Ireland doctor salary

The Ireland doctor salary is dependent on many factors, however, we are going to look at the different salary ranges of physicians in Ireland.


The average range of salary of doctors in Ireland is 60,000-150,000 euros in a year.

Medical doctors and other health practitioners all over the world usually go home with great pay, in Ireland, there is no exemption.


Ireland has a good payment system with mouth-watering offers to its doctors and therefore is one of the countries of choice for doctors seeking a greener pasture.

No wonder many are interested in knowing Ireland’s doctor salary. The quest to know prompted this article.

Introduction to Ireland doctor salary

Asides from doctors that wish to migrate to Ireland from another country; one of the things students who aspire to be a doctor in Ireland should consider is the salary structure.

A doctor in Ireland is expected to earn around 70,000-90,000 EUR annually. Salaries range is dependent on many factors as earlier stated.


Salaries vary drastically between different Doctors’ careers. If you are interested in knowing some of these factors that determine Ireland doctor salary, below they are properly explained.

Factors that determine Ireland doctor salary

Below are 6 factors on which the Ireland doctor salary depends;

  • Work experience
  • Specialty
  • Place of work
  • Level of academic acquisition
  • Nature of contract
  • Working hour
  • Location/region of work

Work experience

Experience is always a determining factor when you talk about the salary of any profession and doctors are not exceptional.

Say your work experience and I will tell you how good you are. Every year of experience counts, therefore, Ireland doctor’s salary is determined in some cases by the work experience a doctor has acquired over the years.

Health firms and institutions are always in search of employees with a significant impact and one of the ways they spot this potential during the course of employment is by considering their work experiences.


Among the factors that determine Ireland doctor salary, is the specialty. There are different work specialties in the field of medicine ranging from but not limited to gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, nephrology, urology, and general practice.

Ireland doctor salary

Each of these specialties is worthwhile and must be treated with utmost carefulness and devotedness yet, some are more strenuous and demanding than others thus the differences in the salary structure of these specialties.

Cardiologists are one of the most paid doctors in Ireland and elsewhere. They specialize in taking care of the heart and giving treatments and diagnoses.

Also, it wouldn’t be ideal to compare the salary of a general practitioner to that of a neurosurgeon.

Place of work

What a doctor stand to earn in Ireland is also dependent on the place he or she works. The bigger the firm you work the bigger your pay.

Also, there is a significant difference between the salaries of doctors working in a private firm and those working with public firms.

This factor goes a long way in determining the Ireland doctor salary. That is why we always recommend you have a better understanding of a place or a company you wish to work for.

Level of academic acquisition

This is also related to work experience but there are still enough differences. Two doctors may have some work experience but different levels of academic acquisition.


Academic acquisition deals with the knowledge you have acquired over the years of studying and engaging in some medical tasks.

It may also include research, special courses, and also a position a doctor holds or has held in previous years. All of these add to a doctor’s rating and will influence what he/she stands to gain as his wages.

Nature of contract

The nature of the work contract is a great determinant of the salary of doctors in Ireland. If your contract is demanding, definitely, your pay would be higher compared to less demanding work contracts.

Working hour

This is a very important factor that determines the salary of a doctor in Ireland. It is related to a work contract.

The time you spent on your work goes a long way in determining the Ireland doctor salary.  Also, work pay is higher for overtime workers.

Location/region of work

The location you intend to practice as a doctor in Ireland is also important in considering the Ireland doctor salary.

The location of a high standard of living will influence the salary a doctor earns when compared to doctors in place of a low standard of living.

Average range of Ireland doctor salary based on positions

  • Pre-registration House Officer or intern (30,000-50,000 euros)
  • Senior House Officer (50,000-65,000 euros)
  • Registrar and Specialist Registrar positions (60,000-80,000 euros)
  • Consultant (100,000-150,000 euros)

Average range of Ireland doctor salary based on specialty

Specialties Yearly salary range
Neurosurgeon 200,000-400,000 euros
Cardiologist 140,000-350,000 euros
General practitioner 80,000-150,000 euros
Pediatrics 80,000-150,000 euros
Ophthalmologist 80,000-150,000 euros
Dentist 120,000-180,000 euros
Dermatologist 120,000-180,000 euros

Conclusion on the Ireland doctor salary

The salary ranges in this article are gotten from reviews from doctors and employers of health workers. However, there may variations, which is why we recommend you visit the place you intend to work and make your individual evaluations.

The salaries of doctors differ considering the different factors that determine the Ireland doctor’s salary.


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