Best 32 pharmaceutical companies in Afghanistan

The pharmaceutical companies in Afghanistan have a significant impact on the livelihoods of all Afghan citizens.

Research has shown that a significant portion of the income of the poorest households is spent on health care, including travel to public health facilities, use of private clinics and doctors, and the purchase of medicines.

An AREU report on rural livelihoods found that health was the second-biggest expense for many households after nutrition.

Families can end up spending much more than is needed to treat a sick relative and can seriously jeopardize the long-term health of the individual and, in turn, the productivity of the family. The poor were least served by the private pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan.

Top Pharmaceutical use in Afghanistan

Since 2002 the number of donated medicines has increased dramatically in Afghanistan. It is estimated that medicines donated in-kind or purchased with monetary donations account for between 20 and 30 percent of the medicines used in Afghanistan.

The remaining 70-80 percent of medicines not supplied by donors come from the private sector. Assuming a population of 25.

million, the private pharmaceutical market in Afghanistan could be worth as much as $200 million per year.

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It is difficult to grasp the current size of the private pharmaceutical market as it is believed that many importers and wholesalers are unregistered. Smuggling is a major problem in the pharmaceutical sector. Both branded and generic drugs are sold in the Afghan market. The term

“generic” has been legally defined in France as “a copy of an original drug manufacturing and marketing of which is possible thanks to the expiry of the patent for the innovative product.

Every drug on the market has a chemical name and an International Nonproprietary Name (INN) or generic name (e.g. Ampicillin). manufactured or sold. INNs are assigned by the World Health Organization (WHO). The manufacturer chooses a protected trademark. For

most common drugs, there are several brand-containing drugs containing the same active ingredient such as paracetamol.

Gaps in Afghanistan’s pharmaceutical sector

  1. Many pharmacies are not licensed
  2. Many pharmacies operate without a qualified pharmacist or even a pharmacy technician on-site (one study showed that only 14% of pharmacists are qualified pharmacists)
  3. Medicines are often sold unpackaged, ampoules (no leaflet), often  expired
  4. Prescription drugs are sold over the counter and often directly to children
  5. Regulations on the physical condition of pharmacies and their coverage are often not followed (eg pharmacies are very often located in central urban locations and there are a limited number of pharmacies in rural areas), pharmacies often do not list the full range of essential medicines
  6. Inspections of pharmacies are infrequent and random, and when they do occur, are carried out by a multitude of inspectors from different agencies and not according to a specific inspection protocol)
  7. There is no evidence of use (there have been no reported pharmacy closures due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements).

Pharmaceutical Companies in Afghanistan

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the pharmaceutical companies operating in Afghanistan

  • 786 Chain Pharmacy

Address: Bagh-e Bala Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone: +93 76 600 0786


This is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Afghanistan that have been striving hard in the production of top pharma products essential for ideal living.

Address: 3rd floor of Qader bakhshi medicine market Hotel parwan Khair khana phase 3 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93 (0) 78 695 1951,+93 (0) 78 695 1951

Email: [email protected]

  • Al-hamd Pharma ltd

Website: visit here

Address: Office # 23 Ayubi Rohtiya Medicine Market Shah Zaman Watt, Herat Bazar Kandahar Afghanistan.

Phone: +93 302 005 837 / +93 700 324 538 /

Email: [email protected]

  • Amico Pharma

Website: click here

Address: Shorandam Kandahar, Afghanistan

Phone: +91 22 40031142

Fax: +91 22 23421142

Mobile: +91 9820433902 / 9820337063

Email: [email protected]


Address: Sher Muhammad Market Jalalabad Afghanistan

Phone: +93-777345499

Revenue: $3.26 million

Year Started: 2002

  • Aria Medica

Website: visit here

Address: ane 3, 2nd street، Kabul, Afghanistan Map of aria medica kabul

Phone: +93 72 860 6064


Address: Market Ilham Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-202401824

Revenue: $3.20 million

Year Started: 2011

Incorporated: 2011


Address: Miral Business Center, Jade Eid Gah Herat Afghanistan

Phone: +93-798242005

Website: click here

Revenue: $3.26 million

Year Started: 2004 Incorporated: 2004

  • Bator Rawan Co.Ltd

Website: click here

Phone: 076 433 0330

Address: Amin Plaza Hotel Parwan District 11th Kabul 0093 Afghanistan

  • Euromed

Website: visit

Email: [email protected]

Address: 4th Floor, Nejrab Market  3rd Part of Khair  Khana  Kabul | Afghanistan

Phone: +93 79 030 0000

  • Halim Pharma

Website: click here

Address: 307, Third Floor Shamshad Market, Sector 3 Khair Khana, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone Numbers: 0777 322290, 0788 322290

Email: [email protected]

  • Herai Pharma

Website: click here

Address: 6646+529, Guzara, Afghanistan

Phone: +93 79 921 9274


Address: Opposite of Chaman Huzuri , Ajmal Market Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-700600204

Revenue: $5.17 million

Year Started: 1967

Incorporated: 2010

  • Inventor pharma distribute in kandahar

Address: new sarak sarwari market shop number

Phone: +93 70 032 1473


Address: Ayoubi Dermal Market Kandahar Afghanistan

Phone: +93-302002525

Revenue: $3.58 million

Year Started: 2006

Incorporated: 2011


Address: Street No 2, District 9 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-787424210

Revenue: $1.47 million

Year Started: 2016

Incorporated: 2016

  • kaizen Star Trading Ltd Co

Phone: 078 888 1952

Address: United Tower, Dani Bagh Kabul Afghanistan Kabul 1005 Afghanistan


Address: Khalid Taraky Business Center Hotel Parwan Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-703000204

Website: click here

Revenue: $1.84 million

Year Started: 2007

  • Millisshifa pharmaceutical Khost branch

Website: visit

Address: Park-e-Sanati Pule charkhi, Sarak-e-Now Block B street 6 Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel: +93 (0) 20 232 1212

Mobile: +93 (0) 777 777 861

E-mail: [email protected]

  • MoonBright Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Address: Juma Mohammad Mohammadi Industrial estate Kabul 1001 Afghanistan


Address: Malik Asghar Square Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-704028719

Revenue: $1.84 million

Year Started: 2017

Incorporated: 2017


Address: 39 Ayubi Roghtia Market Kandahar Afghanistan

Phone: +93-302002790

Website: click here

Revenue: $21.70 million

Year Started: 1990

  • Nosher Pharma

Website: visit here

Address: C-G Alokozay Tower, Shahr e Naw, Kabul-Afghanistan

Phone: +93-202211956

Email: [email protected]

  • Orya Sehat

Address: G662+F54, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone: +93 76 620 3040


Address: Jalal Abad Road 1 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-2081273334

Website: visit here

Year Started: 1994

Incorporated: 1994

  • Rasool khan Essakhail Pharma

Phone: 077 460 0007

Address: New Medicine Line Said Rahman Beraq Plaza Khost 2501 Afghanistan


Address: No:5 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-202511938

Revenue: $7.52 million

Year Started: 2013 Incorporated: 2013


Address: Near Hotel Parwan, Qadar Bakshi Market Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-775105553

Revenue: $2.50 million

Year Started: 2010 Incorporated: 2014


Address: Office No. 6, Rahmans House, Shash Darak Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-786459121

Revenue: $2.84 million

Year Started: 2016 Incorporated: 2016

Rugh Sehat Ltd

Website: visit

Telephone: 0044 (0) 1756 792 600

Fax: 0044 (0) 1756 795 667

Email: [email protected]

Address: hotel parwan square، Afghanistan


Address: C-16, Qadir Bakhshi Plaza Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-791706612

Revenue: $5.37 million

Year Started: 1990

Incorporated: 2009

  • Snow Pharma

Phone: +93 (0) 70 061 6505

Email: [email protected]

Address: M3 Road, Snow Industrial Park A, 2nd Aino Meena, Kandahar, Afghanistan


Address: Close to Kochai Barana, Kabul Plaza Jadai Maiwand Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93-783003800

Website: visit here

Revenue: $5.04 million

Year Started: 1967

Incorporated: 2013

  • Zinan Abasin Ltd

Address: Hotel Parwan, 3rd part of Khair Khana, Kabul

Phone: +93767868686

Email: [email protected]

Development of Local Pharmaceutical Industry  and Trade Policies

Just a decade ago, Afghanistan produced most of its pharmaceutical needs domestically and even developed an export market.

Afghanistan’s pharmaceutical industry,  strong between the 1970s and early 1990s, has been severely damaged by the many recent conflicts in its history.

There are currently two credible foreign-owned manufacturers and a large pre-existing state-owned manufacturer (the latter is in a run-down state but is attempting to revitalize its manufacturing base in line with international manufacturing standards).

There is also a large number of small-sized pharmaceutical manufacturers that are 100 percent Afghan-owned and are growing in number.

Afghanistan also produces many herbal ingredients that are exported for use in herbal medicines; In 2010, “medicinal plants” were exported to the value of US$28.6 million, accounting for 7% of total exports.

Therefore, the development of local production of herbal medicines makes sense, since the country is a reservoir of potentially valuable herbal active ingredients with cultivation experience.

There are programs to support the local production of essential medicines. Due to its landlocked location, the cost of importing bulky essential medicines can be prohibitive and in excess of international reference prices, and its porous borders make import control difficult.

Therefore, there is real justification for developing the local pharmaceutical industry. Industries that can help meet the country’s basic drug needs and that require the establishment of effective import substitution policies.


The pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan is one of the least developed in the world for various reasons, operates in a chaotic faction, and suffers from many weaknesses covering the full range of activities in this sector.

The presence of substandard and counterfeit medicines on the market is likely to be significant and should be viewed as a public health threat that requires urgent attention.


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