List of pharmaceutical companies in Latvia

The pharmaceutical companies in Latvia have a long history and keep gaining ground every day.

The pharmaceutical industry ranks fifth in terms of sales in the manufacturing sector (8.3% in 2019), fifth among other industries in terms of the number of employees (7.1% in 2019), and fifth based on the export share of industry sales (75.2% in 2019). According to the Central Statistical Office, the industry comprised around 500 companies in 2019.

Due to historical traditions, Latvia has a strong fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing base and manufactures a wide range of products ranging from petrochemicals and man-made fibers to paints and household chemicals with 25% of all new Soviet drug technology developed here.

Every fourth medicinal preparation made in the former USSR and destined for the USSR market was actually made in Latvia.

Existing and extensive RandD bases and good cooperation between industry and science currently cover the following research areas: microbiological synthesis, wood chemistry, virology, synthesis of physiologically active substances, bio-organic chemistry, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, biomechanics, magneto biology, etc. In addition, Latvia is internationally recognized for its CRO (Contract Research Organization) activities.

Pharmaceutical companies in Latvia

In this section, you will find a detailed list of some pharmaceutical companies in Latvia:


Director: Aleksandrs Cesass

Address: 9 Selpils iela Riga, LV-1007 Latvia

Phone: +371-67450905

Revenue: $3.76 million

website: click here


Director: Ilze Vetra

Address: 2A Mores iela, Sigulda Siguldas novads, LV-2150 Latvia

Phone: +371-67976056

Revenue: $93,753

website: visit


Director: Andris Malcenieks

Address: 32 – 1A Aspazijas bulvaris Riga, LV-1050 Latvia

Phone: +371-67212886

Revenue: $353,552


Director: Evita Dimante

Address: 39 Ogre Akmenu iela, Ogre Ogres novads, LV-5001 Latvia

Revenue: $244,078

  • Elasma SIA

Director: Igor Khasin

Address: 1A Citadeles iela Riga, LV-1010 Latvia

Phone: +371-29676581

Revenue: $3,507


Director: Gatis Deksnis

Address: 9 Sigulda Vizbulu iela, Sigulda Siguldas novads, LV-2150 Latvia

Phone: +371-26599393

Revenue: $11,064


Director: Intars Glinda

Address: 69 Jurmalas gatve Riga, LV-1067 Latvia

Revenue: $7,238

  • EvroVak

Director: Nina Linde

Address: Jaunmarupe, Mazcenu aleja 13 – 35 Marupes novads, LV-2166 Latvia

Revenue: $244,078

  • Farma PET SIA

Director: Gunars Innuss

Address: 86 k-1 Matisa iela Riga, LV-1009 Latvia

Revenue: $1.23 million

website: visit here


Director: Pavels Melniconoks

Address: 26 Dzirnieku iela, Marupe Marupes novads, LV-2167 Latvia

Revenue: $433,749


Director: Juris Hmelnickis

Address: 53 Krustpils iela Riga, LV-1057 Latvia

Phone: +371-67083205

Website: visit

Revenue: $156.46 million

  • GriPharma Healthcare

Director: Aleksandrs Mezeckis

Address: 9 – 43 Jana Asara iela Riga, LV-1009 Latvia

Phone: +371-20011787

Revenue: $1,062

  • INnovative NATURE

Director: Agnis Martins Berzins

Address: 3 – 24 Rigondas gatve Riga, LV-1067 Latvia

Phone: +371-29409920

Revenue: $1,328

  • Kalceks

Address: Krustpils iela 71A, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1057, Latvia

Phone: +371 67 083 320

Website: click here


Director: Guna Feldmane

Address: 2B Kurbada iela Riga, LV-1009 Latvia

Phone: +371-67427462

Revenue: $497,248


Director: Aleksandrs Izotovs

Address: 1 – 2 Liepu iela Jurmala, LV-2008 Latvia

Revenue: $732,234

  • Latima SIA

Director: Jurgis Auzins

Address: 7C Atlasa iela Riga, LV-1026 Latvia See other locations

Phone: +371-67798004

Revenue: $90,053

  • Lotos Pharma SIA

Director: Kaspars Ivanovs

Address: 1 – 39 Pernavas iela Riga, LV-1012 Latvia

Phone: +371-26002554

Website: visit here

Revenue: $2.08 million


Director: Janis Mikelsons

Address: 1 Vietalvas iela Riga, LV-1009 Latvia

Phone: +371-67040788

Website: visit

Revenue: $1.19 million


Director: Juris Kaimins

Address: 20c Gaismas iela, Salaspils Salaspils novads, LV-2169 Latvia

Phone: +371-28380999

Revenue: $202,107


Director: Eriks Masteiko

Address: 15/17 Gertrudes iela Riga, LV-1011 Latvia

Revenue: $732,234

  • NordePlast SIA

Director: Romans Gramiko

Address: 19 Ziemelu iela Liepaja, LV-3405 Latvia

Phone: +371-20037773

Revenue: $485,174

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Director: Eriks Masteiko

Address: 15/17 Gertrudes iela Riga, LV-1011 Latvia

Phone: +371-67270124

Revenue: $2.37 million

  • Olainfarm AS

Director: Janis Buks

Address: 5 Rupnicu iela, Olaine Olaines novads, LV-2114 Latvia

Phone: +371-67013705

Website: visit here

Revenue: $144.47 million


Director: Kristaps Erglis

Address: Mazcenu aleja 6A, Jaunmarupe Marupes novads, LV-2166 Latvia

Phone: +371-20221199

Revenue: $74,112


Director: Vladimirs Rusinovs

Address: 3 – 104 Detlava Brantkalna iela Riga, LV-1082 Latvia

Phone: +371-67551713

Revenue: $2.12 million

  • Pharma art

Director: Dace Daubure

Address: 68 – 60 Atmodas iela Jelgava, LV-3007 Latvia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Iskandar Ismagilov

Address: 4 Rupnicu iela, Olaine Olaines novads, LV-2114 Latvia

Phone: +371-67069889

Website: visit here

Revenue: $8.81 million


Director: Uldis Parsans

Address: 24 Mencu iela Riga, LV-1016 Latvia

Revenue: $732,234


Director: Kristaps Erglis

Address: Jaunmarupe, Mazcenu aleja 6A Marupes novads, LV-2166 Latvia

Phone: +371-29101144

Revenue: $28,424


Director: Vilma Druliene

Address: 10 Ozolu iela Riga, LV-1005 Latvia

Phone: +371-67355550

Revenue: $6.01 million


Director: Nadezda Sabazova

Address: 29 – 25 Veca Bikernieku iela Riga, LV-1079 Latvia

Phone: +371-67531922

Revenue: $36,761

  • SIA Lundbeck Latvia

Address: Kleistu iela 24, Kurzemes rajons, Rīga, LV-1067, Latvia

Phone: +371 67 067 884


Director: Liene Purina

Address: 2A Kurbada iela Riga, LV-1009 Latvia

Phone: +371-67142829

Revenue: $4.40 million


Director: Eduards Grigorcuks

Address: 81 – 61 Dzelzavas iela Riga, LV-1084 Latvia

Revenue: $732,234

  • Teva Latvia / Sicor Biotech UAB

Address: Zaļā iela 1, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia

Phone: +371 67 323 666


Director: Vilnis Barovskis

Address: Vitolini Jelgavas novads, LV-3017 Latvia

Phone: +371-63020519

Revenue: $119,235

  • Vivacell SIA

Director: Gleb Mikhailik

Address: 1 Zala iela Riga, LV-1010 Latvia See other locations

Revenue: $66,743

Frequently Asked Questions about pharmaceutical companies in Latvia

Here are some of the answers to the most asked questions about the pharmaceutical companies in Latvia;

What are the export shares in the pharmaceutical sector?

Pharmaceutical products had the highest export shares in the sector (46% and 30% and respectively), followed by plastics (24%).

Currently, the country manufactures and exports a wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical products, from a unique anti-influenza drug to petrochemicals, household chemicals, and paints.

What are the two leading pharmaceutical companies in Latvia?

Two companies that stand out in the Latvian pharmaceutical market are Grindeks and Olainfarm. Grindeks specializes in cardiovascular, central nervous system, and cancer drugs.

Their range includes a successful combination of original and generic products, with original Mildronate® and Ftorafur® products and more than 100 different generics. Grindeks produces 25 active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Olainfarm has 40 years of experience manufacturing medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical products. Olainfarm produces about 60 kinds of medicines and about 30 active pharmaceutical ingredients

What are the leading institutes of RandD in Latvia?

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis with more than 100 Ph.D. It is one of the leading research centers in the Baltic Sea region for organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and drug discovery.

What’s the ranking of Latvia Pharmaceutical companies in the business world?

In 2014, the World Bank ranked Latvia 23rd in the world for ease of doing business, with highly skilled workers and exceptional profit-maximizing conditions, a strong manufacturing base, and RandD competition.

This makes the Latvian pharmaceutical sector attractive for business and Latvia offers extremely beneficial investment incentives

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Latvia

The pharmaceutical sector has always been one of the most important manufacturing sectors in Latvia.

Furthermore, the number of employees in the pharmaceuticals sub-sector has remained relatively stable in recent years, it even increased while employment fell nationwide, it is clear that companies have increased their productivity. This also impacted positively the economy of the nation


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