Best hospitals in Owerri Imo state Nigeria 2023

There are different hospitals in Owerri we can proudly rate among the best hospitals in the capital city of Imo state Nigeria.

These hospitals are sophisticated with modern medical equipment as such making medical service delivery seamless, effective, and efficient.

These hospitals perform the treatment of general and minimum medical conditions, surgical procedures, and excellent performance in a series of medical areas.


Introduction to the best hospitals in Owerri

The hospitals in Owerri on our list are worthwhile and since good health is everybody’s desire, we bring to you this piece as a guide in making the right choice for health where you can get the best.

Think of good hospitals in Owerri you can go for the best healthcare facility has to offer, think of our list of the best hospitals in Owerri.

As the scripture states that we should prosper and be in good health, that is to tell you how important it is to live healthily and that healthy living is complemented by a good hospital.

The reasons and importance of good hospitals in the state can not be over-emphasized.

Best hospitals in Owerri Imo state Nigeria

Below is the list of the best hospitals in Owerri that you are expected to know;

  • Umezuruike Hospital and Maternity
  • Christina Specialist Hospital
  • Federal medical center Owerri
  • First concept hospital
  • Salvation hospital and maternity
  • Imo state specialist hospital
  • Dews of hope specialist hospital
  • Aladimma hospital
  • General Hospital Umuguma

Umezuruike Hospital and Maternity

This a private hospital was founded on 15th October 1971. Its first home was in rented premises at 78/79 Wetheral Road, Owerri, a small fifteen bedded clinic. This establishment made news in the national dailies at the time, because it was the second fully equipped privately operated clinic in the metropolis of Owerri, offering both out-patient and in-patient care of high quality.

hospitals in owerri 2021

Since then, it has been striving in upholding its status among the best hospitals in Owerri as such improving its operations and adopting modern technologies for efficiency in its service deliveries.

This hospital has about 50 hospital beds in their different specialties and they are over 40 years of experience has made them stand out.

Address: No 21/22 Umezuruike Street, Off Warehouse roundabout, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Christina Specialist Hospital

This hospital was founded in 1982, it is an orthopedic and trauma center. They Strive to serve Humanity with Devotion, Dedication, and Honesty.
It has about 150 hospital beds in its different departments and units. The units include but are not limited to Orthopedics and Trauma Center, Ultra Modern LAB and X-ray Departments, Dialysis Unit, Dental unit, eye clinic, and Maternity Unit.
Address: Km 2 Egbu Road Owerri, Nigeria

Federal medical center Owerri

As the name implies, it is a federal-owned health institution with different specializations and units. It stands to be one of the best hospitals in Owerri Imo state.
best hospitals in owerri
They have devoted doctors and nurses always willing to give their best for the well-being of their patients.
Their services include but are not limited to the provision of routine and emergency diagnostic and therapeutic clinical services covering different specialties.
Address: Orlu Rd, Owerri, Imo state

First concept hospital

Among the best hospitals in Owerri, is the first concept hospital, it is a private hospital that is well equipped and also works hard in adopting modern medical technologies.
It has a serene environment that is safe for workers and patients.
Address: Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Nigeria

Salvation hospital and maternity

Salvation Hospital & Maternity is a privately owned Hospital and Maternity home founded by Dr. Gyang David Joseph in 1998 and moved to its permanent site on 15th February 2016.
hospitals in Owerri
They have an effective emergency services department that is open  24/7.
their services are but are not limited to General Medical Practice, Surgery, Paediatrics services, OBS & Gynecology, Laboratory service, and Medical Counselling.
Address: MCC/Uratta Road, Opposite Ekoe Filling Station, Owerri.

Imo state specialist hospital

This is a state-owned hospital, established for effective and efficient healthcare delivery services for the people of Imo state.
it is an amazing hospital of national standards with all required accreditations and licenses.
AddressOff Port Harcourt Rd, New Owerri, Owerri

Dews of hope specialist hospital

This is among the best hospitals in Owerri Imo state, they have all it takes in terms of medical and health care delivery in the city of Owerri.
They also have a serene environment necessary for the efficient delivery of healthcare services.
Address: New Owerri, Owerri

Aladimma hospital

Aladinma Hospital is a privately owned healthcare center with modern facilities for child and adult health care services, maternity, and surgical operations.
It is rated among the best hospitals in Owerri because of its devotedness to efficient medical and health care.

General Hospital Umuguma

This is among the best hospitals in Owerri Imo state and also with devoted health and medical practitioners they make our list of the best hospitals in Owerri.
It is a state-owned health institution with required accreditations that qualifies it to deliver medical services to the citizens of Imo state and Nigeria at large.
Address:Umuguma Road, New Owerri, Owerri

Best private hospitals in Owerri

Below is the list of 5 best private hospitals in Owerri Imo state from our list of best hospitals in Owerri;

  • Umezuruike hospital
  • Christina specialist hospital
  • Salvation hospital

Conclusion on the best hospitals in Owerri

The hospitals listed above are worth visiting, also it is essential you note that they are in no order of ranking.

Kindly follow the individual hospitals for a proper understanding of their modes of operation. Feel free to drop your suggestions. Your opinion is essential for modifications.


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