List of 40 pharmaceutical companies in Virginia

Top pharmaceutical companies in Virginia choose to thrive there because of the state’s top talent, the advanced culture of innovation, outstanding logistical advantages, competitive costs, and top-ranked business climate.

Virginia’s pharmaceutical sector has grown rapidly in recent years, with 20 industry projects announced in the last three years alone, totaling over 1,400 jobs and $1.2 billion in investment.

Virginia has nearly five million square feet of laboratory space, with the majority of it concentrated in the state’s three largest metro areas (Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton Roads), in addition, lesser hubs held in place by leading research colleges Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a “Top 100” biosciences research facility with over $335 million in peripherally funded projects each year, serves as the pharmaceutical industry’s anchor in the region.

Virginia is well on its way to becoming a transformational advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing cluster.

In a post-COVID world, the significance of drugs manufactured in the United States has never been greater.

Transformational Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Virginia

The region’s manufacturing of essential pharmaceutical ingredients will help ensure reliable access to affordable and high-quality medicines for citizens for many years to come, thanks to a unique collaboration between industry, academia, and government.

As a rapidly growing East Coast pharmaceutical manufacturing hub, the region provides a low cost of living, a strong workforce, strategic access, low operating costs, and a convenient location for travel and product distribution throughout the United States.

Virginia is consistently ranked as one of the top states for business, providing employers with highly educated and skilled workers in a state that values and prioritizes growth and innovation.

Advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing affects people’s lives in a variety of ways, from targeted agents used in precision medicine to broad-spectrum treatments for common ailments. Bringing these important healthcare manufacturers to Central Virginia is also transformative for the community.

The Gateway Region of Virginia – the economic development arm promoting Dinwiddie, Prince George, Surry, and Sussex counties, as well as the Tri-Cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, and Petersburg – is leading the charge in developing an emerging cluster of advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing to build a knowledge center, generate high-paying jobs, and foster continued economic growth to improve an already exceptional quality of life.

An exciting new public-private partnership is investing more than $500 million and is expected to create 350 jobs – with more to come.

The region grew out of some of the country’s oldest settlements and is nestled along the banks of the scenic Appomattox River. However, these charming historic towns are also known for encouraging innovation and collaboration.

Central Virginia, one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, offers rich traditions, affordable housing, excellent schools, outdoor adventure, and a thriving dining and retail scene for an appealing work/life balance.

The rapid rise of Petersburg as the center of this new industry cluster is extremely exciting but not surprising given the region’s building blocks, advanced manufacturing knowledge, logistical advantages, and collaborative spirit.

AMPAC Fine Chemicals, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), is also located in Petersburg.

The company was instrumental in establishing the area as a viable hub for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing after purchasing a shuttered German pharmaceutical plant in 2016 and investing millions in upgrading and expanding the facility.

With the expansion of pharmaceutical manufacturing activities in Virginia, the state is establishing a highly skilled corridor to move science from bench to bedside more efficiently.

Pharmaceutical companies in Virginia

Here are some of the pharmaceutical companies operating in Virginia, with their contact information:

Accuflow Systems, Inc.

Address: 4600 Wedgewood Blvd Ste P Frederick, MD, 21703-7167 United States

Phone: (240) 457-4413

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.44 million

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2002

Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 427 Park St Charlottesville, VA, 22902-4737 United States

Phone: (434) 297-1000

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.44 million

Year Started: 1996

Adenosine Therapeutics, L.L.C.

Address: 1881 N Nash St Unit 301 Arlington, VA, 22209-1562 United States

Phone: (434) 979-1902

Revenue: $2.78 million

Year Started: 2008

Aditxt, Inc.

Address: 737 N 5TH St Ste 200 Richmond, VA, 23219-1441 United States

Phone: (804) 613-3001

Website: Visit

Revenue: $7.15 million

Year Started: 2017

Incorporated: 2017

Afton Scientific, LLC

Address: 2020 Avon Ct Ste 1 Charlottesville, VA, 22902-0005 United States

Phone: (434) 979-3737

Website: Visit

Revenue: $15.00 million

Year Started: 1990

AG Essence, Inc.

Address: 5350 Lewis Rd Ste E Sandston, VA, 23150-1932 United States

Phone: (804) 915-6650

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.03 million

Year Started: 2011

Incorporated: 2011

Ampac Fine Chemicals Virginia, LLC

Address: 2820 Normandy Dr. Petersburg, VA, 23805-9372 United States

Phone: (804) 504-8600

Website: Visit

Revenue: $6.85 million

Year Started: 2016

Arconic Cbt

Address: 1 Howmet Dr. Hampton, VA, 23661-1333 United States

Phone: (757) 825-6870

Website: Visit

Revenue: $12.00 million

Year Started: 2017

Axon Medchem LLC

Address: 12020 Sunrise Valley Dr. Ste 100 Reston, VA, 20191-3429 United States

Phone: (703) 650-9359

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.31 million

Year Started: 2016

Best Medical International, Inc.

Address: 7643 Fullerton Rd Springfield, VA, 22153-2815 United States

Phone: (703) 451-2378

Website: Visit

Revenue: $39.49 million

Year Started: 1977

Cavion, Inc.

Address: 310 2ND St SE Ste B Charlottesville, VA, 22902-5676 United States

Phone: (434) 200-8442

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.58 million

Year Started: 2003

B. Fleet Company, Incorporated

Address: 4615 Murray Pl Lynchburg, VA, 24502-2235 United States

Phone: (434) 528-4000

Revenue: $72.27 million

Year Started: 1916

Incorporated: 1994

Circ, LLC

Address: 300 Ringgold Industrial Pkwy Danville, VA, 24540-5548 United States

Phone: (434) 793-9100

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.87 million

Year Started: 2010

Contraline, Inc.

Address: 1216 Harris St Charlottesville, VA, 22903-5340 United States

Phone: (347) 327-3676

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.53 million

Year Started: 2015

Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Address: 1317 Carlton Ave Ste 200 Charlottesville, VA, 22902-6193 United States

Phone: (434) 220-0718

Sales: $5.27 million

Assets: $27

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2015

Famarco Newco, LLC

Address: 1381 Air Rail Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455-3301 United States

Phone: (757) 460-3573

Revenue: $9.85 million

Year Started: 1962

Granules Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 3701 Concorde Pkwy Ste 800 Chantilly, VA, 20151-1126 United States

Phone: (571) 325-5950

Revenue: $22.13 million

Year Started: 2014

Incorporated: 2014

Helms Candy Co., Inc.

Address: 3001 Lee Hwy Bristol, VA, 24202-5939 United States

Phone: (276) 669-2612

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.03 million

Year Started: 1909

Incorporated: 1972

Immunarray Usa, Inc.

Address: 737 N 5TH St Ste 304 Richmond, VA, 23219-1441 United States

Phone: (804) 212-2975

Revenue: $1.91 million

Year Started: 2010

International Pharmaceutical Excipients Auditing, Inc

Address: 3138 10TH St N Ste 500 Arlington, VA, 22201-2149 United States

Phone: (571) 814-3449

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.19 million

Year Started: 2000

Kerecis LLC

Address: 2200 Clarendon Blvd Ste 1400 Arlington, VA, 22201-3331 United States

Phone: (703) 465-7945

Website: Visit

Revenue: $15.43 million

Year Started: 2016

Mediatech, Inc.

Address: 9345 Discovery Blvd Manassas, VA, 20109-3992 United States

Phone: (703) 471-5955

Revenue: $23.46 million

Year Started: 1984

Incorporated: 1986

Melling LLC

Address: 658 S Columbus St Alexandria, VA, 22314-4156 United States

Phone: (844) 635-5464

Website: Visit

Revenue: $16.05 million

Year Started: 2013

National Vaccine Information Center

Address: 21525 Ridgetop Cir Ste 100 Sterling, VA, 20166-6510 United States

Phone: (703) 938-0342

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.02 million

Year Started: 2013

Incorporated: 1995

N-Molecular, Inc.

Address: 21000 Atlantic Blvd Ste 730 Dulles, VA, 20166-2499 United States

Phone: (703) 547-8161

Revenue: $1.70 million

Year Started: 2015

Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.

Address: 5400 Corporate Cir Salem, VA, 24153-8300 United States

Phone: (540) 389-9361

Website: Visit

Revenue: $76.58 million

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2001

Nutravail Holding Corp.

Address: 14790 Flint Lee Rd Chantilly, VA, 20151-1513 United States

Phone: (703) 222-6348

Revenue: $9.69 million

Year Started: 2003

Panaceutics Nutrition, Inc.

Address: 2311 Cane Creek Pkwy Ringgold, VA, 24586-3913 United States

Phone: (919) 797-9623

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.13 million

Year Started: 2018

PBM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 200 Garrett St Ste F Charlottesville, VA, 22902-5662 United States

Phone: (434) 980-8100

Revenue: $1.69 million

Year Started: 2004

Perrigo Nutritionals

Address: 652 Peter Jefferson Pkwy Charlottesville, VA, 22911-8849 United States

Phone: (434) 297-1070

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.13 million

Year Started: 2015

Pharmaceutical Research Associates, Inc.

Address: 12120 Sunset Hills Rd Ste 600 Reston, VA, 20190-5904 United States

Phone: (703) 464-6300

Revenue: $2.59 million

Year Started: 2007

Phlow Corp.

Address: 1001 Haxall Point Ste 100 # 1B Richmond, VA, 23219-3954 United States

Phone: (804) 207-4893

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.64 million

Year Started: 2020

Poms Corporation

Address: 196 Van Buren St Ste 200 Herndon, VA, 20170-5337 United States

Phone: (703) 574-9901

Website: Visit

Revenue: $13.27 million

Year Started: 1987

Incorporated: 1987

Real Life Sciences, Inc.

Address: 5665 Lowery Rd Ste 100 Norfolk, VA, 23502-2246 United States

Phone: (757) 901-0460

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.99 million

Year Started: 2018

Rhonda’s Pharmacy LLC

Address: 3413 Robert C Byrd Dr. Beckley, WV, 25801-3756 United States

Phone: (304) 255-6337

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.05 million

Year Started: 2006

Scilucent LLC

Address: 585 Grove St Ste 300 Herndon, VA, 20170-4790 United States

Phone: (703) 435-0033

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.61 million

Year Started: 1998

Incorporated: 1998

Techlab, Inc.

Address: 2001 Kraft Dr. Blacksburg, VA, 24060-6358 United States

Phone: (540) 953-1664

Website: Visit

Revenue: $23.57 million

Year Started: 1989

Incorporated: 1989

Valley Biomedical Products and Services, Inc.

Address: 121 Industrial Dr. Winchester, VA, 22602-2583 United States

Phone: (540) 868-0800

Website: Visit

Revenue: $3.41 million

Year Started: 1986

Incorporated: 1986

Vidar Systems Corporation

Address: 365 Herndon Pkwy Ste 105 Herndon, VA, 20170-6236 United States

Phone: (703) 471-7070

Revenue: $9.57 million

Year Started: 1984

Washington Homeopathic Products, Inc

Address: 260 J R Hawvermale Way Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411-6957 United States

Phone: (304) 258-2541

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.60 million

Year Started: 1873

Frequently Asked Questions about the pharmaceutical companies in Virginia

In Virginia, who is in charge of pharmacy regulation?

The Pharmacy Board of Virginia is in charge of pharmaceutical regulations.

Is it possible for a registered pharmacist to prescribe medication?

A pharmacist cannot both practice and prescribe medications. Regulation 1.4. 1 requires that every prescription include the prescribing doctor’s registration number.

While dispensing medications, the pharmacist should double-check every prescription he comes across.

How many FFRDCs are in Virginia?

Virginia is home to 25% of federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs).

How many pharmaceutical packaging companies are in Virginia?

In Virginia, there are more than 50 major packaging establishments that provide services to the pharmaceutical industry.

Final thought

Virginia has increased its investment in academic biomedical research, particularly translational science, to help fuel the growth of its life sciences industry.

The state contributed $90 million toward the establishment of the Virginia Tech Carilion (VTC) in Roanoke in 2007.

VTC is home to a medical school and a translational science institute, the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, which was recently renamed. Virginia Tech (VT) in Blacksburg and Carilion Clinic in Roanoke also contributed to VTC’s funding.

Six startups have been launched by institute researchers so far. From 2001 to 2008, the number of companies in Virginia’s pharmaceutical industry increased by 55 percent, while private-sector growth in the state increased by 18 percent.

The pharmaceutical industry in Virginia grew by 15.5 percent from 2014 to 2016. From 2014 to 2016, the number of pharmaceutical companies and medical device and equipment companies increased by 37 and 31 percent, respectively.

The majority of Virginia pharmaceutical companies are homegrown, founded by Virginia entrepreneurs, or based on research discoveries made at the state’s universities.

Unlike many other states, Virginia does not have a large concentration of pharmaceutical firms, only 5 concentrations.


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