Top pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia

The pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia are the most successful in the country thanks to a long tradition of the chemical industry in this part of Europe, which dates back to the first half of the 19th century, as soap, paint, alcohol, and various chemicals.

The first industrial chemical plants were founded in the middle of the 19th century: KIK Kamnik, Cinkarna Celje, and TKI Hrastnik. The railway connection with Vienna and the port of Trieste, the coal mines for energy generation, chemistry, and a pool of skilled workers gave the Slovenian pharmaceutical industry a boost.

Introduction to pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia

It is human capital that ultimately led to the successful development of the industry from the manufacture of basic chemicals to the manufacture of finished consumer goods: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, pesticides, and rubber and plastic products.

Today, the knowledge and skills of around 32,000 employees in around 900 companies make Slovenian pharmaceutical manufacturers very successful in important export markets, while 4,000 students at high schools, pharmacy, biology, and veterinary medicine guarantee highly qualified young professionals.

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The numbers for post-secondary education are just as high: around 5,200 students are enrolled in undergraduate courses in chemical engineering, biology, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.

Also, the story does not end with a diploma and good foreign language skills. The improvement of the existing workforce and the recruitment of young professionals who would like to acquire a new professional qualification for the chemical industry have built a bridge between universities and industry and supported the development of the new professional qualification for the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia

Find below a detailed list of some pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia, alongside their contact information:

Abbott Laboratories družba za farmacijo in diagnostiko d.o.o.

Address: Dolenjska cesta 242c, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 236 31 60


Address: Šmartinska c. 140, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 320 06 60

Website: visit here

Amgen zdravila, trženje zdravil d.o.o.

Address: Šmartinska c. 140, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 585 20 25

Website: visit

Astrazeneca uk Limited, podružnica v Sloveniji

Address: Verovškova ulica 55, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 513 56 00

Website: click here

Bayer, Farmacevtska družba d.o.o.

Address: Bravničarjeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 581 44 00

Website: Visit


Director: Omar Said

Address: Ljubljanska cesta 12F 1236, Trzin, OSREDNJESLOVENSKA Slovenia

Revenue: $33,114

Belinal Slovenija Trgovina

Address: Celovška cesta 172, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 80 2991

Website: visit here

Billev farmacija vzhod, registracija zdravil d.o.o.

Address: Tržaška c. 202, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 232 20 95

Website: visit here

BIOGEN Pharma d.o.o.

Director: Francesco Verolino

Address: Ameriska ulica 8 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Phone: +386-15110290

Revenue: $4.10 million


Director: Claudio Barbierato

Address: Ulica 15.maja 10 6000, Koper – Capodistria Slovenia

Revenue: $153,742

Boehringer Ingelheim Rcv Gmbh & Co Kg, podružnica Ljubljana

Address: Šlandrova ulica 4b, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 544 39 35

Website: Click Here


Director: Nejc Rusjan

Address: Dunajska cesta 196 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Revenue: $1.34 million

Website: click here

FARMAKEM, d.o.o.

Director: BERNARD Fridrih

Address: Bohova 73 2311, Hoce Slovenia

Phone: +386-26200791

Revenue: $1.59 million

Farmicom Farmacevtska družba d.o.o.

Address: Obrtna cona Logatec, 30, 1370 Logatec, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 754 20 78

Website: visit here

FAVN d.o.o.

Director: Mihael Kovac

Address: Adamiceva cesta 51 1290, Grosuplje Slovenia

Phone: +386-14363188

Revenue: $1.70 million

Galenika-Fitofarmacija, zastopstvo in trgovina, d.o.o.

Address: Tržaška c. 515, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani, Slovenia

Phone: +47 930 40 133

GALEX d.o.o.

Director: MATEJ Linke

Address: Tisinska ulica 29G 9000, Murska Sobota Slovenia

Phone: +386-25213510

Revenue: $1.30 million

HERBANA d.o.o.

Director: Tine Oblak

Address: Jarse 44 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Phone: +386-15347288

Revenue: $643,351


Address: Croatia, Žmaučeva ul. 13A, 10291, Savski Marof, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 3396 977

Website: click here


Director: Boris Jancan

Address: 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Revenue: $1,183

KOZELJ d.o.o. Dob

Director: Zoran Poljsak

Address: Vegova ulica 12 1233, Dob Slovenia

Phone: +386-17220970

Revenue: $270,822

KRKA, d.d., Novo mesto

Address: Smarjeska cesta 6 8000, Novo Mesto, JUGOVZHODNA SLOVENIJA Slovenia

Phone: +386-73312111

Revenue: $1.82 billion

Lek d.d.

Address: Verovskova ulica 57 1526, Ljubljana-Lek, OSREDNJESLOVENSKA Slovenia

Phone: +386-15802111

Revenue: $1.42 billion

Director: Robert Ljoljo


Address: Partizanska c. 32, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 5 731 17 70

Lenis farmacevtika d.o.o.

Address: Litostrojska Cesta 52, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 235 07 00

Website: visit here

Lundbeck-Pharma svetovalno podjetje d.o.o.

Address: Titova cesta 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Phone: +386 2 229 45 00


Director: Aljaz Lesnik

Address: Minařikova ulica 8 2000, Maribor, PODRAVSKA Slovenia

Phone: +386-26208200

Revenue: $13.58 million

Website: visit


Director: Aleksander Pernat

Address: Cesta v Gorice 2B 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Phone: +386-12321842

Revenue: $965,027


Address: Brnčičeva ulica 1, 1001 Ljubljana Črnuče, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 589 69 00

Website: visit

Medisanus medicinsko Farmacevtska družba d.o.o. Ljubljana

Address: Tržaška c. 134, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 320 08 09

Website: visit here

MGC Pharmaceuticals d.o.o.

Address: Emonska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Website: click here

Mylan Healthcare d.o.o.

Address: Dolenjska cesta 242c, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 236 31 80

Website: click here

NISSA d.o.o.

Director: Mateja Podlesnik Medjedovic

Address: Ulica Jusa Kozaka 10 1000, Ljubljana Slovenia

Phone: +386-14723100

Novartis Pharma Services Inc. podružnica v Sloveniji

Address: Verovškova ulica 57, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 300 75 50


Director: Simon Bucik

Address: Roska cesta 69 8333, Semic Slovenia

Revenue: $41,392

Roche Farmacevtska družba d.o.o.

Address: Stegne 13g, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 360 26 00


Address: Verovskova ulica 55A 1000, Ljubljana, OSREDNJESLOVENSKA Slovenia

Phone: +386-59233200

Revenue: $53.31 million

Director: Bernard Jean Y Lemaire

Servier Pharma marketing in trgovina d.o.o.

Address: Podmilščakova ulica 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 563 48 11

Website: visit here


Director: SUNGHWAN Kim

Address: Industrijska cesta 1J 1290, Grosuplje, OSREDNJESLOVENSKA Slovenia

Phone: +386-31646087

Website: visit here

Revenue: $136,003


Director: Antonija Torkar

Address: 4248, Lesce Slovenia

Revenue: $67,410


The pharmaceutical companies in Slovenia are an extremely competitive sector. From the receipt of raw materials to in-process quality control tests, companies develop unique analysis tools that are designed for easy integration into the pharmaceutical production environment.

Furthermore, the need for better productivity is driving this movement from laboratory analytical tools to processing.

Pharmaceutical scientists generally need instrumentation companies to develop smaller, faster, and more accurate tools. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical machines are currently modernizing their machines to meet the new international requirements in terms of standards and technology.


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