6 Best Pharmacy Schools In Tennessee

The pharmacy schools in Tennessee are great all ACPE-accredited institutions that can help start your pharmacy career.

Tennessee is the 16th most populous state in the nation, with a booming pharmaceutical industry that has a steady demand for pharmacists in varied positions. Tennessee attracts a large number of tourists each year which further adds to the growth of prescription drug use.

As of 2020, approximately 7,620 pharmacists are working in the state, drawing an average annual salary of $118,880. You can be part of this workforce by completing a Pharm. D program from any of the pharmacy schools in Tennessee.

Going to pharmacy schools in Tennessee takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and commitment, but can be incredibly rewarding for your profession. To become one, having a relevant educational background and considerable field experience can help when pursuing this type of career.

To help you get started, we discuss who a pharmacist is, the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee, the requirements of pharmacy schools in Tennessee, and the requirements to become a pharmacist.


Who Is a Pharmacist

Pharmacists, also known as chemists or druggists, are health professionals who control, formulate, preserve and dispense medications and provide advice and counseling on how medicines should be used to achieve maximum benefit, minimal side effects, and avoid drug interactions.

They also serve as primary care providers in the community. Pharmacists undergo university or graduate-level education to understand the biochemical mechanisms and actions of drugs, drug uses, therapeutic roles, side effects, potential drug interactions, and monitoring parameters.

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This is mated to anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Pharmacists interpret and communicate this specialized knowledge to patients, physicians, and other health care providers.

Pharmacy Schools In Tennessee

If you’re looking for a list of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee, look no further. Click on a facility to learn more about it and see the address to know how to get there.

1. Belmont University – College of Pharmacy

Belmont University is a private Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee. Descended from Belmont Women’s College, founded in 1890 by schoolteachers Ida Hood and Susan Heron, the institution was incorporated in 1951 as Belmont College.

It became Belmont University in 1991. Belmont’s current enrollment consists of approximately 8,400 students representing every state and 28 nations.

The university served as the host site for the final presidential debate in the 2020 election cycle. Although the university cut its ties with the Tennessee Baptist Convention in 2007, it continues to emphasize a Christian identity.

Belmont University’s College of Pharmacy first began preparing students for a successful career in the field of pharmacy in 2010. The hall is spread over 90,000 square feet, equipped with the latest medical equipment and facilities such as an on-campus pharmacy, medical simulation spaces, a research laboratory, and a drug info center.

After completion of the 2-year pre-pharmacy course at Belmont, you can get an early assurance of its 4-year PharmD program. This program covers extensive coursework that can be completed in any of the five major concentrations: Pharmacotherapy, Informatics, Management, Public Health, and PharmD/MBA.

The first-year curriculum includes theoretical lectures; in the second and third years, you will learn about therapeutic case studies in a cohort environment, and in the fourth or last year, you receive individualized-centered instruction to gain clinical expertise and problem-solving skills. This institution is one of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee.

Address: Hitch Science Bldg, 1900 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212, United States

Phone: +1 615-460-8122

2. Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is a public research university in Johnson City, Tennessee. Although it is part of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee, the university is governed by an institutional Board of Trustees.

As of May 2017, it is the fourth largest university in the state and has off-campus centers in nearby Kingsport, Elizabethton, and Sevierville.

East Tennessee State University’s (ETSU) Gatton School of Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee. This institution is known for providing excellent education and inter-professional training to aspiring pharmacy professionals through academic programs such as PharmD, Ph.D., dual degrees, and PG residencies; all these programs are fully accredited by ACPE and ASHP.

The 4-year Doctor of pharmacy course at Gatton School of Pharmacy is a patient-focused and population-based care education, imparting resource management as well as inter-professional skills among students.

Address: Gatton College of Pharmacy, Maple Ave, Johnson City, TN 37604, United States

Phone: +1 423-439-6338

3. Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Lipscomb University is a private university in Nashville, Tennessee. It is affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The campus is located in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, between Belmont Boulevard to the west and Granny White Pike to the east.

Student enrollment for the fall 2016 semester was 4,632, which included 2,986 undergraduate students and 1,646 graduate students.

Lipscomb is the nation’s first college of pharmacy that provided the IBM Watson Analytics platform, facilitating student pharmacists to import and generate data and explore the insights on their own. The college of pharmacy boasts of 100% job placement rate, 95.83% NAPLEX pass rate, and 78.7% residency placement rate. The student-to-faculty ratio at Lipscomb is 8:1.

The four-year Doctor of pharmacy course offered at Lipscomb College of pharmacy comprises three years of clinical and scientific coursework, and the last year includes advanced practices. This institution is one of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee.

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This full-time course is a cohort program that facilitates you an option to opt for one of the three dual degree programs: Pharm.D. & Master of Health Care Informatics, Pharm.D. & Master of Management in Healthcare, Pharm.D. & Ph.D. You can also include a residency program in pharmacy practice, ambulatory care, community pharmacy, pharmacy informatics, or psychiatric pharmacy.

Address: 1 University Park Dr, Nashville, TN 37204, United States

Phone: +1 615-966-7160

4. South College School of Pharmacy

The mission of South College School of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacy students to be proficient practitioners who deliver team-oriented, patient care with advocacy and compassion to diverse populations. The School of pharmacy achieves its mission through a commitment to excellence in education, and scholarly activity including research, service, and patient care.

South College School of Pharmacy is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms and research laboratories designed to deliver and foster a dynamic and active learning environment. This school is undoubtedly one of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee. Accredited by ACPE, this pharmacy school provides effective patient-centered and efficient team-driven training to aspiring pharmacy professionals.

The College offers a fast-track 3-year Pharm.D. Program in TN and you will also have the option to further your education by taking up the 1-year residency program.

In four years, you can complete your PharmD and residency program compared to traditional programs that take 5 years. The curriculum comprises integrated courses in medicinal chemistry and pharmacology and individual studies in pathophysiology and biochemistry during the first year. In the second year, you will gain advanced pharmacy skills and experience the introductory pharmacy practices; and your third and final year will be dedicated to APPEs.

Address: 400 Goodys Ln, Knoxville, TN 37922, United States

Phone: +1 865-329-7801

5. Union University College of Pharmacy

Union University is a private evangelical Christian university in Jackson, Tennessee, with additional campuses in Germantown and Hendersonville. The university is affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist Convention and relates to the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a union of several different schools: West Tennessee College, formerly known as Jackson Male Academy; Union University of Murfreesboro; Southwestern Baptist University; and Hall-Moody Junior College of Martin, Tennessee

The Union University College of Pharmacy first opened in Fall 2008. Union University’s overall commitment to integrating rigorous academics with a Christian worldview is exemplified in the credentials of the College of pharmacy faculty. The Doctor of Pharmacy program offers academically qualified students an opportunity to study with some of the finest Christian scholars in the field. The pharmacy college maintains an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio, facilitating student-focused and personalized education that records a 95% NAPLEX pass rate. It is one of the best pharmacy schools in Tennessee.

Accredited by the ACPE, the 4-year Pharm.D. program offered at Union University imparts non-prescription drugs and anatomy knowledge straight from the first semester and within one year, you will receive education on human patient simulator technology.

The college provides a Providence Hall where you can conduct extensive research and practice in hospital pharmacy settings. At Union University, you can also opt for a 1-year PG pharmacy residency experience program where you gain valuable clinical experience in a specific residency of your choice.

Address: 1050 Union University Dr, Jackson, TN 38305, United States

Phone: +1 731-661-5958

6. UTHSC College of Pharmacy

The University of Tennessee (officially The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; or UT Knoxville; UTK; or UT) is a public land-grant research university in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Founded in 1794, two years before Tennessee became the 16th state, it is the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee system, with ten undergraduate colleges and eleven graduate colleges. It hosts more than 30,000 students from all 50 states and more than 100 foreign countries. It is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”.

UTHSC College of Pharmacy is one of the highest-ranked pharmacy schools in Tennessee and constantly features among the top 20 PharmD programs in the nation.

The college offers a PharmD with four major concentrations. It also offers other pharmacy programs such as certificates in HIIM and nuclear pharmacy and a Ph.D. Some of the key highlights of the college include 100 years of experience in pharmacy practices, programs, and research, the most affordable pharmacy education in the state of Tennessee, more than $1 million in scholarships every year to eligible students, and an international rotation program that will provide broad exposure.

The 4-year PharmD program offered at UTHSC College is an integration of an innovative new curriculum designed to provide student pharmacists with a solid foundation in pharmaceutical studies and practical training experience required to deliver population-based and patient-focused knowledge.

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To ensure students gain enough practical experience the program includes extensive practice sessions in mock pharmacy at a simulation center, 300-hour IPPE, and a minimum of 11 APPEs (each rotation takes up to 4 weeks).

Address: 881 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38163, United States

Phone: +1 901-448-6036

Benefits Of Going To Pharmacy Schools In Tennessee

When it comes to pharmacy school, the pharmacy schools in Tennessee are great options. Whether you’re a Tennessee resident or looking to move to the mid-East to get the best possible education, here are reasons to go to pharmacy schools in Tennessee.

Access different industries

As well as different job roles, there are also a variety of fields you can enter with a degree in pharmacy. The majority of graduates do become health professionals, as the study is designed for that type of work, but many pharmacy students also go into business, sales, and financial roles or find work in the childcare, health, and education industries.

Science and maths-focused studies

A degree in pharmacy incorporates maths and science, specifically biology and chemistry. If you have an interest or excel in these subjects, you will likely enjoy studying pharmacy at university, as you will be able to develop your numeracy and problem-solving skills to employ them practically.

Develop advanced knowledge and skills

In a career of this nature, you will be constantly learning and improving your understanding of medicine and how to better assess and treat illnesses. Additional specialist skills you will gain include effective, professional communication, the operation of pharmaceutical instrumentation, and knowledge of the law and ethical concerns relating to the supply of medicines.

Job stability

As a pharmacy graduate, you will also benefit from job security, as the skills learned in a pharmacy degree are specialized and pharmacist expertise is required globally. In 2019, it was reported that 98% of pharmacy students were in employment within six months of graduating with their degree.

How To Apply To Pharmacy Schools In Tennessee

The items listed below are recommended for prospective students who wish to strengthen their applications to pharmacy schools in Tennessee. Include these items in your application if applicable. Submit a PharmCAS application.

  • Complete the supplemental application.
  • Plan to have all prerequisite coursework.
  • Learn more information about international coursework.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from professional or academic references.
  • Take part in an admissions interview.
  • Meet technical standards.

Requirement Of Pharmacists In Tennessee

A license is necessary to practice pharmacy in the state of Tennessee and to get that license the following are required.

  • Must pass the NAPLEX
  • Must pass the MPJE
  • 1500 internship hours(only 1100 hours can be from school externships)
  • Degree from an accredited College of Pharmacy
  • No criminal record
  • At least 21 years of age
  • $50 application fee, $165 licensure fee, $10 regulatory fee
  • A passport-style photo
  • Mandatory Practitioner Profile Questionnaire

Foreign graduates and non-US citizens have additional requirements:

  • Must pass FPGEE
  • Must pass TOEFL
  • 1560 internship hours
  • Tennessee also allows licensure by reciprocity.

To maintain a pharmacist license in Tennessee, pharmacists need 30 CE (continuing education) credits every 2 years.

How Much Are Pharmacists In Tennessee Paid?

The pharmacists in Tennessee are paid $118,880 per year on average. The average salary for a pharmacist is $52.17 per hour in Tennessee. Pharmacist salaries in Tennessee can vary between $31,500 to $168,000 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.


See below:

  • How many pharmacy schools are in Tennessee?

There are currently 6 pharmacy schools in Tennessee that offer the PharmD recognized as ACPE-accredited.

  • How do I become a pharmacist in Tennessee?

A license is necessary to practice pharmacy in the state of Tennessee.

  1. Must pass the NAPLEX.
  2. Must pass the MPJE.
  3. 1500 internship hours (only 1100 hours can be from school externships)
  4. Degree from an accredited College of Pharmacy.
  5. No criminal record.
  6. At least 21 years of age.
  • How much is a Tennessee pharmacist license?

An applicant for examination for a license as a pharmacist shall pay a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) plus the cost of the examination and materials. An applicant for a reciprocal license or NAPLEX score transfer shall pay a fee of three hundred dollars ($300.00).

  • How Much Are Pharmacists In Tennessee Paid?

Pharmacists in Tennessee are paid $118,880 per year on average. Pharmacist salaries in Tennessee can vary between $31,500 to $168,000 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more. The average salary for a pharmacist is $52.17 per hour in Tennessee.

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