11 best Occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts

If you’re looking, you’d find out that there are lots of occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts and its environs.

Amongst other therapy programs in Massachusetts, the occupational therapy program has carved out a space for itself and people are sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

Now, before we give out directions and locations of these occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts, we will first, talk about this type of therapy and who needs it.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT), is a health care program that requires the use of activities and tasks to help you adapt and improve your abilities after an injury, illness, or disability.

More so, occupational therapy brings you into your unique current ability and into full realization. It helps you get back into independence and most times, back to work.

With the help of an occupational therapist and team, you will begin to adapt back to society. Basically, the therapist will decide what activities best suit your condition. And then, guide you through these tasks and activities.

Furthermore, at first, these tasks may seem hectic and impossible due to conditions. But with determination and constant practice, you will notice great changes and improvements on your end.

Who needs occupational therapy?

As a matter of fact, people get injured in the line of work. People generally fall sick or have an accident, and in that event, they lose their ability to function independently.

So, when this is the case, occupational therapy has a role to play in making someone function independently.

Take, for example, the event that a person loses a limb in an accident, this kind of therapy helps integrate them back to work if possible.

Again, a person might develop mental health issues in the line of a job. This therapy helps them pull through and decides if they are fit to go back to work or not.

In essence, people with disability, mental health issues, occupational accident victims, and people that have suffered long-term illness and recovering all need occupational therapy.

Who is an occupational therapist

To continue, an occupational therapist is someone who is trained in carrying out occupational therapy. This line of work is not one that you just jump into. Literally, these therapists are trained till they graduate.

Also, they sit for the qualifying exams and earn a certificate and a license. With your certificate to practice in hand, you can work and earn a living as an OT.

Occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts

As we have already stated, this kind of therapy helps you become independent and adapt to your current everyday lifestyle.

Therefore, if you are looking for where you can get occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts, we’ve curled up a few.

  • Boston University Department of Occupational therapy

First, this was rated number 1 in occupational therapy in 2017 by the United States news and world report. Boston University got it right with the work and output of this facility

Address: Boston, MA 02215, United States

Phone: +16173532713


  • MGH Institute of Health Professionals

This is a private university-owned facility. They have their focus majorly on health sciences. In line with this, they are the only degree-granting affiliate in partnership with HealthCare.

Address: 36 1st Ave, Boston, MA 02129, United States

Phone: +16177262947


  • Occupational Therapy Center

As it stands, this center uses the state of the art equipment and method to help its patients adapt fully and become independent individuals even in their status. This center offers services to children, youths, and adults. Furthermore, it has been providing these services since 2000.

Their staff is well-groomed in dealing with individuals trying to work out their daily occupational therapy tasks.

Address: 228 Pleasant St, Northampton, MA 01060, United States

Phone: +14135885279 

  • Massachusetts Association Occptnl

Address: 57 Madison Rd, Waltham, MA 02453, United States

Phone: +17816475556


  • OTA The Koomar Center

Established by a renowned occupational therapist, Dr. Jane Koomar. They have services that are specially tailored to the need of every patient an individual, first. By the way, this center is among the premier clinics in the United States.

Address: 74 Bridge St, Newton, MA 02458, United States

Phone: +16179694410

Brain Fit Academy

With 5 stars to its name, this center makes use of a natural approach to promote healing and newfound independence.

Also, the owner, Pam Formosa, has a masters in occupational therapy and is a developmental specialist. Here, they believe in unlocking the nervous system t help promote self-healing.

Address: 25 Westcott Rd, Hopedale, MA 01747, United States

Phone: +18332324968


Pediatric Occupational Therapy at Waltham

Basically, it may interest you to know that children also need this type of therapy. Hence, the existence of centers like this one.

Here, they have always used modern innovations and science to treat and improve the lives of the kids and their families as a whole.

Address: 9 Hope Ave, Waltham, MA 02453, United States

Phone: +16173557212


  • kidSHINE LLC

This center provides kids and pediatric occupational therapy evaluations and sessions. Their tasks for the kids include school, plays, and group exercise programs.

Address: 28 Forest Ridge Dr, Rowley, MA 01969, United States

Phone: +19783560315


  • Thom Marlboro Area Early Intervention Program

Moving forward, this center provides comprehensive, high quality and family-centered early intervention program. This generally touches toddlers and infants and those with disabilities.

Address: 340 Maple St #410, Marlboro, MA 01752, United States

Phone: +15086240304


  • CHA Occupational Health Program

Run by well-renowned doctors, the center offers the best for its over 800 clients. They also take care of the needs of office workers and down to just about anyone needing their services.

Address: 5 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA 02145, United States

Phone: +16175914660


  • BMC Physical and Occupational Therapy- Hyde Park

The unique move of this center is that they begin their therapy on a patient even while they are still at the hospital. Basically, this move will be of great advantage to the patient so that before they leave the hospital, recovery and adaptation won’t be a long process anymore.

Address: 890 River St, Boston, MA 02136, United States

Phone: +16176380330

Before we conclude, it is certain that both adults and children need occupational and physical therapy.

So, consider it a true service to humanity for the gift of occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts made available for yourself and your family.

Conclusion Occupational therapy programs in Massachusetts

Finally, whether the injury came from work or a disability or illness, nothing defines you if you do not allow it.

Occupational therapy helps you become a new exciting version of yourself again. With this therapy, you are on your way to absolute independence in your new status.


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