Best Medical Apps for Doctors UK

The best medical apps for doctors Uk are worth knowing because healthcare delivery could sometimes be confusing without the aid of these technological aids.
Technological advancement has been so disruptive that you can hardly come across any industry that has not taken it to the next level with Tech.
Among the sectors that have been benefiting from groundbreaking innovative ways of quick and efficient service delivery is the Health Sector.
In our update today, we shall outline the best medical apps for doctors Uk.
We believe this will go a long way in assisting healthcare professionals with the latest innovative ways of going about their duties.
From software to mobile and desktop apps, the health sector has been feeling the massive disruptive wave of tech.
Our list of best medical apps was gotten based on expert recommendations and industry reviews which puts them ahead of others.
Additionally, we also made the list based on some features that differentiated them from the rest.

Best Medical Apps for Doctors UK

Below is a comprehensive list of the top best medical apps for doctors in the United Kingdom;


With Epocrates, one can access a large community of online doctors readily available for counseling, consultation, and physical meetings. Epocrates users are exposed to a wide variety of options and features that suits specific health needs.
It might also interest you to know that Epocrates can work offline with no internet connection. These features remain one of the things that makes Epocrates one of the best medical apps for Doctors in the UK.


Visual DX solves the problem of poor diagnosis and untraceable medical history. There are so many diagnoses carried out on patients.
Therefore it is not always easy to remember all. However, with Visual DX a proper diagnosis can be done on a patient with just their facial recognition software.
The Accuracy of their diagnostics has made it a top choice of many healthcare professionals.
Visit the VISUAL DX to start.
  • PEPID is among the best medical  apps for doctors UK
Pepid is the most commonly used free medical healthcare app used by emergency responders, Physicians, Paramedics, e.t.c for quick and on-the-spot diagnosis of patients.
It is equally very resourceful for Interns, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals. It has a large pool of healthcare resources for symptoms, sicknesses, and their treatment procedure.
Healthcare workers can also access the resource materials like videos, e-books and get real-time updates on drug approval and newly approved methods in the healthcare practice.


Doximity is on the list for many reasons. It is currently one of the best networking platforms for Doctors. It provides a large space for collaboration among Doctors on certain health issues.
It has features that filter your search narrowing it down to the field, diagnosis, hospital, city, e.t.c. Thereby, linking you up easily to the best in the field you want to ask questions or collaborate with.
Doctors can also search for available healthcare jobs with this medical healthcare app. All messages on this platform are encrypted.


UpToDate is a platform where Doctors can double-check on certain medical issues before taking action. The healthcare field is a platform that continues to change and evolve with new practices, new approvals, obsolete methods, e.t.c.
What UptoDate does is to provide doctors with real and on-time information on certain health records before they can make a final decision.
Visit UpToDate to start

MedScape News

MedScape is more than just a news platform, it is a complete glossary for doctors. It is one of the best medical apps for Doctors in UK.
In MedScape doctors can access new groundbreaking research methods latest drug approvals, information on symptoms, diseases, prescription information, tools for dosage calculation, e.t.c.
This list of best medical apps for doctors UK will not be complete if we fail to mention MedScape.
MedScape is like a medical mobile encyclopedia.


It is a medical journal guide that simplifies the act of carrying voluminous medical journals. Case filters the study for doctors thereby bringing only the topics necessary to one’s field.
Case has an archive of over 80 medical health-related topics programmed in many languages. It might also interest you to know that CASE can suggest programs and TV shows related to what you have read just like Netflix.

DynaMed Plus

DynaMed is an excellent source of clinical information for doctors and doctors. You can request a free trial to determine if this app is right for you before purchasing a subscription.
You can access graphics and images, Specialty Content, Industry recommendations, and expert reviews all in DynaMed Plus.
Visit Dynamed Plus for more information.


It was originally a WordPress site for emergency medicine residents, but due to its popularity, it was turned into a smartphone app.
MDCalc is considered one of the best medical applications for the ability to offer more than 350 different decision tools.
It is trusted by healthcare professionals and Physician assistants. The platform boast of tools that offers solutions to over 150 diseases.


Lexicomp is a medical app that is packed with great information about diseases, especially infectious diseases, oral diseases, and toxicology.
Thanks to this app, you will also have the ability to access medical dictionaries and calculators wherever you are, at any time.
It is available for Android phones and tablets, as well as for iPhones and iPads. It is not free, but there are several subscription plans available.


With 3D4Medical apps, you can examine the human anatomy carefully using the latest 3D technology. You can view an entire body, focus on specific parts, rotate, cut, and adjust the images as you please. In addition, you can view animations.
It has both free and paid subscription plans and is available for both desktop and mobile devices. 3D4Medicals remains one of the best medical apps for doctors UK.

Muscle Trigger Point

You can identify muscle trigger points and the points that cause pain using the Muscle Trigger Point app, which will recommend the best treatment after identifying the trigger points.


Developed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, AHRQ ePSS happens to be one of the best medical apps for healthcare professionals.
Available both on Android and iOS devices.
Doctors can access the rich pool of medical resources for free on the App. However, the advanced features come with a paid subscription.

Drug Infusion – An IV Med Drip Rate Infusion Calculator

It can be quite tricky to calculate the exact amount of a drug that the patient needs to receive, especially if the medication has to be delivered at a drip-rate.
Luckily, Drug Infusion – An IV Med Drip Rate Infusion Calculator is here to help.
It is actually one of the best medical apps for Nurses and anesthesiologists. The subscription rate is $1.99 available for both Android and iOS devices.

Importance of technology in healthcare delivery

Technological innovations in the healthcare industry provide new ways to improve the quality of healthcare.
Below are some of the advantages of technology in healthcare;
  • Being updated
  • Easy access to medical information
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Facilitation of Research
  • Genome Sequencing
  • Improved communication within the healthcare industry
  • Improved emergency care
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Remote Monitoring Systems

Conclusion on best medical apps for doctors Uk

The list of the apps for doctors in Uk is in no order for ranking. Each of the applications has what makes them stand out.
it is the choice of the healthcare practitioner to make the choice on which one works best for him/her.
Your opinion counts, kindly drop your comment below.