Doctor salary in Netherlands

Knowledge about the doctor salary in Netherlands is essential for those who wish to pursue a medical career in the country. 

Doctors are among the highest-paid professionals in the Netherlands. These workers’ salary is determined by their level of experience and the industry in which they work.

A new university graduate with a degree in Medicine and Surgery makes between € 4,500 and € 6,200 per month, while a resident doctor earns between € 6,000 and € 8,300 per month furthermore, a specialized doctor earns between 11,300 EUR and 18,900 EUR on monthly basis in the Netherlands.

Average doctor salary in Netherlands Salary Information for Specific medical practitioners

Occupational titles


Salaries in Euros
Allergist 8,890 EUR
Behavioral Health Specialist     5,480 EUR
Chiropractor 5,550 EUR
Clinical Psychologist     14,400 EUR
Correctional Treatment Specialist 8,810 EUR
Counseling Psychologist     11,800 EUR
Dermatologist 14,300 EUR
Dietitian 9,160 EUR
Emergency Department Physician 10,200 EUR
Forensic Pathologist 12,600 EUR
General Medical Practitioner 9,640 EUR
Genetic Counselor 7,470 EUR
Internist 15,100 EUR
Interventionist 13,800 EUR
Invasive Cardiologist     19,300 EUR
Mental Health Therapist     8,700 EUR
Naturopathic Physician 13,800 EUR
Neurologist 14,900 EUR
Nuclear Medicine Physician     12,800 EUR
Obstetrician / Gynecologist 12,500 EUR
Ophthalmologist 9,730 EUR
Pediatrician 11,700 EUR
Physician – Anesthesiology 15,900 EUR
Physician – Cardiology 17,900 EUR
Physician – Dermatology 14,400 EUR
Physician – Endocrinology 13,900 EUR
Physician – Family Practice 9,240 EUR
Physician – Gastroenterology 13,200 EUR
Physician – Generalist 10,100 EUR
Physician – Hematology / Oncology 12,2 100EUR
Physician – Immunology / Allergy 14,000 EUR
Physician – Infectious Disease 12,600 EUR
Physician – Internal Medicine 14,600 EUR
Physician – Maternal / Fetal Medicine 12,300 EUR
Physician – Nephrology 14,400 EUR
Physician – Neurology 15,100 EUR
Physician – Nuclear Medicine     12,300 EUR
Physician – Obstetrics / Gynecology 13,600 EUR
Physician – Occupational Medicine 10,100 EUR
 CCU 9,730 EUR
 Emergency Room 10,300 EUR
 Geriatrics     9,170 EUR
 Ophthalmology 9,050 EUR
 Otolaryngology 8,960 EUR
 Pain Medicine 7,970 EUR
 Pathology 10,600 EUR
 Pediatric Cardiology 12,500 EUR
 Pediatric Neonatology 12,600 EUR
 Pediatrics 10,900 EUR
 Physiatry 12,500 EUR
 Podiatry 10,900 EUR
Physician – Pulmonary Medicine 9,100 EUR
Physician – Radiation Therapy 14,100 EUR
Physician – Radiology 14,900 EUR
Physician – Rheumatology 12,500 EUR
Physician – Sports Medicine 13,100 EUR
Physician – Urology 16,100EUR
Physician Assistant 8,000 EUR
Preventive Medicine Physician 10,800 EUR
Psychiatrist 12,800 EUR
Psychololgist 12,400 EUR
Psychometrician 10,200 EUR
Radiologist 12,800 EUR
Registered Respiratory Therapist 7,570 EUR
Skin Care Specialist 7,710 EUR
Urologist 15,800 EUR
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist 8,030 EUR

In the Netherlands, doctor wages range from 4,240 EUR per month (lowest average salary) to 18,900 EUR per month (highest average salary).

The Netherlands has a world-class healthcare system that rivals that of some of the world’s most developed nations.

Also, the country has strong labor rules that protect healthcare employees from excessive overtime and lengthy hours.

Many benefits are also available to healthcare professionals, including paid parental leave, paid sick leave, and at least 40 days of vacation, and mental health support to prevent burnout. Doctors can work in private or public healthcare.

Top Factors that determine doctors salaries in the Netherlands

Below are the top factors that directly or indirectly affect what are doctor is likely to earn either monthly or yearly in the Netherlands.

  • Experience

The level of experience is the most essential aspect in figuring out the profits. Naturally the more years of experience the better the salary.

Generally, employees having revel in from two to five years earn on common 32% extra than freshers and juniors throughout all industries and disciplines.

Professionals with the level of 5 years’ experience tend to earn on average 36% greater than those with 5 years or much less work experience.

Change in revenue based totally on revel in varies significantly from one vicinity to another and relies upon highly at the profession subject as well.

On average, a person’s income doubles their beginning profits by the time they move the 10 years experience mark.

Based on the common change in salary over time. Salary variations fluctuate from man or woman to person.

  •  Gender is among the determinants of doctor salary in Netherlands

Though gender must no longer have an impact on pay, in fact, it does. So who receives paid greater:

men or women? Male personnel in the Netherlands who are Doctors / Physicians earn 19% extra than their female counterparts on average.

  • Specialty

Every medical specialty is worthwhile and lifesaving. Since it is a matter of choice, I don’t consider anyone better than the other. However, some earn more the others.

In the table above the differences are clear.

  • Location

This is among the cardinal factors that determine doctors’ salaries in the Netherlands. Those medical practitioners in densely populated locations earn more than those in less populated areas.

The variations in pay based on location can be a result of the level of engagement of the doctors.

 How regularly do personnel get profits increases?

Doctors in the Netherlands are probably to observe a salary boom of about 8% every 28 months. The countrywide common annual increment for all professions blended is 9% granted to personnel every 29 months.

A final thought on the doctor salary in Netherlands

The figures supplied right here are averages of numbers that are liable to changes and should be taken as fashionable recommendations.

Salary increments will vary from person to person and rely upon many elements as explained above.

Furthermore, your overall performance and contribution to the fulfillment of the enterprise continue to be the most essential factors in figuring out how a great deal and the way regularly you’ll be granted a salary increase.

We are open to suggestions, kindly air your views in the comment section below.

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