List of best pharmaceutical companies in Ghana

The pharmaceutical companies in Ghana strive towards the efficient and effective research, development, and distribution of quality pharmaceuticals.

As in many developing countries in West Africa, Ghana’s pharmaceutical industry is dependent on foreign inputs and finished pharmaceutical products.

Introduction to pharmaceutical companies in Ghana

About 70% of the drug demand is satisfied with imports, mainly from India and China, the remaining 30% are accounted for by local production.

This breakdown corresponds to the distribution between prescription drugs and non-prescription (OTC) drugs in 74% and 26% of the market, respectively. OTCs encompass the majority of domestically manufactured pharmaceutical products.

The Industry has received government support as part of its agenda to promote national production. The state supports national companies in the construction of production facilities and helps to achieve international standards.

Ernest Chemists and Tobinco, for example, received financial support to build GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, certifications that boost export prospects for the company across the ECOWAS region.

The state has also used commercial and tax structures to support local development The exclusion list of imported drugs has been increased from 20 to 40 drugs that can only be sold and manufactured locally, and in 2017 several drug deliveries were reduced to a VAT rate of zero.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Ghana

With more than 1000 registered pharmacies and more than 7 times the number of companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Ghana is one of the largest markets for the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in West Africa.

Below are some of the top Pharmaceutical Companies In Ghana

Add Pharma

Address: Lighthouse Mission Hospital, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 226 0712

Website: visit here

Ayrton Drug

Address: Naa Atta St, Accra

Phone: 030 224 5090

Bedita Pharmaceuticals

Address: Afram St, Accra

Phone: 030 223 3980

Capital O2

Address: H/No. 11, Nikoi Osu Street, North Kaneshie, Orgle Road Accra Ghana

Phone: +233-302249887

Danadams Pharmaceutical Industry Ghana Limited

Address: 67 Nungua Link, Spintex Rd, Accra

Phone: 020 204 1735

Denk Pharma Ghana

Address: 2nd Floor, Apex Square George Walker Bush Highway Extension, Accra

Phone: 030 397 0020

Website: Click Here

Entrance Pharmaceuticals & Research Center

Address: 16 Spintex Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 225 7485

Website: visit here

Ernest Chemists Limited

Address: Ring Road Central, Accra

Phone: 030 396 5675

Website: Click Here


Address: JOHNSON WATT, Accra

Phone: 030 290 2929

GPSC Guilin Pharma Gh Ltd

Phone: 050 157 2133

Website: Click Here

Jinlet Pharmacy

Phone: 030 223 2268


Phone: 030 225 5536


Address: H/No. Plot 107 Graphic Road, South Industrial Area

Accra, 10017 Ghana

Phone: +233-302224613

M&G Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Address: D446/1, Bannerman Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 266 6613


Website: Visit

Address: Heavy Industrial Area, Tema, PMB KA 144 Airport, Accra Ghana

Phone: +233-322496060

Masnas El LTD

Address: Asafotu Close Accra Ghana

Phone: +233-244855472

New Global Pharmaceuticals

Address: Plot No.1 Light Industrial Area, Odorkor, Accra

Phone: 030 230 1028

Website: visit here

Roche Products Ghana Ltd

Address: No. Y21B, Agostinho Neto Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 277 4752

Shalina Healthcare Ghana Ltd.

Address: C315, 2 Farrar Ave, Accra

Phone: 026 279 9487


Address: Near Rana Motors, Plot 16 Adjuma Crescent, P.O Box 5760, South Industrial Area, Accra Ghana

Phone: +233-302221788

Tobinco pharmaceuticals Ltd

Address: Kotobabi Down, Domiabra Street, 10 2nd Cl, Accra

Phone: 030 223 4375

Website: visit here

Unichem Ghana Limited

Address: 80 Spintex Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 222 7722

Website: visit here


Address: Spintex Road, Near Coca Cola Roundabout, Accra Ghana

Phone: +233-302264872

Innovation in Ghana’s Pharmaceutical Industry

Three Ghanaian pharmaceutical companies have joined forces to expand into the rest of West Africa and beyond. The three Ghanaian pharmaceutical companies merged to create the largest local pharmaceutical manufacturer with a portfolio of more than 80 products

Two pharmaceutical companies, Ayrton and Starwin, were delisted as part of the merger. Daniel Apeagyei Kissi, CEO of DAS Pharma, said the synergies from the merger would improve operational efficiencies, optimize costs and improve the offerings for customers and consumers.

The company will be able to increase volume, profitability and achieve its growth ambitions: “We will invest in the business to strengthen our position in Ghana and expand into the rest of West Africa and beyond.”

Pharmaceutical Policy in Ghana

The main goals of pharmaceutical policy in Ghana are access to essential pharmaceuticals for everyone, quality assurance of all pharmaceuticals on the market, a functioning and efficient supply chain, and the rational use of pharmaceuticals by professionals and patients.

The drive towards these goals has significantly improved access to medicines for insured patients, as measured by increased facility occupancy and rapidly growing sales of revolving funds for medicines.

Now there is a danger that non-rational prescribing and fraud will lead to rising drug bills that threaten the financial sustainability of the NHIS.

On the other hand, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has the resources and purchasing power to influence provider behavior and the market in terms of quality and price. This Policy aims to provide a compact overview of the situation, trends, and opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector in Ghana concerning the strategic goals of the five-year work program.

It summarizes data from several recent studies and reports. conducted by a variety of partners inside and outside the country, as well as discussions with key stakeholders in the sector.

The aim is to provide up-to-date background information to decision-makers and to provide some suggestions for specific policy initiatives aimed at achieving the objectives of the work program, with a particular focus on the role that health insurers have in stabilizing and improving service delivery, in improving health insurance Access to quality medicines and can play in promoting rational use. 523 in 1996.

It defines the role of the Food and Drugs Committee as a separate entity under the control of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), which is responsible for regulating the sector.

The Food and Drug Board (FDB) also operates the official drug quality control laboratory, which is responsible for testing quality samples obtained from manufacturers, importers, distributors, or other sources.

The FDB is also working on improving its public website to strengthen communication with the public to increase transparency and improve governance.


The Pharmaceutical companies in Ghana deal in generic or branded drugs and medical devices and are subject to a variety of laws and regulations governing the patenting, testing, safety, efficacy, and marketing of drugs.

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