The Different Types of Wonderlic Test and which one to Take

Learn about the  Different Types of Wonderlic test and which one to Take.


Of the various pre-employment ability tests, Wonderlic is indeed quite common for good reasons. It allows employers to quickly decide who is worthy of being given a job and who should never be considered.

All this is achieved by answering 50 questions within the space of 12 minutes. These questions help determine the level of intelligence that can be attributed to each applicant, as well as other factors that concern them and make them suitable for the job.


Overview of the Different Types of Wonderlic Test

Hiring can be quite tiring and time-consuming; it can also be expensive. However, Wonderlic comes in as a total game-changer.

Essentially, the test has components of English, reasoning, judgment skills, maths, similarities, problem-solving, direction following, and even definitions. When it comes to taking Wonderlic tests, even students are not left out.

There is the famous Wonderlic SLE test taken before students are accepted into nursing schools. Hence, they practice with the SLE Test prep for Nursing School.

While the Wonderlic test is named after the founder (Wonderlic), as well as the name of the company (Wonderlic Inc,), you probably clicked on this article because you’re curious about the different types of wonderlic test. Well, here you go:


Wonderlic Cognitive Test

This is the most common test used by recruiters. This test essentially assesses the ability of an individual to reason and solve problems.

Without a doubt, these are qualities that are very important for catching up and consequently becoming successful in a new job. Hence, the Wonderlic cognitive test helps the recruiter to know if this quality is present in a potential employee.

Typically, when a person loosely talks about the Wonderlic test, it is the cognitive test that is being referred to in particular.

Essentially, cognitive tests are divided into the cognitive ability pretest, and the contemporary cognitive ability test.

Together, these two have been found to be quite efficient in terms of getting into the root of a person’s cognitive ability. If a recruiter is wondering which Wonderlic test to have their applicants take and they are testing for cognitive ability, this is certainly the one to be taken.

Wonderlic Personality Test

More employers are beginning to see the importance of a person’s nature in relation to how they handle their job.

The personality of an individual cannot be left out when one is trying to see if they are a great fit for a particular role.

For instance, a person that exhibits a melancholic temperament has no business being a receptionist. Job performance will be increased if a person is just naturally suited for the role on a personal level.

If personality is so important for the job at hand and an employer wants a personality determinant, this is a test that applicants should take.

Wonderlic Behavioral Test

While it is quite easy to think that this is exactly the same test as the skills test, such thinking is quite a misconception. This Wonderlic test checks the likelihood of a person to be involved in certain unjust actions. It tests for three components namely: agreeability, neuroticism, and meticulousness. After this test is taken, it is put into the person’s Wonderlic risk profile.

If the components of this test are quite essential for the job an applicant is trying to get, they should definitely be allowed to take this test.

Wonderlic Skills Test

This test examines exactly what this heading says—skill. Basically, it answers the question, “How skilled is this applicant in the area of mathematics, science or English Language. This is tested by having the applicant take tests on perceptual ability, office and software skills, as well as the Wonderlic basic skill set.

Conclusion on the Types of Wonderlic Test

Knowing the types of Wonderlic tests available, the question of which to take is answered by simply knowing what one is looking out for, especially as a recruiter.

As for applicants, knowing what your recruiter is looking out for would also give you an idea of the type of Wonderlic test you are likely to take, and how to prepare for it. 


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