Top health insurance companies in Brazil

There are different health insurance companies in Brazil ranging from private to public health insurance companies.

Health insurance covers about 16% of the total insurance in Brazil. Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses. As with other types of insurance is a risk among many individuals.

That’s why many people are embracing these health insurance companies in Brazil.

Introduction to health insurance companies in Brazil

The health insurance companies in Brazil are working vehemently to bring the people to the light of health insurance.

Different companies have different modes of operation which in the end is to reach a common goal which is to get people insured without living in fear. The health insurance companies in Brazil have no exemptions.

As we all know Brazil’s health care system is known as a unified health system that functions as universal healthcare. This implies that there will be free healthcare for the citizens and permanent resident holders.

Such a healthcare system comes with some challenges thus the essence of these health insurance companies in Brazil.

Health insurance companies in Brazil

Below is the list of outstanding best health insurance companies in Brazil;

  • Bradesco Saúde
  • Hapvida Sistema de Saúde
  • Amil Assistencia Medica
  • SulAmerica
  • Notredame Intermédica
  • Pacific prime health insurance
  • Caixa segurazora

Bradesco Saúde among the health insurance companies in Brazil

Bradesco Saude was founded in 1964 and has created a series of products capable of protecting you and your family in various circumstances and in different segments, such as Auto Insurance, Health plans, Dental, Capitalization, and Life Insurance among others.

health insurance companies in Brazil

They have millions of customers throughout Brazil that rely on a modern service structure, made up of telephone call centers, and digital and internet channels, in addition to their own branches, active brokers, and a network of Banco Bradesco branches.

Also, they follow the strictest quality standards so that you, the insured, always have a pleasant experience.

What You Need to Know to Claim a Refund

Bradesco Saúde provides reimbursement for medical and hospital procedures covered by the insurance contracted and carried out outside the referenced network.

The beneficiary chooses the provider of interest and pays for the service used. Then, it asks the person who provided the medical care for the necessary documentation and presents it to the Insurer for reimbursement, which will be done in accordance with the limits established by the insurance.

Hapvida Sistema de Saúde among the health insurance companies in Brazil

It was founded in 1979 by Candido Pinheiro Koren de Lima, has more than 7.1 million customers; the Hapvida System is currently positioned as one of the largest supplementary health systems in Brazil present in all regions of the country, generating employment and income for society.

health insurance companies in Brazil

It works with more than 37 thousand direct employees involved in the operation, more than 15 thousand doctors, and more than 15 thousand dentists.

Amil Assistencia Medica 

Amil Assistencia Medica was founded in 1978 by Edson Bueno it is a subsidiary of Amil Participacoes S.A., which in turn is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Inc, which is a management healthcare company.

It offers a range of medical and healthcare services to individuals and corporate customers and stands to be among the health insurance companies in Brazil.

health insurance companies in Brazil

Their product portfolio includes medical plans such as Linha Blue, Linha Medial, and Linha Dix. The company also offers various dental products across Brazil and is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

SulAmerica among the health insurance companies in Brazil

SulAmérica operations are focused on people protection, with a leading position in the health and dental insurance segments and in wealth.

SulAmérica has a leading position in the Brazilian private healthcare market, being among the best and largest health insurance companies in Brazil in terms of revenues, according to data from ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency), in addition to an important presence in the offer of dental plans.

health insurance companies in Brazil

The Company is renowned for its presence in the private healthcare segment offering a product with high-quality assistance in partnership with its broad and qualified network of medical providers, with nationwide coverage.

In life and personal accident insurance, the Company has a broad portfolio, offering group, and individual coverage plans, as well as credit life and travel insurance.

Notredame Intermédica among the health insurance companies in Brazil

The NotreDame Group Intermédica (GNDI) was founded in 1968 and is recognized as a pioneer in preventive medicine for its diversity of products and intelligent and efficient management tools that offer one of the best solutions in health and dentistry to the corporate market throughout Brazil.

best health insurance companies in Brazil for 2021

The Group is among the largest health insurance companies in Brazil. It employs about 9,000 employees and has more than 3.2 million members and 5,000 corporate customers.

The GNDI has extensive Private Networks and Accredited Clinical centers, hospitals, emergency rooms, and hospitals, as well as dental clinics with qualified professionals to promote a service based on the best care and patient safety.

Pacific prime health insurance 

Although Pacific Prime is not Brazilian-based, it is an insurance intermediary that works for people all over the world to find the insurance they need.

Brazil health insurance plans that Pacific Prime offers will provide you and your loved ones with the quality treatment that you deserve in Brazil.

health insurance companies in Brazil

These plans are also globally portable and guaranteed renewable for life, so should your situation change and you need to relocate to a different country your plan will travel with you, even if you have developed a chronic condition.

Pacific Prime is an insurance advisor that offers local insurance solutions and a wide range of health plans and cover for individuals and families, therefore; we choose them among the health insurance companies in Brazil.

Caixa segurazora 

Caixa Seguradora was founded in 1967 with the union between CNP Assurances and Caixa Econômica Federal.

Everything that it does follows a vision to be the insurance company for Brazilians. Caixa contributes with its credibility so that the company takes its products to the homes of more and more Brazilians.

health insurance companies in Brazil 2021

Corporate transparency is maintained by a management structure and internal controls and departments related to ethics, fraud prevention, and protection of human rights. Therefore, it is among the best health insurance companies in Brazil.

The governance model is based on the best management practices: all decisions are submitted to a vote and their financial statements are supervised by the Fiscal Council.

Conclusion on the health insurance companies in Brazil

In the list of health insurance companies in Brazil, there are different health insurance packages to meet your health care needs.

Brazil is one of the biggest and most influential nations in South America. From the pristine coastal beaches to the undiscovered mysteries of the Amazon, Brazil has something to offer everyone.

By estimating the overall risk of health risk and health system expenses over the risk pool, a company can develop a framework of payment that would be convenient and effective and with the raging health issues, the need for health insurance is essential.


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