List of pharmaceutical companies in Estonia

The pharmaceutical companies in Estonia are entering an exciting new era in drug development.

Research methods are evolving, and there are a lot of promising perspectives on the horizon, from the opportunities that personalized drugs offer to the potential that come from leveraging big data, and medical progress.

Furthermore, the goal of pharmaceutical companies in Estonia is to turn basic research into innovative treatments that are generally available and accessible to patients.

The industry has made significant improvements in patient welfare. Today’s Estonia citizens can expect to live up to 30 years longer than they did a century ago.

Some important steps in pharmaceutical research, supplemented by many smaller steps, have resulted in a reduction in the death rate, for example, from HIV / AIDS-related causes and various cancers.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Estonia

We’ve been able to compile a list of some of the top pharmaceutical companies in Estonia. Find them below:

  • AbbVie

Address: Rävala pst 4, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 623 1011


Director: Katrin Madissoo

Address: Jaama tn 55b Polva, Polva vald, 63308 Estonia

Phone: +372-7998100

Website: visit

Revenue: $9.35 million

  • Algol Pharma OÜ

Address: Parking lot, Väike-Paala 1, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 605 6014

Website: visit here

  • Bausch Health

Address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 682 7403

Website: visit here


Director: Taavi Kikas

Address: Akadeemia tee 15a Tallinn, 12618 Estonia

Phone: +372-55620103

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Serhii Pavlenko

Address: Vesivarava tn 50-201 Tallinn, 10152 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234

  • Cambrex Tallinn AS

Address: Teaduspargi 3, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 620 4398

Website: visit here


Director: Mamdouh Sayed Hassan Ahmed

Address: Narva mnt 5 Tallinn, 10117 Estonia

Phone: +372-201002101113

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Veera Ebenek

Address: Kaluri tee 6-19 Haabneeme alevik, Viimsi vald, 74001 Estonia

Phone: +372-6090847

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Tarmo Molder

Address: Varvi tn 5 Tallinn, 10621 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234

  • Eli Lilly

Address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 49, 11316 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 681 7280

  • GlaxoSmithKline Eesti OÜ

Address: Estonia, Lõõtsa 8A, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 667 6900

Website: visit here


Director: Abdolhossein Zarrin

Address: Pikk tn 7-17 Tallinn, 10123 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234

  • GPE Globalpharma LLC

Address: Tiigi 61b, 50410 Tartu, Estonia

Phone: +372 669 1968

Website: visit here


Director: Stephen Jerome Wyatt

Address: Suur-Manniku tn 5 Tallinn, 11216 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Merle Tasane

Address: Niine tn 6-7 Parnu, Parnu, 80034 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Raphal Godfried Shane Piontek

Address: Vanapere tee 14, Puunsi kula Viimsi vald, 74013 Estonia

Phone: +372-5054247

Revenue: $41.70 million


Director: Allan Ahtloo

Address: Teaduspargi tn 3/1 Tallinn, 12618 Estonia

Phone: +372-6066969

Revenue: $3.55 million

  • Krka Estonian branch

Address: Pärnu mnt 141, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 667 1658

Website: visit here

  • Lundbeck

Address: A. Weizenbergi 29, 10150 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 605 9350

Website: visit


Director: Heikki Moik

Address: Ulikooli tn 8 Tartu, Tartu, 51003 Estonia

Phone: +372-55511219

Revenue: $421,534

  • Merck Group

Address: Pärnu mnt 130, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 682 5882

Website: visit here

  • Merck Sharp & Dohme

Address: A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 614 4200

Website: visit here


Director: Juri Kuivkaev

Address: Lookese tee 33 Keila-Joa alevik, Laane-Harju, 76701 Estonia

Phone: +372-6088297

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Valeri Aljas

Address: Amburi tn 9-3 Tallinn, 11711 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Nele Laumets

Address: Nurme poik 32 Haabneeme alevik, Viimsi vald, 74001 Estonia

Phone: +372-53444674

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Maren Jents

Address: Akadeemia tee 21/3 Tallinn, 12618 Estonia

Phone: +372-56225661

Revenue: $924,817

  • Novartis

Address: Pärnu mnt 141, 11314 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 663 0810

  • Orion Pharma

Address: 11314 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 664 4550

Website: Visit here


Director: Jaanus Pikani

Address: Tiigi tn 61b Tartu, Tartu, 50410 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Vadim Zubarev

Address: Vanapere tee 3, Pringi kula Viimsi vald, 74011 Estonia

Phone: +372-6546922

Revenue: $668,187


Director: Jukka Veli Hiltunen

Address: Teaduspargi tn 7 Tartu, Tartu, 50411 Estonia

Phone: +372-7475620

Website: visit here

Revenue: $525,088


Director: Kaidi Randpold

Address: Viljandi tee 11 Puhja alevik, Elva vald, 61301 Estonia

Phone: +372-5044502

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Tarmo Molder

Address: Varvi tn 5 Tallinn, 10621 Estonia

Phone: +372-5083164

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Jelena Kraus

Address: Anne tn 30-27 Tartu, Tartu, 50603 Estonia

Phone: +372-56461579

Revenue: $34,296

  • Sanofi

Address: Pärnu mnt 139 E-2, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 627 3488

  • Servier

Address: Rotermanni 8, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 644 5040

Website: visit here


Director: Kadri Randveer

Address: Tondi tn 33 Tallinn, 11316 Estonia

Phone: +372-6120201

Revenue: $6.00 million


Director: Olga Tsubrik

Address: Tiigi tn 61b Tartu, Tartu, 50410 Estonia

Phone: +372-7477001

Revenue: $5.60 million

  • Teva Estonia / Sicor Biotech UAB

Address: Sales and Marketing Department, Hallivanamehe 4, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 661 0801


Director: Oleg Terentjev

Address: Joa tn 3a-13 Tallinn, 10127 Estonia

Revenue: $732,234

Frequently Asked Questions on pharmaceutical companies in Estonia

here are the answers to the FAQs relating to the subject matter;

Which Pharmaceutical companies in Estonia have the most SPCs?

The Pharmaceutical companies with more SPC in Estonia are:

  1.  Gilead Sciences Inc
  2.  Janssen Peds
  3.  Merck Sharp Dohme
  4.  Boehringer Ingelheim
  5.  Novartis
  6.  VIIV
  7.  Abbvie Inc
  8.  Astrazenca
  9.  Bristolmyers Squibb
  10.  GlaxosmithKline

What are the pharmaceutical market value sales in Estonia?

The global pharmaceutical market was valued at € 651.5 billion ($ 865.518 million) in 2014.         The Estonia pharmaceutical market is valued at 231 euro million

What’s the share of generics in reimbursable pharmacy market sales?

The term “generic” is widely used, but its definition is not always consistent across countries. Generic drugs are generally made by a manufacturer who was not the inventor of the original

product and is marketed when intellectual property copyright is out of print. In general, the market share of generics in the new EU member states with a historically low level of protection is significantly higher. The market share of generics in Estonia is 20.8%

How much is spent on pharmaceuticals in Estonia?

In 2013, social health insurance contributions in the form of wage taxes accounted for 87% of public health spending.

In 2014, the EHIF spent 14% of its budget on paid medication in outpatient facilities. Personal contributions for prescription drugs, which are listed in the “discount list”, in the ratio to the total expenses for compensation.

It has decreased from 38.0% in 2005 to 31.7% in 2014. In the years of the financial crisis alone, there was an increase (38.6% in 2007 and 38.5% in 2008).

What drugs could possibly be on the market?

Most of the medicinal products approved in Estonia in March 2015 were approved via the central EU approval process (total number 2092, whereby different concentrations and formulations are considered different approvals).

Another 1,494 were approved in the national procedure, 1,377,826 in the decentralized procedure, and 826 in the mutual recognition procedure.

It is not uncommon for companies to register medicines in countries where they do not necessarily intend to market the product.

Market size often influences the final decision, but other factors – such as national administrative practice for marketing, pricing, taxes, fees, sales margins, and the lack of an efficient procurement system – also influence the decision.

Final thought on the pharmaceutical companies in Estonia

According to the Estonian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers  (APME), the market has become so competitive that companies often withdraw their products because they can no longer pay the annual license fee which seems humble enough to trigger a product recall for reasons of affordability.

While getting permission to use an unauthorized product is not difficult, the challenge is often to find a wholesaler willing to import the drug.

In 2011 there were nearly 8,000 such applications, covering 110 different active substances, either for the treatment of specific patients or for use under national programs. physicians can apply for approval for outpatient use for individual patients or for inpatient use for the entire medical facility for a maximum of 1 year; Professional associations can apply for use in a  cohort of patients.

In 2014 there were around 5,000 such requests, 6 unregistered pharmaceuticals account for 2% of the total pharmaceutical market in Estonia.


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