Best 37 pharmaceutical companies in Tajikistan

The pharmaceutical companies in Tajikistan are traditionally one of the most dynamic, stable, and competitive industries in the Republic of Tajikistan.

However, they are closely monitored by state regulatory authorities. All this determines the complexity and specificity of the tasks set for companies in these sectors.

Tajikistan is located in the south-eastern part of Central Asia with a total area of 142.6 ksk with 93% of Tajikistan’s area is mountains.

The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. Geographically, the country is divided into Sogd Region, Khatlon Region, GornoBadakhshan Autonomous Region, Dushanbe City, and 13 Republican Subordination Districts (RRS). In total, the country has 66 districts with four administrative centers.

Furthermore, the territory of Tajikistan borders the Republic of Uzbekistan 910 km, Kyrgyzstan 630 km to the west and north, Afghanistan 1030 km to the south, and  China 430 km to the east. The total extent of the border is 3000 km.

The population of Tajikistan is 9000 thousand of which Men are 4,276 thousand (50.6%), women 4,174 thousand. (49.39%)

  • Population growth per 1,000 inhabitants 23.8%
  •  Birth rate per 1,000 inhabitants 27.8%
  •  Mortality rate per 1,000 inhabitants 4.0%[lwptoc]

Procurement of Medical Equipment

The modern scientific device has been procuring for quantity withinside the extra of 10 million TJS in 2018, which includes Digital X-ray unit, Ultrasound experiments and Artificial lung airflow units, cardio monitors, Defibrillators, ECG units (three and 6-channels), running theatre lamps, and tables, surgical and gynecological operation kits, analyzers (biochemical, EIA, and Hemo-analyzer), scientific fixtures, etc.

Main Problems of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Tajikistan

  • Presence of unauthorized and counterfeit medicines in the country’s medicines market
  • Lack of motivation mechanism for a generic prescription
  • Poor economic availability of key drugs
  • Irrational use of budget funds earmarked for the purchase of  medicines
  • Underfunding of medicines from the state budget
  • Inadequate use of  clinical protocols, the list and protocol of main medications and in physicians’ offices
  • The existing system for dispensing medicines without a prescription
  • Absence of a price regulation mechanism established under the government guarantee packages  that include welfare recipients
  • Imperfect drug advertising system  and weak control system, preventing instances of polypragmasia in the doctor’s office
  • High tax rates compared to  neighboring countries

Pharmaceutical Companies in Tajikistan

Here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies operating in Tajikistan

  • Aga Khan LTD.

Website: click here

Address: 138 Toktogul Street, 720001 Bishkek

Tel: +996 312 910 822

Fax: +996 312 910 835

Email: [email protected]



Phone: +992988620031

  • Alfa pet, JDMM

Address: 100A Zebi Tohirova str. Gafurov settl., 735703 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-488880911

Sales: $1.06 million

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2008

  • Alpen Pharma

Address: Republic of Tajikistan, ave. Mirzo Tursunzade 34-61, Dushanbe

Telephone: + 992 937 774 777

Website: click here

  • Anatis, JDMM

Address: 389G, M. Nazarshoeva str. Dushanbe, 734017 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-487013838

Sales: $2.19 million

Year Started: 2009

Incorporated: 2009

  • Apteka

Address: Khatlon region 735140 Farkhor district street. С. Safarov №1

Tel: 8 (3316) 2-24-30

Fax: 8 (3316) 2-21-88

  • Astemax Biotech

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9992011554 / 7206666033

Address: Karnal, Haryana, 132001 Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Phone: +992 37 2244583

Fax: +992 37 2243687

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Address: Rudaki Avenue 139, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  • AVIS and Co LLC

Address: 10 Mirrajabov Street Istaravshan Tajikistan

Phone: +992-345421410

Sales: $38.55 million

Year Started: 2003

Incorporated: 2010

  • Chaudhary pharma ltd

Phone: 00992-90733455

Email: [email protected]

  • Darmon

Phone: +9929277777

Email: [email protected]

  • Dorukhona “Apteka Mukhammad-A”

Phone:  +992 378 83 22 76

Address: Dushanbe, st. Jabor Rasulova 6/1 734000

Email: [email protected] [email protected]

  • Emiti international

Email: [email protected]

Website: visit here

Phone: 01800-003-6484

  • Evolet

Website: visit

Address: st. Shamsi 2/5, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

TELEPHONE: +992 (37) 236-89-57

EMAIL: [email protected]

  • Gayur, JDMM

Address: Hasan Huseynov Village Council, 735310 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-907884848

Sales: $2.21 million

Year Started: 2002

Incorporated: 2002

  • GIZ

Website: click here

Address: GIZ Office Tajikistan Huvaydulloev Street 2/1 734049 Dushanbe

Phone: +992 44 6006 107

Fax: +992 44 6006 788

Email: [email protected]

  • HLB Tajikistan

Website: click here

Tel: +992 44 601 9933

Fax: +992 44 601 9932

Email: [email protected]

Address: Tajikistan, Dushanbe 734003,Umar Khayom street 40A

  • Infugen Pharma

Address: O-612 Runwal R Square, App ESIC Hospital, LBS Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

Phone: +91 022-25624922

EMAIL: [email protected]


Address: 107/3 Ismoil Somoni ave. Isfara, 735920 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-937180009

Sales: $14.22 million

Year Started: 2010

Incorporated: 2010

  • Mubarak Farma

Address: Tajikistan,dusambe

Zip/Postal code: 260967

Telephone: 992918161247

Fax: +99-291-9411017

  • Nassochii Tochik PO OOO

Address: 6 S. Sherozi ave. 734042, Dushanbe Tajikistan

Phone: +992-372213673

Sales: $315.40 million

Year Started: 1942

Incorporated: 2008

  • Noreva Biotech

Address: SB -41, Nand Marg, Subhash Nagar, Jaipur -302016 Rajasthan

Email: [email protected]

Mobile No: +91-7877864306

  • Novosti Tadzhikistana

Phones: +992372387108, +992372217220, +992372387335

Viber: +992-93-7924245

Telegram: +992-93-7924245

WhatsApp: +992-93-7924245

Address: Saadi Sherozi Avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

EMail: [email protected], [email protected]

  • Nurafzo Diagnostic Centre

Website: click here

Phone: +992 (44) 620 33 55

Email address: [email protected]

  • Mukhlisy Khujand LLC

Address: apt. 31, 36 microdistrict 34 Khujand, 735716 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-927624681

Sales: $527,244

Year Started: 2007

Incorporated: 2007

  • Obi Zulol ChSP

Address: 1 Obi Zulol str. Istaravshan, 5618 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-446306324

Website: click here

Sales: $50.63 million

Year Started: 1998

Incorporated: 2002


Address: 33 Navruz str. Tursunzade Tajikistan

Phone: +992-935853397

Sales: $6.87 million

Year Started: 2013

Incorporated: 2013

  • PharmAlliance International Labs Private Limited

Whatspp No: +92-333-9261419, +92-301-8842105

Address: opposite Iqra School And College, Sikandarpūra Hashtnagri, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000, Pakistan

  • Rakhimov A.A. LLC

Address: North East Industrial Zone Khujand, 735700 Tajikistan

Phone: +992-927744335

Sales: $332,033

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2013

  • Rhydburg Apteka Dushanbe

Website: visit

Email: [email protected]

Address: Druzhby Narodov Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone: +992 90 424 8407

  • Spey Medical

Address: Spey, st. Shamsi, 4B, 734000, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +992 (37) 236-89-56

  • Tajhydro

Address: Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 38/1 Rudaki Avenue, 17th floor, Business Center “Dushanbe Plaza”

Phone: +992 44 6202280

Fax: +992 44 6109006

Email: [email protected]

  • TajikStandard

Address: Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe city, N. Karabaeva 42/2 street

Tel: (+992 37) 233-68-69

Fax: (+992 37) 233-44-99

Email: [email protected]

  • Tajiran SZAO

Address: 47 Druzhby Narodov str. Dushanbe Tajikistan

Phone: +992-372278182

Sales: $380,704

Year Started: 2006

Incorporated: 2006

  • TBSH

Address: 734005, Таджикистан, Душанбе ул. Каххорова 111.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (992 37) 260 80 64

Fax: (992 37) 260 80 64

  • Torgovo-Promyshlennaya Palata Republic of Tajikistan

Address: Republic of Tajikistan 734012, c. Dushanbe, st. Valamatzade, 21

Tel: (992-37) 221-52-84,

Fax: (992-37) 221-14-80

Email: [email protected]

  • Toji Osiyo ChDMM

Address: Lohur Mehrvar settlement Tajikistan

Sales: $7.48 million

Year Started: 2012

Incorporated: 2012

  • UNDP Tajikistan

Address: Dushanbe Country Office: 39 Aini Street 734024 Dushanbe Tajikistan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (+992 44) 600 56 00

Fax: (+992 44) 600 55 96 (227)

FAQs about the pharmaceutical companies in Tajikistan

  • What is the estimated amount of pharmaceutical imports in Tajikistan?

Imports of Medical and pharmaceutical products from Tajikistan were reported at $4,035,475 in December 2020.

This is a decrease from the previous figure of $4,415,012 in December 2019. The data hit an all-time high of $6,564,517 in 2010 and an all-time low of $255,216 in 2000

  • What’s the legal framework for regulatory administration of medicinal products and pharmaceutical activities in the Republic of Tajikistan?

Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan:

  1. Health Code of the Republic of Tajikistan (Law of 05/18/2017, No. 374);
  2. Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities Act (06.08.2001, No. 39);
  3. Law on Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, and Precursors (12.10.1999, No. 874);
  4. Law on Licensing for Specific Types of Activities (17.05.2004, No. 37);
  5. Law on Administrative Authorization Procedures (02.08.2011, No. 751);
  6. Consumer Protection Act (09.12.2004, No.72);
  7. Inspection of activities of economic entities in the Republic of Tajikistan (25.12.2015, No. 1269)
  • What are the activities to be licensed by the pharmaceutical regulatory authority?
  1. Pharmaceutical activity (manufacture and production of medicines and cosmetics, manufacture of medical goods and equipment, sale of medicines and medical products, manufacture, and sale of dietary supplements, health promoters);
  2. Medical equipment maintenance (unless this activity is otherwise carried out to meet the  needs of a legal entity or sole trader);
  3. Manufacture of disinfectants, insecticides, and exterminators;
  4. Cultivation of drug crops for scientific purposes and development of new narcotic  and psychotropic substances;
  5. Activities related to the legal distribution of narcotics, psychotropic  substances, and precursors (development, production, manufacture, processing, storage, transport, shipment, release, sale, distribution, purchase, use, import, and export );
  6. Collecting medicinal plants and processing medicinal raw materials.
  • How many local pharmaceutical manufacturers are in Tajikistan?

There are 33 local production companies and over 240 names of the drugs and scientific

goods including forty scientific flowers and 10 BADS. Over 2 hundred million TJS has been invested into local pharmaceutical production

A final thought about the pharmaceutical companies in Tajikistan

The health system in Tajikistan was based on the system of the former Soviet Union, the Semashko model, which emphasizes a curative approach with extensive infrastructure and a large number of health professionals.

Medical care was comprehensive, but patients had limited options due to the hierarchical management system.

The system was retained after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the facilities and equipment were destroyed in the Civil War or made obsolete due to economic constraints. The labor force shrank rapidly due to high emigration rates.

Furthermore, the healthcare system, therefore, had to change and is currently undergoing a major upheaval.

The organization of health services corresponds to the general administrative structure of the country, which means that the Ministry of Health is responsible for national-level health services and the oblast and rayon-level local authorities for most regional, regional and rural health services.


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