Top pharmaceutical companies in Armenia

The pharmaceutical companies in Armenia are worth knowing owing to the fact they contribute immensely to the upliftment of the Armenia economy.

Armenia is a reputable country that has many benefits aside from safety and a low cost of living. It is also, an amazing destination for families to live and cruise in an ideal public healthcare system.

Introduction to pharmaceutical companies in Armenia

Armenia’s pharmaceutical industry has registered constant growth over the past decade into one of the country’s most dynamic sectors of the economy.

There are about 24 pharmaceutical companies in Armenia with licenses of operation. Production of quality pharmaceutical products remains a high priority among Armenian drug manufacturers.

The average pay of workers in the Armenia pharmaceutical industry is about  USD 2.6/hour, which is low compared to the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical exporters.

Alcon pharmaceutical company

Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan Paronyan St., 8 Building, Office 11 (Kentron adm. district)

Phone: +374 10 538247

Alfa pharm

Address: Armenia, 0043, Yerevan Shiraki St., 1/68 Building (Shengavit adm. district)

Phone: +374-60-700500

Alpen Pharma

Address: Armenia, 0033, Yerevan Hrachya Kochari St., 4 Building, Office 400 (in “Barekamutyun” business center building)

Phone: +374-11-205031

Website: click here

Armfarm LLC

Address: 8, Shinararneri Str. of. 1 0099 Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 526491

Website: Click Here

ARPIMED Pharmaceutical Company

Address: 19, 2nd mcr., c. Abovyan, 2204, RA

Phone: 374 (222) 2-17-25 | +374 (222) 2-17-03

Fax: +374 (222) 2-19-24

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]


Address: Armenia, 0051, Yerevan Nairi Zaryan St., 72/3 Building (Arabkir adm. district)

Phone:  +374-11-519070 , +374-11-268636

Liqvor Pharmaceuticals

Address: Armenia, 0089, Yerevan Kochinyan St., 7/9 Building

Phone:  +374-60-378800s

WebSite: click here

NoyMed CRO Pharmaceutical company

Address: 46/1 2nd Block Davtashen Yerevan 0054, Armenia

Phone: +374. ext.

Email: [email protected]

Pharma tech

Address: Armenia, 0064, Yerevan Raffu St., 111 Building Malatia-Sebastia

Phone:  +374-10-743620

Pharmstar Pharmaceutical

Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan Dzorapi St., 70/3 Building, 5th Floor, Room 51

Phone: +374-10-500045 , +374-96-500645

Santen Pharmaceutical company

Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan Argishtii St., 7 Building Kentron

Phone: +374-10-510292 , +374-91-043454

Website: Click Here

Sia Pharm

Address: Armenia, Yerevan Daniel Varuzhani St., 2/4 Building (Malatia-Sebastia adm. district)

Phone:  +374-10-530653

T- pharma Pharmaceutical company

Address: Armenia, 0089, Yerevan Kochinyan St., 13/16 Building

Description of some of the Pharmaceutical companies in Armenia

  • Santen Pharmaceutical company

Concentrating mostly on the study of the eye, Santen develops unique clinical expertise and organizational abilities that make a contribution to the well-being of patients, their cherished ones, and therefore to society.

By contributing to the nice lifestyles (QOL) of sufferers globally, Santen will comprehend their strategic imagination and prescient to grow to be a “Specialised pharmaceutical business enterprise with an international presence” and assemble a path for sustainable growth beyond 2020.

They are stepping ahead to becoming an agency that is genuinely regarded worldwide and relied on by using medical specialists, patients, their loved ones, and society at big.

Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan Argishtii St., 7 Building

Contact: +374-10-510292 , +374-91-043454

  • NoyMed CRO Pharmaceuticals

NoyMed is a contract-studied business enterprise (CRO) supplying Biostatistics, Data Management, and SAS Programming to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries internationally.

Their Mission is to be a precious and irreplaceable associate to their clients ensuring excessive excellent services

They are an imperative unit operating in accordance with the very best standards of professional behavior and ethics. They admire every different and fantastically fee every deferent’s contribution to the corporation.

Address: 46/1 second Block Davtashen Yerevan 0054, Armenia

Contact: +374. ext.

Email: [email protected]

  • Alpen Pharm

Alpen Pharma AG is a solid, socially accountable, and moral enterprise that brings society modern strategies for the treatment and prevention of illnesses.

Their Company targets keeping and preserving fitness and splendor, as well as improving the satisfaction of the existence of hundreds of thousands of human beings on this planet.

Pharmaceutical organization Alpen Pharma AG pays a whole lot of interest for work with medical and healthcare facilities, therapists, pharmaceutics, and pharmaceutical merchandise customers; actively helps the medical and sensible conferences and seminars that promote the revel in trade, in addition to educational applications to improve the medical doctors’ qualification.

Alpen Pharma AG actively supports the scientific and social tasks, aimed at retaining and enhancing the health fine of the planet’s inhabitants.

They have a tendency to fulfill the expectancies and wishes of every consumer of Alpen Pharma.

Introducing medications, whose effectiveness and protection have been proved by means of a long-time period of success in application with the aid of tens of millions of patients in dozens of nations around the arena, they outline their center cost social duty.

Their recognition inside the area of cosmetic and balneological products brands with an unblemished recognition, strict quality control, the maximum natural compositions, and ecological protection.

They themselves use their merchandise and form a goal and sincere look at health and splendor.

Address: H.Kochar str.4, off.400, BC Barekamutyun, 0033 Yerevan,  Armenia

Contact: + 374 11 20 50 31

Email: [email protected]


The pharmaceutical companies in Armenia on this list are in no order of ranking and every company listed has the required licenses to operate in Armenia.

As earlier mentioned, the pharmaceutical companies in Armenia have impacted the effective running of the Armenian health care system through the production, distribution, and research of quality pharmaceutical products for healthy living.

A new wave of extended pharmaceutical industry development commenced with the country’s upturn in the mid-1990s when Armenia succeeded in gaining macroeconomic stability and sustained economic growth. You can air your view in the comment box below.


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