Best Pharmaceutical companies in Ohio 2022

The pharmaceutical companies in Ohio discover, develop, produce, and market drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients (or self-administered), with the aim to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate symptoms.

These pharmaceutical companies may deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations that govern the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy, and marketing of drugs.

Pharmaceutical companies in Ohio have come a long way despite the various challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector.

These companies are up against several constraints, including challenges posed by infrastructural decay,  spiraling cost of business as a result of the high cost of inputs, and lack of effective research and development amongst other difficulties, yet these pharmaceutical companies still strive and thrive harder to deliver to their very best.


Top pharmaceutical companies in Ohio

Below is the list of the best pharmaceutical companies in Ohio;

  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals USA,

Address: 200 Northfield Rd, Bedford, OH 44146, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 440-359-2050

Website: Visit here


Since acquiring the Cleveland site in 2015, Xellia has made a significant investment to create a modern, world-class facility that will allow the Company to continue to provide a reliable and consistent supply of its vital anti-infective products across the US.

Xellia has worked closely with the FDA to resume activities at the site, and in January 2020, the FDA performed a comprehensive cGMP inspection of the facility.

The Agency notified Xellia of the successful outcome of the cGMP inspection, enabling them to commence manufacturing of drug products at the site.

  • Reese Pharmaceutical Company

Address: 10617 Frank Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106, United States

Phone: +1 800-321-7178

Hours: Opens 8AM

Website: Click here


The company originated in 1907 and began as a small independent pharmacy in Cleveland, Ohio. The owner and pharmacist, George W. Reese saw a need in the market for high-quality, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

So, he began compounding unique, special medications in a lab in the basement of his drug store, making them available to his customers.

Soon, other pharmacists in the Cleveland area heard of these special medications and began ordering them directly from Mr. Reese. Before long, business increased to the point that Mr. Reese concentrated his efforts solely on supplying these unique products to pharmacies throughout the country.

  • Amylin Ohio, LLC

Address: 8814 Trade Port Dr, West Chester Township, OH 45011, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 513-645-2600


Its mission is to educate people with chronic kidney disease and heart disease about the important role supplementation can play in treating chronic conditions.

Nephroceuticals provide information and products that make it easy to find exactly what patients need to support their kidney health and heart health.

  • Adare Pharmaceuticals

Address: 845 Center Dr, Vandalia, OH 45377, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 937-898-9669

website: Click here.


Over the past several decades their innovative medicines have improved how cancer is treated, making long-term survival a possibility for more patients.

  • AstraZeneca

Address: 8814 Trade Port Dr, Hamilton, OH 45011, United States

Hours: Open ⋅ 8AM

Phone: +1 513-645-2600


Astra Zeneca is a nice place to work. Is constantly moving forward looking for the development of new products for the benefit of patients.

  • Sermonix Pharmaceuticals

Address: 3000 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209, United States

Hours: Open ⋅ 8AM

Phone: +1 614-864-4919

Website: Click here


Founded in late 2014 by David Portman, MD, a leading clinical researcher and expert in women’s health, menopause, and selective estrogen receptor modulators, Sermonix Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of female-specific oncology products.

  • PharmaForce, Inc.

Address: 6610 New Albany Rd E, New Albany, OH 43054, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 614-436-2222

Website: Click here


PharmaForce Inc., a privately held pharmaceutical research-and-development and manufacturing company, will expand at 6610 New Albany Road East in the business park.

This 113,000 square foot project consists of a two-story corporate office building, research, and development laboratory, and a sterile manufacturing facility.

The owner incorporated several sustainable design features including water-efficient landscaping, building orientation, increased ventilation, and day-lighting.

  • Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.

Address: 1809 N Wilson Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, United States

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +1 614-276-4000

WEBSITE: Click here


Their company was founded on their dedication to transforming people’s lives by providing the quality medicine and support they need every day.

More than forty years ago, they established their branded generic medicines business in the Middle East and North Africa. From these humble beginnings, they have grown into a $2bn+ global pharmaceuticals business.


Address: 5465 OH-557, Millersburg, OH 44654, United States

Phone: +1 321-710-0794

WEBSITE: Visit here


Its mission is to educate people with chronic kidney disease and heart disease about the important role supplementation can play in treating chronic conditions.

  • Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

Address: 9825 Kenwood Rd UNIT 203, Blue Ash, OH 45242, United States

Hours: Open 8 AM

Phone: +1 513-561-3329


They are scientists, researchers, biostatisticians, strategists, and innovators on a mission: helping innovative biotech companies take their best ideas from molecule to market as architects of product development and program success.

Wherever you are in the development life cycle, from raising funds and developing a regulatory strategy to patient recruitment and data analysis, they are positioned to help.

  • Westlake Laboratories Inc

Address: 24700 OH-113, Cleveland, OH 44145, United States

Hours: Open now

Phone: +1 440-871-2232


Through their dedication to philosophy, they proudly call Unlimit.  Their goal is to break down barriers, thereby creating new opportunities for their brand partners, customers, and consumers. They extend the life cycle of brands in the face of generic competition.

They provide savings to consumers by offering brand products at generic prices. . They give patients another choice, one that’s identical to the brand.

  • Prasco Laboratories LLC

Address: 6125 Commerce Ct, Mason, OH 45040, United States

Hours: Open 8 AM

Phone: +1 866-525-0688

WEBSITE: Click here


Since 2002 Prasco has been an industry leader in Authorized Generics. Simply put, an Authorized Generic (AG) is a brand product sold in private label packaging at a generic price.

Because an AG is identical to the brand in every way, doctors, pharmacists, and patients can be confident that it is as reliable, safe, and as effective as the brand. \

  • Allergan

Address: 5000 Brotherton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 513-975-3099

Website: Visit here


Allergan plc is an American, Irish-domiciled pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, manufactures, and markets brand name drugs and medical devices in the areas of medical aesthetics, eye care, central nervous system, and gastroenterology.

The company is the maker of Botox. Allergan plc was formed in March 2015 when Irish–registered Actavis plc acquired the U.S.–registered Allergan, Inc., and assumed the Allergan name.

In 2016, Allergan sold its generic business, Actavis, to Teva Pharmaceuticals for $40.5 billion. In June 2019, U.S. pharmaceutical company AbbVie announced it had reached an agreement to acquire Allergan for $63 billion. The merged company would be domiciled in the U.S. for tax purposes.

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

Address: Rockford Building, 999 Polaris Pkwy # 100, Columbus, OH 43240, United States

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +1 614-785-0812

Website: Click here


They strive to help more patients across a broad range of solid tumors and blood disorders with their medicines, scientific discovery, and investigational research, and are working with partners to address all aspects of patient care, from diagnosis onward.

  • Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company

Address: 10901 Kenwood Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242, United States

Hours: Opens 8Am

Phone: +1 513-984-5000

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC is located in Blue Ash, OH, United States, and is part of Pharmaceutical and Medicine.

Aprecia is the global leader in commercial-scale 3DP for pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. We’re committed to creating new solutions for unmet healthcare needs by developing pharma-ready innovations and complementary technology platforms that enable patient-centric products and help take medicine to its fullest potential.

  • Lilly Eli & Co

Address: 101 Amberwood Ct, Youngstown, OH 44512, United States

Phone: +1 330-965-0780

Hours: Open 24 hours

Website: Visit here


At Lilly, they make a difference for people the world over by discovering, developing, and delivering breakthrough medicines that help them live longer healthier, and more active lives.

What’s more, you can also count on them and their people to be incredibly civic-minded, supporting their communities through philanthropy, volunteerism, and a creative and innovative can-do spirit.

  • McKesson Corporation

Address: 7500 Freedom Ave NW, North Canton, OH 44720, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 330-494-8351

Website: Click here


McKesson Corporation is an American company distributing pharmaceuticals and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools.

The company delivers a third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America and employs over 78,000 employees. McKesson had revenues of $238.2 billion in its fiscal year.

  • ARMS Pharmaceutical

Address: 812 Huron Rd E, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 216-394-0544

Website: Visit here


ARMS Pharmaceutical, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded to develop a portfolio of products targeted at respiratory tract health, a $12 billion market. ARMS has a strong intellectual property portfolio and in vitro and clinical studies on its ARMS platform to prevent and treat viral upper respiratory infections. T

he Company’s lead drug candidate is ARMS-I which they are evaluating in regard to influenza (IND with FDA) and COVID-19 (IND submission in the process).

  • PharmaForce Inc.

Address: 960 Crupper Ave, Columbus, OH 43229, United States

Phone: +1 614-781-6538


PharmaForce Inc is a privately held Columbus, Ohio-based pharmaceutical R&D, and manufacturing company, founded in 1999.

This acquisition allowed for the expansion of the R&D pipeline increased manufacturing capacity, and an ability to develop a robust pipeline in the fast-growing generic injectable market.

Today, PharmaForce’s experienced R&D team coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities has allowed for a turnkey, complete pharmaceutical operation.

  • Triad Isotopes Inc

Address: 4702 Payne Ave, Dayton, OH 45414, United States

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +1 937-277-9777


Triad Isotopes is a company that specializes in serving radiopharmaceuticals-based nuclear medicine across worldwide facilities.

Founded in 2006, Triad Isotopes has quickly grown to become the second-largest radiopharmaceutical network in the nation.

While this growth has substantially increased their ability to reach and serve their customers, they continue to provide the personal attention and service you’d expect from your neighborhood pharmacy.

  • Masters Drug Company

Address: 3600 Pharma Wy, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States

Hours: Opens 8AM

Phone: +1 800-982-7922

Website: Visit here

  • Alkaloid USA

Address: 6525 W Camp mOval, New Albany, OH 43054, United States

Hours: Open 8AM

Phone: +1 614-855-1800


Its mission is to educate people with chronic kidney disease and heart disease about the important role supplementation can play in treating chronic conditions.

  • Nostrum Laboratories, Inc.

Address: 705 E Mulberry St, Bryan, OH 43506, United States

Phone: +1 419-636-1168

Website: Visit here


their mission is to develop and market competitively priced quality products, that offer maximum benefits to patients; while they combine enduring pursuits of continuo them learning, technology enhancement, business efficiency improvement, and enriching their associates’ lives

  • Nephroceuticals, LLC

Address: 3040 Presidential Dr Ste 110, Fairborn, OH 45324, United States

Phone: +1 877-277-6765Q

Website: Click here


Nephroceuticals was formed in 2008 from the clinical realization that people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and Heart Disease have specific nutritional needs that are not being addressed by current available nutritional supplements.

  • PCI Pharma Services Ohio, LLC

Address: 8946 Global Way, West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States

Phone: +1 513-874-1200

Website: Visit here


PCI Pharma Services Ohio, LLC is located in West Chester, OH, the United States, and is part of the Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Industry.

PCI is a leading provider of integrated pharmaceutical development services to the global healthcare market.

With facilities in North America and Europe, PCI supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies with products destined for more than 100 countries around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pharmaceutical companies in Ohio

  • What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is a medication created to be the same as an already marketed brand-name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics, and intended use.

  • How does FDA ensure generic medicines work the same as brand-name medicines?

Any generic medicine must perform the same in the body as the brand-name medicine. It must be the same as a brand-name medicine in dosage,  form, and route of administration, safety, effectiveness, strength, and labeling (with certain limited exceptions).

  • How Does FDA monitor side effects or safety issues with generic medicines?

FDA takes several actions to ensure safety and quality before and after a new or generic medicine is approved.

When a generic drug application is submitted, FDA conducts a thorough examination of the data submitted by the applicant and evaluates information obtained by FDA investigators while inspecting the related testing and manufacturing facilities to ensure that every generic drug is safe, effective, high quality, and substitutable to the brand name drug.


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