How long does new job anxiety last?

How long does new job anxiety last? Often we are faced with this uneasy feeling about something that becomes worrisome and calls for concern.

New job anxiety might last for a few days to weeks depending on different factors. Anxiety might be seen or experienced in different walks of life and in getting a new job, it is not an exemption. This brings about the curiosity for new jobbers to ask how long new job anxiety lasts.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, starting something new comes with many uncertainties and is usually accompanied by worries and anxiety.

So don’t get too nervous, you are not alone. Many people feel this way once in a new position, so we must answer this question of how long new job anxiety lasts.

The duration of time of new job anxiety is not fixed; however, it might range from a few days to weeks as mentioned earlier.

Introduction to how long does new job anxiety last

It’s normal to be both nervous and excited in your new place of work so don’t it confused with other things.

how long does new job anxiety last

With a new job comes a lot of changes, which you must strive to adapt to, although such adaptations sometimes happen with your consent. These changes are but are not limited to new colleagues and a new set of expectations.

Some firms offer new hire orientation and onboarding to alleviate new job anxiety that’s natural when starting a new job although if a new job is triggering feelings of anxiety that are distracting or overwhelming, speak with a therapist who specializes in stress and anxiety.

Work with an anxiety specialist to develop healthy, sustainable coping skills and strategies so feelings of anxiousness don’t control you and your life.

How long does new job anxiety last?

There are many determinants of how long does new job anxiety lasts, these determining factors go a long way in saying the time duration the new job anxiety will last.

Below are some of the factors that determine how long new job anxiety lasts;

  • Individual social life
  • Work experience
  • Types of colleagues
  • Working condition
  • One’s mental state

Individual social life on how long does new job last

An individual social life has a lot to do with how fast he or she adapts to a new environment. A sociable worker tends to ease anxiety faster than secretive work.

Therefore, it might take a sociable worker a lower time frame to way off anxiety in a new workplace than a secretive worker.

Work experience on how long does new job lasts

The experience one has in a particular field of work will go a long way in improving his or her confidence in the new place of work.

With a better work experience, a worker stands a better chance to feel relaxed in the new place of work and thus reduces the duration one experiences anxiety in his new place of work.

Types of colleagues on how long does new job last

How your new colleagues behave and understand things will go a long way in determining how a new worker will cope.

how long does new job anxiety last best read

If your older colleagues are welcoming, a newer worker will adapt faster and way off anxiety, thereby reducing the time new job anxiety lasts.

Working condition on how long does new job last?

As earlier stated, some workplaces or companies create conducive working conditions for their workers and even go a long way in easing anxiety by creating seminars and orientations for their new employees.

how long does new job anxiety last

Proper approaches are taken by some organizations to make sure specifically that their new employees are eased of new job anxiety and such the new employees tend to cope better and faster which bring about maximum output from the onset of work.

One’s mental state on how long new job lasts

Is no doubt that people have different ways they respond to stimulus, in the length of new job anxiety, there is no exemption.

how long does new job anxiety last

In how long does work anxiety last, one mental state is a good determinant. The individual in a good mental state adapts to changes faster than those that are not.

How to manage new job anxiety

We have successfully looked at some of the determinants of how long new job anxiety lasts. Is also of utmost importance we consider some of the actions an individual might take in other to cope in his or her new place of work faster.

Below are some of the ways to manage new job anxiety;

  • Encourage yourself
  • Avoid being perfect
  • Put in your best

Encourage yourself

You are in the best position to encourage yourself. Always remind yourself you are not alone and that the anxiety you feel is normal and won’t last for long.

Avoid being perfect

Most times, when you try to be perfect, you end up missing the big picture. As a new employee, you don’t really know everything involved in the work and when you try to know, it only leads to being curious and thus increases anxiety.

how long does job anxiety last?

Since you’ve already got the job why prove you know all?. All you need to do now is keep up a good level of confidence, and most importantly, display a real willingness to learn more as such you ease yourself of the tension and anxiety because less would be expected of you.

Put in your best

Don’t be lazy, put in your best as such you will learn and adapt faster. Avoid side distractions and remain focused on your work.

Conclusion on how long does new job anxiety last?

New job anxiety can last from a few days to weeks depending on some of the factors listed above. However, recommend you see an anxiety therapist if you feel you are not normal or are not something you can cope with.

A good therapist would be willing to help and provide you with the right procedure to follow to ease anxiety.


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