Top pharmaceutical companies in Sri Lanka

The pharmaceutical companies in Sri Lanka are heavily dependent on imports, around 85 percent of demand comes from abroad.

The government plans to set up a pharmaceutical zone to manufacture some products locally. The Cosmetic Drugs and Devices Regulatory Agency regulates the pharmaceutical and medical sectors to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of drugs and medical devices.

Although many pharmaceutical imports are regionally sourced, the superior quality and effectiveness of Western-made devices are widely recognized by physicians and consumers. Medical device registration can be time-consuming and requires a lot of detail.

Private Hospitals in Colombo are equipped with the latest equipment and these hospitals offer good opportunities for U.S. providers.

Government bidding for equipment and projects is another opportunity for American healthcare companies.

Involving local representatives with experience in the medical sector and maintaining good connections with both public and private sector healthcare providers are important to the success of medical device suppliers.

US exports of medical devices and pharmaceuticals to Sri Lanka in 2019 were valued at approximately US$23 million.

Overview of the pharmaceutical sector in Sri Lanka

Demand for health services increases due to an aging population. The provision of health insurance has also supported the growth of the private healthcare sector.

There are 603 government hospitals in Sri Lanka, nearly 200 private hospitals of various sizes, 5,000 private pharmacies, and 1,000 laboratories.

The healthcare industry offers good opportunities for US medical devices: well-known international brands earn a premium.

Diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment, critical care equipment, clinical analyzers, and hematology equipment continue to offer the best sales opportunities for US firms.

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Sri Lanka

Here is an organized and detailed list of some of the top pharmaceutical companies operating in Sri Lanka.

Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

PHONE: +94-11-4732600

FAX: +94-11-2448493

EMAIL: [email protected]

Address: P.O. Box 11 5, Upper Chatham Street Colombo 1 Sri Lanka


Address: No: 688 Galle Road Colombo Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-112636741

Website: Visit here

Year Started: 1956

Incorporated: 1956

Braun Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

Phone: +94 11 2 667566

Fax: +94 11 2 667577

Address: Level 11, HNB Towers, No. 479, T.B. Jayah Mawatha, 10 Colombo Sri Lanka

Burhani Enterprises

Website: Visit here

Address: 1st floor, No. 10, Dam Street, Colombo 00120

Contact: 0094-11-2431857

Care Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

Address: 1, Katuhenawaththa, Ratnapura Road, Munagama, Horana 12400, Sri Lanka

Telephone: +94 34 226 2862

Email: [email protected]

Celogen Lanka Private Limited

Website: Visit here

Address: BOI, Celogen Private Limited, Lot No 7A Industrial Park, Pallekele, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 812 424 831

Fax: +91 22 41588750

Email: [email protected]

CIC Lifesciences Factory

Website: visit

Address: 199, Kew Road, Colombo 2.

Telephone: +94 112328421/6,+9411 2359359

FAX: +94 112446922

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

Dimath Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited

Website: Visit here

Address: Suhada Mawatha Batapola Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 912 261 222

Emar Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Phone: +94-112-810-913

Email: [email protected]

Address: 23, Anderson Road , Kalubowila, Dehiwala- 10350, Sri Lanka.


Address: No : 663 Biyagama Road Pethiyagoda Colombo, Colombo, 10 Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-112686493

Website: Visit here

Year Started: 2012

Incorporated: 2012

Euro Asian Pharma

Website: click here

Address: Meegaha Pedesa, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-11-2505376/7

Fax: +94-11-2505375

Email: [email protected]

Flowers Pharma Lanka Pvt Ltd

Phone: 075 783 3290


George Steuart Health (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Address: No. 7E, Postmaster’s Place, Off Templers Road, Mount Lavinia.

Phone: 0114202800-9

Fax: 0112733121 | 0114202804 | 0112729884

Email: [email protected]


Website: Visit here

Address: 5th Floor, Paramount Tower 192/10, 9th Lane Nawala Road, Nawala Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 759 8373

Fax: +94 11 2635000


Address: 75, Braybrooke Place, Colombo, Colombo, 2 Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-114731731

Website: click here

Year Started: 1993

Incorporated: 1993


Website: click here


PHONE / FAX: 0094 11 2252422

Email: [email protected]

HOT LINE: 0094 713815232

Junaht International (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

EMAIL: [email protected]

Phone: +94 (77) 238 7600 , +94 (77) 372 6788, +94772387600

Address: 39/A, Welisarawatte ,2nd Lane, Mahabage. Sri Lanka Zip Code : 71722

LifeLink Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Address: LifeLink Pharma (Pvt) Ltd No 160/1-C-3, New Kandy Road, Biyagama, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94112468833

Email: [email protected]

Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Address: PO Box2, Malinda, Kapugoda Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 115 60 60 60, +94 112 14 55 00

Fax: +94 112 409 293

Email: [email protected]

Mansel Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

Address: No 73, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05.

Tel: +94 -(011)-2582299, +94 -(011)-2582301, +94 -(011)-2582302

Fax:+94 -(011)-2583777

E-mail: [email protected]

Markss Healthcare

Website: Visit here

Address: No. 153/3, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo 05. Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 112 368 686

Email: [email protected]

Fax: +94 112 368 267

Medulix Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

Phone: 077 190 4508

Address: No.855/4/1, Siyambalapewatta, Delgoda 11700 Sri Lanka

Mega Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Address: 93/5, Dutugemunu Street, Colombo 06, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 2812390-1, +94 11 4203596-7

Email: [email protected]


Address: 620, Biyagama Road Pethiyagoda, Kelaniya Colombo, Colombo Sri Lanka See other locations

Phone: +94-112904222

Website: Visit here

Year Started: 1939

Incorporated: 1939

Navesta Pharmaceuticals

Address: No. 29/3 Kirimandala Mawatha Nawala, Rajagiriya Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 (11) 286-1800

Fax: +94 (11) 286-5847

Email: [email protected]

NF Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit here

Phone: +94 11 4327627

Address: No. 12, Siri Dhamma Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka

Email: [email protected]

Pharmatec Pvt Ltd.

Office: No:45A, Cemetery Road, Thalapathpitiya, Nugegoda Warehouse: 439, Thalawathugoda Road, Madiwela, Kotte

Telephone: +94 112 778 942

Hotline: +94 77 283 9340

Fax: +94 112 779 869

Email: [email protected]


Address: No. 148 Maligawa Road Colombo, Colombo Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-112635481

Year Started: 1955

Incorporated: 1955

Queen’s pharmacy

Website: Visit here

Address: No.3,31-D1/1,Maithiripala Senanayaka Mw, Anuradhapura, Sri lanka.

Contact No: 0094253248949.

Email: [email protected].

Rohto Mentholatum Lanka (PVT) Ltd

Website: click here

Address: No. 57 Grandpass Rd, Colombo 01400, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 337 098

Seregen (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Address: 61/A/4 Midellamula Hena Estate Thalgahawila Road, Horana Sri Lanka

Telephone: +94 342 262733,+94 342 262766


Address: No: 33/3, Sri Dharmarama Road Ratmalana Colombo, Colombo Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-112736910

Website: visit

Year Started: 1934

Incorporated: 2007

Sigma impex

Website: visit

Phone: 0112 692 657, 077 739 3424

Address: P De S Kularatne Mawatha Colombo 00800 Sri Lanka

Slim Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Phone: +94 11 2 681 680

Fax: +94 11 2 407 884

Email: [email protected]

Address: 98/10, Namal Mawatha, Kahantota Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka


Address: No 11, Sir John Kotalawala Mawatha Kandawala Estate Colombo, Colombo Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-112636966

Year Started: 1987

Incorporated: 1987


Address: Off Aluthnuwara Road Edanduwawe, Mawanella Mawanella, Colombo, 71500 Sri Lanka

Phone: +94-352248195

Website: Visit here

Year Started: 1990

Incorporated: 2008

Tabrane Pharmaceuticals

Address: No. 4/75, Thalakotuwa Garden, Polhengoda Junction, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 11 573 7750

Fax: +94 11 251 4363 / +94 11 251 4383

Email: [email protected]

T.M.I Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Website: click here

Address: No 20 – 1/1,Robert Gunawardena Mawatha, Kirulapone, Colombo 06.

Hotline: +94 11 4322 000

FAX: +94 11 5359217

Email: [email protected]

Villogen Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Website: Visit

Phone: 0812 065 570

Address: 614, Colombo Road, Nanuoya Pilimathalawa 20450 Sri Lanka

Yaden Pharmaceutical Importers and Distributors

Address: 67 Norris Canal Rd, Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 687 330

Regulation of pharmaceutical products

The law proposed several departments, with the regulatory department of medicine responsible for the regulation and control of the drug license.

However, as new regulations are being drafted, NMRA intends to move to the CTD (Common Technical Document) format. This is not the first time Sri Lanka is considering applications for medicines. New molecules must first be approved by a “reference” authority and have at least two years of post-marketing experience.

This requirement can be waived for medicinal products of national importance (e.g. dengue vaccination).

Currently, NMRA considers the following agencies to be “reference” agencies for new molecules: US FDA; Health Canada; EMA; MHRA, UK; AMP, Sweden; CBGMEB,  Netherlands; TGA, Australia; and Medsafe, New Zealand.

The review process includes an expert review. These are generally summary reports since a strict reference body has already carried out the complete data. Pharmacovigilance and postage monitoring are areas that require greater strengthening.

Drug development activities

New drug discovery and development activities take place at two opposite ends of a continuum, but none of them go through the full development cycle in Sri Lanka.

There is particular interest in phytochemicals as the country has a rich biodiversity in flora and a traditional system of herbal medicines.

Potential chemicals are identified, structures elucidated and some non-clinical studies performed. The Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Colombo have taken the lead in these activities.

On the other hand, the safety and effectiveness of molecules developed in joint clinical trials are evaluated. Sponsors use the data generated to support new drug applications submitted to strict reference authorities.

The NMRA governs trials of new molecules and products for unlicensed indications, including studies initiated by local researchers for new indications and new dosing regimens for existing molecules.

Approval from a recognized ethics committee is mandatory for these studies. Currently, applications for the first international multi-center Phase 2 human trials require approval from a reference agency. All trials must be prospectively registered with the Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions about the pharmaceutical companies in Sri Lanka

Which is the best pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka?

Soins Global is the leading pharmaceutical brand with an impact on the health prospects and goals of people across Sri Lanka and the world. It is closely followed by Truvic Private Limited and Tabrane Pharmacy.

In what year was the national pharmaceutical industry of Sri Lanka established?

In 1987, the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) was formed.

What are the Sri Lankan Pharmaceutical Industry total expenditures?

In 2017, drug expenditure in Sri Lanka (sales of medicines in hospitals and pharmacies at consumer prices) was US$642 million and is estimated at US$664 million in 2018.

By 2022, the market is worth $642 million – $787 million, representing a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1%.

How can one import medicines into Sri Lanka?

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of a valid prescription issued by a registered doctor.
  • Letter of request from the patient or a guardian of the patient.
  • Copy of the patient’s or legal guardian’s ID card/passport/driver’s license.
  • Application form signed by the prescribing physician.


The Sri Lankan pharmaceutical market is valued at US$400 million per year. Regulating the prices of these drugs have a huge impact on the health of the population.

The revised drug pricing formula, introduced in 2016, ensures that essential drugs are sold below a maximum recommended retail price at all times. Senaratne said it could reduce the prices of certain drugs by up to 85%.

The revised pricing policy is a major achievement in upholding patients’ right to access affordable medicines in Sri Lanka.


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