Top 25 pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

The pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine are also worth knowing and are essential for investors.

The Healthcare in Ukraine is part of a universal health care system and is a successor of the Soviet healthcare system and the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine also contribute immensely to the health care system’s efficiency.

Ukraine is widely perceived as a country that has lost its opportunities; however, the story is no longer the same since the improvement in the healthcare system and the contribution of the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

We have many pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine responsible for distributing, researching, developing, and dispensing pharmaceutical products and vaccines for both human and veterinary use.

Due to lack of investment and chronic corruption, the Ukrainian healthcare system has deteriorated considerably since the country achieved its independence, although, through the government efforts and that of the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, there has been a significant improvement.

Pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

Below is the best list of the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine that have been striving vehemently in manufacturing and distribution of effective and efficient pharmaceutical products;

S/N Pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine Address
1 Lookinghealthier krasnadaskaya 87 a Kharkov , kharkov
2 Grace Land Pharm Kreshchatyk Street 26 Kiev, 01001
3 Havard Drug Film Dsseldorf ESSEN, North Rhine-Westphalia
4 Simplicitypharm Sonyachna Str. 5, office 613 odessa, odessa
5 Propharma Kalinina Str.,5, Poltava Poltava, Poltava
6 Royal Pharmacy Ltd Solomyanska Str kiev, kiev
7 Veterynarna Apteka 47, Saksagans’kogo Sreet, Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv, Kyiv
8 Chamtrad Ltd Moxito Raisy Kyrychenko St 2 Poltava Oblast, Poltava Oblast
9 Dino Pharmacy Ltd 40a BlueHera Street Odessa, Odessa
10 Promtsupplies LLC Rileeva 4 Odessa, Odessa
11 Medical and Health Ltd Lynoval 4th Floor Apt 2 Lviv, Lviv
12 Apteka-95 Pharmaceuticals Yurjevskaya Street, 17., Kharkov, 61050, Ukraine
13 Lebanttpharma Co,Ltd sheroniself 56 kharkov, Kharkov
14 Zavod Bakteriynih I Virusnih Preparativ Vul.Sergiya Yadova, Suvorovskiy R-N, 6, 65031 Odesa Ukraine
15 Ved Pharm Enterprise 10, Krenichny prov., c. Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine
16 BCPP(Borshchahivskiy CPP) 17 Myru str. Kyiv-134. Ukraine, 03134
17 Biopharma plasma Vulytsya Yevhena Sverstyuka, 2А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
18 Farmak JSC 63 Kyrylivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
19 Farmmash LTD 59, frunze str., c. kyiv, 04080, ukraine
20 Indar prJSC 5, Zroshuvalna str., Kyiv, Ukraine
21 InterChem SLC Lustdorfskaya doroga, 86, Odessa, 65080, Ukraine
22 PrJSC pharmaceutical firm 13, Boryspilska Street, Kyiv, 02093, Ukraine
23 Darnitsa Boryspilska St, 13, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02093
24 Yuria-pharma 10, M. Amosova street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680.
25 Pharmcom Supply Moskovska street 17, office 417-429 Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk

Ukraine pharmaceutical market

According to the information obtained from the Ukrainian State Service for Medication, in 2013 the volume of the market for pharmaceutics increased by 14% in comparison to the previous year and amounted to UAH 36.2 billion.

The same year, the production of medications that contain penicillin and other antibiotics improved by 16.4% in comparison to 2012, production of medications that contain hormones and do not contain antibiotics increased by 13.3%, production of medications that 2 contain alkaloids or their derivatives and do not contain hormones or antibiotics went up by 9.9%.

pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

There was a great competition which experts claim that the competition becomes stronger and the market gets more attractive for both domestic and foreign companies. Up until 2014, the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry was primarily dominated by foreign companies.

However, in recent years, Ukrainian domestic pharmaceutical companies are making a name in the pharma industry.

How many pharmaceutical companies are in Ukraine?

There are over 100 pharmaceutical companies and a network of about 20,000 drugstores in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is amongst the top pharma industries in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. With the country adopting new healthcare reform bills from January 2018, the overall outlook for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has improved considerably.

How much does a pharmacist earn in Ukraine?

The salary of a pharmacist is dependent on different factors ranging from qualification to other essential things that determine the amount you go home with either every week, monthly, or annually.

According to salary explorer, a person working as a Pharmacist in Ukraine typically earns around 28,800 UAH per month. Salaries range from 13,500 UAH (lowest) to 45,500 UAH (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Pharmacist salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Below you will find a detailed breakdown based on many different criteria.

Jobs in the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

Below is the list of pharmaceutical jobs within Ukraine. The pharmaceutical company jobs in Ukraine comprise but are not limited to skilled semi-skilled and professions.

Each of the workers has something amazing to offer and therefore, must be treated as important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

The vet pharma companies in Ukraine are essential and also contribute to economic development and safety. Animals are lovable and must be cared for at all costs.

Knowing the right drug for the animals both wild and domestic is important because it goes a long way in curbing zoonotic diseases and their transmission, which contributes to making the world a healthy place.

Top 5 veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

  • Biovetfarm Pjsc

Address: Sh. Zhytomyrske 2 11703 Novograd-Volynskyi

  • Ukrzoovetprompostach Science and Production

Address: Vasilkivska Street 16 03040 Kyiv

  • Kiivske Derzhavne Pidpriemstvo Po Zootehichnomu

Address: Vul.Vasilkivska 16 Golosiivskiy R-N 03040 Kiev

  • Veterinary Limited Liability Company

Address: Marshala Grechka Street 10b 04136 Kiev

Grig Ltd

Address: Lenina 1a Borky 63421 Zmiivskyi Dist.

Ukraine pharmaceutical regulatory authorities

The demand for drug and biological products is gaining better ground in Ukraine, resulting in a flourishing market for pharmaceuticals in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the Ukrainian pharmaceutical regulatory authority and is responsible for regulating and approving the import, manufacture, sale, and marketing of medicinal products in Ukraine.

pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine 2022

To do so, a manufacturer must be adept in the Regulatory process of registering a medicinal product that spans product development from compilation to submissions. To obtain market approval, a timely analysis of the inadequacies can prove beneficial.

How to register pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine

Like in other countries of the world, for you to operate in a country as a company, you need legal backing which also gives you a unique identity. You also have to identify with the regulatory authorities in your sector or industry.

For a better understanding of the registration of the pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, kindly visit pharma company registration in Ukraine.


There are different pharma companies under the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine, that have been the powerhouse of pharmaceutical products distribution, production, and research of innovative and efficient ways of healthy living.

These companies’ great impact on uplifting the economy cannot be over-emphasized. All companies listed are worthwhile and most are open for research and collaboration.


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