Dental schools in Florida that do dental work

There are a couple of dental schools in Florida that do dental work if you’re looking for one. It’s important to note that dental education takes a period of four years to complete, and the admission process is always competitive.


Becoming a dentist isn’t as hard as many may think once you put in the effort and time. You’ll spend eight years becoming a professional dentist, after which you can start practicing in your state.

This means you need to earn a bachelor’s degree, then another four years to complete your DDS or DMD as the case may be in dental schools in Florida.


You’ll get to do courses, including biology, chemistry, English, and physics, while at the undergraduate level.

This way, you’ll experience real-life case studies, which will help in proper translation into real-life situations.

It’s one thing to get admitted into a dental school in Florida, and it’s another thing to be able to cope with the program.

You must be ready to study to have a minimum grade point average to be considered eligible for dental education.


As a prospective medical student, you need to have a broad knowledge of different medical courses, including biochemistry, microbiology, and the like.

This means as a dental student in a dental school in Florida, you’re expected to perform clinical training as a critical requirement to do dental work.

What is a dental school?   

Any institution that teaches dental education to prospective dentists is called a dental school. This type of school also offers DMD to dental students after graduation, in most cases. This means students do not have to go to another school for their DDS or DMD.

If you’re going to a dental school in Florida for dental work, you’ll be accepted as an undergraduate freshman.

Also, in the fourth year of the bachelor’s degree, if you have been an outstanding student, you’ll be accepted as a freshman into the dental college.

In Florida, you’ll also find schools that do dental work to also have postdoctoral certificate programs and master’s degree programs with specialization in pediatric dentistry, advanced general dentistry, and prosthodontics.

Requirements of Dental Schools in Florida that Do Dental Work

You need to be ready for tough competition with other prospective dental students at Florida schools that do dental work.

These schools are very strict with their requirements because they want the cream of the crops among the prospective students.

This means you’ll be subjected to certain measures and important documentation to be required of you to get admitted into any of these schools.

Here are some of the measures and documents you’ve got to meet before being considered for admission at these schools.

Suppose you want to be a student at any of these dental schools that do dental work in Florida. In that case, you must be a U.S citizen or have a permanent resident visa and, of course, proof of your status via the U.S passport or certificate of naturalization.

As an applicant, you must be ready to join the first year of pre-doctoral class at the time of matriculation. You’ll also need to attend classes for four years in the syllabus.

You must have scored at least 15 in each section of the Dental Admission Test (DAT).

You also need to score a minimum of 80 internet-based or 550 paper-based in TOEFL.

As an international student, your application must be made through ADEA CAAPID while also submitting two letters of evaluation and transcripts with a GPA.

Let’s now talk about some of the dental schools in Florida that do dental work.

Dental schools in Florida

These schools aren’t as many as prospective students might think, but they are up to the task of teaching dental-related courses. Here are they:

The University of Florida College of Dentistry 

Address: 1395 Center Drive, Gainesville, FL 32610

Phone: 352-273-6700

Founded: 1972

Website: visit

If you’re looking for one of the best dental schools that do dental work in Florida, you should consider The University of Florida College of Dentistry.

This is one of the best colleges in terms of oral health enterprise, all thanks to its more emphasis on infectious diseases in dentistry, pain, and neurosciences.

The University of Florida College of Dentistry is ranked fifth nationally among U.S schools offering dental work in NIH funding.

As a student of this highly ranked institution, you’ll get to participate in interdisciplinary learning and research that offers immense benefits to the patient community, thus resulting in a well-rounded curriculum that furnishes prospective dentists the needed skills to be professionals.

LECOM School of Dental Medicine (Bradenton, FL)

Address: LECOM Bradenton Campus, 4800 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Bradenton FL 34211-4909

Main No: (941) 405-1600

Main Fax: (941) 782-5721

Website: click here

LECOM is one of the dental schools that provide an innovative and patient-centric curriculum that helps students follow a problem-based learning curriculum.

Prospective dentists have the opportunity to follow self-directed study with a group approach via proper mentoring and case studies.

One of the perks of being a student at LECOM is that you’ll become an integral part team player, which will help improve patients’ health. You’ll also have a great role to play in preventive medicine as you’ll be taught by some of the most renowned dental scientists in the world.

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) College of Dental Medicine (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Address: 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Phone: 33314-7796

Founded: 1997

Website: click here

NSU is another amazing dental school that does dental work in Florida. Though private, it’s devoted to primary and comprehensive care for patients.

At this institution, patients have the opportunity of being provided with an early introduction to clinical settings and the dentist.

You will also benefit from highly specialized courses such as postdoctoral residencies in endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, and periodontics.

At NSU, rest assured of enhanced learning because of the school’s focus on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Parting thoughts 

As a prospective dentist looking out for one of the best dental schools in Florida that does dental work, you should consider high-quality dental schools such as the ones discussed above.

These institutions have traditional classroom learning and experiential education that make you have hands-on experience in real-life cases.

Searching and getting all the details about these schools is what you should rightly do before you make the final decision about which you’d choose as your dental school.

But it’s just as important to make adequate preparations because getting into any of these schools is always very competitive.

You want to show the admission committee you’re the exact candidate they’d love to have as there are a ton of high-quality prospects like you who are also vying for the same school.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Schools in Florida that do Dental Work 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about dental schools in Florida that do dental work:

What’s the required GPA to enter any Florida Dental School?

If you want to get admitted into any of the Florida dental schools. Here is the required GPA:

  • University of Florida College of Dentistry (Gainesville FL) – 3.66
  • Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine (Ft Lauderdale FL) – 3.25
  • LECOM School of Dental Medicine (Bradenton FL) – 3.40

How long will it take me in Florida dental school?

It’ll always take you around four years to finish your program at any of the Florida dental schools. This means the first two years are spent knowing the basics of learning biology classes and also following two years are for clinical study and rotations.