Top 40 pharmaceutical companies in Maryland

What do you know about pharmaceutical companies in Maryland? Can Maryland really be considered among the epicenter of pharmaceutical companies?.

The state has a thriving pharmaceutical industry, which includes a robust and expanding advanced biomanufacturing environment, and a deep network of leading research universities and critical government life science research entities.

Although there are numerous large, well-established pharmaceutical companies in Maryland, such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Emergent Biosolutions, Kite Pharma, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, much of the state’s pharma innovation is taking place at smaller, emerging companies that are not yet household names.

These smaller but still critical pharmaceutical companies in Maryland are doing exciting work and are critical to the state’s growth.

The state is home to federal institutions such as the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda and the United States Food and Drug Administration in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, as well as university healthcare systems known for research such as Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, as well as a base of life sciences companies that bring expertise on various levels from big pharmaceutical players to development and manufacturing companies to start-ups.

Innovations in the pharmaceutical industry in Maryland

In Maryland, Novavax in Rockville is developing a vaccine, while Altimmune in Gaithersburg is developing a vaccine that can be taken in a single dose through the nose.

If a company is looking for therapeutic needs manufacturing or fill and finish services, they should know they can find them in Maryland.

Each of these components is represented by Maryland businesses. It was on display when Rockville-based Novavax signed an agreement with Gaithersburg-based Emergent Biosolutions for the development and manufacturing of a human-trial version at the company’s Baltimore facilities. Emergent signed a similar agreement with San Francisco-based Vaxart.

GlaxoSmithKline, which has a vaccine development center in Rockville, offered to share its vaccine adjuvant with others.

Pfizer, the parent company of Meridian Medical Technologies in Columbia, also offered to share resources and tools.

Testing is also being done at Germantown-based Qiagen and Zalgen Labs. RNA sequencing for COVID-19 is also provided by companies such as Genarraytion and Next Molecular Analytics.

According to Maryland Life Sciences, here is a complete list of pharmaceutical companies in Maryland that worked on COVID-19:

  • Pfizer offered to share its resources and tools with others.
  • GlaxoSmithKline, which has a vaccine R&D center in Rockville, offered to share its vaccine adjuvant with other vaccine developers.
  • Altimmune, headquartered in Gaithersburg, worked on an intranasal vaccine.
  • Novavax, based in Gaithersburg developed a vaccine and has a contract manufacturing and development agreement with Emergent Biosolutions.
  • Emergent Biosolutions provided services to Novavax and Vaxart in Gaithersburg and Baltimore.
  • Sanaria, which is based in Rockville, is developing diagnostics and vaccines.
  • Zalgen Labs, headquartered in Germantown, worked on a diagnostic.
  • Children’s National Hospital in D.C. offered clinical research collaborations to regional biotech companies developing COVID-19 solutions. 20/20 Gene Systems, based in Rockville, is importing a CE-marked rapid diagnostic for emergency use in the United States.
  • Genarraytion, based in Rockville, offered a COVID-19 RNA sequence assay that has been validated.
  • COVID-19 RNA sequencing was provided by Next Molecular Analytics, which has offices in Rockville and Chester, Virginia.
  • Pharmaceutics International (PII), headquartered in Hunt Valley, offered access to a sterile fill and finish the operation.
  • Asell, based in Owings Mills, Maryland, assisted the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority with diagnostic development.
  • Qiagen Labs, which has a facility in Germantown, ramped up production of COVID-19 sample processing kits and added the new coronavirus to its infectious disease test panel.
  • Navitas, which is based in Rockville, provided clinical research resources.
  • Integrated Biotherapeutics, headquartered in Rockville, developed vaccines and therapeutics.
  • Sequella, based in Rockville, has drug testing resources.

Pharmaceutical companies in Maryland

Here is a list of some of the pharmaceutical companies operating in Maryland:

  • Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 9715 Key West Ave FL 1 Rockville, MD, 20850-4072 United States

Phone: (510) 450-3500

Website: Visit

Revenue: $74.46 million

Sales Growth: 36.28%

Year Started: 2000

Incorporated: 2000

  • A & G Pharmaceutical Inc dba Precision Antibody

Address: 9130 Red Branch Road, Suite U

Columbia, MD 21045

Phone: 410 884 4100

Fax: 410 884 1607

Email: [email protected]

  • Allied Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Address: 1201 Seven Locks Rd Ste 203 Rockville, MD, 20854-2962 United States

Phone: (301) 309-0999

Website: Visit

Revenue: $7.27 million

Year Started: 1984

Incorporated: 1984

  • Amarex Clinical Research, LLC

Address: 20201 Century Blvd FL 4 Germantown, MD, 20874-1113 United States

Phone: (301) 528-7000

Revenue: $12.97 million

Year Started: 1998

  • American Gene Technologies International Inc.

Address: 9713 Key West Ave Ste 500 Rockville, MD, 20850-3996 United States

Phone: (301) 337-2100

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.15 million

Year Started: 2009

  • Angelini Pharma Inc.

Address: 9200 Corporate Blvd Ste 100 Rockville, MD, 20850-3877 United States

Phone: (800) 726-2308

Revenue: $34.24 million

Year Started: 2010

  • Ascentage Pharma Group Inc.

Address: 800 King Farm Blvd Ste 300 Rockville, MD, 20850-6697 United States

Phone: (240) 425-7668

Website: Visit

Revenue: $7.74 million

Year Started: 2015

  • Asklepion Pharmaceuticals

Address: 729 East Pratt, 729 E Pratt St UNIT 360, Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: +1 410-545-0494

  • Astra Zeneca Biosciences, Inc.

Address: 1 Medimmune Way Gaithersburg, MD, 20878-2204 United States

Phone: (858) 652-6500

Revenue: $20.59 million

Year Started: 1994

Incorporated: 1994

  • Avalo Therapeutics, Inc.

Address: 540 Gaither Rd Ste 400 Rockville, MD, 20850-6714 United States

Phone: (410) 522-8707

Revenue: $5.40 million

Sales Growth: -19.42%

Year Started: 2011

Incorporated: 2011

  • Aziyo Biologics, Inc.

Address: 12510 Prosperity Dr. Ste 370 Silver Spring, MD, 20904-1624 United States

Phone: (240) 247-1170

Website: Visit

Revenue: $47.39 million

Year Started: 2015

Incorporated: 2015

  • Bioveconic Pharmaceutical Company

Address: 2393 Cambridge St, Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

Phone: +1 206-745-8665

  • Casi Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 9620 Medical Center Dr. Ste 300 Rockville, MD, 20850-3396 United States

Phone: (240) 864-2600

Revenue: $30.17 million

Sales Growth: 99.25%

Year Started: 1991

Incorporated: 1991

  • Civi Biopharma, Inc.

Address: 5425 Wisconsin Ave Ste 600 Chevy Chase, MD, 20815-3588 United States

Phone: (484) 222-6251

Revenue: $9.53 million

Year Started: 2016

  • Emergent Biosolutions Inc.

Address: 400 Professional Dr. Ste 400 Gaithersburg, MD, 20879-3457 United States

Phone: (240) 631-3200

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.79 billion

Sales Growth: 15.26%

Year Started: 1998

Incorporated: 2003

  • Exegi Pharma, LLC

Address: 90 Church St Rockville, MD, 20850-4123 United States

Phone: (240) 888-1294

Revenue: $16.50 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Grow West Md, LLC

Address: 975 Kelly Rd Cumberland, MD, 21502-3412 United States

Phone: (301) 359-1240

Revenue: $6.09 million

Year Started: 2018

  • Idt Biologika Corporation

Address: 1405 Research Blvd Ste 110 Rockville, MD, 20850-3108 United States

Phone: (240) 599-3000

Revenue: $12.74 million

Year Started: 2009

Incorporated: 2009

  • Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 207 Kiley Dr. Salisbury, MD, 21801-2249 United States

Phone: (800) 313-4623

Revenue: $99.78 million

Year Started: 1996

Incorporated: 1996

  • Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 29515 Canvasback Dr. Ste B Easton, MD, 21601-8681 United States

Phone: (800) 356-6795

Website: Visit

Revenue: $20.00 million

Year Started: 1983

Incorporated: 1986

  • Leadiant Biosciences, Inc.

Address: 9841 Washingtonian Blvd Ste 500 Gaithersburg, MD, 20878-7352 United States Phone: (301) 948-1041

Revenue: $50.91 million

Year Started: 1981

Incorporated: 2000

  • Lentigen Technology, Inc.

Address: 910 Clopper Rd Ste 200 Gaithersburg, MD, 20878-1303 United States

Phone: (301) 527-4259

Revenue: $6.60 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Lonza Walkersville, Inc.

Address: 8830 Biggs Ford Rd Walkersville, MD, 21793-8415 United States

Phone: (301) 898-7025

Website: Visit

Revenue: $110.75 million

Year Started: 1948

Incorporated: 1991

  • Lung Biotechnology Public Benefit Corporation

Address: 1040 Spring St Silver Spring, MD, 20910-4018 United States

Phone: (800) 545-5979

Revenue: $5.15 million

Year Started: 1997

  • Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 111 S Calvert St FL 21 Baltimore, MD, 21202-6174 United States

Phone: (410) 576-2000

Revenue: $108.27 million

Year Started: 2003

Incorporated: 2003

  • Macrogenics, Inc.

Address: 9704 Medical Center Dr. Rockville, MD, 20850-3343 United States

Phone: (301) 251-5172

Website: Visit

Revenue: $77.45 million

Sales Growth: -22.63%

Year Started: 2000

Incorporated: 2000

  • Maryland Catalent Inc

Address: 801 W Baltimore St Ste 302 Baltimore, MD, 21201-1190 United States

Phone: (410) 975-4050

Website: Visit

Revenue: $86.48 million

Year Started: 1990

Incorporated: 1990

  • Maxcyte, Inc.

Address: 22 Firstfield Rd Ste 110 Gaithersburg, MD, 20878-1795 United States

Phone: (301) 944-1700

Revenue: $33.89 million

Sales Growth: 29.52%

Year Started: 1999

Incorporated: 1998

  • Meso Scale Discovery LLC

Address: 1601 Research Blvd Rockville, MD, 20850-3126 United States

Phone: (240) 314-2600

Revenue: $104.31 million

Year Started: 2001

Incorporated: 2001

  • Novavax, Inc.

Address: 21 Firstfield Rd Gaithersburg, MD, 20878-1757 United States

Phone: (240) 268-2000

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.15 billion

Sales Growth: 141.02%

Year Started: 1987

Incorporated: 1987

  • Optimal Research, LLC

Address: 15201 Shady Grove Rd Ste 202 Rockville, MD, 20850-3217 United States

Phone: (240) 238-4917

Revenue: $6.85 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Parenteral Drug Association, Inc.

Address: 4350 East-West Hwy Ste 600 Bethesda, MD, 20814-4495 United States

Phone: (301) 656-5900

Revenue: $12.60 million

Year Started: 1946

Incorporated: 1994

  • Pharmaceutics International Inc

Website: Visit

Address: 10819 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 410-584-0001

  • Qiagen Gaithersburg, Inc.

Address: 19300 Germantown Rd Germantown, MD, 20874-1415 United States

Phone: (301) 944-7000

Revenue: $193.87 million

Year Started: 1987

  • Regenxbio Inc.

Address: 9600 Blackwell Rd Ste 210 Rockville, MD, 20850-3659 United States

Phone: (240) 552-8181

Website: Visit

Revenue: $470.35 million

Sales Growth: 204.3%

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2008

  • Sanaria Inc.

Address: 9800 Medical Center Dr. Ste A209 Rockville, MD, 20850-6395 United States

Phone: (301) 770-3222

Revenue: $16.21 million

Year Started: 2003

Incorporated: 2003

  • Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 9715 Key West Ave FL 3 Rockville, MD, 20850-3990 United States

Phone: (301) 838-2500

Website: Visit

Revenue: $579.77 million

Sales Growth: 32.5%

Year Started: 2005

Incorporated: 2005

  • United Therapeutics Corporation

Address: 1040 Spring St Silver Spring, MD, 20910-4018 United States

Phone: (301) 608-9292

Revenue: $1.69 billion

Sales Growth: 13.63%

Year Started: 1996

Incorporated: 1996

  • Walberg pharmaceuticals

Website: Visit

Address: 10015 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21046, United States

Phone:  +91 950 129 5555

Fax: +91 (0) 981 553 15555

Email: [email protected]

  • Wellstat Therapeutics Corporation

Address: 14200 Shady Grove Rd Rockville, MD, 20850-7464 United States

Phone: (240) 631-2500

Revenue: $31.43 million

Year Started: 1986

Incorporated: 1985

  • Xceleron Inc.

Address: 20340 Seneca Meadows Pkwy Germantown, MD, 20876-7004 United States

Phone: (301) 540-5359

Website: Visit

Revenue: $6.49 million

FAQs about the pharmaceutical companies in Maryland

Here are the top answers to the most asked questions about the pharmaceutical companies in Maryland;

What’s the ranking of the pharmaceutical companies in Maryland?

The industry is ranked 1st in NIH Contract Awards for Research and Development and it is also ranked 1st in the R&D Obligations of the Federal Government

What agency is responsible for the regulations of pharmaceutical activities in Maryland?

These are the agencies in charge of pharmaceutical activities in Maryland:

  1. Maryland Department of Health, Office of Provider Engagement and CDS Registration.
  2. Maryland Board of Pharmacy is in charge of the organization.

How many pharmaceutical companies are in Maryland?

Maryland’s top innovation ranking comes as no surprise, given the state’s 75 federal labs. Eighty percent of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States is within a two-hour drive of Maryland. There are over 500 pharmaceutical companies in the area, as well as the FDA, NIST, NIH, NCI, and USP.

Who’s in charge of the pharmaceutical expenditures in Maryland?

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) is in charge of reporting on a variety of health care data to inform policymakers, payors, providers, and consumers in their decision-making.

A final thought on the pharmaceutical companies in Maryland

Pharmaceutical companies in Maryland arose from federal research laboratories at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (NIST). These federal labs provide a critical mass of the pharmaceutical labor force.

The federal government has several programs in place to encourage pharmacists to become entrepreneurs. EntreMed and MedImmune were founded by WRAIR alumni, while The Institute for Genomic Research, Human Genome Sciences, and Celera Genomics was founded by NIH alumni.

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