Best free online masters in public health

You could now take your academic journey a notch higher through the free online masters in public health.

As a matter of fact, education, and to a large extent, pursuing a career have turned around to become less financially cumbersome.

In recent times, you could access some great career-boosting courses online and free of charge too. This became possible because the internet moved from a place of idling away time to becoming a tool for academic pursuit and success. 

So, this is the reason why people are taking good advantage of the opportunity to advance their education in various fields just like taking the online masters in public health.

By the way, if you are looking for a career change that will not break your pocket or take up your whole time. The free online masters in public health could be your perfect career switch.

Overview of Public Health

In case you want to understand what public health is all about before your switch or get a masters in the course, then, let’s have a brief rundown about this amazing course.

First and foremost, it is all obvious that this course tilts largely towards sciences. Public health as an academic field contributes majorly toward the awareness, prevention, and promotion of health.

It teaches individuals and also communities how to live disease-free and manage illnesses in the best possible ways through sciences. It does not stop there, this study stands beside other science courses in making life-changing decisions when it comes to global health.

However, taking up a career in public health should come from a place of passion and determination. This means that this must be what you really want to do for yourself. If not, you will not maximize the full potentials and benefits that come with this career.

A career in Public health

Furthermore, with your knowledge of public health, you can become part of a scientific research company.

You can then begin to find out the root cause of most diseases globally and how it impacts lives. The knowledge in this course will place you in a position of authority and work alongside other professionals. 

More so, you get to monitor the spread of diseases and infections and how it affects a community or people. Then, you can use the knowledge to create awareness and put speedy interventions in place.

In continuation, public health workers find themselves in government organizations or even private sectors doing a lot of jobs.

Jobs that focus more on disease management, control, and prevention in the society and promote clean living and a sickness-free environment.

Free online Masters in Public Health

Many universities and organizations have taken it upon themselves to offer free online masters in public health (MPH). This will help interested people to achieve their career goals while staying present in other aspects of their lives.

So, for those that are very eager to pursue this line of education, here are some listed sources for you to indulge yourself in.

  • Harvard University

Course: Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety.

This course enlightens you more on how to improve the need for health care around you.

More so, it brings to your understanding, how to make quality health care accessible to all, in every given community. You can ask your questions and receive excellent solutions from experts.

Duration: 10 weeks

Time: At your own pace

Fees: Free

Venue: Online 

  • Harvard University

Course: Prescription Drug Regulation, Cost, and Access: Current Controversies in Context

Typically, this course will open you up to the problems affecting the use of prescription drugs. Also, you will understand the need to monitor the distribution, struggle, and use of prescription drugs.

 Course duration: 8 weeks

Time: Self spaced

Fees: Free

  • Columbia University

Course: Crisis Resource Management. 

In this course, you will learn a lot about how to manage health crises in the event of an emergency. Just like n the case of COVD 19.

Also, this course will provide you with efficient skills to think critically in health crisis or emergencies.

 Course duration: 12 weeks

Time: self spaced

Fees: free

Venue: Online  

  • University of North Carolina

Course: Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health 

Generally, this deals with the root causes of diseases. Again, the course will bring you up to speed with how to control the spread of infectious diseases on a global level. This will help you take real-life actions when faced with such diseases.

 Course duration: 6 weeks

Time: Self spaced

Fees: Free

Venue: Online

  • Duke University

Course: The Challenges of Global Health

Global health is literally one of the most important subjects in facing the world at large.

Public health exposes you to the cause of the worries in global health and the major challenges associated with it.

Therefore, this course serves as a pointer toward the available solutions that can be put in place. 

Course duration: 5 weeks

Time: self spaced

  • John Hopkins University

Course: Systems Thinking in Public Health 

With the numerous and complex issues we face daily on Earth now, this course becomes a necessity.

First, it will make the public health sector think and reason critically about how to tackle these issues and build a system of opposition against these diseases. 

Also, one mechanism that works perfectly is the use of awareness. Spreading awareness will help put these situations in check. 

Course duration: 4 weeks

Time: Self spaced

Fees: free

  • John Hopkins University

Course: Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice 

This course equips the students with the know-how of solving environmental health issues. It will explain how the experts in epidemiology take up health issues and find lasting prevention and solution.

 Course duration: 4 weeks

Time: Self spaced

Fees: Free

  • Imperial College London

Course: Global Master of Public Health

Venue: Online 

  • Penn State

Course: Epidemics- The Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases have been ravaging the world from time immemorial. This course opens your eyes to the foundation of infectious diseases which involves bacteria and viruses.

  • Berkeley University of California

Course: Ethical Challenges in Public Health Intervention: Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Response, Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases 

Basically, the course teaches about the challenges in public health and equips you with the right tools to effect a productive response that will bring immediate solutions. 

To conclude, the numerous health issues that we face globally have most of their solutions in the hands of public health experts.

Again, you become largely involved in finding these solutions alongside other experts if you take up this career path.

Meanwhile, more universities are making moves to clear the path for more public health professionals.

They do this by creating a very flexible, pocket, and time-friendly learning avenue like the free online masters in public health courses. Therefore, all you have to do is learn on the go. Bag your certificate and come help save the world.


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