Best sports medicine colleges in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to several reputable colleges and universities that offer comprehensive programs in sports medicine.

These institutions provide students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences necessary to pursue careers in this dynamic field.

Whether you aspire to become an athletic trainer, sports scientist, or physical therapist, or work in other areas related to sports medicine, North Carolina offers a range of educational opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

From renowned research institutions to dedicated health sciences schools, the state provides a fertile learning environment where you can gain the expertise needed to excel in the exciting and rewarding field of sports medicine.

Sports Medicine in colleges provides for all the health care needs of the student-athlete, in addition to first aid, athletic training, and follow-up care for physically active, intramural, and free play athletes injured during normal operating hours.

Sports medicine colleges in North Carolina

Here are the best sports medicine colleges In North Carolina;

1. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a public research university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it was founded in 1789 and is recognized for its excellent academic programs, including medicine, law, and business.

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science, in conjunction with the Division of Sports Medicine and the Department of Athletics, offers a graduate-level specialization in athletic training.

Furthermore, Sports Medicine Section was established in 1972 to provide health care to student-athletes and has since expanded to provide physical therapy care to all students on campus.

The Division of Sports Medicine is administratively housed in the Campus Health Service and works closely with other units on campus such as the Department of Athletics, the Department of Orthopedics, and the Club Sports Program.

Tuition for the program is $12,522 for North Carolina residents and $30,248 for out-of-state residents for the 2020-2021 academic year. The program’s mission is to educate and develop clinical scholars to be leaders in the field of athletic training.

Contact:  +1 919-962-2211

Address: Chapel Hill, NC, United States

2. Duke University

Duke University was founded in 1924 by James Buchanan Duke. They are accredited to award various degrees and have a mission to provide superior education to undergraduate students while promoting ethical standards and leadership in their communities.

The university also aims to prepare future professionals for ethical and skilled service, advance knowledge and contribute to the international community of scholarship, promote an intellectual environment based on free and open inquiry, provide healthcare and educational opportunities, and foster appreciation for human potential and difference, citizenship, learning, freedom, and truth.

The Duke Division of Sports Medicine is renowned for treating and rehabilitating sports injuries using advanced methods for athletes of all ages, including professionals, collegiate, recreational, and youth athletes.

Contact: (919) 684-8111

Address: 2080 Duke University Road, Durham, NC 27708

3. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is a private university situated in Winston-Salem, N.C. It was founded in 1834. It’s Sports Medicine Institute offers students the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge medical techniques used on elite athletes and explore careers in sports medicine.

Through hands-on experiences, students will gain knowledge on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and athletic performance, including advanced treatment techniques.

The program is open to undergraduate students from 47 U.S. states and more than 48 foreign countries.

Contact: 336.758.5000

Address: 1834 Wake Forest Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

4. East Carolina University

East Carolina University is currently the fourth largest university in the state, having expanded from its original 43 acres to nearly 1,600 acres since its establishment as a teacher training school on March 8, 1907.

East Carolina University’s innovative learning strategies and delivery methods aim to provide maximum access to education, preparing students to succeed in a global and multicultural society.

The university also strives to develop leaders who can inspire positive change and contribute to a thriving future for eastern North Carolina and beyond.

They focus on transforming healthcare, promoting wellness, reducing health disparities, and improving the quality of life through cultural enrichment, academics, the arts, and athletics, they also provide opportunities for medical students, residents, and fellows to learn about primary care sports medicine with a focus on musculoskeletal medicine.

Contact:  252-328-6131

Address: East 5th Street | Greenville, NC 27858

5.  Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University was established in 1899. They offer a wide range of baccalaureate, master’s, intermediate, and doctoral degree programs.

The university aims to prepare students to become responsible global citizens who are committed to creating a sustainable future for all. The Appalachian Experience fosters a culture of inclusivity that encourages students to acquire and share knowledge, grow holistically, and embrace diversity.

App State Athletic Training Services works closely with physicians to provide a range of medical services, including preventative care, emergency treatment, diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation.

The athletic training staff is committed to providing exceptional medical care to student-athletes, starting with the pre-participation physical exam and continuing through evaluation, treatment, and referral as needed.

Contact: 828-262-2000

Address: 287 Rivers St., Boone, NC 28608

6. High Point University

High Point University, located in North Carolina, is a private institution that was originally founded as High Point College in 1924. In October 1991, it changed its name to High Point University and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

The Sports Medicine Department at High Point University strives to offer excellent healthcare to student-athletes by working together to enhance their overall physical and personal wellness. The department emphasizes achieving exceptional results, continuous learning, utilizing data to make informed choices, efficient use of resources, transparent communication, and working in harmony with the Athletic Department and University objectives.

Contact:  (800) 345.6993

Address: One University Parkway High Point, NC 27268

Conclusion on sports medicine colleges in North Carolina

North Carolina boasts several esteemed colleges and universities that offer outstanding programs in sports medicine.

These programs equip aspiring sports medicine professionals with the knowledge, skills, and practical training necessary to excel in their chosen careers.

With a strong emphasis on research, clinical rotations, and collaboration with athletic teams, North Carolina provides an enriching environment for students to pursue their passion for sports medicine.

Whether you aspire to become an athletic trainer, physical therapist, or pursue other avenues within this field, the sports medicine colleges in North Carolina offer excellent educational opportunities to help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact on the world of sports and healthcare.


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