Best List of pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar 2023

The comprehensive list of pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar is worth knowing because they help in the dispensing of pharma products within and outside Qatar.

Qatar is the non-OECD country with the highest per capita income in the world and has the highest per capita health expenditure in the region.


Introduction to pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar

Qatar’s pharmaceutical market was valued at $ 559 million in 2016. There is a difference in the price of medication sold for Qataris and non-Qataris at Hamad Medical Corporation health facilities.

The development of the drug market is determined by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) decision, formerly known as the Supreme Health Council (SCH), to abolish government controls on the prices of drugs and allow more importing agents and suppliers in the country and has to adopt one open market system.

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There is no policy on bioequivalence for generic drugs, but the government encourages the use of generic drugs despite the extensive use of branded drugs in Qatari healthcare facilities.

The proportion of imported and branded pharmaceuticals that prescribers and consumers trust and prefer has increased the Qatari government’s health spending.

SCH’s attempt to lift price controls had hurt the affordability of the drugs, as the prices of some drugs had increased and were inconsistent at all facilities. The government had to carry out price controls but did not set prices explicitly.

In this article, we will highlight some of the major pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar

Pharmaceutical Distributors in Qatar

There are so many companies involved in the marketing or distribution of medicines or drugs that treat, prevent, or relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Please see below the top list of pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar.

3a Pharma

Address: building No. 484, zone 55, street 340, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 3366 4555

Abm4 Scientific Wll

Pharmaceutical products wholesaler

Address: BUILDING NO 14, SHOP 25 DOHA QATAR, Qatar

Phone: +974 5529 9591

Al Danah Medical Company

Address: Gate# 4 Naser Bin Khaled Complex، Salwa Rd, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4469 1123

Al Hilal Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical products wholesaler

Website: click here

Al Tafaol Trading Company W.Ll

Address: Al Matar Al Qadeem St, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4465 2773

Ali Bin Ali Medical

Address: 6th Floor, Ali Bin Ali Tower, Umm Ghuwailina St, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4479 9000

Barzan Medical Supplies

Address: Str. 930, Bldg. 73 Zone 22, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4441 0270

Behzad Pharmacy W.L.L

Address: Building No:25, Muaither, Ar، Rayyan, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4468 4477

Biotech Medical, Qatar


Website: Click Here

Doha Drug Store

Address: 1st Floor, Building C1 Behind Audi Showroom, Al Waab City، Salwa Rd, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4450 6245

Ebn Sina Medical

Address: Aamal Tower، Omar Al Mukhtar St, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4402 7400

Encircle Pharma

Address: Banks Street, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4436 9581

Family Pharmacy Group

Address: Al Khalidiya St, Building No. 20, Office 68، Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4436 5489


Address: Doha Expressway GERMIN GROUP , Building 1, Street 642، Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4427 2148

Ibn Al Haytham Medical Company (شركة ابن الهيثم الطبية)

Address: 4th floor, Building E, The Business Park, bldg. No. 58 Street NO. 310, Al Matar Al Qadeem St, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4437 1895

International Medical Company

Address: Haloul St, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +97444291555

Website: click here

Khalid Scientific Co. Wll

Address: 17096 Al Matar St Doha, Qatar،, Qatar


Phone: +974 4432 5198

Kulud Pharmacy Aziziya 2

Address: Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4463 2811

Kulud Pharmacy Woqood

Address: Al Rayyan Al Jadeed St, Ar Rayyan, Qatar

Phone: +974 4498 0182

Lusail Medical

Address: street # 231 Suhaim Bin Hamad Street C-ring road, 1st floor of Al Mana Twin Tower Office Number 35، Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4040 2323

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Qatar Pharma

Address: 5C97+J9H, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Phone: +974 4411 4242

Qlife Pharma

Address: Small & Medium New Industrial Area Street 29, Zone 81, P.O. Box: 40241, Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4417 9617

Qomel Warehouse Dammam

Address: 9 Al Khalidiyah Ash Shamaliyah, Dammam 32231, Saudi Arabia

Website: visit here

Phone: +966 11 288 6660

Sedeer – Medical Services & Trading Llc

Address: Sedeer Medical, Building No:10 Sahathu Rabeeh Road, Fareej Kulaib Street P.O.Box: 6782، Doha, Qatar

Website: visit here

Phone: +974 4434 9191

Sun Drug Store

Address: B19-06, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4498 6072

Viventum Qatar

Address: Building No, Zone No:41 Street: 230, 221 C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +97444646973

Wellcare Phamacy

Address: Umm Salal Muhammed, Qatar

Website: click here

Phone: +974 4017 9393

Pharmaceutical Distribution Protocols

Procurement, storage, and delivery of medicines follow well-established and organized protocols.

The rules and regulations governing these inventory-related activities are generally similar to those of other neighboring countries in the Middle East and the several Gulf States.

GCC members purchase their annual drug quota through a joint purchasing process, a process that imposes the political commitment of their member states.

In a study conducted in Qatar, practicing pharmacists found government procedures for the procurement, storage, marketing, and pricing of medicines acceptable and were satisfied with the procedures for dispensing medicines in retail establishments, clinics, public hospitals, and public hospital outpatient pharmacies.

Imported drugs make up 97% of the drug market. The purchase and distribution of pharmaceuticals from the public sector take place via closed international tenders, the bulk purchase of the CCG, and direct purchase.

Emergency supplies are delivered directly to state hospitals by local pharmaceutical distributors. There is a special no-limit procedure for drug purchases for Qataris. PDCD ensures that imported drugs are of good quality, safe, and effective. Not all drugs listed in the PDCD are available under HMC and vice versa.

According to the PDCD, approximately 4,599 pharmaceutical products are registered in Qatar, which is supplied and distributed by 19 registered companies; Ebn Sina Medical Company is the largest supplier.

Additionally, the Sourcing and Contracting Department (PandC) of the Sidra Medical and Research Center manages the delivery of its goods and services, either through bulk purchases from HMC or through direct interaction with pharmaceutical suppliers.

Now, there are lots of registered pharmacy distributors in Qatar. Medicines dispensed in HMC health facilities are charged differently.

For nationals (and exempt individuals such as GCC, if the mother is Qatar), the medication is free and is now covered by the new insurance system. Residents have to pay 20% of the HMC prices.

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar

Qatar has become one of the market leaders in the distribution of pharmaceutical products and many companies are finding new ways to reach and help their clients.

The list of the pharmaceutical distributors in Qatar as above are in no order of ranking, however, the alphabetical arrangement is for easy accessibility to these awesome pharma products distributors in Qatar.


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