Top Pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

The Pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia are involved in the preparation and development of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

Pharmacists are responsible for preparing the form of drug doses, such as capsules, tablets, and sterile injection solutions. Science and the study of disease treatment are pharmacology.

Since World War II, the development, research, discovery, and use of new and effective drugs have been evolving.

Introduction to pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

However, the scientists continue to fulfill the intentions of the prescription by providing advice and information; expressing, and maintaining accurate and safe dose forms, and also assuring the patient or client of the effectiveness and quality of the medicinal product supplied.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

Top Philadelphia’s pharmaceutical companies are listed below:

  • Lannett  pharmaceutical company
  •  Abzena pharmaceutical company
  •  AMYNDAS pharmaceutical company
  • PCI services
  • Vallon pharmaceuticals
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions

Lannett pharmaceutical company

This is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia, USA. It was founded in 1942, Lannet Company Inc. is a leading company in manufacturing more than 100 families of unique pharmaceuticals that improve and help people’s lives.

Their business is based on partnership and they also care about safety, affordability, life – improvement, and effective production of generic drugs. Its leadership is committed to compliance, quality, and compliance with FDA standards, with statutory requirements to ensure patient safety.

They strive to meet customer needs by adapting orders and developing a mutually beneficial relationships. In the same vein, create employment opportunities and develop strong local connections and linkages through United States headquarters, manufacturing facilities, initiatives, and others.

Top pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

Its products are as follows:

  • Dextroamphetamine/amphetamine
  • Loratadina -allergy
  • Lamivudina
  • Chlorine
  • Ondansetron
  • Diazepam CIV
  • Venlafaxine
  • Esomeprazole Magnesio
  • Calcium Atorvastatin
  • Siltussin Sa

Address: 1150 Northbrook Drive, Suite 155 Trevose, PA 19053

Tel: (215) 333-9000

Email: [email protected]

Abzena Pharmaceutical Company

Abzena Pharmaceutical Company is among the companies that provide the most competitive set of solutions to drug development services in the US.

It helps to develop and produce better treatment for patients who work for foreign and academic groups worldwide.

Using the technologies of Abzena that are currently progressing through clinical development, several antibodies have been created.

The services and technologies of Abzena include but are not limited to;

  • Custom Synopsis of toxic, reactive, and other small molecules
  • The discovery of the selection of candidates and antibodies.
  • Bi-conjugation to produce antibody-drug conjugates and optimize pharmacokinetics.
  • Manufacture of useful charging linkers and anti-body drug conjugations.
  • Anti-body and protein engineering for the reduction of immunogenicity.

Address: 360 George Patterson Blvd. Suite 101E Bristol PA 19007 USA

Tel: +1 215-788-3603

It would interest you to know the top pharmaceutical companies in the US

AMYNDAS Pharmaceutical Company

This company was founded by Dr. Lambris’s who is a world teacher in complementary results, with 40-year experience in the complement field. The company has committed itself to developing the most advanced therapies for inflammatories.

AMYNDAS is a fast-growing innovative and the next leader in the “complementary therapy” field with a convincing investment preposition, a highly promising and attractive M&A/license opportunities pipeline.

Address: 630 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 USA

Tel: +1 (484) 620-3236

Fax: +1 (610) 527-7631

E-mail: info (at)

PCI services

They are among the pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia and are regarded as true pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chain solutions providers by their global customer base, delivering a flexible approach and excellence in all that they do.

PCI is a partner for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers, providing clinical and commercial supply chain solutions with the shared goal of improving patients’ lives.

As a specialty CDMO, they provide pre-clinical and clinical drug development services for investigational medicines, including a world-class facility for highly potent processing.

Address: 3001 Red Lion Road Philadelphia, PA, 19114, USA

Tel: +1 215 613 3600

Vallon Pharmaceuticals

This is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel abuse-deterrent medications for CNS disorders.

The Company’s lead investigational product candidate, ADAIR (Abuse-Deterrent Amphetamine Immediate-Release), is a proprietary abuse-deterrent formulation of immediate-release (IR) dextroamphetamine in development for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

Address: Two Logan Square 100 N. 18th Street, Suite 300 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (267) 207-3606

Catalent Pharma Solutions

Catalent pharma solution has been in existence for more than 2 decades and remains one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia. As a global leader in clinical supply services, they have experience working with customers and clinical studies of all sizes from top global multinational pharma down to small and virtual companies.

Their employees are committed to driving service excellence and actively contributing to a “Patient First” culture that puts the patient at the center of everything we do.

Catalent’s commitment to quality can be seen throughout their organization, from inspection-ready sites to our efforts to continually refine and improve the type and scope of services they can provide to their customers.

Their Philadelphia location provides comprehensive clinical supply services including clinical supply management, comparator sourcing, package engineering primary packaging, secondary packaging and labeling, demand-led supply services, cold chain distribution, clinical storage, and returns and destruction.

Address: 10381 Decatur Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19154

Phone: +1 215 501 1210

Advantages of pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

The operations of the pharmaceutical companies help in the upliftment of the economy.

Through many pharmaceutical products, health conditions of varying degrees are easily managed and cured.

By providing treatments to manage pain, symptoms, and side effects, pharmaceutical companies can improve the quality of life of patients, allowing them the freedom to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Also, some of these companies facilitate hospital operations and reduce hospital wait time indirectly. In addition to this, conditions that would previously have required invasive treatments and operations can now be treated with effective medicine. Since patients can be discharged faster, this has reduced pressure on the health system and health workers.

Many job opportunities have been created by these pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia. In the United States, the biopharmaceuticals industry employs over 800,000 professionals working in a broad area, such as scientific research, technical support, and manufacturing.

Vaccines save money, by preventing diseases, vaccines not only help save millions of lives but also save money. Vaccines are widely accepted as cost-effective public health interventions, reducing expenditure on care, Eradicating and preventing the productive loss, curb the wider impact on the economy. According to every $1 that the US. spend on childhood vaccines, you save over $10 on the cost of disease treatment.

Pharmaceutical company jobs in Philadelphia

The jobs in the pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia are not limited to the ones listed below:

  • Custom Service Representative
  • Inventory Coordinator
  • Delivery Driver
  • Manufacturing Partner
  • Plant Operations Technician
  • Case Management Specialist
  • Distribution Project Coordinator
  • Production Operator
  • Pickup Specialist
  • Teacher Data Specialist
  • Associated Regulatory Review
  • Packing Technician
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist
  • Research Partner
  • Data Delivery Analyst
  • Specialist In Clinical Production
  • Production Supervisor

Biotechnology companies in Philadelphia

Avid RadioPharmaceuticals – dedicated to developing new molecular image agents with the aim of changing the medical management of a significant chronic human disease. The objective of Avid Pharmaceuticals is to allow the detection of presymptomatic diseases.

AUM Lifetech

This focuses on the next generation DNA silencing technology to promote solutions in biomedical research, medicine, agriculture, and aquaculture.

The objective of AUM Lifetech is to make available powerful and cost-effective genetic solutions in basic biomedical research, clinical diagnosis, and therapeutic.


It develops 3D bioprinters and bioinks designed to help researchers cure diseases, test new drugs, and remove the organ transplant waiting list.


It allows users to quickly process samples without additional laboratory equipment, special training. The Biomeme low-cost system allows mobile testing at the needed point for sectors such as health, agriculture, vector monitoring, veterinary medicine, surveillance, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring, and education.


It specializes in producing new biologics designed to naturally change the regulatory state of tissues and human organs. The main objective of the company is mainly on regenerative, evolutionary genomics, and cyber biology.

Express cells

This company is designed to speed up drug discovery and offer better disease models to basic researchers. It is dedicated to improving the development of drugs and biological research by creating better living conditions in cells.

Conclusion on the Pharmaceutical companies in Philadelphia

Pharmaceutical companies strive to achieve new treatments that help people live longer and healthier lives.

These therapies are developed, manufactured, traded, and distributed worldwide by pharmaceutical companies.

This article is essential to access these companies through the links and addresses provided on each of the companies.


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