List of Medical apps for doctors, patients and students

The List of medical apps for doctors, patients, and students is worth knowing. Over the years, we have witnessed different ranges of disruption brought about by technology.

Virtually every industry and part of human endeavor has had its own share of technological revolution.

Among all these fields, healthcare has remained one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tech revolution.

With the help of tech, people now tend to be more involved in their health than ever before. In our update today, we shall be listing top-rated free medical apps for patients.

What is a Healthcare App?

In a market flooded with many health platforms and apps, it can be hard making a decision on which one serves the best purpose.

If you are reading this, you don’t need to bother because through our research associates and industry recommendations we have come up with top free medical health care apps for patients’ health.

There are many apps that make up the healthcare sector. Health apps are those online applications that help provide quality care and on-time health guides to their users.

For the content of this text, we shall be focusing more on the ones that help in the area of tracking, reminding, educating, and connecting users with their health providers and other areas for students and healthcare providers.

 Medical apps for doctors

With the difficulties faced in accessing healthcare and the increased workload of health practitioners, many healthcare providers are eager to know the best medical apps for doctors.

If you are a healthcare provider, you will be glad to know of these applications for efficiency in the delivery of your services.

Fortunately, these medical apps for doctors help to streamline their interactions with patients, resulting in improved medical outcomes and better patient experience.

List of medical apps for doctors

See below;


This is one of the top medical apps for doctors. It allows healthcare practitioners to read medical journals set up subscription preferences and organize preferred journals in a central location.

With cases, doctors can search for more than 100,000 keywords and follow the journals that suit them. It also considers what you’ve read in the past and makes recommendations.


Website: click here

Docphin is an easy way to streamline the journal-reading process. You can customize your search options to find the journals that make sense for you.

It displays articles from your preferred journals and other relevant information that’s trending in the news.


medical apps for doctors, patients and students

Website: click here

It is a social networking app that allows you to securely network with other physicians and exchange information.

You can even use the app to send secure faxes that meet HIPAA requirements. Other tools allow you to connect with leading hospital employers, research jobs, compare salaries and participate in continuing medical education.

DynaMed Plus

Website: Click Here

The app offers simple navigation and clear-cut search capabilities, as well as access to drug information from the Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite for both students and health practitioners.

DynaMed Plus is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android. If you have an institutional subscription, it’s free. Otherwise, the app is $395 a year for physicians and $99.95 for medical students.


Websites: click here

This is one of the top-rated medical apps for doctors. As one of the earliest medical apps with millions of downloads, about 50 percent of doctors in the U.S. currently use Epocrates.

The app is known for being a reliable, time-saving tool that keeps you focused on making the best clinical decisions possible.


Website: click here

Phone: 8887752736

Compatible platforms: Apple and visit


Website: click here

Lexicomp is a clinical reference app that gives you access to a wide range of knowledge. The app references a library of information regarding infectious diseases, oral diseases, and toxicology.

Furthermore,  one can also retrieve information regarding prescription medications and drug interactions, as well as medical dictionaries and calculators.


Website: click here

The app encompasses 35 areas of specialty, as well as more than 150 diseases and medical conditions.

Doctors and medical experts write all the content on the app and more than a million medical professionals all over the world use this diagnostic tool each month.


Website: click here

for compatible operating systems:

Apple: visit

Android: visit

Medscape different health assistance ranging from but not limited to news, drug information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education opportunities.

Physicians can refer to a wide range of clinical information all in one place to help them make point-of-care decisions.


Website: click here

Omnio has been in existence for over 10 years gaining popularity and trust. When you use Omnio, you can retrieve and customize information, giving you a central location for your most essential resources.


Website: click here

This healthcare application is essential in emergency cases and other related cases. Its content is based on research from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, Family Physicians Network, and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

QxMD Read

Website: click here

This app gives one access to numerous medical journals including. You can set preferences and set up collections of information both publicly and privately.


Website: click here

Compatible platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows

This gives users access to 24 million articles in Pubmed’s database. You can customize your search with a variety of options and filters and organize the information you find.


Website: click here

With up to date, one can search for more than 8,500 topics, set bookmarks, and quickly retrieve recently reviewed information. Plus, more than 4,400 experts discuss and update the topics frequently.

The information helps healthcare practitioners to make clinical decisions at the point of diagnosis.

Top 12 Free Medical Apps for Patients

Our rating of these best medical apps is based on reviews, industry recommendations, and user-friendliness. Some are actually paid platforms but offer free trials before charging for services.

Medisafe Pill Minder

Medisave is a healthcare app and tracker that assists users with a good overview of their health conditions.

It helps to schedule doctor appointments as well as other health-related alerts. Medisafe also presents additional paid premium features. It remains one of the top-recommended healthcare apps for patients.

Android App

iOS App

Medical ID

Imagine having an emergency and the emergency responders have no idea of your medical history and how to help you? That is the problem medical ID solves.

It saves the user’s medical history which can be easily accessible from the phone’s home screen. This gives health providers detail of your medical history, allergies, blood group, as well as emergency contacts.

It also has features that allow your emergency contacts to locate you even when the phone is off. Medical ID equally has premium features that are unlocked with a paid subscription.

Visit Here to sign up and start using.


It might interest you to know that this app was created to boost the supply of vitamin D to the body. A lot of people lack a sufficient supply of vitamin D which mostly comes from sunlight.

Dminder deploys an artificial intelligence that alerts users when to step out to the sun for vitamin D. It equally alerts them when to step out to avoid sunburn.

The app also has features that show the level of your body vitamin D which can be used by your doctor in making decisions concerning your health.

Android App

iOS App


This app is not just for fitness enthusiasts, you can equally use it to set healthcare achievement goals. With MyFitnessPal, you can set a tracker for sleep, fertility, gym activities, e.t.c.

Additionally, you can set meal plans, as well as weight-loss goals. Other devices can be synchronized into the app.

Furthermore, the app allows premium services like food macros and logs including a health report you can easily email to your health provider from the app.

Not forgetting the large online community where users share, interact, and support each other on different health issues.

Visit here to get started.


If you are conscious of your sugar level, then this medical app is for you. With Diabetes:M, users get to access their glucose level while also receiving data on how best to maintain great body glucose balance.

Data from the app also helps physicians make informed decisions on the health of the patient. Visit here to download and register.

Apple Health

This is an exclusive free medical app for patients using Apple devices. Apple Health is an all-inclusive healthcare app that monitors the sleep, food, activity, symptoms, heart rate, and respiration of users.

The app equally connects with nearby medical institutions through which you can access lab results and profiles. Additionally, every user is issued an emergency medical profile that activates during emergencies.


Heal is a telemedicine platform that connects users to doctors and healthcare providers online. Users can get virtual health counseling from doctors or book physical appointments.

The app can be so useful especially while running emergency services. The app uses your health insurance coverage to provide transparent health services across all sectors.

Visit here to register and get started.


Just as the name implies, Eyecare Live is an app that helps users access the best eye care services online from verified doctors. You can book consultations, and get prescriptions among many other eye health-related services.

Visit here to get started.


Alivecor is a cardio-health app. It is paired with Kardio heart measuring devices which access DA-cleared EKG recording wherever you go.

The app assists in the detection of real-time atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, and tachycardia, as well as normal heart activity.

Interestingly, one can also track such data and share it directly with the doctor for informed medical decisions.

The app provides an educational health medication guide for users. It provides information on doses, drug side effects, e.t.c. It also features additional options on the paid usage package.

Visit here to get started.

WebMD Baby

If you are a new mother, then this is one of the most helpful healthcare apps for mothers. It provides all-around baby care services.

Parents can record growth, track baby feeding as well, and schedule virtual health appointments on the app.

WebMD also boasts of rich baby care content in the form of videos and e-books from top pediatricians and healthcare providers.

Visit here to get started.

MySymptomsFoodDiary and Symptom Tracker:

Are you having some reactions or symptoms you can’t explain? Then symptom tracker might just be the best healthcare app for you.

The app keeps track of food and bowel movements, detecting suspected allergies or symptoms. The app further connects you to an online doctor for counseling and further examination.

Visit here to get started.

Best medical apps for medical students

Below is the list of the best medical apps for medical students. The quest for a piece of quality information remains the driving force for most medical students.

Since medicine is a very broad profession, students look for ways to be updated with medical and health information and findings.

The importance of these medical and health applications for students can never be over-emphasized and each of the applications serves a great purpose for learning.

You are fortunate to have stumbled over this article as a medical student. Below the list are the best medical apps for medical students you ought to have either on your tablets, desktops, or mobile phones.

List of medical apps for medical students


Tech has revolutionized how we do things and the health sectors have followed the trend. Apps are in no way a substitute for drugs or healthcare. Rather they help you make better decisions concerning your health while also giving you total control.

Your communication with your doctor will appear more informed with the information gathered from these verified healthcare apps.


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