6 Best Health Insurance in Maine

Health insurance companies in Maine protect against healthcare costs by covering some or all of the costs of routine and emergency medical care.

Many Americans receive health insurance as part of a benefits package provided by their employer, but if you do not have insurance through your job or the coverage available to you is too expensive, you may have other options like MaineCare.

MaineCare provides free or low-cost health insurance and other financial assistance to people who meet certain criteria, such as income, age, or medical condition. Medicare is a federal program that covers the majority of seniors and many people with disabilities.

Health Insurance Companies in Maine

Here are a few health insurance companies in Maine to help you navigate your health insurance in Maine.

  •  RM Weymouth Insurance

RM Weymouth Insurance was founded in 1997 with the goal of offering Maine residents the best value in Medicare and Health Insurance Products.

This is accomplished by thoroughly understanding the Client’s requirements and matching those requirements with affordable products that provide the most coverage for the premium paid. RM Weymouth Insurance is appointed with all of the top Carriers for standard products, as well as several lesser-known Carriers for Alternative Health Plans, as Independent Agents. This enables them to present you with EVERY option available to you.

They assist their clients throughout the process, from the initial visit to post-enrollment support. Finally, in Maine, agents and brokers are not permitted to charge a fee for their services. Agents are compensated by the Carriers, so if they assist you in enrolling in a Plan, your premium will be the same as if you had enrolled yourself.

Contact: +1 207-989-7710

Address: 146 Parkway S #209, Brewer, ME 04412, United States

  •  Maine Insurance Benefits Group

Maine Insurance Benefits Group is a unified group of dedicated agents dedicated to assisting their clients in obtaining the most affordable insurance options for their coverage requirements. They provide a wide range of insurance products to assist you in every stage of your life.

Health, dental, and vision insurance, as well as life and long-term disability plans, are all available. MIBG has partnered with a number of top national and local insurance carriers to provide the best products at the best prices while still providing a personalized agent experience. Customers can benefit from professional and knowledgeable agents to assist with policy comparisons and enrollment, as well as after-sale customer service, at no additional cost.

Maine Insurance Benefits Group is founded on an old-fashioned philosophy of putting the customer first, combined with high-quality products from the best carriers in the country and the use of cutting-edge technology to help their clients compare policies and expedite the application process. They believe you will appreciate the way they conduct business.

Contact: +1 207-894-7710

Address: 677 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME 04062, United States

  •  Metlife: Troscianiec Edward

The MetLife Foundation collaborates with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to develop financial health solutions and strengthen communities, while MetLife employee volunteers help to drive impact.  More than 17.3 million low- and moderate-income people in 42 markets have benefited from their financial health work.

Their dedication to empowering the world’s most vulnerable people to become more financially resilient and prepared for the future is central to the Foundation’s mission and one of the ways they live MetLife’s values. Metlife assists people in managing household budgets, recovering from the unexpected, establishing short-term savings and stability, and planning for the future.

Through new technologies, innovation, and on-the-ground collaboration with partners around the world, they use research insights and behavioral science to create and deliver safe, affordable, and convenient financial services.

Giving back to the communities in which MetLife operates strengthens the bonds between MetLife and the residents. Through grants for health, arts and culture, disaster relief, community development, youth and education, diversity, equity and inclusion, and veterans, they have a positive impact on communities all over the world. MetLife employees play an important role in the development of their most valuable asset their children by serving as mentors to fintechs and pro bono consultants to their grantees.

Contact: +1 207-947-8621

Address: 1 Merchants Plaza # 401, Bangor, ME 04401, United States

  •  Dougherty insurances

Dougherty insurances is a family-owned and operated company.  They prioritize their objectives. You will receive the best products and services at the lowest possible cost.

They keep their customers up to date on the latest changes that may affect them and offer expert advice. Being self-sufficient entails scouring the market for opportunities. They have contracts with over 30 different companies. They are completely impartial and will gladly share their professional opinion with you. Their opinion is supported by decades of experience.

Dougherty insurances are available to provide service after the sale once you have decided on a plan. There is not a single business day when someone does not answer the phone to assist a customer. You may select any available plan.

They make certain that all of your claims are paid and, if necessary, assist you in changing your plans in the future. They will verify your benefit level and offer Plans based on your specific situation if you believe you are in need or may qualify for financial assistance.

Many of the extra benefits are free to you and may include in-home nurse visits, dental coverage, eyewear, hearing aids, free over-the-counter supplies up to $100.00 per month, and more. Many of their clients now have full coverage for all Medicare-approved healthcare needs, as well as subsidies such as low- or no-cost prescription coverage.

Contact: +1 877-498-1557

Address: 25 Ashley Ave, Glenburn, ME 04401, United States

  •  Snowman & Associates Consulting

Snowman & Associates offers comprehensive health insurance services (Medicare, individual-both on and off the Marketplace, and international/travel insurance), life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance.

They work with national insurance companies and are committed to ensuring that you understand the insurance product you are considering, how it works, and how it will affect you and your family if you need to file a claim. Snowman & Associates began offering a consulting service in 2010 that evaluates your current situation by developing financial needs assessments. Finding personal care and/or in-home living arrangements, as well as working with families to understand the dynamics of end-of-life planning for individuals, are some of the services provided.

Also, they collaborate closely with estate and elder law attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals, social workers if their client requires legal accounting or social service assistance that they cannot provide.

Snowman & Associates stays current on health, social, legal, and financial trends, as well as how they affect their aging population. They uphold a high ethical and moral standard to ensure that their clients receive the best service possible while also maintaining strict confidentiality.

Contact: +1 941-320-9783

  •  Cross Insurance

Cross Insurance is a family-owned insurance company with over 50 locations in the Northeast. Established in 1954 at Woodrow Cross’ kitchen table, they have grown to become one of New England’s largest independent insurance intermediaries.

They were named the third-largest insurance broker in Massachusetts in 2021. Since its inception, they have successfully acquired over 150 operations, expanding its presence in the Northeast. Their friendly and knowledgeable team of over 1,000 employees is ready and capable of providing insurance solutions to fit your unique situation. Cross insurance believes in forming winning alliances to protect your team for the future.

Whether your team is your family, your business, or your employees, you can count on Cross Insurance to provide you with insurance solutions. They negotiate personal insurance, commercial insurance, employee benefits, and bonds on behalf of insurance providers who are well-known in the industry. Their team can provide quality solutions to meet your needs, from coffee shops to convention centers.

They are proud to have offices in many wonderful communities across New England. They help their neighbors in a variety of ways, such as donating to local food banks and volunteering at after-school programs. They are proud of the numerous ways their offices give back.

Contact: +1 207-622-4787

Address: 116 Community Dr, Augusta, ME 04330, United States

Conclusion on the Health Insurance in Maine

Health insurance is required because it covers all or a portion of a person’s risk of incurring medical expenses. Health insurance protects you. Medical, prescription and surgical services are typically covered by health insurance.

It covers your medical care in the event that you become ill or injured, as well as preventative care such as vaccines and wellness checkups with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Insurance Companies in Maine

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the Health Insurance Companies in Maine;

  1. In Maine, how do you obtain health insurance?

Maine residents can apply for health insurance through private providers and the federal exchange during open enrollment or during a special enrollment period.

If you missed open enrollment but still require coverage, you can apply if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event, such as marriage or the loss of coverage.

  1. In Maine, how many insurers provide marketplace coverage?

Maine has three insurers offering plans in the 2022 exchange:

  • Community Health Options
  • Harvard Pilgrim HMOs
  • Anthem

Because all three insurance companies have statewide service areas, Maine’s exchange enrollees can choose from plans offered by all three insurers.

  1. Maine uses what kind of health insurance marketplace?

Because Maine now has a fully state-run exchange, residents can enroll through CoverME.gov rather than HealthCare.gov.

This transition occurred in the fall of 2021, and during the open enrollment period for 2022 coverage, more than 66,000 people signed up for private health plans through the state’s exchange.


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