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The biggest hospital in Africa can proudly be said to be Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

The biggest hospital in Africa is the world’s 3rd biggest hospital comprising 3,200 hospital beds with a space of over 173 acres.

It is also essential you note that these amazing hospital facilities are housed in 429 buildings.

Introduction to the biggest hospital in Africa

The biggest hospital in Africa is worth visiting considering the amazing sights and outstanding facilities.

It is a teaching hospital for the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School, along with the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Helen Joseph Hospital, and the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital. 

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is an accredited Level One trauma center having approximately 70% of all admissions are emergencies, including approximately 160 victims of gunshot wounds per month.

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There are different departments in the hospital, among them is the Department of Ophthalmology, the St John Eye Hospital, which has 111 beds and counts about 50,000 patients per year.

The hospital is in the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is one of the 40 Gauteng provincial hospitals and is financed and run by the Gauteng Provincial Health Authorities.

History of the biggest hospital in Africa

The Second World War brought about worldwide disruption and destruction, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth had to change rapidly from appeasement politics to war effort sacrifice.

biggest hospital in Africa

In South Africa, the outbreak resulted in political upheaval, a change of Government, and equally Baragwanath Hospital.

In September 1940, with hostilities escalating, and with the need for hospital and convalescent facilities becoming urgent, the Secretary of State in London formally asked the South African Government if it would provide healthcare facilities for Imperial troops of the Middle East Command.

In November 1941 construction started on the ground bought from the Corner House mining group, at the 8th milestone on the Potchefstroom road.

After experimenting with various names, it was finally agreed that this hospital would be “The Imperial Military Hospital, Baragwanath”.

On 23 September 1942, Field Marshall Smuts officially opened the hospital. He used the opportunity to indicate the post-war plan, which was that the Government would use the hospital for the Black population of the Witwatersrand. 

The South African Government then bought the hospital for one million pounds. On 1 April 1948, the black section of Johannesburg Hospital was transferred to Bara, and the hospital opened with 480 beds.

Following the murder of Chris Hani, an activist, and communist, in 1993 in his honor, his name was added to the biggest hospital in Africa which gives it its current name “Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital”

The vision of the biggest hospital in Africa

As a civilian hospital, its main contribution has been towards the training of health professionals. Since 1948 doctors graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand have benefited significantly from the experience gained here.

Likewise, as a training school for nurses, Bara has contributed widely. The graduate nurses not only fulfill an important task at Bara but also in Africa. Baragwanath trained staff work in many areas of the world today and do so with distinction.

The Bara experience also contributes to research. Soweto is a community in flux, neither first nor third world. By recording and documenting the change in disease, and pathology, Baragwanath gives guidance to all who face similar situations, worldwide.

  • Achieve the highest level of patient care based on sound scientific principles and administered with empathy and insight.
  • Train their work corps to be the best equipped and motivated to serve the sick and injured.
  • Maintain and defend truth, integrity, and justice for all, at all times, to the benefit of patients, staff, and the community.

The biggest hospital in West Africa

We have given a better light on the biggest hospital in Africa now let’s take a look at the biggest hospital in West Africa.
biggest hospital in west africa
For over 9 decades, an important national hospital came into operation as the first real attempt at providing healthcare for the indigenous population of the Gold Coast.
Korle Bu is the biggest hospital in West Africa established in 1923.

Introduction to the biggest hospital in West Africa

After it was commissioned on October 9, 1923, Korle Bu has contributed immensely on several fronts to the health sector.

The contribution it has made and continues to make has earned it various accolades such as ‘the last stop’, ‘the ultimate’, ‘the best’, among others.  Millions of lives have been saved through the exceptional skills and hard work of its doctors, nurses, and other crucial workers in its over 90 years of service.

biggest hospital in Africa
Now on average, 400,000 patients receive care in Korle Bu annually and this is beside the numerous patients who are referred for different investigations and medications by other hospitals. 

The vision of the biggest hospital in West Africa

Right from 1923, Korle Bu served as the bedrock for the training of different health professionals such as nurses, dispensary assistants, radiographers, laboratory scientists, and doctors when the Ghana Medical School was established in 1962.

Now, about 250 doctors are churned out of the School of Medicine and Dentistry and as many as 400 nurses and midwives are produced annually.

Korle Bu provides the platform for the practical training of these professionals and has, on several occasions, been adjudged as the best training institution by the West African College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the Ghana College.  


The biggest hospital in Africa and the biggest hospital in west Africa are national assets and must be encouraged and funded by people who aspire for better health in Africa.


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