10 Best Therapists In Longmont

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety it is important to find the best therapists in Longmont, if you are a resident of Longmont of course.

Thankfully society is in a state where mental health is considered important, whether in the entertainment, sports, or education sectors. More people are advocating for people to pay attention to their mental health and visit therapists to help them recover from whatever mental health issues they suffer from.

Most people don’t take their mental health very seriously and go about their everyday lives and face different adversities, whether material, practical, or emotional, but they need a professional who will listen to their issues and give them the support they need to get beyond them and that is what the best therapists in Longmont do.

Some people have suffered trauma from their childhood either from the indecency of others or the death of a loved one. That being said the best therapists in Longmont offer great services to help you overcome these issues.

Although there is a little number of licensed professional counselors In Longmont, there are other therapists that offer online sessions to residents of Longmont. So continue reading to know more about the best therapists In Longmont.

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10 Best Therapists In Longmont

If you’re looking for a list of the best therapists in Longmont, look no further. Click on a person to learn more about them.

Tawny George

Tawny George is an LPCC in Erie, Colorado. She offers online sessions to all residents of Colorado. She specializes in working with trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, mood and personality disorders, life transitions, grief, loss, relationship issues, stress management, and adverse religious experiences/religious trauma. Tawny loves and has experience working with clients in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

Using an integrative approach, Tawny uses trauma-informed modalities that blend research-based cognitive and somatic interventions with mindfulness and compassion. This works to reintegrate the more rational with the emotional parts of our experience and to release trauma that has been stored in the body, manifesting itself as negative sensations and symptoms.

By employing the wisdom and guidance of the body, Tawny is able to gently guide clients to become curious, explore, resolve, and release the stress and negative sensations that may have been plaguing the body and mind for years.

Even a few counseling sessions can help reduce negative thoughts and create changes that lead to a happier and healthier experience. As issues diminish, clients can achieve their personal goals without the weight of unnecessary baggage that may have been tagging along.

Like so many others, it was her own experience with mental health that led Tawny to want to work in the counseling field. As she navigated n her own mental health journey, she found she was drawn to understand both the psychological, emotional, and physiological sides of the conflicts we face. She is one of the best therapists in Longmont.

Phone: +1 720-378-8646

Anna O Mayer

Another one of the best therapists in Longmont, Anna Mayer is a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Lafayette, CO, who works with adults and couples with a focus on relationships and sexuality. Many of her clients have found great success in other areas of their lives, like their careers, but struggle to feel connected in their relationships or at peace in their daily lives.

Anna is particularly sensitive to clients facing moments of transition in their relationships, such as those recovering from infidelity, healing through a breakup, navigating a shift from monogamy to Ethical Non-Monogamy, or exploring a change in sexual orientation.

Anna’s approach is rooted in Somatic Counseling Psychology, a body-based approach that incorporates our whole self, including body, mind, and emotion. It is a mindfulness-based approach that focuses on helping clients understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected to their visceral sensations, and how to work with our often involuntary responses from the bottom up to support long-term changes.

She works to help clients understand their physical response to external stressors, and begin to problem-solve ways to introduce moments of embodied choice, to choose to respond rather than react in the face of challenge.

Anna’s first priority in starting with a new client is ensuring that they feel safe, heard, and like an equal partner in the therapeutic process. As a seasoned telehealth provider, she offers the convenience of remote sessions to help make therapy a core component of your self-care calendar. Anna is offering online sessions to residents in Longmont.

Phone: +1 720-707-1297

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Heidi Rose Lindeman

Heidi Lindeman is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Candidate located in Longmont, CO. Heidi is passionate about helping clients who are searching for meaning because their daily lives have lost any sense of fulfillment. She offers online sessions to residents in Longmont.

Many of Heidi’s clients are women who feel emotionally exhausted because they take care of everyone but themselves, including their children, friends, partners, and family members.

While these clients look like they’re successful at achieving a life balance to an outsider, they feel disengaged, frustrated, and like they need something more in their lives but can’t quite name their needs. At times, this leads to dark thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Heidi’s own experience with mental health issues leads to an empathetic, open style. Heidi is an Internal Family Systems therapist with additional training and certification. Clients explore their internal worlds to discover how they fit authentically into the larger context around them, including within their immediate families, larger networks, and their communities.

Heidi also leverages her Master’s degree in Divinity to help clients explore their sense of life purpose, meaning, and ideas about higher powers.

Heidi creates a calm, present space for clients to think aloud about what they want out of their lives. She provides empathetic support and helps clients draw connections between their thoughts, feelings, internal beliefs, and desires. She is one of the best therapists in Longmont.

Phone: +1 720-728-0306

Olivia Rios

Another one of the best therapists in Longmont, Olivia Rios is a Licensed Psychologist providing individual therapy in Colorado. Many of her clients are finding their footing in adult transitions and milestones, like balancing professional and personal demands, navigating family roles, or relationships with peers and authority figures.

Olivia is particularly passionate about serving Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who are impacted by the current sociological climate. She is trained to provide EMDR and services in Spanish.

Olivia’s approach is rooted in Feminist Therapy and Interpersonal Process Therapy. She employs Feminist Therapy beyond its traditional use with women, utilizing it in a broader sense to bring awareness to issues of power across marginalized identities and the impact on mental health.

From an Interpersonal Process perspective, she believes that relationships and community are an essential part of our healing as human beings, and centers the therapeutic relationship in the healing process.

Her style is warm, supportive, and collaborative with just the right balance between listening and offering guidance. She is gently challenged when opportunities for growth arise, both in session and beyond. Her goal is for clients to finish therapy with greater clarity, increased connection, a mastery of coping tools, and feeling more confidence to take on the difficulties ahead.

Olivia offers the accessibility of remote therapy sessions. She also offers Walk & Talk sessions in the Loveland, Longmont, and Boulder areas. She is eager to support the wellness of all individuals and welcomes new clients.

Phone: +1 720-780-9253

Barbara E Moore

Barbara Moore is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where she welcomes both individual adults and couples who are seeking to create stability and change in their lives.

Many of her clients bring in grief, shame, frustration, and emotional pain. Barbara specializes in treating adults with anxiety, depression, mood concerns, relationship challenges, and trauma. Collaboratively, she works to encourage, enrich and empower clients to a pathway of growth and healing.

Barbara provides an honest and encouraging atmosphere to assist her clients in navigating through life’s highs and lows. Recognizing the distinctive strength and courage of her clients. She utilizes an integrative and skilled-based approach to therapy that will build on the client’s courage to confront challenges and overcome difficulties.

Barbara’s approach to therapy is nonjudgmental and down to earth. She is skilled at incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and EMDR, empowering her clients to strengthen their distress tolerance, manage their emotions, and process painful memories. She is one of the best therapists in Longmont.

Barbara enjoys working with individuals and couples, building on their unique strengths and obtaining personal growth they are committed to accomplishing. Barbara is available for remote therapy sessions for people in Longmont using a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Phone: +1 405-506-7447

Joseph Nucci

Joseph Nucci is a licensed professional clinical counselor in Longmont. Joe’s role is to empower you to engage in this process of self-transformation. His style of therapy is very much like his personality: open-minded, non-judgemental, compassionate, and direct. He imbues his sessions with a sense of humor, as he believes laughter can be just as cathartic and healing as crying.

Joe’s approach is flexible and depends on the needs of his patients. While his primary orientation is humanistic and person-centered, he relies on psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral interventions to help facilitate change. He believes in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and spiritual and political affiliations. He is one of the best therapists in Longmont.

Joe specializes in adult individuals, couples, and adolescents ages 16 years and older. He is a Gottman Level 2 trained couples therapist and welcomes any referrals for couples therapy. He offers Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Trauma, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills Training, and clinical hypnosis.

He is currently seeing patients in Longmont via telehealth. All of his sessions are conducted virtually, so he can see anyone with a Colorado address.

Phone: +1 720-369-3062

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David Cole Awdish

Cole Awdish is a licensed professional counselor in Durango. He works with adults of all ages. Many of Cole’s clients come in to address trauma, anxiety, feeling stuck, and relationships. Cole is particularly passionate about serving adults with childhood trauma. He also has advanced training in the area of Complex PTSD.

Cole is trained in EMDR, in which you use your brain’s natural reactions to help process and take the distress out of your traumatic, stressful, and anxious memories.

In the session, Cole focuses on grounding, meditation, and mindfulness tools that can be practiced to learn how to respond to triggering situations. This approach helps clients to feel at peace, more present, and able to move past their past.

Cole’s style is thoughtful, engaging, and kind. When clients first start therapy, he will work to understand how their current struggles are linked to their past so that you can improve them both at the same time.

Cole received their MA from Adams State University. He has worked at Axis Health System, working as a Crisis therapist and Outpatient Provider. Cole offers both in-person and virtual therapy sessions to residents in Longmont. He is one of the best therapists in Longmont.

Phone:+1 970-403-5488

Rebecca Guidera

Another one of the best therapists in Longmont, Rebecca trusts your inner wisdom in your healing journey and is excited to navigate with you to grow into your fullest, vibrant, and open-hearted self.

Rebecca desires to support her clients with compassion, directness, and playfulness. She is passionate about guiding and exploring clients and their connection with body image, sexual and gender identities, intimacy, and relational dynamics including LGBTQIA+ and poly/open relationships.

She specializes in supporting clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-identity related to LGBTQ+ topics. Rebecca utilizes an eclectic mix of somatic psychotherapy, sex-positive and strengths-based interventions, and mindfulness and guided imagery to support her clients.

Rebecca completed her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Somatic Counseling: Body Psychotherapy at Naropa University in 2019. Additionally, she is trained in perinatal mental health through the Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder (2020-2022), EMDR through The Institute for Creative Mindfulness (2021), and Somatic Sex Therapy Training for Counselors through The Embodied Relationships Center (2022). Rebecca sees clients in Longmont virtually Mondays through Thursdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Phone: +1 720-605-0680

Carrie Johansson

Dr. Carrie specializes in helping people more easily manage life’s inevitable chaos. She is an expert in helping people learn how to make long-lasting, effective changes and overcome life challenges such as anxiety, trauma, and difficult relationships. She focuses on increasing your understanding of yourself, and teaches you how to be more skillful at communicating with others in your life.

Dr. Carrie is a psychologist, licensed in Colorado, who has been in private practice since 2001. She uses EMDR to treat trauma and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to help clients improve their psychological flexibility to solve problems and adopt a healthier approach to the world.

Just released, Dr. Carrie’s book, “Self-Help On The Go” is what her clients asked her to write: easy to read, simple to apply, inexpensive tactics that really work to make life easier to manage.

The book offers ninety-nine ways to leverage emotional flexibility to become more resilient and improve how you habitually respond to life’s most common problems. It is designed for in-the-moment use and is based on Dr. Carrie’s 20 years in private practice, teaching real people these tools all the time.

The office is open Monday through Thursday with in-person and virtual meetings available. Parking is free, and the location is central and easy to access, close to downtown Denver.

Diversity of thought, sexuality, ethnicity, politics, and background are both welcomed and celebrated here. Dr. Carrie is open-minded and interested in working through your concerns, without imposing judgment or limitations on you. She is one of the best therapists in Longmont,

Phone: +1 303-355-6682

Marisol Salgado

Another one of the best therapists in Longmont, Marisol Salgado is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas and Colorado who specializes in working with first-generation professionals. She is also bilingual and speaks Spanish. Many of her clients struggle with feeling like a fraud, face self-doubt, and feel like an imposter. Her clients are high achievers that struggle with imposter syndrome.

Marisol helps clients in all aspects of life be it a new relationship, new job, new parents, break-ups, promotions, losses, and how culture impacts life. Additionally, Marisol provides immigration evaluations for hardship, VAWA, T/U visas, and the cancelation of removal.

Marisol’s approach is rooted in Adlerian therapy. She helps her clients identify obstacles and create effective strategies to work towards their goals. She also incorporates other evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioral and solution-focused. She also incorporates the client’s culture and how that may impact them.

Marisol strives to provide a safe environment where her clients will feel heard. Marisol’s practice provides the flexibility of meeting online for both Colorado and Texas Residents. Marisol is committed to reducing the mental health stigma in the Latinx community. Being bilingual Marisol is able to listen to her clients even when they speak Spanglish without translation being needed.

Phone: +1 346-297-6585

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