Locum pharmacist meaning

The locum pharmacist meaning is the same for everyone, however, different words can be used to propel the same meaning.


Every health establishment that requires drug evaluation and dispensation needs the presence of a seating pharmacist.

But there is usually no available pharmacist to take a seat for such a long time of operation of the health establishment owing to the fact that most operate 24/7 hence the essence of a locum pharmacist.


A superintendent pharmacist usually stays more in the pharmacy store or other health establishment, however; they may not be staying as long as the pharmacy functions.

Introduction on locum Pharmacy meaning

The word locum is not unique to the pharmacy professional alone but can be used on a general note to qualify a person that covers for another person of the same profession. Therefore the locum pharmacist meaning is easy to comprehend.

A pharmacist that stands in temporarily for another pharmacist is said to be a locum pharmacist. This pharmacist can work in different pharmacy stores or health establishments at different time intervals.

Starting your journey as a locum pharmacist is not a bad idea for fresh graduates however, this profession comes with a lot of commitments and stress.


As a fresher, being a locum pharmacist creates an opportunity to learn more things about the profession and gain more knowledge and experience.

What does a locum pharmacist do?

Knowing a locum pharmacist meaning without knowing what they do wouldn’t be complete. Therefore, we are going to look at what the locum pharmacists do.

A locum pharmacist does what a regular retail pharmacist does.

Locum pharmacist meaning

The locum pharmacist’s work is not limited to working in a community pharmacy or in a hospital pharmacy dispensing drugs and also counseling patients on drug use.

This is an extremely important role when it comes to public healthcare. A pharmacy technician is the first port of call for anyone with questions regarding the best over-the-counter medicine for them.

The locum isn’t tied to one particular pharmacy but can move around different pharmacies and have time for work shifts.

The nature of their work varies with contract and the number of places they work. One good thing about being a locum pharmacist is that you can have other side works because you are not tied to a place.

Locum pharmacist work description

In this article on locum pharmacists meaning, all you need about locum pharmacists will be explained in its simplest form.

Kindly read below for the description of the work of locum pharmacist which is not limited to the ones listed below;

  • Accurate endorsement of prescription and drug dispensing
  • Stock management, reconciliations, and posting of drugs on the Hospital Information System
  • Relate with Health Maintenance Organizations to obtain approvals for medications
  • Documentation in the pharmacy daily worksheet for drug prescription orders
  • Provision of drug information and advice to patients and other healthcare professionals within and outside the establishment
  • Supervising the activities of the pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants
  • Collation of the monthly report of drug consumption
  • Identification and rectification of drug therapy problems
  • Monitored and Reported drug interaction
  • Counseled patients on safe and effective use of medicine

Advantages of being a locum pharmacist

There are different reasons why pharmacists intend to work as locum pharmacists. It is dependent on individual preference.

Locum pharmacist meaning

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of working as a locum pharmacist.

  • You are paid as you work
  • Flexibility in time
  • You are not tied down to one work
  • Different work experiences
  • The payment is regular

You are paid as you work

Being a locum pharmacist comes with great pay because you have a specific time to render your services and such time is proportional to your pay.

As such many, you can choose some locum shifts in the evenings or at weekends to earn some extra cash. In general, the favorable levels of pay are dependent on your different shift positions.

Flexibility in time

Locum pharmacist meaning wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the flexibility in time. You work as your own boss because you choose a time favorable for you.

If you are chanced in weekends, you can choose only weekends for your locum shifts so that nothing would interfere with the other engagements you might be having.

You are not tied down to one work

This is true and flexibility also comes into play here, you have an unlimited opportunity to choose from the numerous available shifts and works which will also bring a smile to your pocket. As a locum pharmacist, no good opportunity is left behind.

Different work experiences

The more you work, the more experiences you gather and being a locum pharmacist will create room for such experiences

The payment is regular

In the locum pharmacist meaning, a contract is also an essential term because your work as a locum pharmacist is usually based on contract.

This implies that that will be clarification of terms and conditions before commencing with work and a thorough negotiation would be reached and payment mode discussed so that each party knows their distinct duties each time.

This will facilitate regularity in payment

 Disadvantages of being a locum pharmacist

  • Increased stress level
  • Less time to build your own pharmacy
  • Hectic in being your own admin

Increased stress level

Being a locum pharmacist comes with a lot of stress both mental and physical stress. Going from one place to another for work at alternating times is energy-sapping.

Less time to build your own pharmacy

If you are not good at time management, you might likely miss out on the big target in pursuit of locum pay.

Being a locum pharmacist requires your time at every point of the contract therefore when your time management skill is poor, you will end up working for others without building your own empire.

Hectic in being your own admin

In every organization you work, you become your own admin. This should be viewed as an extra layer to the day job, with no time to do this during pharmacy opening hours.

What do I need to become a locum pharmacist?

One of the benefits of this article on locum pharmacist meaning is to give clarifications on some of the questions lie this one above.

Locum pharmacist meaning

You don’t need an extra certification to be a locum pharmacist. Once you are a pharmacist with the essential licenses recommended by your state, province, or country, you can apply anywhere as a locum pharmacist.

Locum pharmacist jobs can be seen online, in newspapers, adverts even without a job advert you can work in a health facility and request if there is a locum space for you.

Meanwhile, you have to stress yourself there are people and organizations that are specialized in finding jobs for you.

You only need to tell them where you intend to work and they will do the needful.

Determinants of locum pharmacist pay

At the beginning of the locum pharmacist meaning, we promise to give you everything you need to know about being a good locum pharmacist.

Locum pharmacist meaning

Below are some of the factors that determine your pay as a locum pharmacist;

  • Working hour
  • The work location and facility
  • Locum pharmacist qualification
  • The bargaining power of the locum pharmacist

Working hour

The nature of the locum is usually earning as you work. Some the time duration will have a lot to say about the payment.

If you need more pay from a particular organization or establishment, consider increasing your working hour.

The work location and facility

An increase in pay is dependent on the location or the nature of the facility you are working in. If the location is the type that has good pay for its pharmacists, you are likely to enjoy it. Location with increased population will have an increased stress load therefore, that will impact the level of pay the worker will get.

Also when you work for a bigger organization you stand to gain bigger pay and vice versa.

Locum pharmacist qualification

Your qualification, which is usually rated based on your level of academic acquisition and work experience has a lot to do with your pay as a locum pharmacist.

The bargaining power of the locum pharmacist

Working for someone as a locum pharmacist comes with a lot of negotiations. The better you negotiate with your employer on payment terms, the better you stand to gain.

You are to source for information to stand better in negotiating for payment. Ask people that have worked there and make your evaluations.

Conclusion on the locum pharmacist meaning

Being a locum pharmacist is lucrative because it gives you variable time and pays, however, you should be skilled in time management to make the best out of it.

If you still have any questions or modifications concerning locum pharmacist meaning, do not hesitate to drop your comment.


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