAQs about the best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai

  • How much does a kidney transplant cost in Mumbai?

A kidney Transplant procedure in Mumbai costs INR 750000

  • How successful is a kidney transplant?

According to the August 2020 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) report, the 1-year national expected survival rate for living donor kidney transplants is 98.11%. A deceased donor transplant has a 94.88% success rate. 11 Sept 2020

  • Is it possible for a kidney transplant to last 30 years?

Life expectancy increases to 30 years with a deceased kidney donor transplant (a kidney from a brain-dead donor). The best part is that a living donor kidney transplant extends life expectancy to 40 years.

  • Who is the best kidney transplant surgeon in Mumbai?

Arun Halankar, M.D. Nephrologist in Mumbai, India.

Conclusion on the best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai

This article discussed some of the best kidney transplant hospitals in Mumbai, ranked based on their performance, which is weighted far more heavily than the other factors. We hope this helps you.

Since your opinion counts on our platform, feel free to air your view in the comment box below.


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