5 Best eye hospitals in Bahrain

The eye hospitals in Bahrain are essential to be known because almost everyone faces a few eye issues at various points in their lives.

Some eye issues heal and a few can cause permanent damage. It’s therefore very vital to talk about your eyecare condition to your eye physician and duly adhere to his or her recommendation on appointments, medications, and treatment as the case may turn out.

There are quite a number of quality eye hospitals in Bahrain and we will be looking at some of them considering patient reviews and approaches taken by these hospitals for effective and efficient healthcare delivery.

Introduction to the best eye hospitals in Bahrain

This article on the best eye hospitals in Bahrain is brought about by people’s eagerness in understanding where they would be appropriately cared for and treated with utmost carefulness.

These eye hospitals are selected after thorough research and deem them fit to be listed among the best eye hospitals in Bahrain.

Best Eye Hospitals in Bahrain

Below is the listing of the best eye hospitals in Bahrain and this listing consists of hospitals with state-of-the-art medical equipment, committed health practitioners, and remarkable reviews from patients.

  • Al manal Eye Hospital
  • Eye Hospital of Dr Haifa
  • The Eye Infirmary
  • Almosawi Specialist Center
  • Al Reefy Specialist Center

Al manal Eye Hospital

Al manal Eye Hospital is a nicely equipped hospital with a vast variety of advanced, surgical, medical, and diagnostic medical technologies available. Their exceedingly skilled and qualified doctors are capable of supplying the best in medical and surgical care.

This awesome hospital is equipped with many amazing facilities ranging from; Nursing stations, Laser Rooms, Refraction Rooms, Ultrasound Rooms, Consultation Rooms, and Isolation Rooms.

It also permits patients to book their medical appointments online with all their qualified doctors available. Their services include but are not limited to;

  • Vision screening
  • Diabetic eye screening
  • Cross-linking
  • Oculoplastic surgeries
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Kids vision screening

Address: Building 1349, street 3230, Buashira Manama.

Dr Haifa Eye Hospital

Dr Haifa Eye Hospital is a global class facility particularly centered mostly on quality eye care with reducing side technology and exceptionally professional medical team.

eye hospitals in Bahrain

Based on global requirements which are proof-based, the hospitals supply all ophthalmic consultation services and techniques with the best requirements in an environment appropriate to all patients, keeping in mind to recollect their choices and ideals whilst possible.

Their services include but are not limited to the ones listed below;

  • Corneal Transplant surgeries
  • Glaucoma lasers and surgeries
  • Refractive surgeries
  • Cataract surgeries

Address: Building 960 street 7321 Block 373, Abu Gazalah, Manama, country of Bahrain

The Eye Infirmary

This is among the eye hospitals in Bahrain and it was established by Dr. Saad Ahmed Sultan Al-Khalifa.

Eye infirmary offers world-class standard services, with an emphasis on patient safety and comfort. It also offers a wide range of eye care solutions, from Laser correction to more complex surgeries, with an in-house pharmacy for patient comfort and convenience.

The Eye Infirmary is known for its excellence in ophthalmic services, with personalized patients care.

It is committed to pioneering the technological revolution in eye care and rendering services to thousands of patients from across the globe.

AddressUnit 22, Building 2380, Road 2831, Block 428 seef، 000, Bahrain

Almosawi Specialist Center

This hospital was established in the year 2001 and since then has been growing to other areas of the healthcare sector.

eye hospitals in Bahrain 2023

They are committed to always providing the best quality services to our patients utilizing up-to-date technologies and at the hand of a highly qualified and experienced team in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

A comprehensive eye examination for adults and pediatrics including newborns and premature is performed before treatment commences. The operation unit is fully equipped and designed to accommodate the most sophisticated vitreous surgeries like retinal detachment repair and advanced diabetic proliferative retinopathy.

Address6h36+FW, Building 160, ROAD 61, Bilad Al Qadeem, Bahrain

Al Reefy Specialist Center

At Al Reefy Specialist Center you’ll find a rare combination of unrivaled expertise and advanced technology that will thrive to deliver the best results possible.

best eye hospitals in bahrain

Dr. Reefy’s over 30 years of experience is one of the driving forces of this prestigious hospital.

He found that cataract and refractive errors are the two most common conditions in this region and therefore, ensured to provide the best services, professional standard latest technology to cater to these conditions.

In Al Reefy Specialist Center we are always seeking perfection, growth, and development.

AddressBuilding 2748, Road 6465, Block 364 Bilad al Qadeem، 364, Bahrain

Conclusion on the eye hospitals in Bahrain

We are certain that you are in proper ownership of all the data you need to maintain a good eye care routine. And you will most definitely agree with us that a hospital is a place of exceptional significance in our search for consultation and maintenance.


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