Best 40 pharmaceutical companies in Oregon

According to the Oregon Bioscience Association, the pharmaceutical companies in Oregon generate a total economic output of $10.7 billion and employs over 47,000 people.

Oregon’s life sciences sector leads the state in job growth, bolstering the city’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies in Oregon are at the forefront of the fight against global health issues like cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Whether it’s developing new cancer therapies or discovering new ways to treat patients suffering from PTSD, the city’s pharmaceutical firms are hard at work in a variety of fields.

On the other hand, one Oregon pharmaceutical company wants to change how underserved populations diagnose diseases, and another wants to find new ways to make clean water more accessible.

The pharmaceutical landscape in Portland is undeniably diverse, reflecting the city’s commitment to addressing major societal issues on both a local and global scale.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are used in the development of new medicines to demonstrate therapeutic safety and effectiveness and to compile the evidence required for the Food and Drug Administration to approve treatments.

Also, the clinical trials for new drugs are conducted in three stages, accounting for seven of the ten to fifteen years required for drug development and approval.

Clinical trials entail thousands of volunteer patient participants, the collection of tens of thousands of pages of technical and scientific data, and account for 45 to 75 percent of the $1.2 billion average costs of developing a new cutting-edge biotechnology medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies in Oregon frequently contract with local research institutions to conduct tests, and they help to boost local economies in communities across the state, including Eugene, Bend, and Portland.

Through Clinical Trials, OHSU Physicians and Researchers collaborate closely with the Pharmaceutical Industry at Oregon’s only Academic Health Center.

These research projects make cutting-edge treatments available to our patients suffering from a variety of diseases. They also brought nearly $43 million to Oregon, which supported numerous jobs and stimulated the economy.

The trials provide another potential therapeutic option for patients. Clinical tests may open up a new avenue of treatment for some chronic disease patients who are still looking for the best medicines for them. More than 230 trials in Oregon are still looking for participants.

Participants in clinical trials can:

• Take an active role in their health care; and

• Gain access to new research treatments before they are available commercially.

Participation in the Community

Medical schools, research centers, and hospitals in Oregon that are involved in clinical trials of treatments include:

  • Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland
  • The Clinical Research Institute of Southern Oregon is located in Medford.
  • North Bend Medical Center in Coos Bay
  • Willamette Valley Cancer Institute & Research Center in Eugene and Springfield
  • Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin
  • Oregon Center for Clinical Investigations in Portland and Salem
  • WillametteValley Clinical Studies in Eugene
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield

More than half of Oregon’s new medicine clinical trials are aimed at chronic conditions that plague patients throughout the state, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, thanks to the collaboration of biopharmaceutical research companies.

235 clinical trials are recruiting patients across the state. Asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, and stroke are the top six chronic diseases targeted in these trials.

Equally significant is the fact that many of the medications being clinically tested in this facility are first-generation biotechnology treatments.

We can use biotechnology to develop safer and more effective therapies, as well as to improve our ability to predict, anticipate, and even prevent disease.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Oregon’s Economic Impact

Pharmaceutical research companies have been a significant source of jobs, tax revenue, and research spending:

  • According to Archstone Consulting, pharmaceutical firms invested $84.4 million in research and development in 2008 and provided $4 billion in products and services.
  • Life sciences researchers, management executives, office and administrative support workers, engineers, architects, computer and math experts, and sales representatives are among the company employees in Oregon.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Oregon

Here’s a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies in Oregon:

  • Abcam

Phone:: (888) 77-(22226)

Email: [email protected]

Address:1850 Millrace Dr Suite 1 Eugene, OR 97403, US

Website: Visit

  • American Custom Chemicals Corporation

Address: 1222 Lake Dr. Eugene, OR, 97404-2832 United States

Phone: (858) 201-6118

Website: Visit

Revenue: $444,367

Year Started: 2005

Incorporated: 2005

  • Animal Health Solutions, Inc.

Address: 30255 Highway 34 SW Albany, OR, 97321-9438 United States

Phone: (541) 791-7448

Revenue: $600,000

Year Started: 2012

  • APDM Wearable Technologies

Website: Visit

Address: 2828 S Corbett Avenue, Suite 135, Portland, OR 97201

Phone: 503-445-7757

  • Ardon Health, LLC

Address: 11835 NE Glenn Widing Dr. Portland, OR, 97220-9057 United States

Phone: (855) 425-4085

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.68 million

Year Started: 2013

  • Aronora, Inc

Address: 1818 SW 4TH Ave Ste 102 Portland, OR, 97201-5511 United States

Phone: (503) 530-6842

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.11 million

Year Started: 2007

  • Avani Herbals

Address: 983 S 12TH St Lebanon, OR, 97355-1319 United States

Phone: (541) 401-1648

Revenue: $396,460

Year Started: 2019

  • Beehive Extracts LLC

Address: 1717 SW Park Ave Portland, OR, 97201-3267 United States

Phone: (503) 929-9522

Revenue: $489,199

Year Started: 2015

  • Diabetomics, Inc.

Address: 2345 NE Overlook Dr. Ste 140 Hillsboro, OR, 97006-6969 United States

Phone: (503) 924-5110

Website: Visit

Revenue: $3.73 million

Year Started: 2008

  • Electrical Geodesics Inc.

Website: Visit

Address: 500 East 4th Ave. Suite 100, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

Tel.: +1.541.687.7962

Fax: +1.541.687.7963

Email: [email protected]

  • Far East Summit, LLC

Address: 38880 Skeeter Bee Loop Dexter, OR, 97431-9766 United States

Phone: (541) 937-2449

Website: Visit

Revenue: $717,049

Year Started: 2007

  • Gadusol Laboratories, Inc

Address: 1110 NE Circle Blvd Corvallis, OR, 97330-4254 United States

Phone: (541) 713-2038

Website: Visit

Revenue: $596,240

Year Started: 2017

  • Genentech, Inc.

Address: 1 DNA Way 258A South San Francisco, CA, 94080-4990 United States

Phone: (650) 225-1000

Revenue: $689.15 million

Year Started: 1986

Incorporated: 1982

  • Gene Tools LLC

Address: 1001 Summerton Way Philomath, OR, 97370-9661 United States

Phone: (541) 929-7840

Website: Visit

Revenue: $880,050

Year Started: 1997

  • Health Wright Products, LLC

Address: 12482 SE Capps Rd Clackamas, OR, 97015-9093 United States

Phone: (503) 722-4344

Revenue: $40.10 million

Year Started: 1995

  • Herb-Pharm, LLC

Address: 20260 Williams Hwy Williams, OR, 97544-9738 United States

Phone: (541) 846-6262

Website: Visit

Revenue: $22.50 million

Year Started: 2011

  • Highland Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 110 S Garfield St Mount Angel, OR, 97362-8910 United States

Phone: (971) 239-5283

Website: Visit

Revenue: $10.28 million

Year Started: 1974

  • Innovite Inc

Address: 13990 SW Galbreath Dr. Sherwood, OR, 97140-9161 United States

Phone: (503) 620-1884

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.50 million

Year Started: 1976

  • Kirkman Group, Inc.

Address: 6400 Rosewood St Lake Oswego, OR, 97035-5392 United States

Phone: (503) 783-2703

Website: Visit

Revenue: $8.39 million

Year Started: 1949

  • Klamath Valley Botanicals LLC

Address: 24470 Modoc Point Rd Chiloquin, OR, 97624-6752 United States

Phone: (541) 783-3826

Website: Visit

Revenue: $902,041

Year Started: 2016

  • Lumencor, Inc.

Phone:+1 503-213-4269

Email:[email protected]

Address:14940 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, Beaverton, OR 97006, United States


  • Magno-Humphries, Inc.

Address: 8800 SW Commercial St Tigard, OR, 97223-6252 United States

Phone: (503) 684-5464

Website: Visit

Revenue: $12.02 million

Year Started: 1980

  • Marco Pharma International LLC

Address: 851 NW Highland St Roseburg, OR, 97470-2021 United States

Phone: (541) 677-8300

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.01 million

Year Started: 1999

  • Metabolic Maintenance Products, Inc.

Address: 601 N Larch St Sisters, OR, 97759-9320 United States

Phone: (541) 549-7800

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.07 million

Year Started: 1984

  • Mml Diagnostics Packaging, Inc.

Address: 1625 NW Sundial Rd Troutdale, OR, 97060-9553 United States

Phone: (503) 666-8398

Revenue: $14.50 million

Year Started: 1962

  • Najit Technologies, Inc.

Address: 15232 NW Greenbrier Pkwy Beaverton, OR, 97006-5764 United States

Phone: (971) 727-3568

Revenue: $996,353

Year Started: 2004

  • Nutrigardens, LLC

Address: 15685 SW 116TH Ave Ste 250 Portland, OR, 97224-2651 United States

Phone: (503) 684-3766

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.00 million

Year Started: 2012

  • Om Extracts

Address: 175 Lomas Rd Jacksonville, OR, 97530-9159 United States

Phone: (503) 688-3289

Revenue: $576,271

Year Started: 2015

  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest, Inc.

Address: 1601 NE Hemlock Ave Redmond, OR, 97756-1695 United States

Phone: (541) 548-9400

Website: Visit

Revenue: $8.97 million

Year Started: 1992

  • Paragon Bioteck

Website: Visit

Address: 4640 S.W. Macadam Ave., Portland, OR

Phone: 1-888-424-1192

Fax: 1-503-465-3802

Email: [email protected]

  • Portland Bee Balm LLC

Address: 4784 SE 17TH Ave # 112 Portland, OR, 97202-4715 United States

Phone: (860) 575-4397

Website: Visit

Revenue: $781,634

Year Started: 2012

  • Quantum Inc

Address: 87 S Danebo Ave Unit 1 Eugene, OR, 97402-9325 United States

Phone: (541) 345-5556

Website: Visit

Revenue: $12.45 million

Year Started: 1981

  • Riverleaf

Phone:+1 458-221-1520

Email:[email protected]

Address:1369 S Bertelsen Rd Building A, Suite 4, Eugene, OR 97402, United States


  • Rose City Extracts LLC

Address: 4390 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Portland, OR, 97225-1939 United States

Phone: (503) 875-2684

Website: Visit

Revenue: $560,758

Year Started: 2016

  • Senju Pharmaceutical

Address: 4640 S Macadam Ave Portland, OR, 97239-4256 United States

Phone: (503) 208-3873

Revenue: $1.45 million

Year Started: 2013

  • Seran Bioscience, LLC

Address: 63040 Lower Meadow Dr. Ste 110 Bend, OR, 97701-7386 United States

Phone: (541) 797-2148

Website: Visit

Revenue: $16.65 million

Year Started: 2016

  • Sun God Herbals LLC

Address: 4894 N Runway Dr. Central Point, OR, 97502-3005 United States

Phone: (541) 423-8080

Website: Visit

Revenue: $898,847

Year Started: 2019

  • T-Bev, Inc.

Address: 1770 Prairie Rd Eugene, OR, 97402-9734 United States

Phone: (541) 954-7160

Revenue: $23.88 million

Year Started: 2015

  • TEC Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 7100 TEC Labs Way SW Albany, OR, 97321-5968 United States

Phone: (541) 926-4577

Revenue: $8.95 million

Year Started: 1977

  • Terra Firma Botanicals Inc

Address: 1010 Tyinn St Ste 6 Eugene, OR, 97402-6932 United States

Phone: (541) 485-7726

Revenue: $520,942

Year Started: 1987

  • Ubivac, LLC

Address: 4805 NE Glisan St Portland, OR, 97213-2933 United States

Phone: (503) 621-8162

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.16 million

Year Started: 2005

FAQs about the pharmaceutical activities in Oregon

  • Which body is responsible for pharmaceutical activities in Oregon?

Oregon State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for pharmaceutical activities in Oregon

  • What’s the total drug expenditures rate in Oregon?

Prescription drugs account for 11% of total health expenditures in Oregon, and the Oregon Health Authority administers programs that cost more than a billion dollars every two years.

  • What are Oregon’s top leaders in the pharmaceutical industry?

Here are the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in Oregon:

  1. Electrical Geodesics, Inc.
  2. Enli Health Intelligence
  3. Keen Health & Wellness
  4. Wearable APDM Technologies
  5. Bioteck Paragon
  • What’s the employment rate in the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical companies in Oregon employ over 47,000 people.


The close collaboration of pharmaceutical companies with clinicians and research institutions in Oregon benefits patients, the state’s economy, and the advancement of science and patient care.

Also, the clinical trial industry is profitable for the state’s medical schools and clinical research facilities, and the medicines being tested are frequently cutting-edge cell and protein treatments that have the potential to be safer and more effective than older chemical compound drugs.

Furthermore, Oregonians considering clinical trials have a variety of options—235 tests of new medicines for the six most debilitating chronic diseases in America are currently underway in communities large and small across the state, and patient volunteers are needed.

Other diseases for which patients are being recruited include rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, traumatic brain injury, cystic fibrosis, influenza, lupus, and psoriasis.

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