Top 7 pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

The pharmaceutical companies in Belarus are worthwhile considering their effectiveness in distributing, manufacturing, dispensing, and researching pharmaceutical products for the good of Belarusians.

Pharmaceutical companies in Belarus adopt modern technologies in their operations they are commercial businesses licensed to research, develop, market, or distribute pharmaceutical products.

These companies are also subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding but not limited to the testing and marketing of drugs.

Overview of the pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

From the start of the 19th century, the pharmaceutical company is now one of the most lucrative and influential in existence, attracting commendations and different discussions of opposing opinions.

In the past, most drugs have been discovered either by identifying the active ingredients from traditional treatment or by beneficial discovery.

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In Belarus, a recent approach has been made to understand how disease and infection are inhibited or restrained at the molecular and physiological level and to mark distinctive bodies based on this awareness.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

Below is the list of the top pharmaceutical companies in Belarus you ought to know;

  1. BelinvestPharma
  2. BelAseptika
  3. Lamyra
  5. Simurg
  6. Rubicon
  7. Reb-Pharma


This is among the pharmaceutical companies in Belarus and has been in existence for about 15 years.

Pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

The company’s activities are in some of these sectors below;

  • Distribution of cosmetic products
  • Wholesale of pharmaceutical products
  • Retail sale of medicines, medical supplies, and cosmetic products.

The company’s wholesale division sells products of more than 100 world-famous, leading factories and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

Their partners are located in more than 30 countries around the world.

The company closely cooperates with existing network pharmacies of state and private ownership, healthcare institutions, and local manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.

An important area of the company’s activity is the distribution of cosmetic products.

The company is the exclusive distributor on the territory of the Republic of Belarus of the best.


The company is the largest manufacturer of professional antiseptic disinfecting detergents and cleaning agents in the Republic of Belarus for all branches of the food industry, public catering, trade, agriculture, healthcare, social and municipal organizations.

Their products provide proper sanitary and hygienic regimes in organizations of all types of business, prevention of the development of micro-flora resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics, optimal product quality at an optimal price, and the possibility of using technological methods of disinfection.

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Their product catalog includes;

  • Antiseptics
  • Disinfectants for dentistry
  • Detergents and cleaners
  • Medical products
  • Disposal of medical waste
  • Medicines
  • Pharmaceutical substances
  • Phytoproducts
  • Cosmetical tools
  • Veterinary drugs
  • Culture media
  • Dispensers and dispensing systems
  • Cleaning tools and equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Household chemical services.

Taking into account the industry specifics and by the current standards or sanitary and epidemiological requirements, their specialist has prepared complex solutions in the field of cleanliness for the following types of enterprises:

  • Food industry
  • Healthcare
  • Other industries
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Power structures and emergencies
  • Transport
  • Education


This is also among the pharmaceutical companies in Belarus and has been operating since 2011.

Pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

It has an international team with an ambitious vision and global market Orientation.

The main goal is to provide the population with high-tech and affordable drugs that provide opportunities for maintaining health, treating and preventing diseases, increasing life expectancy and professional longevity based on the unique achievements of science.

Their portfolio includes therapeutic machines, vitamins, nutritional care, and cosmetics.

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is an Intensively developing enterprise in the field of development, production, and sale of medicines, the hallmark of which is modern production, multi-stage quality control, and highly qualified personnel.

The enterprise is equipped with advanced certified equipment that meets the requirements of the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)standard.

The company is Intensively developing by expanding the range of products, and dosage forms, and introducing new production facilities. In 2020, 9 new drugs were registered in the Republic of Belarus, of which 7 were mastered in industrial production and released into circulation.

In terms of development and registration for 22 drugs, including drugs that were not previously produced at Belarusian pharmaceutical enterprises are planned for development.

The enterprise has created and operates a quality management system that ensures the production of products of guaranteed quality. The main technological operations are controlled by software.

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This company specializes in the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, and urology.

The use of new approaches to therapy using innovative products created by the company in alliance with the leading scientific centers of Belarus, allows doctors to improve the quality of diagnosis of diseases and the effectiveness of prevention, and to patients to return to a high-quality life.

For more than a quarter of a century, ZAO Medical Enterprise Simurg has been consistently providing a differentiated approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Today, the company has 12 items of medical products and more than 200 modifications of products for obstetrics and gynecology.

This means that doctors have a choice, the opportunity to use an individual approach to the patient, who in turn receives convenience, security, and relief during the diagnostic and preventive process, including treatment during frequent treatment.

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Its basic principles are defined:

  • Strengthening positions in traditional markets
  • Entering the markets of the countries of the European Union
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Expansion of the product range
  • Improvement of the enterprise structure
  • Respect for corporate history.


Rubicon is among the top pharmaceutical companies in Belarus and began production activities in 2010.

Top pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

The mission of the enterprise is the improvement and production of modern medicines that meet all the requirements of efficacy and safety. The enterprise has a contemporary production base, a research laboratory, a trained and organized team of specialists.

Production is carried out in a full cycle from the control of the product.

The production is certified and carried out following GMP norms and standards and is equipped with technological equipment from leading world companies ( Hurtlin, Cosmec, Fette, Dibir, Bonapace) production facilities include two workshops for the production of sterile dosage forms ( solutions in vials) nonsterile dosage forms( tablets, suppositories, nasals, and ear solutions).

At the lower level of the production building, a warehouse is equipped that provides storage of raw materials and materials for a shorter production period, as well as provides quarantine storage of finished products at the quality control stage and before transfer to a Pharmacy, wholesale warehouse.

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This is a recent company of a new generation of Belarusian manufacturers, building their business under the advanced development trends of the pharmaceutical market and meeting recent quality and management standards.

The pharmaceutical company was created on December 8, 2014, when the company concluded an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.

Currently, the Reb-Pharma company employs over 130 people.

Their most important activity is the production and sale of medicines. The diverse portfolio of the Reb-Pharma company is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and includes drugs in the main, therapeutic areas.

The company intends to produce a vast scope of pharmaceuticals that meet foreign quality standards and focus on an import replacement policy.

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Their catalog includes;

  • Antiallergic
  • Antibacterial
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
  • Gastroenterology
  • Systemic corticosteroids
  • Antiviral
  • Pulmonology
  • Antianeamic
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Opthalmology and otolaryngology
  • Anti-infective

Advantages of pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

Below are the following advantages of the pharmaceutical companies in Belarus.

  • These companies help people lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Through these pharmaceutical companies in Belarus, medications are extremely obtainable to the patients and the general public.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations are facilitated by these pharmaceutical companies
  • Many jobs have been created by these companies
  • The economy of Belarus is uplifted by these pharmaceutical companies

Challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

  • The cost of innovation and fast evolution: The demand for innovation increased deeply in 2020, thereby creating a massive impact on the whole company in Belarus financially. The financial strain of innovation was directly felt by organizations including health care providers.
  • Increased customer expectations: The more progress emerges in the pharmaceutical companies, the more issues arise. Hence, customers request better medications at low costs. The pharmaceutical company in Belarus is facing competition from advert conflict because their customers are becoming more observant and pitiless.
  • Inventing a new cure: for some incurable diseases like epilepsy, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease, the minds of researchers and scientists have been beaten, hence the daily struggle in an attempt to fight the diseases.
  • Dangers of self-medication: As the days roll by, more people tend to believe they are more wiser and knowledgeable than medical practitioners. Research has proven that self-medication is at an all-time high leading to the uprise of ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (OFC) drugs.

Requirements to start a pharmaceutical company in Belarus

For every aspiring pharmaceutical professional, setting up a pharmaceutical company is a dream come true.

Due to a lack of knowledge and courage, most of them haven’t begun their own pharmaceutical company. But with the following steps, you are on your way to starting your pharmaceutical company.

  • Gain knowledge directly related to the company and its environment. Acquire the necessary experience as well. Also, learn how the company operates, including sales, try reaching out and getting acquainted with the network and customers.
  • Carry out your research, especially on the drug you want to be producing. Make sure that your product meets the appropriate standards and is well-tested. Ensure that the environment for the testing is fit for the purpose.
  • Ensure that you are properly registered and do well to follow the rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical council so as not to have a dent in your name. Having the support of the lawyer and corporate affairs commission would validate your company and your customers would not have a double mind about you.
  • It takes a lot of people to run a company, but having the right team in order is an added advantage in the process of starting your own pharmaceutical company.
  • Your pharmaceutical company wouldn’t be complete without certain amenities such as electricity, constant water supply, air conditioner, and other office accessories. Ensure that the premises are well furnished with a cemented floor, strong roofings, and concert walls would do.
  • Endeavor to position yourself in a strategic location so you can be readily accessible to the public. Avoid setting it up near an already existing Pharmacy as this would pose as a competition for your business, rather pitch it in an area with a hospital.
  • Every big company today once had a small beginning hence, don’t just rush to plunge into it at a go. Take time to nurture your business so that it can have healthy growth. Keep adding value and you would be amazed at how far you would go.
  • Most people don’t know this but its benefits are rewarding. Don’t be hesitant to partner with other pharmaceutical companies. Learn from their expertise, and support one another as this can help boost your company and inspire others. No man is an island and it paves the way for a better environment and a thriving business.

Best pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

  • Belinvestpharma
  • BelAseptika
  • Lamyra
  • Simurg
  • Rubicon
  • Reb-Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies’ jobs in Belarus

  • Research and Development
  • Production
  • Drug Regulation Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Formulation and Development
  • Quality control
  • Teaching
  • Medical writing

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Belarus

A pharmaceutical company is very important in our general lives as its presence enables us to be able to cure most of our health-related issues.

Pharmaceutical products are essential for a better living.

For some people who are afraid of going to a hospital due to the regular stress, they undergo before consulting a doctor, some of these pharmaceutical companies offer you a less stressful consultation and also get good drugs at a budget-friendly rate.


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