Best salary of doctors in Singapore

The salary of doctors in Singapore has been a great concern for students and doctors who want to have a great career in Singapore practicing as doctors.

On average, the salary of a medical doctor ranges from $3,600 to $20,000 per month.

The quest for a better life lies mostly in the reward you get from that which you offer. In the case of doctors, the story is not different thus, the curiosity to know about the salary of doctors in Singapore.

Globally, the salaries of doctors are usually higher compared to most professions, and in Singapore; the same thing comes into play.

Overview on the salary of doctors in Singapore

The salaries of doctors in Singapore vary based on different factors and each factor has a lot to play in determining the salary of a doctor.

We will consider some of these factors and the effects they have on the salaries of doctors in Singapore.

Doctors spend years mastering their skills and work tirelessly to help other people. In return, they deserve higher salaries.

Don’t get it twisted a worker is liable of its ages also is essential you know note that the US and UK doctors earn higher salaries than the Asian doctors of the same qualification.

Factors that determine salaries of doctors in Singapore

Below are some of the factors that can determine the salaries of doctors in Singapore;

  • Experience
  • Specialization
  • Place of work
  • Cost of living
  • Working hour
  • Demand of service


Oh yes, this is a great determinant of how much one stands to earn as a doctor in Singapore. No wonder one of the cardinal things employers consider before employment.

This has a lot to do with salaries because your experience can tell the effectiveness of what you can offer. Although it is not usually the case, however, experience can determine output.


There are different specializations in the medical field and each has different requirements to obtain as such has variation in the salary. For instance, cardiologists earn more than most specialties.

salary of doctors in Singapore

No specialization is more important than the others; however, the demand for some is higher than others.

Place of work

This has a lot to say about the salaries of doctors in Singapore. A doctor working for a higher organization stands a chance to earn more than the one working in a lower organization with the same qualification.

Cost of living

salary of doctors in Singapore

The cost of living in a particular geographical entity would also determine what a worker is likely to earn as a salary and doctors are no exemption.

Working hour

salary of doctors in Singapore

There is no doubt that the more you work, the more you earn. This implies that the salary of doctors in Singapore can be determined by the hour they choose to work.

Demand of service

This can be related to specialization in the determination of the amount a doctor earns in Singapore.

Summary of the average salary of doctors in Singapore based on specialties

Specialties Average Salaries


Cardiologist $12,000-20,000
Dermatologist $8,000-15,000
Allergist $8,000-15,000
Clinical Psychologist $12,000-18,000
Forensic Pathologist $12,000-20,000
Neurologist $8,000-18,000
General Medical Practitioner $8,000-18,000
Obstetrician / Gynecologist $5,000-12,000
Ophthalmologist $5,000-12,000
Pediatrician $5,000-15,000
Anesthesiology $5,000-12,000
Gastroenterology $5,000-15,000
Orthopedics $8000-18,000
ENT $5000-15,000


Summary of the average salary of doctors in Singapore based on the level/work rank

Work level/work rank Average salary


House officer $3,600-5000
Medical officer $4500-9,000
Registrar $7000-12,000
Consultant $15000-20,000
Emeritus consultant $10,000-20,000


Brief description of the different ranks of medical doctors in Singapore

salary of doctors in Singapore

House officers

House officers are fresh graduates in the medical field. They are usually placed under the supervision of a medical officer.

Their training usually lasts for a year and House Officers are required to perform 3 or more clinical postings. However, in this period they are also paid about $3600.

Medical officers

Medical Officers are qualified doctors who are immediately responsible for the total management of patients in the wards.

There are junior and senior medical officers in the Singapore health care system.

They are required to mentor House Officers and help with the clerking of cases and performing of procedures.


Registrars are senior doctors. They have chosen a specialty and are committed to training and working in that specialty only.

An associate consultant can be called a registrar.


Consultants are Specialists who have completed Residency/Fellowship OR Basic & Advanced Specialist Training. They are responsible for patient care and leadership to all staff levels, including teaching and training.

They earn higher based on experience and other essential factors.

Important note on the salary of doctors in Singapore

In Singapore, it is essential you note that an employee cannot be required to work for more than 8 hours daily, or 44 hours on weekly basis. Overtime hours cannot exceed 12 hours. However, this is an exemption for health care workers.

There is no working hour restriction for healthcare workers and certainly not doctors. Doctors can work on an average of 60-90 hours on weekly basis.

Employers usually offer a host of other benefits in addition to your salary. Some of these benefits may include but are not limited to annual leave, maternity leave, incentives & bonuses, relocation assistance, healthcare benefits, housing allowance, allowance for children’s education, childcare benefits, and others.

Conclusion on the salary of doctors in Singapore

The above salaries of doctors may depend on different factors. Before you go out in search of work as a medical doctor in Singapore, always make sure you get convincing information about the salary and equally discuss your salary terms before work.

We are open to suggestions and modifications on the salary of doctors in Singapore, kindly write to us or drop a comment.


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