10 best dental hospitals in Bahrain

There are amazing dental hospitals in Bahrain, considering the fact that good dental health brings about positive vibes and the general well-being of an individual.

The normal physiological route through which other things get into the system is through the oral cavity which encompasses the teeth and tongue.

what do people see when you say “teeth”? Never allow your dental to be an eyesore, always strive to get the best of your dental health with the help of these outstanding dental hospitals in Bahrain.

A field of medicine that deals with this oral cavity and its components is known as dentistry and a physician who specializes in this field is known as a dentist.

In the Kingdom of Bahrain and other nations of the world, dental health must be cared for at all costs, which is what prompted this article on the dental hospitals in Bahrain.

Dental health is worthwhile and cannot be over-emphasized, good oral hygiene has many merits ranging from but not limited to outstanding aesthetics.

Introduction to dental hospitals in Bahrain

The article on the dental hospitals in Bahrain is of great importance because they have the right guide to make you choose the right hospital that suits your dental health care.

Dental and oral health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to health issues like dental cavities and gum disease and has also been linked to heart disease.

According to WHO, oral diseases are major public health problems due to their high incidence and prevalence across the globe, with the disadvantaged affected more than other socio-economic groups.

List of dental hospitals in Bahrain

Below is the list of best dental hospitals in Bahrain;

  • Seef Dental Clinic
  • Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic
  • Dr. Mariam Habib Dental Center
  • Aesthetica Dr Reem Al Shaiba Dental Center
  • Dr. Talal Al Alawi Dental Center
  • Al Rabeeh Dental Center
  • Dr.Lamya’s Laser Specialist Dental Center
  • Dental Club
  • Dr Ali Mattar Dental Centre
  • Al Jishi Specialist Dental Centre

Seef Dental Clinic

Seef Dental clinic was founded in 2005, by a group of doctors namely; Dr. Azza Fityani, Dr. Sameh Shaheen, Dr. Roger El-Bassit, and Dr. Sami El-Bassit joined ventures to address the growing demand for professional dental services in Bahrain.

The Seef Dental team is a multinational team and every doctor is picked uniquely according to his/her vast experience and exceptional technical and teaching skills.

This has resulted in the growth of a wide customer base who were able to perceive the benefits of having their dental needs met at a single address.

Address: Bldg.103, First floor Road 59 Amwaj Island, 257 Bahrain.

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic was established in the year 2001 in Bahrain to expand the art of dental care to each and every member of the kingdom of Bahrain.

They have the necessary accreditations and have been striving to offer one of the best dental services in Bahrain.

Doctor Monther Numan Dental Clinic is always keen to hear your views and they stand to be among the best dental hospitals in Bahrain.

Address: Exhibition Avenue, Office 22, Building 425, Road 1805, Block 318، Manama, Bahrain

Dr. Mariam Habib Dental Center

This is among the amazing dental hospitals in Bahrain, committed to providing patients with exceptional, cost-effective dental care in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Our team is available to provide answers to your dental questions and produce personalized treatment plans to help you achieve what is best for you and your teeth.

Address: Rashed Center 13 Building 1351, Road 4334, Arad 243, Bahrain.

Aesthetica Dr Reem Al Shaiba Dental Center

Aesthetica Dental Centre was established on October 28, 2016, and was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Shaikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Bin Salman Al Khalifa.

best dental hospitals in Bahrain

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, thoughtfully designed facilities, and charming in-house care and hospitality, our professional medical staff is able to walk each patient through every step of their dental care treatments.

Address: Business Bay Office 115 and 116 Building 3232 Road 4654, Manama, Bahrain

Dr. Talal Al Alawi Dental Center

Al-Alawi Dental Clinic was founded in 1970 by Dr. Alawi Amin Al-Alawi, the first Bahraini Dentist to practice in Bahrain.

In 1970, he went on to establish his own private clinic called the Al-Alawi Dental Clinic which earned a well-respected reputation in Bahrain.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Talal Al-Alawi (son of Dr. Alawi Amin Al-Alawi) became a Dentist, graduating from the prestigious College of Dentistry at New York University and specializing in Dental Implantology.  After working in his father’s clinic for several years as a Consultant Dental Implantologist, he decided to expand the clinic and establish Al-Alawi Dental Center.

Address: Flat 12 – Building 55 – Avenue 200 Tubli / Manama, 373, Bahrain

Al Rabeeh Dental Center

Al Rabeeh was founded in 2010. It is among the outstanding dental hospitals in Bahrain with modern technologies and a serene environment for both workers and patients.

Address: Avenue 1, Muharraq 202, Bahrain

Dr.Lamya’s Laser Specialist Dental Center

Dr Lamya’s Specialist Dental Center was founded in 1997 and is among the first Laser Specialist Dental Centers in Bahrain. The goal is to provide high-quality dental services under one roof with the latest technology and with devotedness.

Address: Bldg 755, Road 439, Block 204, Muharraq, Bahrain

Dental Club – Dr. Ameera’s Specialist Center

Dental Club was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ameera Al Mosali. She is a highly experienced expert in dentistry considering her many years of experience since graduation.

best dental hospitals in Bahrain

Dr. Ameera is a highly trained consultant orthodontist with membership in orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Address: Office 21, Building, 2270 Rd No 2833, Busaiteen228, Bahrain

Dr Ali Mattar Dental Centre

Dr. Ali Mattar Dental Centre was founded in 1980. The consultants work with a sense of accuracy, professionalism, and efficiency you rarely find elsewhere.

The dental team is experienced in their respective specialty fields and dedicated to being available full-time in order to provide the best dental treatment in accordance with the highest international standards.

Dr. Ali Mattar Dental Centre – Consultants Group is responsible for many innovations in the dental industry within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Address: Flat 18, Bldg 1923, Road 2124, Bahrain

Al Jishi Specialist Dental Centre

This dental hospital was founded in 1977 and since then has been striving to improve its services using modern technologies to deliver its dental services.

best dental hospitals in Bahrain

It has over 40 years of experience which has made it stand among the best dental hospitals in Bahrain.

Address: Building 433, Road 1805, Block 318، Exhibition Road, Manama 973, Bahrain

Conclusion on the dental hospitals in Bahrain

These dental hospitals in Bahrain on our list are worth visiting owing to the fact they are fully accredited and make use of modern dental equipment for the effective delivery of their services.

Kindly follow the links provided on each of these hospitals to learn about the different dental hospitals in Bahrain.

This list is in no order of ranking, and we are open to modifications and suggestions.


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