List of best pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus

The pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus contribute immensely to the development of the nation with about 3000 persons working in the sector.

Cyprus’s pharmaceutical industry is responsible for over one-third of the country’s exports as of the last year 2020.

Introduction to the pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus

Cyprus pharmaceutical exports are growing spontaneously with the increased adoption of technologies, which is a clever approach in the right direction.

In spite of these spontaneous developments, there are several challenges faced by these companies regularly.

A number of EU countries have incentive schemes encouraging pharmaceuticals from abroad to set up shop in their country or encourage local ones to expand their business.

List of pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus

Below is the list of the top pharmaceutical companies in Cyprus everyone ought to know. These companies are listed in alphabetical order for easy access to these awesome companies.

Agios Minas Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

Phone: 22590447

Address:  28B 28is Oktovriou Leoforos Ave, 2414 Egkomi Lefkosias, Lefkosia

Aloe Pharmacy Ltd

Phone: 22490360

Address: 88B Andrea Avraamidi Str, 2024 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Andreas Christoforou Pharmacy

Phone: 24364270

Address:  21 Larisis Str, Shop 1, 6040 Larnaka, Larnaka

Andreas Stephanides Pharmacy Ltd.

Phone: 22532277

Address: 4 1is Apriliou Ave, 7647 Mosfiloti, Larnaka

Andreou Despina Ltd

Phone: 24656884

Address: 38 Artemidos Leoforos Ave, LORDOS JIOANNA COURT, Flat 7, 6030 Larnaka, Larnaka

Andrie S Pharmacy Limited

Phone: 26950073

Address:  28 Tafoi Ton Vasileon Str, PISTENTIS COURT, Flat 3, 8046 Pafos, Pafos

Angelides Solon Ltd

Phone: 24433440

Address:  11 Archiepiskopou Makariou III St, 7571 Anglisides, Larnaka

Annita Pharmacy

Phone: 22590400

Address: 20B 25is Martiou Str, 2408 Egkomi Lefkosias, Lefkosia

Annita Polycarpou Pharmacy

Phone: 22664442

Address: 21A Prodromou Str, 1095 Lefkosia, Lefkosiaa

Antoniades Polys

Phone: 25358034

Address: 30 Agias Zonis Str, 3027 Lemesos, Lemesos

Antoniou Cleanthous Katia Pharmacy Ltd

Phone: 26935290

Address:  3 Nikou Nikolaidi Str, SAVVAS PLAZA, Flat 2, 8036 Pafos, Pafos

Antoniou Eleni Pharmacy

Phone: 24813250

Address: 3 Agias Sofias Leoforos Str, MARIANNA COURT BLOCK B, Flat 1, 7104 Aradippou, Larnaka

Antoniou Elina Pharmacy

Phone: 22261756

Address:  20 Aristofanous Leoforos Ave, 2039 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Antonis Gregoras Pharmacies

Phone: 24626332

Address: 14 Kyriakou Matsi Str, A. CHRISTODOULOU BLDG, Flat 4, 6015 Larnaka, Larnaka

Aresti Pharmacy Ltd

Phone: 22420058

Address:  206A Strovolou Leoforos Ave, 2048 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Ashikkali Nicolais

Phone: 22434488

Address:  5 Kronou (K’kli) Str, 1026 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

Aspris Nicos

Phone: 24624928

Address: 48 Artemidos Leoforos Ave, 6031 Larnaka, Larnaka

Ayios Georgios Kontos Pharmacy

Phone: 24638387

Address:  9 Inomenon Politeion Leoforos St, KOUTAKIS BLDG, Flat 1, 6043 Larnaka, Larnaka

Bridgehouse Pharmacy

Phone: 22671531

Address: Lordou Vyronos Leoforos Ave, BRIDGE HOUSE, Flat 07, 1096 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

By Pass Pharmacy

Phone: 23723711

Address: 18 Arch/pou Makariou C’ Leoforos, YIALLOURIDOU BLDG, Flat 2, 5330 Agia Napa, Ammochostos

Central Pharmacy Ltd

Phone: 22751679

Address: 76 Digeni Akrita Leoforos Ave, 1061 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

Charalambous Elena

Phone: 25738560

Address:  81 Panagias Evangelistrias Str, 4156 Polemidia Kato, Lemesos

Charalambous Mattheos

Phone: 22426655

Address: 48A Armenias Str, 2003 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Chloe Pharmacy

Phone: 26949259

Address:  93 Evagora Pallikaridi Str, GEORGIADES COURT, 8010 Pafos, Pafos

Christides Christos Ltd Pharmacy

Phone: 25870520

Address: 140 Agias Fylaxeos Str, KYRIAKIDE, 3087 Lemesos, Lemesos

Christina Papageorgiou Pharmacy

Phone: 24824000

Address:  Ithakis Str, FRENARITIS COMPLEX, Flat 3,4,5, 7081 Pyla, Larnaka

Christodoulide Maria

Phone: 26952791

Address: 109 Apostolou Pavlou Leoforos Str, PAPADOS COURT 1, Flat 4, 8046 Pafos, Pafos

Christodoulou Efi

Phone: 24658733

Address:  3 Thessalonikis Leoforos Ave, POTAMITIS BLDG 2, Flat 1, 6035 Larnaka, Larnaka

Christodoulou Kyproulla G

Phone: 22376960

Address: 25A Karpenisiou Str, 1077 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

Christodoulou Genethliou Anastasia

Phone: 22427913

Address: 27H Athalassis Leoforos Ave, Shop 7, 2012 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Christodoulou Margarita

Phone: 24652440

Address:  2 Armenikis Ekklisias Str, KRANIDIOTIS BLDG, 6022 Larnaka, Larnaka

Christodoulou Yiannis Pharmacy

Phone: 25828890

Address: P.O.Box 56281, 3305 Lemesos, Lemesos

Christofides J. Charis Pharmacies Ltd

Phone: 22511351

Address:  39 Perikleous Str, Flat 1, 2021 Strovolos, Lefkosia

Christoforou Stelios Pharmacy

Phone: 22573035

Address:  18A Inomenon Ethnon Leoforos Str, 2548 Dali, Lefkosia

Christou Eleni

Phone: 22435250

Address:  13A Kantaras Leoforos (K’kli) Ave, 1037 Lefkosia, Lefkosia

Chrysostomides Soteris

Phone: 25349349

Address: 13 Archiepiskopou Makariou C’ Str, Shop 02, 4181 Ypsonas, Lemesos

Cleanthous Chrystalla Cleanthous Pharmacy

Phone: 25748070

Address: 16 16is Iouniou 1943 Str, GLADSTONOS, Flat 08, 3022 Lemesos, Lemesos

Clerides Antonis

Phone: 24622754

Address:  6 Patron Str, SUNNYWISE COURT 1, Flat 1, 6051 Larnaka, Larnaka

C.V. Mediline Ltd

Address: 4 Rethimnou Street Agios Nikolaos, Limassol City, 3100 Limassol

Phone: +357 (25) 761699

Codal Synto

Address: 21 Constantinoupoleos Street, 3011 Limassol, Cyprus, P.O Box 51785. 3508, Limassol – Cyprus

Phone number

+357 25560230


+357 25560232

Email: [email protected]

Website: visit here

Constantinidou Elli

Phone: 25387225

Address:  55B Spyrou Kyprianou Leoforos Ave, 4154 Polemidia Kato, Lemesos

Constantinidou Ioanna

Phone: 25310554

Address: 100 Amathountos Leoforos Str, KYPREOPOULOS COURT, Shop SHP06, 4532 Agios Tychon, Lemesos

Constantinou Georgia

Phone: 25711505

Address:  127A Dromos Arithmos 11 Str, 4152 Polemidia Kato, Lemesos

Costidou Eleni

Phone: 26939756

Address:  65 Christou Keli Leoforos Str, 8574 Kissonerga, Pafos Costidou Eleni

Cyprus Pharmaceutical Organization Ltd

Address: 23 Ilia Iliadi Pilavaki, Kato Polemidia, 4154 Limassol

Phone: +357 25 567509


Address: Athinon Street 17, Ergates 2643, Cyprus

Phone: +357 22 845000

Website: visit here

Lifepharma (Z.A.M) Ltd

Address: 308 Agiou Andreou St Andrews Shop 01, Limassol City, 3035 Limassol

Phone: +357 25 760620

Website: click here


Address: 1-10 Constantinoupoleos St. 3011 Limassol, Cyprus

Tel.: +357 25 867600

Fax: +357 25 560863

Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus

Founded: 1976

Key people: Andreas Pittas; Chairman & CEO

Number of employees: 1,250 (2013)

Website: visit here

Nikos & Dena Karacosta Pharmacy Ltd

Phone: 22774950

Address: 63 Metochiou Str, Shop 35, 2407 Egkomi Lefkosias, Lefkosia

Papaellinas Ch. A. & Co. Ltd

Address: 12 Amsterntam Shop 01, Limassol City, 3083 Limassol

Phone: +357 25 337169

Address: Acharnon, Ypsonas, 4185 Limassol

Phone: +357 25 553000

Website: click here

Zephyr Pharmedic Ltd.

Address: PO Box 56055, Limassol City, 3304 Limassol

Phone: +357 (25) 030240


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